Celeb- Drunk daturday editoin

Celeb- Drunk daturday editoin

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That bra is doing wonders for her.

No it does not qt. It shows that I am perfectly fine

don't forget about the part where "straight" guys try get get each other to go on cam and watch each other jack off.

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I am lewd, but wtf? They acutally do that? lmao!! What a bunch of faggots

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Need any and all Emma you got!

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morning drinking is usually frowned upon, but does being awake for half a day already technically make it night drinking?

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Hard af

Didn't expect to get hard because of Bette Midler today

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Oooh that’s a nice tummm

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Perfect nipple(s)

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Always nice seeing Emma in these threads.

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How about Marlhy?

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It's 2 am here. The bars are still open, you uncultured twit.
Me too.

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Would make an honest man out of me.

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Please keep the cara pics cumming

For only about 3 months, and then her constant nagging and politics would drive you up a wall and you would dump the shit out of this pretentious cunt


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>Didn't expect to get hard because of Bette Midler today
The older the berry, the sweeter the juice ?

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Yeah, you’re probably right.

100 what?

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out of 100

Welp. New fetish discovered.

I dunno what it is man. I'm scared.

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>calls anyone uncultured
>is from burgerland

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I want to keep you cumming :3
I know I am

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Great kayfabe

Oh yeah

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Does being from America mean I am fat? No. Plus America is the biggest exporter of culture. Try again!

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Legs to worship
Though I know I really shouldn’t

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Keep posting cara and you will.

Imagine having that to yourself for a night

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Ok, coomer

I like the idea and visual of her.


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>America is the biggest exporter of culture
you're funny when you're drunk :)

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I'm pulsating

i too am drunkies burrito

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Thank you for your contributions. Her beauty reminds me to be a better and truer person in society.

weird sisters

>you're funny when you're drunk :)
I am funny when I am right!
That is a sign of a stroke.
>Keep stroking

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That is not only racist but stupid and gay.

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I am and so hard

wtf you are stupid and gay

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get at it then

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there was a hailstorm here earlier. burrito mode was engaged
you're funny when you are delusional

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Yes sir!

she's great, espcially when she smirks or smiles

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her tits are so trash

fuck she was cute in band camp

or are not worth the trash she walks over

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>burrito mode was engaged
see, this is what i mean

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lol seethe more waifufag then dilate

Not true

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My man

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>tfw no qt pale blonde gf

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Just imagine sliding down her shorts and smelling her and tasting her. Her eyes closed and her hands gripping the back of your head.
No. I said it first. Thank you
Racist, stupid and gay. I am not delusional if empirical evidence is on my side
Oh yes. Very seductive!
I mean... You're tits are trash

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Any you can contribute is appreciated!

nice, thanks

100% true. saggy, formless flapjacks lmao

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well, hmph...
cara has a smelly butt

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i fucked up my quote :/
i'm neither racist or gay. stupid is debatable, but not as stupid as you!

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i watched that whole shitty movie hopping to see her tits and nothing

Fine with me!
Idk about that, because you cannot come up with an original insult besides playing off of what I said!

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I'm leaking now.

oh, there's a typo
should be "you're not worth the trash she walks over"

second best scene

so hostile to me :(

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but she'll be in form when she's 40 or 50 whereas your celeb crush has potatobags hangin to her knees and an ass wider than a freeway

adeline rudolph

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thenk fren

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>tfw you'll never see Cara fucking a young teen wannabe model with a strap on.

Pic not really related.

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nice ass perky chest

i watched that whole shitty movie hoping to get a laugh and nothing
but i don't really want to insult you :|

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she got nice ass


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adeline rudolph she on Sabrina

Pregnancy destroys hot bodies, and children are awful parasites who eventually become even worse adults.

I reiterate; ruined.

I don't have a celeb crush you sad waifufaggot

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I like them though.
Smol is still good.


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too bad she doesn't flaunt them often :P

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+1 Anya kiss

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lol they're not just small they're misshapen and flabby as well. they look like man tits with bigger nipples

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WHO? Moar.

She’s married though. At least the kid will grow up in a decent home.

she does outside Sabrina

Top cute

it was not good


you are mad at Cara's tits because your mantits are bigger than hers, aren't you

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I feel sorry for you

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hey guys, i think he's gone. he took a pill and disappeared. or did i take the pill? doesn't matter. someone post her before HE comes back.

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take your meds

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her friend is hot too

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it other of the weird sisters

This picture is so hot. Also trips checked


The dubs have spoken

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i did. didn't i? wait i don't take meds, HE takes the meds. ithink? stop confuingME.

these captchas are kicking my ass, rip

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That’s money!

thanks, have another
kick it back

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that's a good idea user ;}

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they mine ass to

are you going to post her or not? i don't know where HE went but he might be back any second.


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Gonna cum for cara

ikr? we will take it no more, from now on we fight back against the oppressive AI
what are you sniffing at exactly?
you won't be the first nor the last

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man, it took me like 22 tries to finally get it. i think i just made it angrier

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oh no, HE will not be happy. i'll put in a good word for you. maybe HE wont be mad.

i think she going be first nude

we have to wear it out and then roundhouse kick it in the face!

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i think so too
i think it's getting weaker! :)

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Abstain for yourself instead.

keep up the good work and we'll have it on it's knees begging for mercy soon enough

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whoa that's a sweet move!

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you're face is a sweet move

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I could see her first go nude out of weird sisters but I think kiki be fist from the show

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this new

Okay, coomer

aw, sweet. :)

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maybe there a nude scene in season 4


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best butt leaks

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thats the one. pale tight ass

Would eat

man i forgot the darn picture

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you mean the thumbnail?

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More ass please

no, captcha

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she got work done

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Prefer these to disgusting bags of installed sand

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So gorgeous.

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the best

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Discord Server for the OnlyFans leaks are here, get 'em before they’re gone



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The leaks were shit.


If I were to sit down and imagine my perfect woman it would be Kristen Stewart. At least when she isn't trying to look like a homeless bull dyke.

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>it's not a phase mom, this is who i am!


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both work for me

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So much potential wasted.
Feminism, not even once.

Sadly she got fat

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those got big young

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So hard for her

I think she is far more famous for these leaks then she is for any acting she has done.

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There was a scene in that Messengers movie where the bad guy grabs her by the back of her shirt and yanks her off her feet. She was 16 in that movie and you very briefly caught a look at her bra. I about came in the theater

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loved her in that movie

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I thought the movie actually kind of sucked but it was the first time I had ever seen Kristen Stewart and I spent the entire time drooling over her.

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>about came in the theater

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good taste

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eyes. those eyes.

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choose your Stewfu

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If she was ina dumpster, i would take her home and shower her.

middle one
also the middle one

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dark, in this case

you know what, I take both!

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How is everyone?
thassa cute pey

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that's nice, i guess
good choices

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