Darker side of loli thread

Darker side of loli thread
>BDSM/Ryona/Guro only

As always feel free to post what you're listening to.

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Posting my favorites

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this reminds me of that guro set of pics I guy made of a loli being torn apart. It was all different paper pieces.

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It’s the same guy if that’s what you’re wondering

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>you’ll never kill and use a loli corpse

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The fuck

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I figured, that guy is amazing.

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> tfw
why even life

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I will

Slightly unrelated to the topic but I enjoy this segment.

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Ye, imagine taking a bath in a bathtub filled with warm loli blood, and fucking her corpse in it.

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Are you new? Don't worry, it might be unsettling at first, but after you got used to it, you'll find the beauty.

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Snails are cute.

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I like my lolis warm thank you

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Meant for
Sry I'm eating a cheese pizza right now.

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That's why you fuck em while they're still warm.

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Eh this frozen pizza is not very good. I usually but digorno or red Baron, but this was some other brand.

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Thank goodness for ranch and siracha.

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Man, Kharisma Jati is my favourite. I hope he still drawing stuff, i haven't seen his new works for years now.

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I've always loved this artist. Used to have a massive collection of his work. Not for masterbation but for just the incredible use of color and darkness. Very dystopian feeling.

Dumb lolis, only good for one thing, torture

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Go to This is a containment thread.

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Splendid, do you have more?

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They live being tortured though. ;)
Yeah a containment to keep out vanilla boring shit.

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It sure is.

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imagine the smell

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Actually now that ai remember, my first experience with hentai was guro on rotten.com back in 2000. They had these lovely set of girls being dissected and eaten as sushi.

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Wish I got to use internet in early 2000s, but I was still a kid.

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Ah it was amazing. I used to stay on newgrounds mainly. There was this one site back then it was european that had a massive amount of cartoon porn. Fuck if I remember the name.

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Anyone into eye penetrating?

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It sure was amazing

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Ye love it.

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Hate fading captchas

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That was great thank you user.

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You are welcome, artist is Harasaki if you're interested.

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Yes, yes, will definitely look into them.

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Dumbass lolis

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It doesn't get me going compared to the real thing.

Post your collection, user. Let us see.

>compared to the real thing.
How do you et them? Thread is going to get 404'd soon anyway

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Bump, first time I see a loli guro thread is about to hit image limit.

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Phew, a lot of psychos today.

Good night everybody.

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Good night user

Stop it boner, leave me alone

Nothing is wrong with having a boner, user.