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Meme-spouting retard. An hero, kiddo. Also underageb&.

I'm sad the signature isn't overtly jewish.

Underage b&

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all 46 excuses on my friends wall,
1. i was just really, really early for tomorrow
2. we can’t all be usain bolt
3. in this day and age, we shouldn’t need labels like “late”
4. i had pe first period do you blame me
5. i really, really didn’t want to sing
6. my brother thought it would be hilarious to drop me outside the prison gates
7. you can’t tell me how to live my life
8. #YOLO
9. my legs fell off and i had to roll all the way to the emergency clinic
10. there was a freak yachting accident
11. i am a fucking retard
12. this is just for my wall
13. do you even read these
14. “it does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop”
15. i spent my entire night writing tom daley fanfiction
16. my father left my mother for an air hostess seven years ago do you expect me to get over that emotional trauma overnight
17. sarah palin and i got into a twitter war and i couldn’t leave and let her win
18. traffic jammy jammy jam
19. how can i go to school when alex turner
20. my sim was having an emotional meltdown and i needed to be there for her
21. i was sticking it to the man
22. i spent my entire night worrying if i would ever lose my virginity
23. fifty shades of late; i was walking and then i caught the eye of an attractive member of the opposite sex and we began exchanging significant looks and i knew we would one day make sweet love so i just walked alongside him and tried to catch his eye and to be continued

24. part two he was playing hard to get so we walked and walked and he had the perfect hair colour it was sort of beige brown anyway it turned out he was walking to a bus stop so obviously i had to catch the bus because true love and silently we rode out to papakura and into the sunset
25. my meth lab caught fire
26. my bed is more comfortable than your school will ever be
27. i was sad
28. it was a nice day, so i walked leisurely
29. i had beat my younger brother for saying “swag”
30. i had to travel back to the 1950’s to ensure my birth
31. 2 kool 4 scool
32. i had to stop, collaborate and listen
33. i tried
34. i’m sorry i’m late
it’s not my fault
my auntie was killed
and i joined a cult
35. a haiku about lateness:
late late late late late
late late late late late late late
late late late late late
36. my best friend was telling me how to give a satisfactory blow job i wish i was joking
37. i was fashionably late
38. i was caught in a flash mob true story omfg
39. i did not choose the late life, the late life chose me
40. do
41. you
42. even
43. read
44. these
45. i was fighting al qaeda
46. traffic

I wanna make your friend late again but not for one of those reasons. Because we were fucking


she's aged horribly and now is an FtM Artist that cosplays as a character from TV's Full House as a guy in drag

Underage based

s-sauce? She at least looks cute in that pic

trust me on this one mate

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Good job doxxing your friend you fucking retard

pic of her post transition?

underage b&

Wow haha ! You really memed your school irl!! Haha

are you retarded?

not as retarded as you.

Please note the paenileiform park bench in the photograph's background. It represents male authority and the no-homo landscape architect responsible was jailed for sodomy.

HEY come on guys you can both be retarded

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Do you wanna rub dickskins with us?

I'm alright. Thanks for offering

Are you a faggot?

I just don't feel like it right now, geez! Go bother gary

Go and find your childhood friend right now and grab her by the pussy.
If you're still in detention just walk out like a boss because it doesn't matter at all find your childhood friend and stuff your hand down the front of her pants

Insane as it sounds this is actually very good advice

Fine I will.
Gary always rubs dickskins with us.
You go and be gay by yourself you big faggot.

Have fun!

Underage cunt get off b

Fucking how

I got detention in high school once when I changed my Spanish teacher's font on her computer to webdings and she couldn't figure out how to turn it back. She was pretty dumb though. I also used to frequently unplug her speakers and then put the plug into one of the screws holes so it looked like it was plugged in. I was in computer maintenance so I always responded to the calls to fix her speakers and everytime I would say, "well here's your problem. It's plugged into the screw hole." It still amazes me to this day that I was able to do it several times without her just figuring out to check if it was really plugged in or not. She wasn't too bright.

Now i want to fuck her/him too


Detention is underrated. That's where you meet suburban rebels who think you're cool for being sent there too. They'll blow you just to prove a point.

jail time for having said: "mashing-bashing, bitcoin is crashing"

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free speech, don't go to detention

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Don't tell our guests shit like that or I'll poo on your street

Kek here's a you