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Good morning floofs ;3

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Howdy, hows it going?

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Hello :3
I got up a few moments ago so I'm just finding out if all my life functions works

And how about you, How is it going?

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Long week at work, and now I start 10 hour shifts, and I foresee a lot of overtime

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It sounds hard...
I hope you'll get paid for that overtime, not like in our company I don't see any on my paycheck

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Attached: 67ba7383c259bd731d22b3e0bf658b92.png (1447x2047, 1.53M)

Oh yea I get paid for overtime, I'm just worried it will be every week. Although now we can only work 4 weekends in a row before we have to have one off, but we have enough people on the shift to rotate who works each weekend, so the overtime will still happen

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Morning love, how have you been?

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not bad, just doing the work grind

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I feel ya

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sounds like you've had more on your plate, my job has some stressful aspects but it isn't particularly demanding

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I volunteered for overtime this week so we could keep up, and that turned out to be a disaster. My job isn't as physically demanding as my old position at work, but its stupidly demanding mentally, especially when I know I'm making things that could kill if we make crap

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Why is it always more Cat than Girl? Can't we get more of this?

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holy fuck

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Howdy Dash, hows it going?

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I waited for your return, now it's my turn

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I'm alright. I put together a new chair today and I think my mom ordered a desk too, hopefully I'll be able to get some furniture ordered within a week or so too. Also took some tincture a little while ago and I'm about to watch a movie.

How about you?

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Ok ;3

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Doing alright, was a long week, and I start 10 hour shifts on sunday night. I did walk 15 miles last weekend which felt great, aside from doing it in my work boots since I don't own shoes. I've got some wicked blisters on my feet now, so I'll have to get some decent shoes before I do that again

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At least the week is over and it'll be easier from now on. Blisters suck, definitely have to get some comfy shoes then.

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your doing gods work user but you should sage as well

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I want them to know, I want them to see.
It literally brings more people to these threads, and most of them come to shit on furries.

>sees 2 minute lapse in anti-fur posting
>starts posting
You think I'm not watching you?

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I'm watching a movie bro, I literally didn't even notice and couldn't care less. The fact that you follow me around and search for me in every fur thread, worship me and suck my cock is quite flattering.

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Attached: 86.png (723x723, 96K)

Attached: 72e7e02794a33a4fe60e97ea5fb0ead2.png (900x600, 1.23M)

The fact you believe that's what I'm doing, when I'm just coincidentally coming on, is flattering to me. Makes me wet.

Then why did you specifically refer to me in every fur thread previously until I stopped posting, thus you did, and replied to me in particular as if I give a fuck about your pathetic existence? You are insignificant and wasting your life when you could be productive and useful to society instead. Grow up, kid.

The effort it takes to do this, especially with a bundle downloader, is next to nothing. I can sit here and do my stocks while every once and awhile stopping to reload my pic ammunition.

Also your boyfriend wanted me to bug you specifically.

I don't know if he thinks what he is doing matters, but as a lurker I literally just ignore the spam and click on the fur, not really much of an inconvenience.

Fucking stupid bernie faggots
I hope you kill yourselves

wrong thread, but I might vote bernie

Well, Trump is guaranteed to win again honestly.

No, bernie faggots infest /Bad/
They are in every thread smelling their poop

im just here for furries man