Trump truly is a complete moron

Trump truly is a complete moron.

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Hows it feel being the shortest person on the debate stage, mike?

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Nobody older than 8 does that, libtard.

You bumped the fucking thread on page 7 you worthless fucking faggot


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What's a bump?

do you have a single primary source that shows the coronavirus is stronger than any other flu strand?

what are you going to do when he wins again? serious question.

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try to survive his dictatorship

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Bumped from page 7

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I like Ben Garrison's art. He should leave the writing to someone smarter.

Why are these threads not banned by now? It's either paid shilling or an outright bot. Either way, this shit belongs on Cred Forums.

why does this guy make people seethe so much? He's a good president.

I thought that anything was allowed on Cred Forums except for illegal stuff

>We are okay with calling our national leader a moron

American retards.

He is a BILLIONARE. Not your reflection in the mirror you faggot.


The answer is because you're a newfag.

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Fuck. Off.

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Bots, paid advertising, VPNs and ban evaders are not.

ITT: People say the same shit to each other that they have been saying since late 2016.

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fucken lefties cant meme..

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Still upset that Hill-Dawg lost. It’s an ironic attempt to save face by acting like pathetic whining toddlers and REEEEEEEing at everything as a sort of “if I can’t have my way then nobody can be happy.
I mean few people actually like trump as a person but you can’t deny that he has at least kept his word on many of his campaign promises.
>inb4 “which campaign promises? Drumpf lie he did nothing he promise“

>you can hire "smart" people to write right wing propaganda

citation needed

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>Still upset that Hill-Dawg lost.
Nobody liked her.
You're just confused because your guy is even less popular.

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Yes he is, and also a liar, narcistic pig
He don't care about common people, just his own fucking profit

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who cares how popular he is in blue states. It's elector votes that counts not popularity.

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Blue states, red states, about half the American people want him physically removed from the office.
But keep reciting your talking points about the EC until you can fall asleep at night.
Here's a new one:
The GOP hasn't taken the White House with the consent of 51% of the voters since 1952.
You aren't "America's Party", you're the enemy of most Americans.

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yup and just how think how stupid the people are who voted for him

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Dumbass, the flu has a mortality rate of between .01 and .25%. COVID-19 is 2% at minimum.

be a moron?

Isn't it a bit early for summer?

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The Ivan’s jumped all up in this thread from the beginning. They are on high alert for this crisis.

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>do you have a single primary source that shows the coronavirus is stronger than any other flu strand?
Wow, look everybody: It's Mr. Sealion!!!
He _sounds_ polite and reasonable, but he's a total douchebag that shits up the board because it makes him happy when have can make other people mad,
Jokes on him though, nobody will ever love him.

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Pretty sure no one here actually takes Trump seriously. If they did they'd be jumping in hourly arguments on Cred Forums. Either that or giving their IP to Russian servers on 8chunk.
But if you're going that far, have fun with neo-nazi training in the Ukraine conflict Trump gifted to Russia after getting bailed out of the 90's by the Kremlin.
We'll be sure to greet you with open arms when you return.
>With bullets

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Grab him right by the throat pussy.

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that's not going to change the fact he's going to win. remember this day when that happens. remember that I told you first. remember your impotence. I personally can't wait. No more mexcians. tons of trans kids committing suicide. I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

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I don't seethe as much as just shake my head, but it all comes down to whether you think a criminal should be President. $400 million in tax evasion, money laundering, NOT in prison for the thing his lawyer is in prison for but he directed, etc.

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These faggots are all up in this thread.

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Yes he is and EVERYONE who says otherwise is a pathetic retard.

Trump is an imbecile, the worst liar in US political history and a treasonous enemy criminal.

No u

Uh-OH! Somebody must have dialed 1 (800) 4FA-GGOT because HERE COMES BEN GAYRISSON!!

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Trump is gonna get re elected.

That's what guillotines are for.

Mmhm. We give a shit what a drooling, white nigger faghot minority thinks.

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"I bet" is something someone who has a absolutely no way to defend their stance says.

Google is part of the Deep State.

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He's a criminal enemy retard, a Russian asset and the WORST president in US history bar none. He treats our allies like shit, he allowed the posse of a foreign dictator to assault Americans on US soil, he saluted a North Korean soldier, he never stops lying or complaining, he's spent two hundred years worth of the president's salary on golf and lining his pockets, he sells out this country to everyone, he has destroyed clean water, clean air, protections for environment, he slashed the CDC and pandemic response budgets by nearly 80%, he's a paranoid retarded narcissist, he thinks people are supposed to be loyal to him over country, he's about as sharp as a wet noodle, he takes credit for things other people did and never owns any of his failures, he completely destroyed the midwest agricultural industry, his "wall" is a super expensive pile of sheet metal shit that falls over in a light breeze, he enables Neo-Nazis and Klansmen, he had TWO illegal meetings with known Russian spies in the Oval Office, he denounced the universal findings of the Intelligence Community in favor of a 20 second conversation he had with Vladimir Putin, he constantly demeans and attacks the free press like a third-rate fascist shitstain and he can't even tell the truth about his height and weight.

FUCK Trump, I can't wait to see that motherfucker dead.

Now say something nice OP.

Facts have a well-established liberal bias. So do the truth, decency and the Rule of Law.

>No more mexcians
In your fucking dreams mutt

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We'll just have to have DHS build some reeducation camps for the more radically liberal facts.

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nobody cares what you think northerner.
also see

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>the site is absolutely inundated with Russian shills spamming that Trump will win re-election

>This retarded faggot thinks he came up with the idea.

>what you think
those are called facts, user.

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Try again faggot. I live in a rural area in a very important swing state that surprised everyone and voted for Trump and everyone I know is voting for him again.

I didn't say YOU were a Russian, retard. Though now I suspect you're a mental institution patient who snuck the Internet into his padded cell.

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My expectation is that, if there was a dangerous pandemic, he wouldn't say "Germs don't exist." It think he would close the borders, cancel all incoming flights, and ride out the pandemic in a state of isolationism, while endowing the CDC with a possibly authoritarian level of authority to quarantine and isolate individuals and communities that are suspected of being infected.

All in all, pretty much the only things that can be done. I think that's well within Trump's ballpark.


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I think he should do that anyway peronally.

He started off by trying to claim that the DOW fell because of the Democratic debates.

He downsized the pandemic response unit by 80% and the first thing he did to address it was order the lead medical profession in charge to be gag ordered and have to give statements to his administration before saying anything in public.

Trump is a fucking retard and he's going to get a lot of people killed.

It isn't the flu, you retard.

with any luck it will be the LA, SF, NY, and portland.

>flu strand

It's not even remotely related to influenza. It's also keyed to aggressive viral pneumonia and constricts your breathing. Influenza makes your nose runny by comparison. It's also 2000x more lethal (0.01% mortality rate of flu vs ~2% mortality rate of Novel COVID-19.)

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