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No its not nigger

yea its 3am its caturday

Hell yeah

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This is the last of my (admittedly quite small) caturday folder, keep the thread alive for me anons

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Oh wait! I have two more

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And I just remembered I have a folder full of pics of my cat, gimme a sec

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Have my chonk

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Whoops, all my images are bigger than 2mb and instead of resizing them i got distracted looking at other threads. I'll post pussy pics in a minute

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Haha that cat think he bread

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That how you get corona you gook eyed turd swallowing zipper head

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Stop this magik

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Red rocket red rocket givim a wee tug

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here's the last of my resized cat pics, as promised

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M’eowdy Hairy pussy

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Stop torturing these cats by posing them! It’s wrong, do you thinks cats really wanna be all dolled up, think again BUD. You make me so mad I wanna go adopt 10 kitties across multiple shelters and put them all in a ninja blend I just ordered to test out, is that what you want you sick fuck you want me to blend cats up into a smoothie for you while your girlfriend Eats my asshole(at her request) your slight hesitation but you give in, cause well you have never been able to please her you pencil dicked douche bag that could fill a pen cap

He loves it

Does it meow loud?

It's a she, but yes, she does XD

Her meows are about a 5/10 on the meow-loudness scale, so pretty mediocre.

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Love cats lol

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ha ha, gotta keep you cats nice and dry

he's fucking dead jim


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Go home cat, you are drunk

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He looks like a damn owl

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