I just sent a anonymous tip to the police about a drug dealer

I just sent a anonymous tip to the police about a drug dealer.

A friend introduced me to him. We went back to his house where he had a large (jail time) amount of weed, cocaine and MDMA. He shared some with my friend but not me, also he was kinda rude to me.

So this morning when I woke up I reported him to the police.
Fuck him, a few years behind bars will teach him some manners.

Would you have done the same Cred Forums?

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no he would have offered me drugs because im not a beta cuck

You're gonna find out what happens to snitches

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No your a fucking pussy for calling the cops

Neither am I and I don't think he would have user, He wasn't a good host
I sent a anonymous report he won't know it's me.

I for one do not believe this happened.
I would suggest this is not only fake, but also gay.

I fucking hate snitching faggots like you, but at least you taught him a lesson about sharing. I would've just robbed his ass.

wow you are cool

Nope it's real and he will learn to be more respectful next time.

Also is there anyway I can let him know it was me without him being able to prove it?

Shut up nigger

Just tell him it was you

The police will probably know the tip came from a huge faggot and will follow the cum/shit trail leaking out of your ass back to your mothers basement and then theyll hammer your bare ass with their night sticks- just to teach you some manners.
Theres no hope for you in this life.

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Oh, this thread again. How original.

>Dealer gets arrested
>Dealer thinks about who's most likely to have narc'ed on him
>The only new guy he had round his house recently was that weird autistic guy who looked like he had a problem with my drugs
>Gonna get my boys to ask around where he lives

Holy shit you're braver than me OP, I'd be looking over my shoulder for the next 10 years.

I honestly don't think his friends will do shit, any phone calls he makes from jail will be monitored by the police. Honestly I feel a lot better since doing it, there was no need for him to be rude.

Why would you do such a dumb stupid thing. No cop is going to have sympathy to someone that "participated" in you're little get together. So what if he was rude? You were there and participated in the acts. So fuck off and learn your lesson the hard way.

You fucking braindead fuckhead. You just made it 100% obvious that you reported him to the fuzz by calling them immediately after you met the guy. Your dumbass is going to get fucking shanked or shot now by some guy the drug dealer hires or has on standby for shit like this. You stupid fucking turd burglar. If you had any smarts at all you would skip town or lay low for a while. Fucking move one or two neighborhoods away. Goddamn you are dumb. Also
>reddit spacing

>any phone calls he makes from jail will be monitored by the police
Yes I'm sure they have people running around the clock to screen all of his private conversations

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My brother was caught up in a few drug circles that his friends ran. They absolutely sniff out this kind of shit and snuff it. If you're not confronted by some of his buddies at a random time when you are vulnerable, expect your car or property to be vandalized. Your friends might get cut off too if that's how they deal with these things.

No I didn't participate, he didn't give me any and that's why his dumbass is going to jail.
I don't believe any of that will happen, his friends are most likely addicts who just like his drugs not him. I honestly believe nothing will happen to me and the off chance it does? Well guess who I'll be calling again.
They do the CO's do it.
He's not that organized I heard him say he gets his stuff from the darknet so I doubt he knows any real criminals.

>Honestly I feel a lot better since doing it, there was no need for him to be rude.
What the fuck did he even do to make you so booty blasted? Are you a prissy sperglord that gets bent out of shape over a single sarcastic comment? This dude sounds like he's well stocked which means he has money which means he has guys on the ready. If you literally just waited one fucking week he would have thought over a little more on who could have possibly snitched on him
You know to check for undercover cops drug dealers will tell the guy to take a hit right? You basically just acted like a rookie cop who fumbled a case the worst way possible except your dumbass doesn't get witness protection. Enjoy bleeding out in the street numbnuts. If you're not packing your bags tomorrow to leave town you're going to be hunted

I'm not a little bitch. Enjoy being murdered.

The timing of your visit and the cops is a dead give away. Fuckin RIP op you faggot

But he didn't offer me a hit that's the problem user. Also if he had people who would do something to me wouldn't it make more sense they would do something to him since he has money and drugs. Why would violent people choose to follow his order and bash me for a small amount of cash when they could just get him and get all the money and drugs.

I'm really hoping you're trolling my man. You're gonna die. Like for reals, you're nativity is going to get you merc'd.

Holy shit you have zero street smarts.
You really don't understand how fucked you are and it's hilarious.
You're a liability to everyone now. Snitching is an offense punishable by death.
Its not about drugs. Its not about money. It's about sending a message to any other potential snitches out there.
You bout to be made an example of faggot. Deserved.

Did you have money ready to buy his drugs user or were you just expecting some free hits? You move up the foodchain in the drug business by following the rules and working your way up. Somebody right this second is getting a huge fucking boner over the thought of mercing your ass to impress everybody else. You shouldn't even be typing ITT. You should be packing all your shit and moving to a different town. Your dumbass won't though. You'll sit there all smug about how the cops will save you until Tyrone slides up to you and pops you before throwing his hipoint down a sewer drain. Goddamn OP get the fuck out while you still can

I like the way you planned this all out. Drug dealers should be snuffed off the face of the earth.

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Boi, i really wish you are trollin, dont think about his "drug adict" friends, think about the ones that will never show in public, the one that sell the merc, you just snitch the camel, and they are going for your ass, R. I. P.

Meets a new guy and the next day gets busted. You'd have to be retarded to not at least assume it was the new guy

whats wrong, user? too much of a bitch ass to follow your own lead, faggot? you think working your way up in the drug business is any different than doing the same for a major corporation? and in either scenario, what happens when you get to the top? all the money you could want, a wife, kid, and an amazing estate? no...the only thing you'll have is a lifetime of regrets. what could'e been, what should've been. because even if you got everything you wanted in the end, the entire trip was a lie. I have no respect for people like you.

Lol you think the dealer is retarded? You probaply came off as an insecure lil autistic bitch, that's why he didn't give you free stuff and was being rude. 10000% he knows you did it, his boys will probaply kill you lmao. You'll get what you deserve, dirty snitch

Yeah all of the dudes that sell the dealer his shit are going to wonder why they're not getting as much money now. Some gang banger thirsty for street cred is going to make a living by making OP not alive anymore
OP is a fucking dead man walking. This d00d doesn't have a single idea who he fucked with much less any idea how he fucked up to begin with. He genuinely believes the cops are going to save his ass when some gang banger only needs a few seconds to end his life

found the nigger

snitches are based

Either OP is literally autistic and lacks ans social skills or this is made up lmao. No one does this shit. "but he didn't offer me a hit" LOL WHAT XXD

He won't be able to prove it's me plus all his money will be confiscated by the police. There's nothing he can do but learn his lesson behind bars.
Thank you, glad one user understands

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He won't know anything until the rude fuck gets his door kicked in by the police, how's he gonna send his boys to me when that happens?
If someone come to your house you offer them a drink, it's the same with drugs

what the fuck dude...

OP would have been better off taking a big fat shit on the drug dealer's front door step or pissing on his carpet. Those wouldn't have been murder worthy. OP is basically a fucking dodo bird sitting on his ass while hungry sailors are licking their lips sharpening knives getting closer to him. You can scream in his fucking ears all night and he'll just think you're being weird
>He won't be able to prove it's me
Are you actually fucking retarded? If you wanted to bust this guy without any personal problems you would fucking hang out with him for a month or two before calling the cops on him. His life was going just fine before you walked in and you didn't wait at all before fucking him in the ass. If you're trolling the congratulations you made me take the b8 but your reddit spacing makes me think you're just a legit retard

I've spent longer on this thread than I did sending a anonymous tip. This is real.

>Reddit spacing
Fuck off I've been here since puddi

Also can anyone explain how he's gonna get to me from a jail cell with monitored phone calls? It doesn't happen outside of movies anons

>Also can anyone explain how he's gonna get to me from a jail cell with monitored phone calls?
The guys he gets his drugs from are going to wonder how the hell he ended up in jail. His close friends are going to wonder how the hell he ended up in jail. Somebody is going to put the pieces together that you made the phonecall and then they'll come after you which is implying he somehow doesn't get the word out in prison which is notorious for spreading information. Nobody can help you OP. This is something you're going to have to learn on your own

Threads full of retards that think movies are real
When cops get a tip they don't just said the place. They monitor them for extended periods of time gathering evidence. If it comes to a raid, it wouldn't happen for months, long after OP is forgotten about
Bunch of retards

Are you a masochist? Is there a reason to want people on a Cambodian knitting forum to call you a cunt, while explaining to you how having your face stomped while being anally raped is too good for you. Just seems weird is all I'm saying.