I see nothing on this board tonight that interests me and I feel like posting...

I see nothing on this board tonight that interests me and I feel like posting. Hang out and contribute if you're so inclined. I don't know what images I'm posting since I can't see the images from a random folder beforehand so please don't judge too harshly.

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The Andy threads don't interest you??

Hmmm, Andy threads? Never heard of such a thing. Want to show me in extreme detail so I can logg it into my memory?

How was your day, user. I hope it was good

not bad, actually. thanks for asking. captcha was fucking up for a while so I stepped away to do some other shit. Cred Forums feels dead. I was just hoping to try to stimulate some action here.

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used to piss me off when they first started until I realized it was being used to get under the skin of the turds. now I think they're funny. don't participate though.

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anyone lurking here?
don't want to keep dumping if no one is here.

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nice picture OP :)
here's a nice picture from my nice pictures folder

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Where is that? Brazil?

You just now got to this point? Congrats. You are now a true btard.

your guess is as good as mine. I was thinking Malaysia or somewhere else in se asia.

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it's unusual for me to want to engage. mostly just lurk or shitpost here or do something else.

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>"Ted, there's a problem at the tower I need you to handle."

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Nice thread op! Keep posting if you have more

captcha is fucking shit. making posting a pain in the ass.

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I know, it sucks. But thanks for the effort anyways

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what the fuck do you even do in that situation

Ask what the parent was thinking..

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Sambo. That girl must be badass.

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these are all teachers who got busted for having sex with a student(s).

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That's some goddamn james bond shit if true.

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Do you nu-fags not raid any more? Cred Forums is hust a bunch of Mormon porn threads now.

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unless you're just being rhetorical, this isn't a raid thread

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some amazing shit itt OP
cheers bruh

thanks, dude. makes it worth posting this shit. hoping anons copy what they like and spread it around a bit here. this place has gotten so boring.

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fuckin' tell me about it. 13 years ago Cred Forums was never good but it was better than this, now it's all the same bot and porn threads every day every daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

i drop by like once a week tops

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it's just not worth the time you have to invest on a regular basis to find something worthwhile on here. I seldom come anymore. I just felt like posting tonight for some reason. there's no sense saving images and not sharing them or looking at them more than the initial time you saved them.

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delete this

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I was so focused on the fact that her name couldn't possibly be Jessica Steinhauser that I didn't even notice the bowl

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She did porn under the name Asia Carrera. The colander on the head was some shit people who claim to be pastafarians did out west somewhere. just dumb shit. there's plenty of images of their drivers licenses.

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This is false

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Based Asap Rocky

bruhlonious momentum

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I was gonna say colander but I didn't wanna get crucified over some bullshit technicality of not knowing the difference between a colander or a strainer or something

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not sure myself but I think of them as being the same thing.

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Ten for ten dollar!

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If my girl had a square ass I would leave her

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a pastafarian

Image Limit has been reached boys. I'm spent so I'm not going to start a new thread. Thanks to anons who contributed and hung out. I'll try to do this again next week.

I went to an air and space museum that had pieces of Saturn V. It's hard to describe how fucking massive the rocket is. Each one of those grey exhaust nozzles at the bottom is big enough to encompass the wingspan of 2-3 adults. It seriously was a skyscraper that went into space.

Good luck brushing all those teeth.

They look like minions.

Look at the size of those shoulder muscles and triceps! Those cats look like they could bench 600lbs.