Its blonde loli time fellas

Its blonde loli time fellas.

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post 3 or fucking die


The fuk does this mean

it means that "hey everyone post the shit i want" doesnt work, you need to properly kickstart your thread, and the usual rule is "at least 3 images"

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but i dont wanna do that?

Damn I'm fucking retarded

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I want to have sex with Mari.

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well then suggested second solution in that case.

I want to have Mari with sex.

nah anons started posting anyways, thanks though

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so hot. That hymen is going to be PEEDOFILED


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bros..... whats going on....

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Her head looks as if it was shopped in. Do you have the original, user?

it was, and no

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Fortunately i am not an Ausiefag, kek. Get fucked, it's about time y'all voted your politicans out of the office.

HA aussies are cucks as always

What a shame.

wait, I do have this one

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It’s OK to be a pedo

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Australians desire to protect the rights of pixels. Nothing out of the ordinary here, it's just moralism at work. It's just the Leftist variant. The Rightist variant would go "muh Jesus" while doing so is all.

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These politicians are real heroes. A friend of mine watched Eromanga Sensei and the next day he raped his little sister.
Shows and games should only depict things that a normal person would do in his daily life because people are imbeciles who take everything as a guidebook.
5 years in jail for watching lewd cartoons sounds fine, 10 years for cartoon porn and 15 for owning dolls. The doll law has already passed so that's progress.

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He's busy with other important stuff

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Considering the amount of pedophiles who also happen to be homosexuals - both male and female - that's unsurprising. The gay agenda has been about that since it's inception, as has the Communist/Marxist movements started by kidfuckers Marx and Engels. Meanwhile all three mainline branches of organized religion - Christianity, Judaism and Islam, permit kidfucking and animal cruelty, while unironically Satanism actually forbids both of these.

left/right, in the end were all just a bunch of kid fuckers

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I dont like actual children, I just like anime girls.
Like I've seen kids, they aren't hot, plus its really fucked up to fuck a kid, I'll stick to 18+ irl but when jerking off hentai characters always do it for me if they have some tits and a vage

It's a bit more nuanced than that, especially when you consider that it was commonplace up until the introduction of age of consent laws to marry your neighbor's daughter once you were established financially and had built up a good rapport with them. The only reason this change was society had changed due to Bolshevik-backed Suffragettes, an increase in the availability and legality of birth control and abortions, the increase in women entering the workforce due to two unnecessary world wars orchestrated by plutocrats who wanted to make money on misery, hippies who drugged kids at Woodstock then proceeded to fuck them without intent of taking responsibility, homosexuals who would rape kids then leave them scarred or just outright murder them, and the death of the nuclear family at the hands of second wave feminists. Which was of course part of the plan those Abrahamic fucks had from the get-go. Were none of that allowed to occur, it would be commonplace still.

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Does this even count as pedophilia?

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The Jews made me fuck kids!

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i like loli but think it's somewhat pedophilic, but nowhere near actual filth.

I just like petite women and not all of these lolis look like children and even then I wouldn't have sex with an actual person under 18

Again, bit more nuanced than that. Because Christians and Muslims are just as guilty as they are. But then again why would I expect a serious response on Cred Forums? Especially when you're the 21st IP in this thread so chances are you're FBI or a shill. Regardless, kill yourself glownigger. You are so goddamn stupid it is not even funny.

Yeah.. I feared so, and I wont try to justify jerking off to this crap. However I wouldn't jerk off to a real child which I believe makes this less pedophilic and more cartoon fetishist

Agreed. IRL lolis are dirty, they don't have a good hygiene. Sure they are hairless, but they doesn't wash their vags properly. Closest thing to 2D lolis are JCs, because at least they have a sense of hygiene.

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It's in our nature to likes young children. But we do recognise the negative aspects of it and tries to fix it. Personally, i don't think having sex with children is a bad think. But exploiting them is definitely the worst thing you can do.

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Neoteny does improve one's chance of survival, but it's a shame that humanity has become so fargone that they would seek to purge it instead. It is human nature to nurture and protect the young, so that when they become able to reproduce our species may continue to propagate. But humans are malleable-minded herd animals, and many are being told they don't need to save themselves until marriage, that they don't need to take responsibility for their actions, that women are allowed to be something other than mothers and wives, and now we've got the mess we're in today because some sociopathic sociologists decided they wanted to play God. It's not too late to go back, but boy are they making it hard to do so.

fuck you corona-chan

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Women are allowed to do whatever they want, it's just most fulfilling to take of your own for them and they usually dont realise until it has tick-tocked past 12. The biggest shame is that nobody is there to tell them.

>I dont like actual children, I just like anime girls.
sure, user. sure.

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Aye, and anyone who tried to change it chastised and ostracized. Feminism and Corporate culture made us into monstrosity they called 'progressive society'.
But we do have a chance to make this right. Corona virus will hit us hard, and no country taking this seriously. Societal collapse is imminent. And so our chance to make things right.

I like both.

Women can't/don't have agency. Their lizard brains only follows natural instinct, and men must lead them in life.

I like how the only good loli thread tonight was the guro one lmao.

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Go back to >>/pol faggot, we just want to faps to lolis, not a political discussion.

Y'all pedo niggers

So you were there too huh

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hurting innocent children is mental illness


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You must be missing something

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Got some good loot from that thread, shame it was pruned before i can download more...

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Please don't turn this into guro thread.

Please do

I'll make another one later today. ;)

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Too late

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Nobody else is posting, and the other loli thread 404d you want this one to 404 too? We're posting blond lolis.

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You're the op from last thread?

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This is why we can't have nice things...

Yknow what fuck the blond lolis. I just wanna post lolis getting what they love.

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yea, I'm missing the mental illness part

You mean shitty threads that get spammed and die slow deaths by retards spouting their nonsensical idealogies? Lmao

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why do aussies call it LGBTI, thats seeing it

Who's the artist? I love the aesthetics.

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You poor thing.

1 minus 2

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I couldn't find it.

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I enjoy getting beat to a pulp user~!

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Thank you my good sir

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W dd9900

what the fuck happened to this thread

Your mother, also I'm drunk as fuck lol.

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It got better

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Gurofag happened

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this is the subway!

where can I find full loli hentai videos/episodes, like 10+ minute ones? Hentai Haven had a few back in the day

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any diapers or piss?

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the post 3 rule is because the thread will get deleted for making requests outside of /r/
also because nobody likes leeching faggots

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They just show the pedo War of the Worlds. Dakota Fanning is so horrible and annoying and shrill in that movie that they'd never go near another child.

t. non pedo


I know you're LARPing, but I'll bite anyways.

Your friend was fucked from the beginning. I watched and enjoyed eromanga sensei and I'd never dream of doing anything to my sister. My siblings are my everything.

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Yeah that whole post was sarcasm. Couldn't think of ways to make it more ridiculous/obvious.

Man, they doesn't make anime like they used to...

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Then maybe you should try imagining it. It's pretty hot.

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More like this?

oh shit you got me

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Wew a little too realistic there

more like this but without the sex, please

>still posting samples when the original will fit

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somebody ought to tell them what they do to sampleposters in prison

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Wait until the cg posters show up

Please come back Catbro...

is there a comic for this?

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excellent, but not what i ordered sir. and you were so close to 69

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black and white isnt blonde nice try

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So what does the pic with the cure for moralfaggotry have to do with it?

>Shows and games should only depict things that a normal person would do in his daily life
Like tentacle porn.

She's hot as fuck in thay movie.
Best loli Fanning movie is Because of Winn Dixie, goddamm Elle was hot back then. Should've stopped aging and not become the olf hag monster she is now

what are these, some kind of extra expensive rare peaches?

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w: mysterystick

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"Eat Ass"