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idk, maybe becasue they're open 24/7?

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There's an equal amount of day and night. Weh, here we have wacky names like shell and maverik
Hopefully you have mint choccy there. Is nectar of gods
Smoky bartender

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never tried it and never saw it, I could go out of my way to fine some

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It's been a long time! I hope you're all doing well, and continue to do well. Life is rough, but hang in there. There's always people that care about you, even if it feels otherwise. c:

If nothing else, have a free bump!

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Wah! Page 9
Let the hunt begin
Don't see why there wouldn't be tbh
Should i watch that

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in rainbows is so beautiful

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my qyestion is why would you mix mint and chocolate

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My girlfriend

Mint chocolate is amazing

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what the fuck is wrong with the rest of the world

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Eat choc mint icecream and feel the cool breeze

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aight, I can get behind that
but have you seen mint hot chocolate? because I have not

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this is better

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I have it all the time. I introduced my head chef to it.
Ngl, looks good, but Ill take just about anything B&Js

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Have you ever tasted a Crème de Menthe? They're delicious
Chocomint ice

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what the fuck, am I living under a rock? or you could say under a pebble

nope, the only minty beverage I remember drinking was alcohol, and that beverage made me go over the board so whenever I smell it I have an urge to puke
college was fun

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recently i've been kind of dissociating with the rest of radiohead's discography, but there's this really beautiful solace with in rainbows that im starting to fully acknlowedge with every relisten
are you a fan?
hey i also hate mint chocolate so there's at least two of us

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Where do you buy them from
Also nice tripz
Do you have a po box

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Fuck off faggot

i got there discography resonantly,
i think my fave is mtv unplugged


but I like choc mint icecream, I just can't imagine those 2 flavours together in a drink

nope, only planning on getting one when I get my own place for droogs on my own

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cooky cat!!!!!
he left his family behind

* m.youtube.com/watch?v=hEDAkf1B2T8 playing in the background *

>phone rings
>picks up the phone

“ Devil May Cry ? ”

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yuu're cute

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unplugged? like pablo honey era or something? beach house? or do you mean the basement?
oh no, guess i am the only person on the earth. i actually am not entirely sure if i've had mint chocolate ice cream, it's been a while since ive had ice cream at all. i mean surely i had it at some point.. i really hope this isnt another pineapple pizza fallacy where i hated it forever without ever trying it and then i tried it one day and it was actually pretty alright
et tu
have you listened to in rainbows

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been a while but ye
it wasn't my favorite but it's nice

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don't worry user, pineapple pizza is digusting
oh, nevermind then, you're also disgusting for liking it

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yea ok computer had always been my favorite, and it's still great of course, i always kind of passed over and shrugged off in rainbows. but the more i listen to in rainbows the more i feel like im realizing how beautiful and life-affirming it is. i havent really been listening to much of their other stuff, just been in rainbows as of recent
hey, i wouldnt say i like it, i did say i found it to be alright. i havent even had it since, but it adds a very unique texture and flavor. have you ever had it?

Attached: Dlkm-OEU8AAz0IC.jpg (600x847, 50K)

it depends on the pineapple quality. sometimes it's all... stringy, and that isn't good.
wish I could find something life-affirming

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yeah, I hated every second of me trying to finish that slice. I'm not one to waste food so I had to finish the slice, but god did I hate myself for it.

pretty sure I just don't like it with pizza, I've tried the pineapples pieces by themselves and they were alright

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Pineapple pizza is pretty great as long as the pineapple is good

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totally understandable, it isn't for everyone. I don't even like it all that much, but I can get why some people do.

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hay is this devil may cry?"
i would like to order a pizza

idk about that chief, I still wouldn't try it again even if it was made by a 5 star chef

yeah definitely, I don't even like mushrooms on my pizza
(unless they're magic mushrooms)

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fuck, I don't even like mushrooms in the first place. they make me itchy if I eat them.

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To each their own, I suppose. I have a pressing question, though:
Do they call sliced ham on pizza canadian bacon up there too

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yea i was feeling really abysmal earlier, but idk, there's something really special about in rainbows that gives me something like that. it's only temporary, but it's a great feeling. especially with the tracks bodysnatchers and reckoner. maybe you should give it a relisten at some point, i've found it can be a very powerful album in times of need
yea but you gotta go into it with an open mind and stuff! assuming you didnt.. and regardless it's not for everyone. i mean i did only have it one time like 4-5 years ago so maybe i'd dislike it now

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i hate their texture, how they squish when you bite into them, yikes
at least magic shrooms have the benefit of being dried up

no, Canadian is just bacon made in Canada.
I don't get how Americans are so much against it, it's just bacon

and I can say with certainty that it isn't for me, sorry man but I just don't like it

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glad you found something that helps with it, at least
yuu deserve some nice times
I mean that too, I don't like that either
the mild reaction is a bigger reason to avoid them though

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I don’t exactly sell them, but I can’t deny they’re really good.

Unfortunately I can’t eat any with peopronis right now as it is Lent and I’ve been on a streak of not having to go to confession lately.

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I rest

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fair enough, you're not missing much anyways, by themselves they're pretty flavourless

nighty floof

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Morning all.

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nah that's okay
at least we can agree on mushrooms, that is disgusting
i usually just eat pepperoni and jalapeno anyways, or just plain cheese is something i've been having quite a lot recently
yea, thank you
i've been thinking about a lot recently, especially today. hopefully i can make something of it
i hope you're doing alright, i'm sorry we dont talk often...

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I like pepperoni and bacon pizza

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Attached: 1 - 1girl bangs female hairband long_hair looking_at_viewer _o purple_eyes ribbed_sweater silver_hai (707x1000, 360K)

you don't need to apologize for not talking to me, no one else bothers to anyway

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Good thing your not into Hawaiian. Nothing worse than that.
Good morning.
Sleep well.

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you have good tastes user

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You've been here in thread for 8 hours?

Morning Stolfo.

Situation hasn't changed? At least I've seen Tomo around, hoping that he comes on when you do too.

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idk, I don't count the hours
but we shared a server before, I'm roadside pebble, if you remember that name,
if not then oh well

Attached: enVxoWN.png (431x574, 127K)

Wouldn't go as far to say that, those two things don't belong together.
Another case of COVID-19 been reported this time in my county. Wondering if it will get worse.

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well anyone who likes pineapples in their pizza is an horrible person
btw do I know you?

Attached: 73134338_p0.jpg (1000x1600, 740K)

no i think i should.. and im sorry about the late reply. i hope you can find more people to talk to

Attached: DZR7HMLV4AUBtyC.jpg (540x810, 57K)

late night day late version


Attached: keiki.jpg (2268x4032, 726K)

Based and pizzapilled.
I don't think so. We spoke earlier about how I was saving for a PC.
Also know Aegis, so there's that.
Haven't seen you in a while. Hello.

Attached: __astolfo_fate_apocrypha_and_etc_drawn_by_srinitybeast__bc02c8c8bcc9fe996fc326385577cd02.png (700x767, 573K)

I see, thought you could be an user I knew back then
you sure have a lot of cash to save up for an i65 tho

Attached: bYMp0.png (531x315, 92K)

don't worry about either of those things, seriously. don't be silly.

Attached: Jill (057).png (1191x600, 17K)

yeah i've reduced my appearances to special events, essentially. i was a bit busy today so ill pretend its still yesterday.
ill be back again in augustish

but in the meantime, how are you?
i made a cake for Tsugu :)
I hope she liked it. its a japanese style strawberry shortcake, or it was, its all gone now. people said it tasted pretty good, but honestly it mostly tasted like whip cream to me.
but enough about me, how have you been?

Attached: D2RrPURUgAAmUaE.jpg orig.jpg (1501x2048, 209K)

big cute
well i worry about everything, sorry.. i'll try my best to not though

Attached: __koito_yuu_and_nanami_touko_yagate_kimi_ni_naru_drawn_by_ye_pixiv4862539__a6b254e5fcb7ebeb45c99b722 (798x1000, 334K)

that's a shame. I've missed seeing you around, I was a little worried about you. hopefully you're keeping well enough.

Attached: Jill (015).jpg (868x1227, 81K)

Yeah, it'll take some time though. Don't have to worry about bills for know, help every now and then. For example, gave $600 to my mom for new curtains.
Good to see you.
Been working a bit and saving up, also took a break from school.
Things have been going well, minus the virus epidemic.

Attached: Astolfo_Waistcoat_Shirt_SP1711106.jpg (742x742, 80K)

n-no you
how are you doing?
sorry to worry you
if it makes you feel any better, ive been doing the best i have in years, i think. everything is still kinda the same but i feel better about it, i think.
couldnt tell you why though unfortunately
a-and h-how have you b-been?
its nice to see you again as well :)
ah, thats good, breaks are nice, i hope its all going smoothly
im glad to hear it. i havent heard too much about it, but yeah, good luck i suppose is all i can say.

Attached: EGdAvI9UcAEuBYm.jpg orig.jpg (1801x1708, 179K)

stop worrying about worrying about worrying about worrying
that's good, then. keep doing better.

Attached: Jill (087).jpg (480x496, 59K)

i hope things get better for you as well :)

Attached: tumblr_p5qgv2iG1T1s3ci0uo2_1280.jpg (1100x1200, 199K)

I guess it's time to stop.

That's fine, I'm just saying cause I left you to go to sleep but past midnight and now it's 10am here.
As if I could forget, I remember, you should still be on the telegram one too.

Rip, I'll hear news when I go home in case there's any.

More cake!

Attached: Get_it_Jules.jpg (720x960, 57K)

i meant the image, i've gotten pretty exhausted of all the "a cute" "no u" stuff... and im pretty sure you didnt like it either, yea?
i could be better, just thinking about some stuff that's kind of been weighing down on me for a while.. hopefully i can figure it out soon
have you played any zelda games? i finished ocarina of time yesterday and it was pretty great. planning on playing majoras mask quite soon, maybe today even
but i caaaaant, sorry

Attached: 75222281_p0.jpg (1024x1226, 175K)

they won't but I appreciate the thought
it really isn't that big of a deal

Attached: Jill (072).png (2560x1440, 380K)

School got a little repetitive, so I figured I'd work instead. Plus I needed the money anyway, it's been pleasant so far.
The sickness will probably spread tbh, hopefully things will eventually improve on that front.
Time to stock on food. Might as well build a bunker.

Attached: Astolfo and Thot Queen.jpg (675x669, 78K)

the cake is all gone. tsugu got her piece and then i gave the rest to friends/family. they said it was good.
how are you doing today?
ah, yes its very cute!
sorry, i guess thats fair, i just never had anything interesting to say in response, and im still terrible at taking compliments
i see, im sorry to hear it. i hope it all goes well, sometimes thinking it out yourself can take a while, so good luck :)
i have played a few, mostly the 3d ones, i dont think ive ever actually finished a 2d zelda. ocarina, majoras, and twilight princess. theyre all pretty good, im glad you enjoyed what youve played so far!
sorry. ill hope all the same.
thats a pretty solid plan, as long as youre comfortable :)
well, yeah. i guess there's not really anything to be done about it, not by me or you anyway.

Attached: ELRTaDeVAAAditM.jpg orig.jpg (1535x2048, 267K)


Attached: 1582250032939.jpg (745x838, 240K)


Why bunker, that's wasted money, as I said yesterday just get a rad-suit, that's more than enough.

Good to know, more than glad that everyone enjoyed, I haven't baked anything in months...
I'm doing fairly okay, I definetly can't complain, maybe work is going shit a bit because of the renovation, hopefully it'll get better but I doubt it will for the next 6-7 months at least.

Attached: GTO_Jules.jpg (900x1200, 289K)

Where is asakura.

Attached: bdsgh5.png (3321x2254, 1024K)

you where expecting a waifu

Attached: 1582971519472.gif (440x248, 885K)

It was scientifically proven that the covid-19 now spreads by farting. I mean... Isn't this the dream of Cred Forums come true?

Attached: 1582248886926.jpg (1002x1002, 237K)

it kind of is to me, i just want to make sure you're doing alright
sorry i hope that didnt sound rude or something.. and i understand that
thank you
yea im not too interested in the 2d ones myself, besides maybe a link to the past.. im planning on playing majoras, wind waker (the one im most excited for, love the art), and twilight princess. and i'd like to play breath of the wild obviously but that one seems a bit harder to obtain

Attached: 1550104323529.png (1200x1500, 1.26M)


me either, this is the first thing ive baked since my last cake which was easily over two years ago
thats good i suppose, maybe its something to look forward to then? good luck :)
its alright, it didnt seem that way at all :)
youre very welcome
yeah i should probably play link to the past too, but it just doesnt interest me much i guess. wind waker was pretty good, but i couldnt finish it, and breath of the wild can be emulated with cemu if you have a decent computer.
i hope you enjoy them all!

anyway thats it for me, it was my bedtime an hour ago, ill see you all again some other time


Attached: DZPUoxpVwAEXbpk.jpg orig.jpg (768x768, 81K)

don't worry about it
sleep well

Attached: Jill (999).jpg (800x1293, 139K)

okay, thanks
i've heard alttp is good, even has a group of people who say it's the best zelda game, but 2d......
i always forget the wii u even exists, and that breath of the wild also even got released on wii u
thank you, ocarina of time was a very strong introduction, i've got high hopes
alrighty, goodnight, sleep well friend
im not sure about that, sorry. i hope that's not a problem

Attached: 73321154_p6.jpg (1960x1585, 353K)

Sounds stinky.

I would see it that way, I think it'd be nice.
Hmm, maybe I'll go buy something tomorrow and try some new baking, I always made cookies and alike only, so maybe making an actual cake would be an improvement~

Attached: Professional_Jules.png (1024x1024, 274K)

it is bed time, go to sleep, and dream

Attached: 13546879.jpg (200x229, 9K)

It's almost 1pm here, very very early for sleep.

Attached: Aaaaah_Jules.jpg (917x1062, 85K)

>out at a concert hall
>music is filling everyone with joy
>people are enjoying the evening
>dancing and singing all along
>it's halfway through the show
>the band stops to thank everyone and get ready for the second part of the show
>in that short break, in a sudden moment of silence
>a tooty doody ass cheek flapping is head throughout the arena
>it's echoing in the heads of the ones now morbidly staying still from the panic
>microphone feedback with a loud pop sound sets the croud in motion into running for their lives
>too late
>whole arena is now under quarantine
>special forces and army have everything in a full lockdown mode
>people inside now start having flashbacks from their lives while surrounded by army and poopy crown virus
>the president confirms the code and the whole place is nuked down to ground level
>hitler is smiling from the heaven knowing that his legacy still stands
>in that moment of euphoria he lets out a dooty tooty ass cheek flapping

Attached: 1582352486895.jpg (1553x793, 419K)


Attached: Smug.jpg (1920x1080, 149K)



Attached: Closer_Coffee_Jules.jpg (899x1113, 119K)

am having some right now actually heh

Attached: 1452484912549.png (613x430, 100K)

All I need is a good cup of coffee.

Attached: 1582263228303.jpg (1920x1080, 950K)

oh forgot the shirt.

Attached: Tomoko slut tshirt.jpg (792x1002, 142K)

are you ever not online ?
Brexit Schizo

Nice, maybe I'll go get some myself later this afternoon.

Good for you, I never enjoyed coffee too much if not to help myself with work, and either way I have to avoid it now due to kidney issues.
I'm a tea guy but for now had to drop that as well, just herb brews without tea.

Oh please, it is fine even without it.

Attached: 3D_Jules (3).jpg (2160x3840, 1.28M)

is good for relaxing! still id rather do it.

Attached: 1477931061640.jpg (480x600, 29K)

Joo ei jaksa kattoo sun naamaas. Sä oot kyl yks kyrvän syylä...

That doesn't sound that good. I just like coffee for the taste and the unexplained comfy feel it gives me.

Attached: 1582154506214.jpg (728x1034, 133K)

tappaa itsesi


Go back to your shithole furfag.

Attached: maxresdefault[1].jpg (1280x720, 85K)


still know your Eris Cat Brexit Schizo

Vitun dorka! Haista paska!
ebil ebil autism
i jus wun frens -.- furfag
mild autism ebil wun

Attached: 821025_nami955_nanachi-approves[1].jpg (768x490, 110K)


tappaa itsesi

Attached: __eris_asobi_ni_iku_yo__sample-14766395fdcc7cc1354670ca97cef117.jpg (850x1319, 151K)

You don't belong on Cred Forums kid. Go away.
It was enough to bait you with some one liners from my summer car. Go get some kilju or something or that cherry of yours will pop soon.

Also the finnish are the sandniggers of europe.

Attached: 1581074957476.png (750x1093, 1.84M)


Yep, Yep.
Oh at least 1 I'll surely buy it.
Also have Halloween costume from Jill too.

Hmm that's right, I used to sugar my coffee but after a while always got it straight, at max little bit of milk.
Weird languages.

Attached: 1st_Place_Jules.png (700x500, 471K)

Attached: Bewitching_Jules.jpg (770x1190, 130K)

i hope you enjoy it! jill deserves first
is a very nice costume! appreciate the legs.

Attached: 1478123944142.png (333x467, 113K)

Blood-chan isn't active until 9-10pm 19:00-20:00 your time.

Attached: baa6bbe69e8351a2.jpg (426x558, 42K)

Fuck kikes
Fuck niggers
And fuck jannies

Attached: 3g2qfj85hlj01.jpg (397x765, 48K)

Joten asut suomessa?

Attached: 1582836810611.jpg (1280x1024, 112K)

Aren't all foreign languages weird until you get the hang of them? Except english... english at least for me is like the universal language... easy to learn, easy to master.

Coffee, the same, black. Only adding milk if I need the warmth of the coffee to last longer.

cute black cat.

yea! you teach them well. stick up that mop up a jannie's ass.

Attached: 1582249121659.jpg (569x847, 108K)

i am Blood-chan

Attached: 1582793664361.jpg (984x1024, 82K)

Strangle jannies

Attached: DQamZboVQAAa3md.jpg (1200x634, 101K)


cherry's gonna pop soon kiddo. and it will be glorious.

and make them call you daddy

Attached: 1581454414250.png (450x634, 286K)

kill yourself

Definetly, didn't spend much time on Valentine's too, but still filled Jill's glass with beer, I'm sure she enjoyed.
Best legs.

That's right, but my point was that some languages when written look like it's gibberish unless I'd witness someone using them to communicate, I think this mostly depends on one's main language grammar and syntax.

I'd still go for tea either way.

Attached: Conversing_Jules.jpg (1200x716, 153K)

I'd be the one calling someone daddy

Attached: 5acf8e9915cc7865fc185d333c6bc2e5.jpg (564x549, 57K)

only one glass? mhm! very cute.

Attached: 1507437025860.jpg (1024x890, 101K)

Why should I? It gets silent after 11 pm anyways. Isn't that the time when the underage goes to bed? Ohh or you forgot to tell your friends that when -.- them?

Also did the g/fur community reject you for being too much of a pussy? The spring of pussies is here after all.

~xoxo kiddo.

Right. But the languages that mostly look like gibberish are mostly old languages with little to few outside influences. Yet some of them are oddly charming. Not finnish of course.

I was never that much into tea. I kinda just like the forest fruit mix the best for me.

prove it. do it. make your dreams come true!

Attached: 1581558575907.jpg (1440x810, 680K)

Nah I'm not gay

Attached: 61570551_p6_master1200.jpg (500x708, 173K)

Why are you trying to kill communitys?
It is because you don't have one, because none likes you?

no it is because I like to have sex with dead animals

Attached: 1582793532975.png (976x1200, 1.09M)

Nope, definetly wouldn't have let the beer get warm and then throw it away, so it was my drinking glass as well for the moment, refilled 3 times in total.

Hmm, fair enough. Does make sense yeah.
Some are still weird I have to say.

Forest mix is nice, I have my own red berries brew myself.

Attached: Alley_Break.jpg (955x1351, 588K)

send it to me ill down it.

Attached: 1538260476124.png (294x609, 69K)

You should get to the point where anyone else would quit and you're not going to stop there
No, what are you waiting for?

Just to fuck with faggots like you. No other real reason. It's fun to watch the struggle afterwards. When garbage burns, the whole world is happy.

Also this samefagging... on Cred Forums... woowee nigga. You're reaching levels of autism never seen before. And you're digging your grave even deeper.

Red berries sound extremely interesting. What is the brew all about?

Attached: 1581453837633.jpg (847x576, 258K)

Nah I'm meming
You dont seem interesting enough to hold a conversation

Attached: 1ta9r14rbig11.jpg (720x600, 98K)

kill yourself physio

Yet you still replied. Isn't that a contradiction?

Attached: 1582153256760.png (640x360, 284K)

See how the reddit spacer plays out

Attached: 61634504_p9.png (569x800, 216K)

I see not

Attached: 1581452148606.jpg (571x800, 86K)

who is this, are you "

Attached: yuu23ejrf.png (1113x843, 1.06M)

kill yourself physio

Juicy stuff this morning

Drink with me instead.

It's a brew I got advised to get to help kidneys recover, it's made with raspberries and stone breaker herb, plus some other minor herbs I don't remember, I think fennel too.

Attached: Peek_A_Jules.jpg (600x600, 59K)

that works too!

Attached: 1548675608903.jpg (1000x1000, 258K)

stone breaker herb?

Attached: 1579843913611.png (529x468, 45K)

>I has the edge
>Why don't you reply
>Please reply I need my attention
>My community exist only when I'm asleep
>Please respond

So it's actually good for something else and not just for taste. Is there a specific recipe for this? I mean, I don't have kidney stones and all that, but I figure it's good to keep your system clean.

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Nice Nice, what beers do you prefer?

It has soothing properties on kidneys, basically helps spreading the filtering bands to get cleaned easier and also slowly eats away stones like beer does.
Of course it isn't a magical herb but it's not bad either.

You can find any online, on a general basis usually depends on the herb specific weight, like this herb is as light as mint is so you want more or less 1 1/2 teaspoons per mug, instead for example tea leaves are much heavier so you need only 1 teaspoon of them.
Or you can just make mixes yourself and try them out, in short words the stronger a taste of something is the less you want to add for one brew, usually you want 1 main herb, mixed with some medium strength herbs and then a flavoring part which has the stronger taste.

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Heh I don't think you want to be that person.

I'm not "

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anything especially if its strong!

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Totally gonna try that soon. I always try to find alternatives to drink. Thanks.

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overdose and kill yourself

>herb ?
>It has soothing properties on kidneys?

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As long as you're here. You're my toy and have no reason to kill myself. -.-
Or do you didn't understand that bun bun pat pat autismo extremo ebil ebil.
I believe that's the language you understand. -.-
>my head hurts
>I won't be around here
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needy faggots get the rope

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>Overdose on herbs

You should try Kwak if you ever find it.

Glad it was of help, I'm expanding my brewing cabinet little by little.

Common name is stone breaker.

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A huge plate of bolognese spaghetti in you name, Jill poster.

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I'll keep an eye out but I dont think I've seen it!
You seem chill regardless of what weirdos say

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I'm laying down.

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do not trust there lies


Hirasawa Yui

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Does he look like a shish?

Don't remember the country it's produced, maybe I'll send Pic later when I buy it.

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Italian cuisine is godly for my tastes.

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What would you go for if it would be for outside domestic cuisine?

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Nothing specific I assume, most likely base what I make on whatever fresh ingredients I can get nearby.

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She looks in pain

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Ehh, well, at least you're eating healthy.

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lina inverse cutes ftw~ :3 hello everyone!!

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Needs tongue piercing.

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And a choker

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You, I like your taste.

Did you get Ch'en?

Not yet T-T
Already got all of the anihilation money so I'm in between completing the missions and spending some Gold gems to get some rolls. So far i've just gotten repeats and two new operators

Nothing like talking to another man of culture

I got a couple of the new ones as well, but no Ch'en yet. My buddy got her with 2x 10HH

Brightside is a got a new good healer that doesn't have an annoying voice. Hibiscus was getting obnoxious