New Kik thread

New Kik thread

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Just finished riding, still horny af

Anyone wanna do snap captions for me? Pic related

Kik joeybaby18

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Horny, down for anything really.
Kik: T.Redflower

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anyone wants to send Mom Pics ?

KiK: jhonscott1

No limit send anything kik: alwaysbcheesin

Kik: EmilyPawz

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send me pics of your girls and I'll rate, we can Jack off together whatever you want. hmu lets have fun!

Come on

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WWYD hardcore
Kik: toys4boyz

If anybody can do some tributes add.

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cornell sluts?

Sharing my wife. Shes a bbw with huge tits. Anon123wife

RBC1233 little sis

Share your gf or wife with me

Kik checki888

Kik: jacuye
Send anything boy related (anything goes), need to cum.



I'm bored at work. Send noods. Chubbies, bbw, and pawgs referred


Send anything over building collection and need to cum big time


Lets chat about milfs

Hung bwc stroking now..send something hot, Kik is Jsptresbien



KiK: jhonscott1

Cuck here looking for a bull to humiliate me and expose my wife my kik is umg2015

Expose your girlfriends or ex girlfriends to me. _harrisonFord


Lets rate chicks we know

Sharing thick viet gf

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Big fat white cock that needs unloaded. I love girls, traps and sissies


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Tiktok nude discord

Black Dom bull with huge BBC looking for cucks with unsatisfied gf, wife or daughter for me to own.

Also into slave feminine traps or trans.

Kik me: Kink_BlackBull

Want to expose a few ex gfs, let's trade

Kartracer1843 looking for femanons to chat with

pmanderson03 no limits


Lets chat about milfs

Let’s Jerk off to our wives. Share pics. Talk dirty about them. And cum to them.

Kik: JamesL295

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Oh milfs how they make my heart flutter

hung white bull looking for an asian couple to chat with and trade pics

kik fastnbulbous7

This Lexi and she is married to a pathetic sissy cuck his kik is
Abuse the shit out him

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Send your girls to sbridge69 for rates and wwyd

25M tan athletic bull in socal looking for online or in person

kik @ sexondary1

Send me amateur teen nudes 941anon on kik 941 area code preferably

girls? surprise me

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pmanderson03 trade young teens

Send your girls to for rates and wwyd
Family, Cocks, cucks and sissies welcome



Anything goes, show me your favorite

Family trade

Mexican girls to share
Kik: whisao

If interested in my wife’s pics
Kik in post

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Where have her tits gone?

Kik: small_62

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Looking for a chill and limitless group. Also have taboo stuff I experiencd and enjoy talking about with others. Especially if you experienced some stuff yourself.

kik: makemecumbabymmm small uncircumcised dick here looking to cum

Breastfed 3 kids

Sharing my girls slutty college stories from Towson

She got those sexy knobby nipples now?
I love some meaty nips

Kik - Derrickax1

Send dick pics and I’ll rate. I’ll send ass pics if I like. Brutally honest tho so don’t be a pussy

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Stroking a big fat cock to anything you send.
Kik: tujst

Just add. DailyEuphoria.
Filthy phone poster.

Eh /soc/ is failing me, why not

24/M/ US/Bottom/slave/chubby
Looking for a cute girl, trap or guy to dominate me. Specifically into anal and poppers, denial, edging, cum play, and more.

Not into being called a sissy/treated like shit.


kik: poanon

looking for asian forced, nudes, gf, anything asian. or just send random shit like wwyd or rates. idc just bored. can even chat.

Sharing gf for people to cum to, lemme know if you wanna see

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Forgot my kik


Yes. Feel free to Kik me to request that

KiK: jhonscott1

send that slut

Looking for a trap to talk and have some fun.
Kik whitecastle2001

Kik: 420_johnnyblaze

Make me cum

kik: johnarielo12

doing tribs

Send your cheesiest cheese

Hello my kik: SamPlaitZ

I used to speak french, alors si tu parle francais, hésite pas à m'ajouter pour tout les détail ;)
That sucks

I was about to make a confidence but my kik friend probably felt asleep, so thats sucks, cause I decided to write him the story about my hot sister

This is our conversation

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Trading Asian gfs for Asian gfs

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Kik discord dot gg/wSqxCep

You were fun last time we played user



Nr megas

Msg me too see an 8 inch teen cum. Ww4d2t

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doing trades

kik: poanon


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Looking for all you girls and feminine boiis out there!
Kik me at nameofuserhereplease


Kik intaker88 to vividly describe how you’d brutally rape my young teen crush in front of me.
(No nudes).

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Cuck sharing sister non nude. Humiliate and expose me

Kik: throwaway7425

Anyone looking to degrade my girlfriend?

She’s an 18 year old Mexican.
Leave your kik

Dom me, im slutty

Also sharing an 18yo ex

make me show my girl


If they're thin and not at all thicc hit me up anon9379

Kik Teenexposers

Exposing your sluts to the world
And sharing a exposed 20yo



Jakekilly97 also exposing hoes

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Show me your daughters, nieces, little sisters. Tell me how you wanna fuck them



Would like to see ex gf pics or any other girls you know.

Kik: tinypickrick

Massive size queen

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name: schnolki
Sharing my ex

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big white cock looking for anyone sexy
kik: thiccjoee

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Love sharing my gf's feet for others to jerk off to and talk dirty about them. And I love seeing others share those pics around further.

The more you're into feet the better!

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Tell me your weirdest or most secret fetish, won't judge
Kik checki888

Looking for some dick

Drop your kik and I'll hyu. Many bonus points if you can trib. Want to see you getting off to her not looking for collectors.

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I want niggers to tongue my anus.

Spread her

Looking for anons that have pics of my girl or have spread her around.

Kik - anon12244

Tell me how you’d rape and abuse my gf. Share her nudes to her friends and family. Best story gets her nudes. My kik: jessiecali619

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Sucks I have nothing to offer, wanna see all of her.

kik: thiccjoee how to trib?

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Just leave your kik and maybe we'll find something or other you can do for me


Intaker88 then.

total slut

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Like to share my wife for tributes, humiliating and exposing


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Rate my gf or exes some of them have no nudes sorry
Kik is ja2347

Make my thick blonde your lockscreen, also interested in tribs or captions.

Kik - anon12244


Jm8289. Ill do rates, exposure, and possibly trade my wife and some randoms i have for things i like

19m, superbomb12

Send me something pls

trade asian sorority girls

Please help me. I'm a 20 yr old virgin and I want to be tied up and have my virginity stolen while I struggle. Kik: Megs384

imig es/c/95kuRYj

Add an. after imig and before es
Videos of this stuck up milf bitch getting fucked and taking loads to her face. Dumb bitch thinks this was all deleted. Kik me at sunnymanner for more of Patricia. This is a screenshot from one of the videos

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send anything at all, bored rn playing league

Brutal WWYD to my cousin
Kik: trashaccount970798

Kik: Ladiousisbad
Zoo or other


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Play with me, and my ass

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Fat bi 31 yo loser. I'm into SPH, slight Dom/femdom, Humiliation, Chastity, some light BDSM, up for whatever with the right person.
I probably won't respond to hey, or hi.

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oops forgot kik


Nice rack

Kik useherhips if anyone is interested in talking about Greta

Kik roughconfusion and show off your classmates or teen sis for my big cock. Show me the girls you desperately want to fuck but never will

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looking for an aggressive bull who will humiliate me and threaten/act upon exposure humiliation... I have a whole folder of my gf (tits, ass, feet, pussy, face etc)

My kik is jreidshare

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looking for someone to either cum tribute clothed pics of girls I know or help fantasise about using them for their most fucked up desires. no nudes, any fantasy welcome.

18 f uk

Bored as. Pervs come message me. Not just hi

Kik boopboop789

Kik Teenexposers

Exposing a doxxed 20yo slut

Add samnz64

Anyone able to get into a girls Instagram messages for me?
Kik rustyventure007

Add samnz64

Got a preview of her?



He’s still online waiting for all you real men to put him in his place.

Make him post more galleries like this.

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Someone add me to the share groups itsjjthejetplane , I'll share


Send me any gals you want! Clothed, unclothed, they're all welcome.


Pdf180 looking for pics of Missouri girls

Lets share girls we know or send me ones you know and help me get off. Anon02789


Been sharing pics of my asian ex, drop Kik if you want more

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Cute and dumb


Still sharing as schnolki, storytime always welcome

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Send me anything to fap to.
No rules.
Kik cotolettaalvapore

share my french slut please 18yo

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Stupid cuck wannabe looking for a MEAN bull with a BIG DICK to shit talk me and tell me how they'd rape my gf


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kik: poanon

can trade anything!

Huge tits


Passing traps/shemales etc send me pics and vids please

Big dick, 6’0 and will trade if you’re actually passing

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Loves a trib

looking for whatever really, also into incest, lolis and getting cucked as wel


I’ll show off your girl to someone who knows her. Her brother, a friend. Kik me. Mywifissohot

Im a sissy looking to get my ass split

I've got an extreme breathplay vid of a skinny young girl who accidentally forgets her safeword and things get bad...

kik = kingofthecrop88

Liv_005 bored


Send me stuff! Or don't, it's your life. I'm not your mom.


Looking to trade oc and get/do some tributes

Any pics/vis of pregnant women

Not found

Kik: willsMith1303

Need brutally honest rating of my cock

Kik tna99 if you want to do some tributes

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Send me pics & vids and I'll send back
kik: k u k a d a m

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can't scan, add kukadam


Kik at anonrandom2020 if you are willing to help expose.

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Add sharing007
Scanner not working

Sharing my tight daughter's nudes.
Kik: johnczn1970


Not your army

Wrong thread and fuck off

KIK JackSpade22 share gf and wife pics.

What's your kik?


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superjug for cock tribs dont care for age dont care for color i have a brown uncut cock


Still need chubby chicks. Bonus for NJ.

OR send whatever you want. I'm just bored

Send me your girl nude and I’ll show people who know her. Her brother. Mywifissohot

Abuse/rape wwyd story about destroying this petite whore in exchange for pics as it progresses.


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Add humperdoo11


NR megas,

Add dirty_jerz91

Add me to anything I'm new to this


I got no rules, limits, send whatever

Send me pics or vids of your fetishes and kinks. I’m trying to stay awake for a few more hours through the power of masturbation. 30/M

KIK: Badical


sending voy of my chubby sister for wwyd, tell me how you'd humiliate and degrade her etc


Kik prettyswank
Into anything and have lots for trade no rules

Footslut from reddit wants cum tribs
Kik FootAnon69

Attached: 39b6e1a2-852a-41e7-b108-82f75d4ea2a4.png (720x540, 305K)

kik: jojojoeanon

trade no rules.

Beta with a whore sis. Make me expose her as you humiliate us both. Then spread her around and force me to get off to it
Kik anom8910

Attached: Screenshot_20200216-195158_Chrome.jpg (961x1702, 617K)

Sharing my girl kik tributeaisha

Do what you want with her completely share her try to ruin spread her anything

Attached: 1B9C00E4-4D4B-4685-B1BC-0D3C99832C52.jpg (900x1200, 132K)

Add humperdoo11

Looking for cucks, nude swap, pics of youre girl/sister/mom/ex, possible meet ups, and degenerate shit.
Willing to wwyd, loyalty test, send anything to any girl you want, get nudes from girls

Trade with me, no limits trade


Trading sexy feet pics. I have a plethora.

Fuck, what a little whore

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WWYD hardcore
Kik: toys4boyz

If you could tribute some pic would be even better lol

Attached: A9B7DA7C-EBDA-4F80-828D-FDC2894A9F2A.jpg (720x960, 183K)

In a sharing mood tonight. Leave yours and I'll add you.

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Yo I need a "fake" friend who lives in So Cal or frequents Vegas often.

I'm married but I fuck whores in LA, SD, and Vegas all the time.

I need a fake friend who is outside of my circle of real friends/family who is down to cover for me.

Preferably they are married too and need me to cover for them.

I'm in my early 30s, normal looking, tall, and will probably make you laugh.

kik: kingofthecrop88

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m WA

aspiring sissy Interested in giving my first blowjob


Looking to rp, would love to do a scenario involving my thick blonde gf. I can play as her or myself, have pics for added visualization and I'll try to incorporate your kinks and fetishes, no limits.

Kik - anon12244


Send me your girls face and titties and the snap or Kik of one of her friends or brother, I’ll show her off for you. Mywifissohot

RBC1233 sharing my slutty little sis’s social media pics

Humiliate and force me into exposing my girlfriend on kik: wedgieslave8888

Attached: Screenshot_20191109-214458.jpg (1080x1661, 137K)

Please add dirty_jerz91 if your group is active.


Davefiloni - add no limits looking for anything. I’m from Australia if anyone wants to do meet up too.


Jo, hast du n paar gute deutsche Mädels zum tauschen?


Got a german girl to share, other germans prefered

Schnolki that is


Dm to hear about how my gf cucked me recently


Need a bull to brutalize my Asian wife's nipples. Wwyd. Tribs. Kik Lycosauce

Attached: 2018-02-10-06-26-42.jpg (772x1028, 86K)

Show me your wife or gf like no one gets to see her


BWCmasterxxx m/21/us
Would love to trade pics and talk dirty with a trap or femanon.
Open to anything tho, showing my cock to all



Looking for CH 214 pics please KIK kinky78728



If any fat, nerdy chicks want attention, I'm your guy. Bonus points for TX.


My Kik to degrade her is thekid212112


kik: Eduardo_sgdl looking for cucks show me your gf or wife big tits better

Degeneracy is my kink, no limits.

Looking for like minded people to share pics of women we actually know, doesn't have to be nude. From family to friends, coworkers etc.. But it all has to be real, no limits chat about them.

Can trade family pics, live pics of dirty family panties, vids, megas, all no limits.

Kik : lovesick6669

Attached: 1573700001293.png (533x941, 314K)

No limits.



RBC1233 my little sis need opinions

would love to see her get tributed

kik is anon09aa

Attached: k2.jpg (640x798, 61K)

My slut

Kik me: mrmarving69

Attached: 6d2d90b8-cff2-48ed-86bc-417bef35bfa9 - copy - copy.png (540x960, 241K)

Big ass wife

Attached: assy.jpg (971x1305, 304K)


Love showing off my small cock

I really need to cum so I can sleep kik is makemecumbabymmm any help is appreciated

rate my fam, quatzpo123

Sharing pics of here. Message me if you can expose her. Kik anonrandom2020

Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=hiJjOC4lCHcdZFeu)original_417202601.jpg (575x766, 63K)

WesternBlaze hmu if you're a cuck in Europe, I'm up for some real life action

Kik rayyybay

Attached: a40637ba-145f-4c61-bbc1-746caee2ee9c.png (720x1280, 669K)

Sharing some pics of her. Kik is anontrib456

Attached: B9B5E939-A5DD-48C6-B347-13E40B5DB055.jpg (540x960, 50K)



Send me sexy hentai pics

Sharing my 22yo super busty slut. Kk me if you are exposer/reposter or detailed rater.
Kk wes.wesss

Attached: 694118D4-DD2F-40C7-BBC2-0476D05B66D3.jpg (345x637, 31K)

Kik scottt19
Snapchat Scott.19
Anything goes. 7.5” uncut cock.
Do your worst


Lets rate chicks we know

Sharing my girls slutty college stories, went to Towson

Kik tna99 if interested in non-nude tribs

Doing them, I mean, not receiving them

diablo2face shes gorgeous

Need some Cred Forumsros to do some slut checks on snap and insta, Kik me with a pic of your cock if interested: chris926492

Reald0l0man. Tributing rn

Kik tna99 to tribute Lily

Attached: B3CA14CF-308C-4DE4-B6F1-6A9BEBA02316.jpg (828x928, 469K)

RBC1233 sharing my little sis

Sharing more of her on Kik (no nudes)
WWYD/RP/dirty talking

Kik: Roseleaff

Attached: 2A6C36B8-FF00-4B4F-95DF-259D28AA717D.jpg (750x936, 82K)


girls add me for a chat, send me girls' kiks. or just send anything

Experienced dom bull in Vegas , your wifey or gf deserves better , a big cock stud like me , Kik me under vegasrod, looking for meets

Attached: 20190318_084641_compress26.jpg (2304x1092, 251K)

Tell me how you would fuck my wife to get more pics

Attached: 38EC4202-0A29-46BF-914B-5824753762A1.jpg (1842x1381, 532K)


Let me send pics of my sis
No nudes but Lewds

Attached: 903EFF32-2587-4D9D-8906-82FA2841464A.png (622x1106, 503K)



Kik me your gf ex daughter or wtv and ill rate and review. Ill do wwyd if you want as well. Young is preferred.

Bonus points for Asian or petite gals heh

I have all of haleys new vids and pics. Over 30 gb
Kik- haleystuff

Attached: 1581068011348.jpg (480x640, 56K)

Kik is anono325
22 m
Down for just about anything, just horny af

someone wanna write some captions over pics of my big sis?

Attached: 892159_472448279477493_645326865_o.jpg (1224x1632, 160K)

Are dick pics of myself necessary for this?

Kik stupidswitch

biracial cuck into raceplay, need white men and bulls to humiliate me. can feed, show gf and ex, or worship.

sharing pics of ex gf
kik: ventura1112

Spicnig junkie nympho stripper
kik Wu_Chelsea

IQ of 84, got molested her whole childhood by her uncle. daddy issues, mental issues and on meds, oral fixation, total bitch and owned by some drug dealing nigger

Rich parents

Kik Spriteband for her nudes/info

Attached: 20200228_102223.jpg (1038x1722, 735K)


Lets chat about milfs


Need opinions on a trap I’ve found

Sharing still

Kik: claqueto
Send me anything I'm horny
24 m
If u want to trib some of my friend, add me (no nude)

ITT: faggots post shit they wish they had the balls to do, then don't respond to messages.

high af 25 jamestjamest
looking to chat trade pics with fems, traps, sissy, xdresser ect anyone who wants to see my dick

Good morning! Just checking out all the lovely dicks on Cred Forums before coffee!

Attached: 62B98DF2-19DA-4A36-A835-752DEE555D70.jpg (640x640, 92K)

hot. kik?

M_orl2. Trading teens and cut cocks.


Drcheesemcgee is my kik

right. what's your kik?

Look at all the worthless men trying to get some e girl pussy. Can't even flirt right

Let's talk about your gf, ex, relative, whoever's you want to fuck. I also enjoy dark, taboo, extreme fetishes. Whatever you're into.

There are way better things than just dicks. DailyEuphoria

Kik tripper444 if you want more to do cum tributes too

Attached: Snapchat-196790725.jpg (798x1641, 102K)

Lol, right??

Cuck looking to be humiliated with degradation threats ... only looking for real aggressive scary bulls - I have a whole folder of my ex gf and love share
Kik: sissybtchsub

Such as?

Let me send a live pic of my dick to any female you want me to for reaction. Mom, sister, aunt, girlfriend, ex, wife, etc. Sometimes get wins. I'll share with you the reaction. Pic related. Send kik username to clown_college.

Attached: photo-ffadult-r40-s2-228482881_86246.67520018.27.square.jpg (96x96, 5K)


kik: Rating_bot

i'll rate your girls

Help me get hard.

Attached: Screenshot_20200228-170456_Gallery.jpg (1080x2280, 847K)

Forgot kik:


Still going mates



I’m looking for humiliation and blackmail. Msg me and I’ll give you a bunch of humiliating pics of me. Then you get to ask me questions. If I refuse to answer anything you can post it all. Kik is alexvsheenan


Mother of two with big fat cow tits


Kik fimei spam me with that hood shit

Attached: 1582834047059.jpg (800x670, 104K)

Experienced dom for f or trap. Mentally fucked up girls get priority, don't send hi. Tell me why you're a broken individual from the go so we can have fun.


Looking to be kidnapped and made into a useless fuck doll with no limits. Prefer female but honestly don’t care as long as someone can kidnap me and feminize me into a bimbo slut, I just wanna be gagged and abused for the rest of my life.

Give me your kik if interested and I’ll message

Attached: 8A0886E9-3730-4679-8879-64E8FC305A71.jpg (960x539, 48K)