Now I am disposed to remember I was in their bedroom, the police chief and his wife

Now I am disposed to remember I was in their bedroom, the police chief and his wife.
Disposed to be my wife.
Told him he took her for granted.
Told her Jesus was dead.
Told her I would never marry that one since she had kids with 5 different people.

"I am not black."

Why the fuck was I in their bedroom again?

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Then they tried to kill me.

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Why we are who we are.

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So if charges are being handed out. Let me know.

Why that town is so fucked up.


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How many people in that family was I disposed to marry, 20?

What happened?

Did you ask me if I want to be married?

Because never in my life did I ever have any intention of being married.

Again, I am not that fucking stupid.

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Look at yourselves.

He is a born liar, and she is fucking bored.

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Last job I was offered in Princeton, disposed to start yesterday, $4 an hour.

How they treat people who save their lives.

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How many daughters do I have on that campus?

Not sure.

Has any of them ever even said "Hi" to me, "No."

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My father used to stick his penis in my mouth when I was sleeping when I was a baby, I still said fucking hi to him.

Stole my children and handed them out as rewards, then oppressed the shit out of me, because I was nice.

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Disposed to be dead, pretty obvious.

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Why did I kill the head of special forces out of uniform? Because he mentioned something about fucking all my daughters.

Your tax dollars at work.

Who is it do you figure is behind all this terrorist shit, me or them?

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A member of their illustrious family that hasnt ever worked a day in their collective life.

Yet rule from on high.

I'd be nervous too, with me behind you.

Has he ever killed anyone?

I killed a big, black rapist, right there in the middle of town.

With my bare hands.

Why the stock market is crashing.

It is over.

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They were going to drop me on the WTC before it collapsed to see how many people I could save.

I was in bed at the time.

Then in LAs vegas where an old drunk shot 600 people in ten minutes from half a mile away.

"kept jumping out the window."

Was the company.

She is a hard worker.

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They were dealing heroin out of MEhek, how could anyone not know that.