Hey, ive had this bump thing on one of my balls for like the last 2 years...

hey, ive had this bump thing on one of my balls for like the last 2 years, its painless and really not doing anything bad besides looking ugly.. Anyone knows what it is and if i can maybe pop it out myself?

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>this bump

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testicular cancer. it might be too late

I have one too. Its just a cyst or calcium deposit or something. Harmless

on your balls? that is your ball

Ingrown hair?
Use a sterilize needle and pop it.

clean a needle with rubbing alcohol and pop it

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no, if he 'pops' it, it could spread into the surrounding skin or into the bloodstream causing leukemia.
t. medfag

yeah its harmless but i wonder if there is a way i can get rid of it? since its not like a usual pimple or
ingorown hair, its under the skin

Go to a dermatologist

looks like the legends were true, your nutsack has been invaded by a cock roach, its too late

Pop it and post video

it never caused me any issues so theres no reason, im fine with it being there and nobody even notices its there when im super hard im pretty sure, but im just curious on if its safe for me to pop it or just leave it

This might sound weird but...
get some petroleum jelly and rub it around the "zit" thing, then get cotton balls and soak them in Apple cider vinegar. If you can try and tape that on and let it sit for about 30 min, do this everyday until it dries up and goes away.

You can also remove moles with this technique, Good luck man!

This is a sebaceous cyst. It's a buildup of sebum due to your glands not properly secreting it. It's not harmful or cancerous, and popping it doesn't get rid of it. You'll need a dermatologist to remove it completely.

Yeah, I've had mine for about 10 years. I'm still alive, can still get a hard on, fuck etc.

It's storing piss.
Leave it alone, or get a vagina

I had an ingrown hair on my sack for a while that wouldn't go away. The skin was too soft and stretchy to pop it. I ended up digging the bitch out with some tweezers. Lots of blood but everything was better after that.

We all remember the leukemia outbreak of 05. Started because some jackass felt the need to pop an abscess on his balls then went to work at Buffalo Wild Wing. Truly a sad time.

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Stop being a pussy

HPV bump

>On my balls
Do you mean on your nut sack skin, or directly on your testicle?
If it's on one of your testicles then see a doctor, could be cancer.
If it's just on your nut-sack skin then it's not series. Still see a doctor for it though.

like others have said, it's likely a sebaceous cyst. rub hydrocortisone cream on it twice daily until the skin is soft enough to rupture the cyst and disintegrate the head of your penis