Reminder. Asian women are simply fucktoys

Reminder. Asian women are simply fucktoys.

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Not true at all, they make great life companions

Agreed. Firm believer that my Asian gf should be nothing but a toy for men to cum with

Great cum dumps

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does someone have this webm

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About to marry my Asian girlfriend. She cooks, cleans and swallows cum. What more could anyone want?

Hot as fuck

why else would they be so tight

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who is that

You know he enjoys abusing that yellow meat.

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that's what I'm wondering


Asian femanon here. Can confirm. We all just want to be sex pets, me and my girlfriends talk about the guys we've been fucking all the time.

Anyone who tells you any different is a frigid bitch who hasn't known the joy of a good deep dicking :)

wrong. you mean ALL women

Sorry I don't have more. I would also like to see more of these amateur Chinese and Japanese "sleeping" material.

Kik me.. Mcfod love Asians

So I shouldn't have regrets for fucking my gf like a whore? I do love her, and she says she enjoys being my "toy" but sometimes I go all out (hard slapping, spitting on her etc.) and feel bad after.

Dont feel bad. They truely love it

Lol fucking larp

How do you find message parlors with happy endings? Just go in and ask the chink for one?

Chinese ones usually always offer. Sometimes the bitches insist to do it for free even if you say you don't need one.

Rubmaps works sometimes you have to sign up tho, you can ask if they offer full body service but they may think you're a glow nigger hitting a sting

you're in luck faggot, no I'm not OP

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is there moar? source?

Michelle Sullivan, shes a half cast

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Absolutely going to need more of her

Kik pches12 for more

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