WWYD thread. Replies get replies

WWYD thread. Replies get replies.

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buy furniture

bend her over, lift her skirt over her ass and fuck her from behind


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Skirt up, bent over that counter. Ramming into her, yanking her hair back. Fuck her until her knees give out.

Push both to their knees. Double face fucking, get those sluts gagging, drooling, and getting sick on each other. They can lick it up after I finish on their faces.

She's like 110 lbs, could probably manhandle her

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Oh, good. Means she can end up with some bruises. That neck, her ass, wrists...remind her of what she's good for

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Decapitate her have her head resting by my bed fuck it every night and cum on it it without cleaning until she rots

Drug her drinks, get her way out of it, start fingering her under the table. Encourage her to ditch her bra in the bathroom. When it's time to pay, offer her to the waiter.

Choke her with her purse strap while pounding her pussy, wait for her to pass out then let her awake to my dick in her mouth/throat.


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Knock her teeth out and throat fuck her as I watch her eyes tear up id keep punch her in the face just to feel her gumming my cock harder

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wonderful how people dont want to participate but still drop these shit quality pics

Kill her pass her dead body around while we film fucking her dead pussy and mouth the cut her tits off mount them on my wall

Hand over her mouth, top ripped open, jeans around her legs. Fuck her quick and violent. Slap her around. Live stream the whole thing on her instagram or whatever

Shut the fuck up and participate than

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restrain with heavy metal chains across her body while suspended and have her eyes and mouth forced open with devices so she can't blink or swallow and I'd lube up my cock by wiping it all over her pussy and fucking her and spitting on it just a little bit so i can get my cock wet enough to insert into her then very mouth and i want her to scream and beg at the top of her lungs while i am fucking her throat crying begging me to stop. then i want to cum into her eyebulls before i place machines, toys, my cock, and my tongue on her clit and pussy to forcer her to cum

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steal grain alcohol with from papa Glyeshknov to run into a field and consume with her while my m8s are ravaging her house for potatoes and rubels


this one, 100% rape. show me more pictures

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Bend her over that wall. rip those jeans down, pound her pussy and then her ass, no lube. Shove her down onto her knees. Let her taste herself as I fuck her throat before finishing on that face, eyes open

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pierce tit with gun

Pick one

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how could she taste herself

Ella and friends

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KIK JackSpade22 share pics of gf wife.

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Real aggressive face fucking. Yanking that red hair. Spit on her face a bit. Get her gagging all over herlself, eyes watering

Fuck yeah she got the perfect face to fuck. Just jamming your cock down her throat

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Great body to make a mess on, too. Covered in her drool and spit.

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the one in the center. wow

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Dress like that though, she will need her other two holes nailed before the night ends

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Oh yeah she needs to have her asshole stretched out.

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No need to use lube. Wrap that hair around her neck and just pull if she tries to resist

Id force my cock down her throat and force her to drink my cum. I'd make her into the perfect little slave

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I'd tear those jeans off and fuck her hard. Then glazed her face and hair with my cum.

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I hope she does so you can choke her out with her own hair and make her pass out. Then fuck her limp body any way you please

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I'd blindfold her and tie her up arms spreadout on a bed. She'd have headphones on playing bimbo hypnosis full blast to train her. She'd have a vibrator in her pussy and ass as well. She'd continue in this state until she willingly gives herself to me

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fuck her hard enough to wake the slut back up. Of course, the beating might do that too...

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I’d love to see the look on her face when she wakes back up confused at first with her ass getting fucked.

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Cum all over her face and glasses

Cum all over her and leave her in the bathroom of that bar. Passed outin a stall, a gift for the next guy

I’d pull on her white hair like a leash whilst I walked her around the room like a filthy slut sucking off me and my mates 1 by 1 before getting spitroasted to completion.....

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I’d force her down on knees and grab the hair on the back of her head and tell her to open wide. I’d start fucking her face making her choke and gag making spit flow from her mouth all over her tits. As she’s gasping for air I’d shove my cock down her throat making her try to fight me off to catch her breath. But I just keep trying to force it further and further down

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I throat fuck her till she gagged all over my cock then spread her legs wide and rip her jeans open sliding my cock between her legs a hard thrust deep into her pussy after another till I impregnated her

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I'd fuck her up the ass and tell her I'm going to cum inside her. When she starts crying I jam my shit covered dick down her throat and gag her with my load.

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Right in the bathroom. Ass in the air, face dunking into the toilet. Just ram that ass, no lube


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Woww i want to cum all over them!!

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Would face fuck her until she can barely breath

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Lay her on the counter and fuck her ass while chocking her. And right as she is about to fade into the black abyss would switch to her pussy and nut inside her while firmly pulling her in by groping her breasts


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She got ass?!

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Bend her over and fuck her very hard with my thumb in her ass until I cum inside her drench pussy.

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Hold her down and fuck her until her legs starting shaking and cum inside that little sexy belly

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pull her hair and fuck her ass telling her how much bitch she is

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make her hit my face with those flappy flappers until I'm diamonds and ready to erupt

wwyd to my gf? brownie points for detailed descriptions

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Rape her mouth and pussy over and over making her beg me to fuck harder her filthy pussy.

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Take her behind a shed and fuck her mouth

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Have her ride me and lean forward so I can suck her tits while she does.

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Bend her over, lift up the dress and fuck her from behind while pulling on her hair.

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Put a smile on her face but cumming all over her

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Spitroast her, she would be gargling and gulping on my cock as I use her stupid fucking hair in those pigtails as reins, holding her deep on my cock until she is gasping for air
WWYD to my bitch?

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tie her arms behind her back and make her suck my dick. after i cum turn her and fuck her tight ass rubbing and fingering her tiny pussy.

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Make left watch as I overpower right and hold a gun to her head while laying on her, I tell her to shut up and during her soft sobs and prayers I'll slowly slide my cock inside of her

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Discord?? Would do all sorts of things to right

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Literally, nearly every single one of the gal's faces are gorgeous, ditto with the body. It totally depends on what's underneath, at this point.

I would love to pay her to twerk that fat Latina ass in my face. Make those cheeks clap when she does it as she chokes on my cock, covering it in drool.
Bend her over and slam her so heard she speaks three different languages

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Strip them naked and bind them together in a 69. Take turns fucking them while the other has to watch up close and personal...

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Wanna see that fat ass on some bbc and another shoved into her sultry throat
.Bimbo needs to have two virgin nerds impregnate her
On her 18th she gets drunk and her step dad takes both her holes for the first time. Cream pieing both of them

My goth friend

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I've got alot I'd do to her... Do you have Kik to talk? I'd rather post it here but I've had enough bans lately

She is cute! I would to to have some mouth action from her. I want your friend giving me a nice, slow and sensual blow job. Watching her eyes well up as my balls tighten. Soon she is so deep on muni cock she can’t breathe and before she knows it my hot steamy load is dripping from her glasses.

Any more?

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Strip her naked and tie her up, then fuck her in every hole until she is begging me to stop. Then fuck her some more

Very hot! Look at those tits! Do you know her? I bet she mildly theee cocks a night with those things! Do you know her? Anymore ?
Sorry user I don’t but you can say here. I want to know how my friend should please you!

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Push her down rip her pants off and fuck her like a animal

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Treat her like a animal tie her up and drag her onto the bed and just fuck her asshole raw and cum into it and make her fart it out into a cup and drink it

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Need lectures foot ball team. They gang fuck her after practice
Tits spill out in the beach. Titty fucked by life guard
Dj in club waits for them to get pulled up and takes them both
Festival sluts first time ended with a tent gangbang
Big fat jiggly tits used to fuck her sons/boyfriends bully
Sluts pass out at party and are molested in their sleep dnd players
Gam banged by ice at the border
Thick bitch blacked
Jerks off her BF at pool party and forced to do the same to his friends
Goth nerd throats anyone who watches
the same anime as her

Mates little sis. Have some REALLY good pics of you know what I mean.

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how would you fuck around with my girlfriend?

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Love the fishnets. Want to rip a hole in them and chew onHer tasty little pussy as you watched. Bet she has lurched nipped too.

Yeah she’s a girl from work.
Bet she sucks off your friend every night so he does her homework. Type of slut to get off to guys sniffing her panties

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>only replies get replies

GTFO with his ugly ass pig.

Officer pulls her other and makes her blow him through the window. She gets a mouth full of cum that drips out over her thighs
Would spike her and let my friends gang rape her as your friend watches his sister get ruined
Lol no
She is thick. Bet she rides bbc daily and those tits and ass jiggle like crazy

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Impregnate her
Impregnte both in threesome
Fill and flood her womb with my seed, watch her belly and breasts swell
same as turn her into a personal breeding cow
Impregnate her in there, never see her again, months later I find her social media, she posts photos of herself heavily pregnant
same as same as Impregnate Her
I flood her every hole, cover her face, back, eyes, lower body, and breasts with my seed
Months later I find her social media, she’s heavily pregnant
same as same as Nope.
I Impregnate all of them in a massive orgy. They’re all covered and filled in every hole with my seed.
Months later they post a group photo, all of them are heavily pregnant. same as

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Moar! I want tomorrow of those slutty tits
Bet she feels so tight. Trade your mate for my mates sis?

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I'd take her thick ass in that room and pound away at her every hole till she is screaming so load everyone can here her scream my name. Fuck her until I bust inside her and she get mad but can't stop cumming because it feels too good being that full of cum

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Flip her over face down over the arm of the couch, rip that dress and any panties off and fuck her in the ass with no lube

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Strip this bitch naked, bring her to a party and tie her between two posts, paint bullseyes around her nipples and see if people can get a bullseye on a nipple with a dart while she is being fucked in the ass from behind.

wwyd to this college cheerleader?

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Eat that pussy until she’s such a slobbering horny mess she isn’t fazed about a horse fucking her
Deal! I want that mixed rac mutt slobbering over my cock

I would see how flexible she is by folding her with her ass touching the back of her head and fucking her like that...

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Tie her ankles to her wrists, above her head, then slowly dryfuck her ass while tugging on her cunt lips to pull myself deeper with every thrust.

wwyd to this trailer trash?

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Forgot pic

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Slip that bikini to the side and make her daddy watch me take her
Can I join by sliding it doe her throat?

That trash needs to be drugged and then passed around every dude at a party. From the hung jocks to the virgin nerds

Best response to this slut gets semi nudes

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im going to make peyton get on her hands and knees while i mount her from behind in her bikini. she's going to have to pull her own bottoms down before i insert my cock in her and start pumping to breed

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Knock her out and take her to one of the more rundown trailers in the park. Gag her and strap her to a breeding stand. Let all the dogs in the park take turns using her ass and pussy til they're both stretched wide from the multitude of knots she's been forced to take. Let her go after branding her ass declaring her a Canine Breeding Bitch


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I'd tie her to the ground, one head in the bottom of a portapotty with her mouth gaped upen with a speculum, and her ass and tits outside of it, arms and legs tied and spread wide to tent stakes. Invite a bunch of friends over with beer and taco bell, and take turns using her tight pussy and asshole while shitting all over her face. Later I'd prop that pussy open for a game of put-put golf

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Take her to prom where shy Asian bf stands in corner dancing. She gets drunk and is slit dropping on the basketball team. She spends prom night taking black cock after black cock. Loads in her face and small perky tits. Pregnant the next day.Starts tutoring the dumb kids. Ends up involved to a broken home we’re her thick thighs are spread my thugs and she is pumped with junkie load after junkie laid
Edgy bitch goes to a concert where she is drugged and griped the whole time and before she can leave she is brought back stage and used as a cum dunp by a metal band for the remainder of their tour

Stole this pic from her phone

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you mean like this?

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Attached: Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 14.56.48.png (964x622, 1.03M)

damn I want to rip that top off her and grope the slut. more

is she taking black cock after black cock on the dance floor?

your girl is gonna get raped right there. i want to fuck her face hard while she moans on my cock

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Damn nice quints

Oh yeah. This chink is going to be turned into a bbc whore as everyone of her peers watch. And as she feels her prom date about her new black baby she will be smiling just like that!
Let’s both fuck my girl. I think she can handle 2

Attached: 365825F7-26B6-47A9-8E13-BE31AAD46AA2.jpg (886x2048, 210K)

how many cocks do you think this prom queen is going to handle?

fuck your girl is hot too. lets take her while karina is being taken at prom. i want to keep your girl in that outfit and pull down her panties ever so slightly as i bend her over. she'll cry as i enter her from behind

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Attached: Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 15.03.42.png (502x342, 326K)


I want her smile to be just like this as I slowly let hot droplets of cum drip into her face. She remains frozen like a statue until she is hot glued properly

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show some cleavage

Bet the slut could take up to 11. One in one hole after another stretching her little yellow pussy out

Her as is amazing even her bro admitted after I showed him this

Attached: 81E01F98-7E30-4BD4-B013-3F870355C7B2.jpg (1534x2048, 300K)

how would karina's first bbc look user? how should she react?

fuckk i want to fuck her against the glass like that. she'll have to push her tits against the glass and showthem to the work as she gets bred from behind. she have a name?

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tillycooper__ on Instagram, right? Smoking nice ass

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discordDOTgg /HrfX9B

After you broke up, she became lonely and traveled here. I meet her here at this solitary beach, it’s just us.

We talk about various things. A wave splashes against her, knocking her over. I catch her, we fall back. My cock has a raging massive erection pressing up against her vagina. We realise what’s going on. And before we knew it, I threw off my swims shorts, she threw off her one peice, and I was pounding her bareback. The water softly rose and sank. I Exploded a massive load into her. We lay there for a little bit. After this, we realise that we both have to go, we say goodbye and hug each other, and as parting, she sucks my cock and I cum all over her breasts and flood her throat.

Months after this trip, I’m at home. I check social media.
I think I see someone familiar.
Is it her?
I click on her profile.
She’s standing in front of a familiar beach.
She’s naked but covering her vagina and her massive breasts with her arms and hands
Her belly is massive and swollen looking.

After, I start taking a shower, I don’t know what to feel.

first girl ive seen on one of these threads that i actually want to fuck, id pin her to the ground lift up that red skirt and fuck her till the mascara ran down her face

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Do her? here’s another user
I want to lift her on to that sink and spread those thick thighs before sinking my cock deep in her lovely teen cunt

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Replies get replies faggot

They do?!

It means write about another girl before posting yours

Y'all are weird and obsessive

You are here posting too simp

I walked into the pub.
Not many people there.
I walk up to the bar, ask for an ale, and go to sit down.
A girl accidentally runs into me.
I spill my ale all over her.
Her Clothes pressed against her skin.
I apologize and she says it’s fine.
I take her to the bathroom, don’t really know what to do.Tell her that the only way they can dry and be cleaner is if she takes them off, and uses the shower in the corner that has no curtain. She says she’ll do it but makes me promise I won’t look. I do, and turn around. As I began to walk over to the sink in the other corner as to clean my hands of some of the spilt ale, I didn’t notice a bar of soap left on the floor. I accidentally slip, fall, and slide into her, knocking her over and on top of me.
Her bare soaking wet body and hair had gotten my clothes very wet. But what I didn’t notice at first is that my penis had a massive erection, and it was touching up against her bare vagina. I felt it now.
She certainly did too, as it pressed against her she made light moans.
She sits up on top of me, and sees it.
I couldn’t tell if it was instinct or what, but she grabbed it, and lightly stroked it.
She then realized what she was doing, got up, and frantically apologized. I said it’s alright but that I needed to wash off too. I take my clothes off, but my cock is still very hard. She turns around and goes back to showering. I step behind her, and put my cock up against her round butt. She looks back, and before she can say a word, I quickly thrust it into her vagina. She then covers her mouth, as I pound her out. We keep doing this in the corner shower, until I pushed it in as deep as I could, and I explode a massive load into her womb.


I slowly slide it out, as I see now her vagina is filled to the brim and leaking.
She looks down, looks back up at me. She then says she doesn’t know wether to be mad at me or to thank me for the best first time anyone could have. I tell her I’m sorry about it, and that she we should probably get out.
Since her clothes were dirtied, I got a room at the pub, took her up to it, and left to go to a laundromat. When I come back, she’s fast asleep in the bed, naked. I take off my clothes and get in with her. When she woke up, she looked to her side, but I already left. She doesn’t feel sad, as she can still feel my seed in her .

Months Later, I’m sitting at my desk at home, scrolling through social media.
I see a profile that looks familiar.
It’s her.
I click on it.
Most recent post is a photo of her heavily pregnant with breasts 5 times the size when I last saw her.

Hero and trips

Thank you user busting to this now

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Tie her up and torture her nerdy self with 5 egg vibrators in her cunt on max setting. Face fuck her until she puked all over my cock then make the slut clean my cock. Invite 50 of the ugliest hobos in my city to gangbang her raw, and read off from a list one by one of the std's each has. This leaves her pregnant and a single mother.

Wwyd to this nerdy feminist?

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Oops meant to respond to this one lol

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No Problem but I always regret writing smut/lemon.

It’s like I’ve become the very thing I’d sworn to destroy.

I’m not doing it again.

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Replies get relies.

Fuck she looks familiar

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Replies get replies

I would rip her shirt open, bend her over fuck her face cum on her face and tits and then rip her jeans and panties and cum in her pussy and then her ass.

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