Just a bored gal tryna chat

just a bored gal tryna chat

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yo yo whats up

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boobs please


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this is not the place for that, keep moving

Balls and timestamp or gtfo

: bishop_skye

you won’t be bored anymore, babygirl

Snapchat: bishop_skye ^


tits w/ timestamp or gtfo

Have you ever been with a millionaire?

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Describe your circumstances, your typical life. Give us reason to empathise with your boredom.

fuck off whore

now that they have found dogs can carry corona virus too, need to mass slaughter all of them in the vicinity. any suggestions?

discord dot gg/wSqxCep

Bored too

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How fucking stupid are you that you can't think of a way to kill a dog?

grind em up

Looking for a an obedient plaything that serves all your needs and wishes?

discord dot gg/wSqxCep

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i read this as "an obedient plaything that cleans all your clothes and dishes"
thanks for the chuckle botfag