Out my nut on mdma, ask me anything

Out my nut on mdma, ask me anything.

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what does mdma stand for? cite sources, please


The only source that matters, wiki



source: my memory

How does it feel to be pruning off dopamine and serotonin receptors and possibly permanently destroying your neurotransmitter producing neurons?
What other drugs do you take?

There are three OPs in this thread and they are all faggots

Tbh pretty awesome. Smoke a power of weed and booze in occasionally

Feels alot better than being you


no, you don't. what you are feeling isn't real nor is it sustainable. i get high on 2 drugs - anandamide and phenethylamine both are free and are released through exercising.

That sounds lame.

Am I the only one who likes to tell the people in my life I love them while on molly?

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what's your favourite song?

it's only lame if you have so little receptors/desensitised yourself to the point that you have to stimulate yourself with external substances and porn. don't you remember finding an awesome song as a kid and getting an eargasm? eargasms are much more intense after a long run or a bike ride

I remember lean, weed, champagne and coke. And I'll never forget it.

i was going to agree with you until you brought up music.
music on mdma is fucking phenomenal, you just can't replicate that sober.
too old for drugs now though so exercise it is

Wtf? So, I have to pick one? They can't happen at the same time? Yeah, I can see you have never experimented with a party drug. Loosen up, Francis.

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I cried when I smoked weed and listened to music for the first time.

but that drug euphoria is not sustainable. excercise upregulates receptors making the brain more sensitive to endogenous molecules that produce euphoria so music always sounds good.

i've done alot of drugs, i started smoking weed at 14, then was pescribed dextroamphetamine for ADHD - abused the fuck out of that, drank lots of booze, smokes cigarettes and weed, dxm, butane gas, methamphetamine, then at 16 i learnt of receptor downregulation, endogenous cannabinoids and phenethylamine and turned my life around.

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You should try exercising on PCP. Much more enjoyable.

You're on MDMA and you spend it on Cred Forums? That's depressing.

How frequently do you partake? I give myself a 4 times a year limit.


yeah i've already said it's not sustainable, i'm too old for it now.
but if you don't/didn't try mdma in your 20s when you can handle it you're missing out, because it makes music more than just good

>Turned my life around

Its called self control. I'm 27, debt free, own my house and car, have a great gf and job. Smoke weed every day. Try every drug I can at least once. Never under the influence at work or with family. I'm struggling to find a negative to my daily drug use. Money? I would probably just spend it on something stupid anyways.

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