Trump is the greatest leader of modern history

Trump is the greatest leader of modern history

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Nope Elizabeth Warren is

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Praise Kek

Memes aside, who's a genuinely admirable leader these days?

You spelled, "loser," wrong.

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shut up

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dilate tranny

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You're in a cult, faggot. Kill yourself.

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poor little baby can't cry hard enough!

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"Trump is the greatest leader of modern history"

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You'll never defeat Trump Mike

>Trump is the greatest leader of modern history

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lol you think bloomberg is gonna be the dem candidate, that's amazing.
Kill yourself cultist.

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Democrats are the faggots. You are confused with your sexuality and gender.

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And then you get arrested and your guns taken away. Good job, nigger.

He's fucked the most beautiful women in the world. Oh and by the way he's the leader of the most powerful nation.

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He's a worthless, pathetic, criminal enemy retard, a Russian asset and the WORST president in US history--bar none. He treats our allies like shit, he allowed the posse of a foreign dictator to assault Americans on US soil, he saluted a North Korean soldier, he never stops lying or complaining, he's spent two hundred years worth of the president's salary on golf and lining his pockets, he sells out this country to everyone, he has destroyed clean water, clean air, protections for environment, he slashed the CDC and pandemic response budgets by nearly 80%, he's a paranoid retarded narcissist, he thinks people are supposed to be loyal to him over country, he's about as sharp as a wet noodle, he takes credit for things other people did and never owns any of his failures, he completely destroyed the midwest agricultural industry, his "wall" is a super expensive pile of sheet metal shit that falls over in a light breeze, he enables Neo-Nazis and Klansmen, he had TWO illegal meetings with known Russian spies in the Oval Office, he denounced the universal findings of the Intelligence Community in favor of a 20 second conversation he had with Vladimir Putin, he constantly demeans and attacks the free press like a third-rate fascist shitstain and he can't even tell the truth about his height and weight.

I can't say this with enough emphasis or force: FUCK TRUMP.

Kill yourself.

Seething liberal

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Republitrash aren't intelligent in the least. They just like to see machismo being implied to be vested in their "side". They really are quite retarded, you see.

Case in point:

he says, between heaving sobs, wiping away salty faggot tears with cheeto-stained fingers.

I bet you're the kind of retard that cried like a bitch when people started saying happy holidays.

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More like seething AMERICAN who can't stand what the ENEMY has done to his country and who can't WAIT to see them all imprisoned or executed.

>Yep, still a retarded moron

Fixed that for you, wannabe right memer.

Sure he has. Last I checked, Stormy Daniels is a washed out whore he had to pay for sex.

Tell me more about how hes such a ladies man they make him reach for his wallet before they touch his little orange pig weiner.

happy holidays, I take my coffee black, faggot. And pass me the fancy mustard while you're at it, and a napkin so I don't get my tan suit dirty.

You fuckin' hypocrite.

Would have been better on air force 1

liberals have value to this planet. It's the cuntservative subhumans that can just go jump off the highest cliff into oncoming traffic.

Stay angry liberal unemployed loser.

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lol keep crying

hahahahaha he had to pay her $130,000 to keep quiet about getting raw dogged while his illegal alien prostitute wife was in the hospital giving birth to his autistic son.

You're a huuuuuge faggot. Kill yourself.

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Let's be frank. He's a 73 year old morbidly obese manlet who snorts Adderall.

He couldn't find his dick if his life depended on it, much less get it up. Why do you think the Trophy First Ho is cucking him with the "salon boy" in New York?

Nice response for a barely conscious brainlet.

Nice projection, faggot. How's that orange dick taste you fucking traitor?

You aren't a victim. Pull the fuckin' cock out of your ass.

Says a guy who needs a safe space from people who dont vote his way.

North Korea would love your nartowminded, statist fascism.

>say "Merry Christmas"
Oh, you mean like how Obama did every time it came up in his speeches?

Land doesn't vote you fascist cunts.

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how does that boot taste

The most gangster mfer on the planet.. and Tupac!

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Nah, he'd kill them all for being worthless gluttonous fantasies with single digit IQs.

They'd be better off in Saudi Arabia or Somalia for how their values align, if you can even call them values.

So many salty liberal faggots here. Come next year when my president doesn't have to worry about reelection all those who are traitors to trump will pay. I hear fire really burns.

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Look at this mad wage slave. Hows it going selling your life so someone can profit on you?

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This is fucking cultism.

Imagine being so ACTUALLY cucked that you let your own wife dress like this on their wedding day.

That's fucking disgusting and clear cultism.
Get your shit together you god damned smooth-brained hillbilly sisterfuckers.

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go ahead give me your tears LOL

Kim Jong Trump applauds your loyalty.

Is that a map of genital warts?

Oh you're an ACTUAL fascist.

Listen very carefully; Go to the cupboard, find some bleach, pop that baby open and start chugging you fucking cunt.

I am so disappointed you cultist fucks get to take your cult-caps off.

trump is the greatest failed leader of modern history

what are you going to do with tears?

IQ level, number of degrees, highest income earners, Democratic voters, number of people who HAVEN'T fucked their sisters, take your pick,.

Yeah. You just WATCH what happens if that subhuman criminal enemy MAGGOT steals the election again.

going to drink them and become stronger


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Praise Kek

Remember the time he spoke at the UN and the entire world leaders laughed at him? And he didn't expect people to laugh like he's way unaware of his own situation. Meanwhile his supporters think America is great again and independent but USA depends of China, Middle East, Europe and Russia...

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You still crying faggot? Oh he's going to win. The dirty Dems stand no chance and in 2025 get ready for don jr.

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lol who the fuck would still support trump?

The guy's a fuckin' bologna clown spray painted orange.

We need no other countries.

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Amazing. To this day, I've yet to see a trump supporter make a single, substantive argument.

Nothin' but fuckin' dipshit memes, insults, and "hurr durr 2025" faggotry.

Did you know that even today, support for impeachment is literally higher than his approval rating has ever been?

Whatever you say, comrade.

Yep. You do.
You wanna live in a free-capitalist society with xenophobia isolationist policies?
Go live in fucking haiti you traitor.

This is the truest statement on Cred Forums.

North Korea would love to have you. Infact, we should start a program where people who want vile statist fascism can go to Korea, and we can pull people who enjoy democracy out of it.

He barely "won" the first time, while losing by over 3 million votes. His support has PLUMMETED with every retarded thing he's said and done in the last 3 years. Conservatives can't stand him and liberals are ready to put him to death for his crimes and the destruction of the environment alone. He has NO friends, his White House has a 70% turnover rate he shovels fast food into his mouth day after day and his wife won't even let him touch her fucking hand.

Trumpanzee cultists are literally his only supporters at this point. You are about to see the END of the GOP in November. The entire party is being erased from existence along with that fascist retarded brainless narcissistic treasonous imbecile.


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So what you're saying is you want to create a safe space from the world?

Whatever er you say, lily white nigger.

His results have been great and his speeches legendary. But answer me this why do you hate trump? Because your aids infested boyfriend in San Francisco hates him?

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Really walked right into that one, didn't he?

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>his results have been great

Not true, in fact every single available economic metric proves that his YtD trends are worse than Obamas.

Do you know what that means? It means we would literally be doing better economically if trump had passed NO policies.

>speeches legendary

He's a blubbering retard who talks about flushing toilets 10-15 times and can't go more than 2 sentences without flubbing a line and sniffling like a coke-mule.

>because your aids

Thanks for proving my point you cultist faggot.

I mean this in all sincerity.
Fucking kill yourself. Kill your parents and then kill yourself.

thank god for reverse image search. didnt recognize him without his blackface

lol great joke bro

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damn bitch, you TDS as fuck

Learn to apply yourself, faggot.

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TDS doesn't exist and you look even more retarded than you already are when you try to claim it does.

Case in point. How's that orange microdick taste, pissbaby?

I don't blame anything but all those things are shit.

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>his results
Are abysmal. The lowest of the low. All the economic heights are 100% Obama's trends.

>why hate him
Because he's a fucking criminal and the enemy of this country and because of him, political discord has suffered a bar lowering the likes of which it's never seen before. No one will ever associate the office of the president with class, prestige or dutiful service AGAIN.

>retard implies liberals and homosexuality as if it's a valid argument

Defintion of irony: Collective of retards who make fun of "libs" for being cucks or homosexuals when they themselves are Incels who couldn't pay a hooker enough to touch them. They literally cry about the consenting, healthy, chosen sex lives of others when they're so hopeless and pathetic that they have MULTIPLE dating sites for Trumpanzees to try to find someone to love them.

ALL SANE PEOPLE HATE TRUMP. That's a simple fact.

thanks for illustrating my point. you ball licking faggots are so fucking easy

TDS 24/7

>crybaby pussy retard needs a gun to go to the grocery store

Meanwhile, they all suck at gun safety and discipline so badly that toddlers who find loaded weapons and blow away their retarded conservative mommy or daddy outnumber terrorist attack victims now.

Still not a thing you desperate, pathetic imbecile. Keep crying about it though. We're all laughing at you.

Typical, you can't defend or make a valid argument so you resort to name calling.

you really don’t understand how politicking works do ya?

as a competent moderate, i might agree with a lot of what you’re saying. but the GOP is experiencing a transformative resurgence and conservatism in general is revitalized and empowered by Trump at the moment.

meanwhile, the DNC is a complete shit show. a major political establishment is completely ignoring roughly 30% of its voter base, causing a major split, and likely handing him the election on a silver platter

4 more years cuck. Oh btw you will not infringe on my rights.

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Why do you lie and make this shit up? Why do you so blindly hate to the point where you ignore reality? Do you need to dragged into the best prosperity the world has seen in 30 years?

The hate on the left is the most irrational thing I’ve ever seen.

Laugh while you can. Come election you'll be crying again when Trump gets reelected and shoves his fist up your ass even farther for 4 more years.

btw dont forget to vote Trump in 2020

Grab her by the pussy! Donald told me she is asking for it.

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Yawn. Cry more, faggot.

Go get blown away by a three year old, you PATHETIC, paranoid maggot.


You're just a retard with a fumblingly stupid ideology, and you've aligned yourself lock-step behind a microdicked protofascist conman with sun downer's dementia.

You're a piss poor excuse of an American. Kill yourself you fuckin' traitor.

Why would I? Trump is prez and will be for another 4 years come next Jan

Repeat after me you imbecile: "THANKS, OBAMA."

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Keep trying to convince yourself, clownbaby.

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lol you believe that, hahaha


How about we just beat the shit out of you?

We are ENDING him and there is not a goddamn thing you can do to stop us. Go neck yourself Trumpanzee. The adults are taking over again and your orangutan turd is going to prison.

Youre out of arguments and have been reduced to insults and name calling. You lost. Please leave the thread.

That's hilarious.

Whos your candidate?

>You lost. Please leave the thread.

Just a cultist then, huh? How's your relationship with your father?

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The tolerant left.

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Not fuckin' trump, I can tell you that much. The fact that any sane human could support that fuckin' bumbling tardbone faggot is funny as hell.

Poor little baby hasn't heard of the paradox of tolerance.

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We will not tolerate your intolerance. Go fuck yourself.

post modern intersectionality & Marxism seeping into American Liberalism is undoubtedly the worst thing to happen to American politics in the last 10-15 years. i’m all for progressive ideas but i would call this current brand of identity politics on the left the actual fumblingly stupid ideology. it’s a damn shame, too, because the liberals are supposed to be the ones with the good ideas

sure thing buddy, sure thing. at least you can dream.

also, make sure to vote Trump in 2020

Don't you need to go slurp nigger cum out your girlfriend cuck.

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While cashmere is beloved for its softness and warmth, it’s also notoriously difficult to care for and maintain. Thankfully, there are a few easy steps you can take to ensure your cashmere remains in good condition when storing it away. Whether you’re storing cashmere for a few days, months, or even years, you can keep the fabric fresh and intact by cleaning it after your last wear, choosing the right kind of storage container, and putting it away in a clean and sanitized area.

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Its solid. Is it not the same with yours?

Yawn. agitate somewhere else, faggot. No one's buying it.

Wash your cashmere before storing it to help keep bugs away. While insects like moths are attracted to cashmere fabric on its own, they’ll be even more attracted to your cashmere if it has any residual body oil, products, or perfume on it from wear. Therefore, it’s important that you wash the cashmere before storing it to make it somewhat less attractive to fabric-eating insects.

Make sure your cashmere is completely dry before you put it in storage.

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Maybe take a break from sitting on daddy's lap, you've caught the retard from his dick.

Remove pilling from your cashmere to keep it in good condition. Using a sweater comb or a small de-pilling razor, gently scrape off any pills that have formed on the cashmere’s surface. This will not only leave your cashmere in better shape and ready to wear when you take it out of storage, it will allow the fabric to soften while it’s being stored.

Regardless of how you choose to remove pilling from cashmere, make sure that you work slowly and carefully to avoid ripping or cutting the fabric.

Attached: 1326306824342.jpg (202x196, 8K)

Steam your cashmere to sanitize it and remove wrinkles. First, put your fabric steamer on the cashmere or low-heat setting. Then, run the steamer over the fabric to both sanitize and de-wrinkle it so it’ll be fresh and ready to use when you get it out of storage.

If you don’t have a steamer, you can also use an iron by putting it on the lowest heat setting and placing a damp cloth between the cashmere and the iron as you gently and carefully run it over the fabric.
If the cashmere feels damp after you steam it, let it dry completely before putting it in storage.

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Fair enough. Well, have fun juggling the shit tier string of lefty candidates while trying to figure out which one to vote for.

Good luck!

Keep your cashmere in a chest or closet for short-term storage. If you’re storing your cashmere in between wears, keeping it in a wooden chest or folded in a closet will suffice. While a chest or closet alone won’t completely keep insects at bay for long periods of time, both of these options usually allow you to fold the cashmere and lay it flat, keeping it from getting crumpled or damaged.

If you plan to store your cashmere in a chest or closet long term, make sure that you use moth balls or liners to keep moths from eating the fabric.

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ya, shit economy is awesome! Cultists are pathetic

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Don't need to, literally any of them except bloomberg would be better than trump. The man's a limp-dicked neophyte retard.

Store cashmere in plastic garment bags for up to 3 months. If you’re storing cashmere for a short period of time and want to protect it from insects, plastic garment bags are a great option. However, only store cashmere in plastic for up to 3 months because the change in seasonal weather and temperature can cause condensation to form in the bags, which can cause the cashmere to mildew or turn yellow.

Make sure that plastic garment bags are airtight to keep moths and other insects away from your cashmere.
You can also use plastic storage containers to store your cashmere as long as it is airtight.

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damn that was a bad joke. are you mad at your father for some reason?

Put cashmere in cotton canvas garment bags for long-term storage. If you plan on storing your cashmere for more than 3 months, cotton canvas garment bags are likely your best bet. Unlike plastic or wooden containers, cotton bags are both insect and moisture resistant, and will allow the fabric to breath so it won’t get musky over time.

Canvas garment bags that are made out of cotton are available widely online and at many storage and home improvement retailers.

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Avoid storing cashmere in cardboard boxes. While they are cheap and convenient for storage, cardboard boxes do not have a neutral pH. Therefore, the chemicals in the cashmere fabric could react with the acid or alkaline in the cardboard, which can discolor or disintegrate the fabric.

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More concerned that your father is fucking you in the ass with cult indoctrination.

Do you need me to call someone for you?

Vacuum and wipe-down the storage area to keep the cashmere clean. When storing cashmere, it’s important that you clean the storage area to keep it from attracting insects or damaging the fabric. Therefore, before placing your cashmere in storage, use a vacuum to remove dust, as well as a sanitizing wipe to sanitize the storage area.

If you wipe it down with a wet cloth or wipe, make sure that the area is completely dry before placing your cashmere inside.

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By the way, cumgargler.

Do you realise that you are the sole reason Trump got elected and that Trump will get elected again?

You are literally exactly like everyone that you hate. There is no difference between a subhuman like yourself and a religious fanatic/hilbilly.

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whatever helps you sleep at night homie

shit i almost forgot, remember to vote Trump come November

Line the storage area with anti-moth paper or balls. Unfortunately, moths love to eat holes in cashmere fabric. As a result, it’s helpful to line your storage area with anti-moth paper liners before laying the cashmere inside, or placing moth balls on and around the cashmere to keep moths at bay.

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You can also put cedar balls or chips in the storage area to repel these cashmere-eating insects.

Attached: 1326645647530.gif (204x137, 477K)

Wrap your cashmere in acid-free tissue to preserve the color. If you want to take an extra precaution to protect your cashmere, you can wrap it in acid-free tissue paper. This will help preserve the color by protecting the fabric from anything acidic or alkaline, while also protecting the cashmere against moisture and dust.

Acid-free tissue paper is widely available online and at most craft and storage stores.

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Disingenuous bullshit like this doesn't work, son.

Racist retards with victim complexes and an un-engaged electorate along with adversarial foreign interference is what got trump elected, cunt. Again. Kill yourself.

You already used that line, it was cringey then, it's worse now.

Fold your cashmere to minimize wrinkles. First, fold the arms of your cashmere in over top of the front of the sweater. Then fold the bottom up over the arms to meet the top. This will allow the cashmere to lay as flat as possible in the storage container.

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Attached: 1326779361700.jpg (640x427, 90K)

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Never keep cashmere in hanging storage, as hangers can cause the material to stretch and distort.

Attached: 1326798865984.gif (286x227, 1.94M)

i’m not here to save you user. i’m merely stating that if you faggots keep up all the great work you’re doing, eventually you’ll either implode on yourselves or drag us all into civil war. if you do the latter, you’ll lose

Store your cashmere away from sunlight to avoid discoloration. Regardless of what storage container you choose, make sure that your cashmere is stored in a dark, concealed location away from sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, and even some strong indoor lighting, can cause your cashmere to discolor permanently.

This is particularly important for bright colors, as they tend to fade quicker and more drastically.

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If I was a mod, I would use threads like this to weed out the infiltrators, paid stooges, and terminal redditors

I have a feeling your father is a Trump supporter and you hate him, therefore you hate Trump. Thats why you brought up the father thing. Am I somewhere in the ballpark here?

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dont give a shit, just remember to vote for Trump

Deflecting away from your father fucking your ass, huh? I understand.

you dream about being a mod
you're sad

on november 4th, im ready to vote for maga!

This is what I see when I look at this fucking thread.

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Attached: 41-evil-cat-smile.jpg (610x600, 177K)

Oh the irony


Attached: 1321601771502.gif (160x120, 934K)

I never thought I'd see the day that traitors would be openly proud of hating America.

Attached: 1525912909519.jpg (1024x763, 260K)

sure why not, does that make you feel better?

You shouldn't use words you don't know the meaning of, tiger.

Well I'm glad you're finally admitting it, at least. That's a good first step.

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Why... Why is his dick out?

Attached: 1582781461007.jpg (951x959, 71K)

This is the truest meme on Cred Forums.

We all know why

Attached: FB8C0F61-EFD5-41D7-B28D-C7232C266127.jpg (1725x1387, 695K)

nice subtle nod to the fact that all kiddie-diddlers are Republicans.

ehhh, i don't blame him.

Relax, incel, just laughing at a retard.

Who would?

Attached: 333A7D76-CA08-4251-A45A-034B9E4C8F61.jpg (564x560, 139K)

yeah, i guess ill lie about my father molesting me if that calms your TDS.

Ahaha, no, he is agent of Putin.

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Trump is so going to lose. Why? Coronavirus. When enough people get sick it will get to a critical state where our for-profit healthcare system will buckle under trying to put every man woman and child in financial debt. There will be a revolution and no ammount of jerrymandering, ballot fixing, evangelical brainwashing will save you.

Attached: Путин в ЭЛТ телевизоре.jpg (1000x805, 532K)

Your father doesn’t deserve you lying. As he came in your mouth he earned the exposure. He used your mouth like he used your mother’s vagina, is the taste of his jizz good enough to lie for him?

Master Race checking in. I see you boys have got everything under control here. I’ll be in the front if you need anything.

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Where's his MAGA hat?

The economy says otherwise.

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>Let's be frank. He's a 73 year old morbidly obese manlet who snorts Adderall.
He is the 2nd or 3rd tallest President.

It's the bonespurs. It's like wearing heels but they also get you out of going to Vietnam.

Swamp got drained.

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Based and truthpilled. I will vote for him no matter what. :) I truly mean that. :)


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Stock market failing
You’re still a trumptard fag

Attached: BCDCD97E-6DC9-410E-B7EF-E7FB41D135A9.jpg (618x454, 229K)

You will be buried in a Russia in a place of honor. Good on you.


Attached: 1582952258988.jpg (795x500, 144K)

It's adorable that that's how you see him. The rest of the world just think he's a clown.

I love how all the poor Trump-lovers keep standing up for Trump.

So tell me Trumptards. How many of the promises that affects you did he keep?
He kept every promise he made to the elite. But the poor peasants such as yourselves, your promises...

Crime rates at an all time high, no wall in sight, Mexican drug trafficking has increased, , he's still sending American soldiers to die for nothing, he's still denying allegations towards him, but refuses to cooperate in the investigations and somehow you still keep thinking he's innocent.
Healthcare is now more expensive, insurance is now more expensive, your global reputation is at an all time low (and no one thought Bush's low reputation could be beaten), Earth still isn't flat and segregation is at an all time high.

Being rich has never been cheaper, being poor has never been more expensive, stock markets are great while wages are slowly sinking to the bottom of an ocean, huge corporations are annihilating the small businesses because tariffs forces smaller businesses to bankcruptcy, your relationship to Russia has never been better but somehow Trump is not Putins bitch, living standards för the 95% are decreasing and you somehow think your life is better.

Trump cares more about crying like a baby on Twitter than he does for the overwhelming majority of the United States.

>no mention of pic related
>literally the only powerful world leader to be confirmed to have shat his pants in public, at a McDonalds no less

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No one thinks this though, so it lands flat. Try harder but Im into a drinking game.

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I love these memes that try to put down socialism, but show they really don't understand what it is or how it works.

Bernie is no socialist though, not even close.

Trump raped his daughter. Now THAT is a drinking game!

Look at how that white goddess literally worships him lol

jesus christ on a bicycle. what the fuck did your father do to you for you to recite something like this?

>imagine being such a cultist you still think terms like dts and snowflake make you look like anything but a flaming faggot.

That's cultism, son. And let's be honest, only American citizens over the age of 18 can vote.

Like every woman who has seen him naked, she's being paid to look like that.

Jesus was on a cross. His dad raped his teenaged mom while she slept next to her husband. He was a Jew. That is how Trump was born.

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do you hate trump or christianity more user?

Hate? Tell me what was wrong with what I said.

Tfw a nigger was your president for 8 years

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We call him massa

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>tfw he looks like some creep that shows off with his gfs used pad


>sly edit
Does anyone please have the classic Hustler cartoon where a man with a cat in his ass says "No thanks, I'm a registered republican"?

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Your mom has quite a following.

Holy shit did my granddad learn to make memes?

Actually, China is the most powerful nation.

>Trump is the greatest leader
... of a bunch of retards


Trump is a lot of things, but leader isn't one.

No I just don't want America to turn into the next canada

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is that faggot holding a 10/22, what a cuck

Obama cucked Iran into productive members of the world. Trump turned them back into terrorists and rebooted ISIS, so fucking weak and pathetic.

if you view ANY political leader in that light, YOU are the problem

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explain this please

>Trump is so going to lose. Why? Coronavirus. When enough people get sick it will get to a critical state where our for-profit healthcare system will buckle under trying to put every man woman and child in financial debt. There will be a revolution and no ammount of jerrymandering, ballot fixing, evangelical brainwashing will save you.
It's poetic. They've had years and decades to create a stable health care system. Something that that your employer doesn't pays into, as if jobs was some kind of feudal fiefdom. Big orange man wins. But blows all his energy on useless stuff, such as being A VERY STABLE GENIUS!

Then a new virus comes along that is more scary than lethal and all the US health care system may come tumbling down. Not because of lack of wealth and strength. But because of lack of willpower and foresight.

Poetic. It's poetic!

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No what elected trump was the silent majority who were tired of being shit on and demonized by the media.
The kind of people who see you call them racist, retards suffering from victim complexes while looking down your nose at them and they go to the polls and look for the candidate that looks the most like a giant middle finger.

If you don't move past insulting the voting base for daring to have their own thoughts and beliefs then they will do it again in 2020.

You know it: it's all fake (and what about her emails?)
Never try to convince a trumptard with facts; he needs lies...

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He won.

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