Do that one thing

Do that one thing
> What thing?
Come on you know the thing

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Ah yes, cub. Dash's favorite.

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not surprising from someone who likes futa. pedophile fetish tbh

The one day the sad fuck wit doesn't show up is the one day that he could see how to really shitpost. But no has to fuck out and most likely lurk the whole day

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Have any more gifs this time?

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nothing new

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Rip. I wish there was something like this, but drawn in the style of like Dr. Comet.

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This is one of my fav gifs honestly, I just can't describe it.

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So I'm bearly caring about the name shit, but I can already see 3 options for this stocker problem. One of them does require a few things to have a lot of fun with it tho.

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Back to fur gifs

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This 2 MB limit is cucking me

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The gif optimizer helps, but I have to go through such a process just to post them.

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Get out of here, we don't want the spamposter here

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lol no

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What a sad, pathetic individual you are. You must really love me to follow me in every single thread.

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It's your fault he's here

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gonna make a snack, make a fresh thread for me if this one dies

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okay samefag

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You're a retard

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Why don't you post more fur, buddy? Or is it too hard for your little 14 year old brain to switch from one thing to another?

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Literally the same images posted in the thread last night. Why won't the jannies delete obvious bot posts.

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Again I don't really care or get how hard is it to see one of the 3 main options that are clearly being seen here. Or is it just me? But honestly I would go with number 3 but again that one requires a few things to make it work and for fun.

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I colored these all myself thank you very much

I love how you piss off even other furries, then refuse to accept that fact and claim samefagging

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>the projection is real
You sure love riding that dopamine and caffeine high to get those oh so precious (You)'s, don't ya?

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You know how I know you don't believe your own arguments? You never defend them, just jump straight to another one, or an insult.

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Perfect time for green to come up in my sexy color scheme.

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You know how I know you're a child? Because you don't say otherwise, and claim everything is projection when it's really you who projects everything onto everyone else.

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plz no bully the dash

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Fuck man I made the thread, even I don't give a fuck that it's getting slammed or the beef other fuck tards have with each other. Just post and know that it all really doesn't matter one way or the other.

wow, someones a real assmunch today. Don't you have some small children to molest or something?

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Mmmm monke
try again


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Imagine feeling so inferior to everyone around you that you have to go from posting fur to spamming a thread when someone shows up, thinking it'll drive them away when minds their own business and post silently, yet you claim "everyone" hates them, when in reality it's only making people think you're actually fucking stupid and hate you

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yes I am talking about you pedo boy. Go bugger yourself.

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It's funny because dash literally admitted he liked pedoshit one night while high off his ass

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Mmmmmmmm you rang

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You don't have to defend me, I'm not even upset. I couldn't care less because it only shows that he's actually a screeching autistic retard. It's pretty fucking sad to witness someone get so upset at a string of letters attached to a post on the internet.

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the spammer is just a sad lil boy.

It's pretty fucking sad to witness someone get so upset at a string of pixels attached to a string of posts on the internet

now kiss


Trying to slander someone on the internet with such blatant lies and proclivity is like painting a building with your own shit over and over, and blaming the homeless man beside you and calling him insane when you're caught in the act

>"I deny- I deny all accusations senator!"
didn't know you were a politician dash

Wait, is that nibi who is the local shitposter now?


no, dash is just mad at the fotm spamposter

Spam poster actually won
furiday is kill

>I colored these all myself very much
lol you wasted time making over 100 variations of a single image to post in retarded threads? thank you for making me feel better about my pathetic life user lmao

Oh no, not 20 minutes out of my day, what ever shall I do

"You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?"

When you have multiple people show up just to call you out on your rampant autism, clearly displaying your samefaggotry, I don't think that's you "winning" unless you're competing in the special olympics

To be fair, "blatant lies and proclivity" is something a totally guilty person would say. Dash does bash on the "evil pedos" like way too much for it to not be something he has a personal quirk with.

20 minutes plus however much time you spend posting them in every furry thread you find. So several hours of your life at the least. But if you find pleasure in saging shitty threads, then you do you. Idgaf if a thread I like gets nuked, that shit's just natural selection. I can always find other places to jack off at lmao

Well in case you aren't aware despite my openness about it, I was molested as a toddler. Obviously I'm going to hate pedophiles, dumbfuck. I'm really not sure where you're getting that argument that I'm a pedophile from because I don't even like being around my nephews. Kids are loud, obnoxious and stupid, like yourself.

You do realize how easy it is for me to click auto post and just go off doing something else right? I only found out about it a few days ago, and $20 is nothing. I wipe my ass with $20.

Say all you want, but plenty of people saw you ranting about how you wanna fuck kids.

How old are you? Serious question. I cannot imagine you're older than 15 because if you are then you legitimately need mental help, not even trying to insult you. You have actual mental problems that you should talk to a professional about.

Holier than thou deflecting isn't a good way to try and get away from the fact that you're a pedo dash.

>this nigga spent $20 to spam in furry threads

It really wouldn't matter if it was $20 or $100

It sounds to me like you're the pedo considering how much you try to make others believe I like cub and loli shit, and try to say things about me that are total fabrications. If you get upset that I say I don't like pedophiles, and actually try to use that as an argument, that shows to me that you're defending them, thus defending yourself because *you* personally feel attacked by my statements against them, correct?

imagine thinking wasting $100 to be able to spam images in furry threads you don't like is a good use of your money. do you know how much beef jerky you could buy with $100? how many video games? but you'd rather waste it to sage fur threads. lmao you crack me up

>It sounds to me like you're the pedo
I'm not even gonna read the rest, just the immediate jump to projecting is... pathetic.

I have enough jerky, and I don't play games much.
What else can I do with $100?

not the spammer, but this whole time you have deflected, called him a liar, a mental patient, said he's really the pedo, but you've never actually denied saying some pedo shit. but on the other hand, he hasn't provided any evidence you've said that either. so i want to see you deny those statements, and i want him to show where you even allegedly said them.

Maybe I'm just drawing false conclusions, but I think that guy has some kind of obsession with pedophiles and children which is why he's so upset that I don't like them. He's obviously not right in the head, and can't see his own lunacy and ego.

You won't read it because it's true and you hate yourself for it, so you go after the one who is most openly against pedophilia as a victim of childhood sexual abuse in a feeble attempt to slander me. I won't even judge you for it, but I've noticed these patterns for long enough to indicate serious underlying psychological issues that you should address rather than project onto everyone else. I'm serious, I think you need more help than you want to admit.

I never thought I'd be doing this so I didn't take screencaps, but it was in some thread waaaay late at night a few weeks ago.

>some kind of obsession with pedophiles and children
>you hate yourself for it
>I think you need more help than you want to admit
You cannot tell me this CRITICAL amount of projection and general tism isn't screaming the fact he's squirming because he's been found out.

Okay, I'm not a pedophile and have zero cub, loli, shota or whatever else is attribute to child porn. You can literally search through the archives to see how much I dislike children. Is that good enough?

those were just off the top of my head, but another thing you could do with $100 is go out to a bar or nice coffee shop and offer to pay for a girl's drinks, and strike up a conversation. or make friends with random peeps. idk about you but making friends seems like a much better use of my money than paying for the ability to spam in shitty threads. but to be honest, you don't seem like the type of guy to care about making friends. i could buy a new mouse with $100, or add it to the $60 I already have laying around and buy a new graphics card. thanks for letting me know you'd rather throw your money away than improve your life. it makes me feel better about myself.

yeah lol. now on the other hand the guy admits he has no evidence and allegedly saw it "in a thread late at night a few weeks ago" lmao

Until you can find proof of your claims, I think the countless posts about me not liking children and hating pedophiles speaks for itself, which I can prove and would have posted my own screencap of another post had it not been too late to delete an image. Feel free to search for that post you're claiming exists but does not, I'll wait.

You've said that last bit about feeling better about yourself 2 times now, a sore nerve you've got that you just can't help but talk about. If you only knew. My life doesn't need any more improving, and $1000 is nothing compared to the next purchase I'm saving up for.

cringe my man

You sure are, "my man." Here's a few more if to prove that you're the pedophile who projects everything onto others. You're only lying to yourself here.

Funny enough, that third one is a good example of how to spot a pedophile: they're attracted to children because they like acting like children themselves, and like to try to belittle others because they feel inferior knowing that society looks down upon them, so they project their feelings onto other people quite often. It's simple psychology, really.

>$1000 is nothing
Ill take a grand if you don't want it. That will mostly cover my next CPU and MOBO that I've been eyeing

what can I say? seeing retards being retards is entertaining lol. maybe that's your reason why you spam in people's precious threads to begin with, to see the autists scream. but i wouldn't say that it's worth $20. kinda cringe, bro.

>me openly hating kids "proves that you're the pedophile"
Are you actually fucking joking?

Ok maybe $1000 is on the verge of impactful for my next financial move.

Corrupt me to this fetish.

alrighty then, that sounds more reasonable unless you just have money to burn

>they're attracted to children because they act like children themselves
you're both acting like children so that makes you both pedos lol

an harpoon piercing into a dolphin's eye slot

You speak the truth

if my move goes well, I will have tons of money to burn. All I need to do is wait for the market to crash hard after the coronavirus hits America.

that's a dolphin pussy you mong

Yeah it kinda does because you make these bold claims that I somehow support it, you mentioned it in multiple threads yesterday, and still try to convince others of something that is obviously not to be believed. Does that not show to everyone else what you're hiding?

Not really because I can testify and show with solid evidence that I'm not, dating back years. He, on the other hand, has been going around claiming others are pedos when they're actually outspoken against it, including that other guy who posts Judy Hopps. There's actually something wrong with him, and I almost feel bad for him, but not really since he obviously makes no efforts to be a decent person.

>Yeah it kinda does
Eugh, yuck. This is the first day I'm even spamming, so the fuck are you talking about, you loon.

alright now this sound keeno , what would that be?

New thread for this to go to instead of this dead one

Combination of stocks and real estate investments once the market goes boom, I've got a decent amount of money and a banker who will loan me a fat stack soon.