What are some grim, harsh truths that no one wants to talk about but if embraced would improve your life?

What are some grim, harsh truths that no one wants to talk about but if embraced would improve your life?

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Friendzoning is something you do to yourself.

If you have a shitty life you're probably a pussy

It's not commonplace to have a wife or gf that never wanders off to suck another man's dick.

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Humans are promiscuous. The goal of women is to obtain a male whom she has regular sex with that can provide for her. During peak ovulation, a woman might be tempted to have sex with another male, generally more attractive and aggressive and usually with poorer parenting/providing traits.
This is an attempt to maximize physical fitness and security by abusing the males inability be detect the parentage of the child.

Even if wholly provided for by a high caliber male, like a chieftain, women will still be inclined to cheat.
Promiscuity is inherent to all great apes and is an unfortunate aspect of human nature.

Man, who is nothing but man, can be limited to the moment of his greatest thought, raising himself to the height of God: man's limit isn't God, isn't the possible, it is the impossible, the absence of God.

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OP is a faggot

god isnt real

Friendzoning is the girl recognizing that you literally aren't boyfriend / marriage material. It's a sign you need to improve yourself before you even get a shot.

If your life is garbage in a 1st world country, especially america, its generally exclusively your fault barring the most extenuating of circumstances.

We live like pharos.

This place is a cesspool and spending time here is probably worse for you than trying to perform your own appendectomy.

He said truths not your cuckcaged fantasies.

never put your dick into crazy.

Brown people ruin everything

We live like zombies mindlessly consuming everything in our path without purpose and without thought. Not to quote fight club like a faggot but we work our asses off to buy shit we don't need to impress people we don't like. it's retarded. We don't live like kings. We live like degenerates. The modern world is a waste.

Women do not like weakness. Try not to be fat. If you are fat, at least be strong as fuck.

Hit the gym, build muscle, be as fit as you possibly can. This will maximize both your physical and mental wellbeing and put you in a position where it will be easier to attract a suitable mate to spend your time with.

When you attract said suitable mate. Dare to be vulnerable, but do so in a suitable manner. Do not be a pussy. Do not be pathetic. Read books and train your mind as much as you train your body.

You have this life and only this life, so it's your responsibility to develop yourself into the best possible version. There is no competition to anyone but yourself.

I believe in you user, go get it.

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If you're not rich you're a loser and a fucking retard.

>BUUt NoT eVERythinG IS ABouT moNEyy!!!
Yeah only poor people think that

I mean throughout history white people ruined everything.

Technological advancements came from wars started exclusively by whitey

A harsh truth I’ll never touch those titties

if you're using this website, odds are you are depressed and only using this place to insulate yourself from recognizing that fact

your anger, beliefs and general sense of thinking about the world has been colored or outright poisoned by allowing yourself to continue to stew in your own depression

I could not imagine living my life with this pathetic of an insecurity or fetish. I pity you user.


Your heights are your own mountain, which belongs to you and you alone. There you are individual and live your very own life. If you live your own life, you do not live the common life, which is always continuing and never-ending, the life of history and the inalienable and ever-present burdens and products of the human race. There you live the endlessness of being, but not the becoming. Becoming belongs to the heights and is full of torment.

C. G. Jung, The Red Book Liber Novus.

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Sexual Liberation caused the fall of Western Civilization and we are experiencing the beginning

this is a lot healthier than attitude to have than just assuming women are sluts


Cred Forums was never good

But it was better then this

Well I haven’t been depressed in years you pathetic little projecting faggot and in fact I stopped getting depression right around the same time I started coming here. Coincidence perhaps but there’s something about this place that builds a rather blatant psychological shield - to gore, blackpills in general, how generally fucking rude and retarded people are, to getting trolled, baited, etc. It’s rather empowering tbh, way more so than traditional forums and social media safe spaces. The mentally weak are hardened here.

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there is no such thing as being 'friendzoned.' it just means she is not attracted to you, you have not been wronged or harmed if she is not attracted to you

people like to think there are two possibilities for what happens after you die- either nothingness, or you go to some kind of afterlife based on your good and bad traits from when you were alive. both assume that humans are important in the grand scheme of things and that what happens after death reflects human importance- either there is some sort of judgement of your worth, and that human worth is worth being judged, or that humans merit an eternity of nothingness. the reality is less organized, and human souls do not get special treatment after death

Literally friend zoned means low t

What habits or things do you guys do to be a better person, more confident/interesting, and be more suitable for being a good match for girls ?

Our consciousness is nothing magical, nor does it really "exist" in the usual sense of the world. Our knowledge of our experience arises from complex system interactions, and any feeling of being "alive" inside your head, looking out through your eyeballs, is just an evolved defense mechanism that makes you desperate to "protect" the "you" in your head.

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Stop trying to rationalize your shitty fetish lmao

ok doomer

Femanon. This is definitely attractive and will work. Unless the girl is a gold digging whore, the ability to be independent and being able to take care of yourself is attractive. It shows us you're willing to improve yourself and be a better person. A rational girl won't look for perfection, they will look for a guy who can recognize their faults and take steps to fix it rather than bitch and make excuses. Just wanted to add to let others know that this advice isn't empty.

how does this make your life better?

it's an utterly grim, pessimistic view

>The mentally weak are hardened here.

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The other route is turning into a degenerate femboy starting trap butthole threads

Nobody, with the possible exception of your mother, gives a shit about you or anything that you do. You're as unimportant as the millions of others around you.

I don't know. It kind of takes the pressure off, knowing that none of this even really exists in the way we know it

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being 'woke' is just virtue signalling, and is generally counter productive. the civil rights movement of the 1960s brought about change with action. posting woke posts on social media does not change the world. in fact, nothing you do while sitting in your underwear on the coach is going to change the world

Who gives a shit about changing the world? What the fuck is up with everyone caring about whether you make a difference to the world or not? Make a difference with yourself and make your own experience in life worth it. Why does it have to be about other people? Shut the fuck up about "the bigger picture"

it looks like i posted a harsh reality one user can't handle. do i win the thread?

Okay, let me rephrase that;
Friendzoning is something I do to myself.

I have no problems getting girls I dont care about, but the second I meet one im actually interested in, I go beta.

So thats my harsh grim truth.

No you're just a surface level dumbass thinking you're so smart when all you care about is the fleeting approval of people who won't give a shit about you or what you did for them.

i have another harsh reality to share- just because you are upset or triggered or butthurt, it does not make you right. you can be very upset and very triggered and very butthurt and very wrong at the same time

your welcome, that grim and harsh reality is one the house

yeah youre right, your petty priority isn't my problem. Keep caring about other's opinions and stay miserable, faggot

99% of women add nothing but a pussy.

based and redpilled

People misinterpreting this as some cuck fantasy. This has been researched many times. Get a DNA test before signing the birth certificate.

yo dawg thassa rap lyric right there

u spittin fire bro u kno was sup

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It's hard to fuck something up if you've never done anything. Blacks are just now catching up.

White people ruin everything

Better work ethic. It's one of the biggest issues I think people within our generation has. I'm in my mid-to-late 20's and I can't for the life of me bring myself to believing I can do better. I don't know if it was the shit parenting or moral support, but it sucks. I see friends doing so well and I ask them how they do it, and they give me the same bullshit response, "I don't know, I don't even know what I'm doing half the time!" It's bullshit.

This is the most incel bullshit ive ever read. Ever think your'e just a fucking pussy dude?

We freak out when people make mistakes we wouldn't, but we need to forgive them, because we will make mistakes they wouldn't.

We have people around for the differences, not the absolute sames.

Nice dubs.
I agree tho. I been working as a retail worker since 17, and now I'm 25. I want to move up and be better but retail feels like all I've ever known. Our generation is fucking lazy but we're so scared to excel because of fear of failure.

I like this. I fucking feel it. When we get down to being serious here, we need to accept the fact none of us are perfect and that mistakes need to be made. The stupid old saying about not crying over spilled milk needs to make a comeback because it's true. You can't find out what's wrong if you never know what the "wrong" is.

Can someone gib sauce on OP pic please

its something I learned in relationships after holding grudges I shouldn't. I wasn't with them because they were like me, I was with them because they were different. I wouldn't make those mistakes, but they would. And I would need them to forgive mistakes I would make, but they wouldn't.


>People misinterpreting this as some cuck fantasy. This has been researched many times.
This is true.

And now look at all these retards like who center their life around appealing to women lmao

You are a twenty-something-year-old craving attention and validation from anonymous people on the internet, which tells me you are an emotionally down-on-your-luck burgeoise who has been handed everything in his life except for one thing: true charisma. You wonder why people don't like you but refuse to change. Good night.

Getting fit for a woman is a waste of time, son.
Get fit for yourself

See how everyone's mad at this post?

Yeah, that's because it's an ACTUAL harsh truth. Most of this thread is just unpopular opinions.

fluoride is constantly turning your pineal gland off and you are all pedofiles

You will be happier not having children

If anybody thinks l'm lying do fucking monks brush their teeth or drink fliuride?

When around blacks, never relax.

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This is a good one, but I would like to preface it with another one: Sex should be a side effect of your self-improvement, not the reason for it. I'm 28 and I am just recently at the point where I can be truly passive about women. Took an intentional 6 months away from dating just to soul search, now I've got my eye on a few women-- but only because they've got their eye on me, see? Don't pursue it. Let it pursue you.

"hardened" people aren't so quick to anger, they have better control of their emotions. yOu pRoJeCtInG lItTlE fAgGoT

no one, and i do mean not a single soul, honestly cares about your opinion.

if you don't have leverage, stfu

You are responsible for your own world view.

Yep women will cheat even if they have
financial and social stability because
they get horny same way every human
being does

I am going to swallow some vitriol and assume that you are actually a well-adjusted, fit femanon who cares about her self worth and has standards for men that make sense based on her standards for herself.

I don't wanna sperg out and assume you're one of those valueless women who has high standards just because she has openings. I'm trying to be better than that. But the incel-esque rage, it's there lol

I remember when I was 14 too

I’ve experienced this recently.
I think it’s not worth
risking your health for an award
highly esteemed by society that
will nevertheless be forgotten
or seen as worthless eventually
i.e employee of the month,deans list
, best at something you did

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No one likes me, not even my family. People put up with my company while I'm around tuning me out but humoring me as a small act of kindness. The truth is that when I'm gone, I'm not even an afterthought to people I matter so little that people don't care enough to remember me even to say bad things. I am a living paradox an existing nonentity.

The truth is I could die tomorrow and no one would shed a year, I would effect Moines life in any way good or bad. And despite all this the only reason I don't put a bullet in my head is because I like playing video games, they give me something to live for.

Shed a tear* fucking auto correct

I am 28, I have one good friend and I'm starting to make more. I always had trouble making and keeping friends, but recently it's been getting better because I had a realization like this. I need to forgive and tolerate people more. When someone has an attribute I don't like, I drift away from them. I have zero tolerance for people who annoy me in any way. The one good friend I have has only made it this long because he's so similar to me, and a very passive person.

But I look at really good friends, and I realize they don't get along always. There is conflict. But they stay together. I need to somehow strengthen my tolerance for people, so I can have a really deep friendship like that.

This is literally Brendan Fraser posting and he's referring to taking a Superhero role

Underrated thread

Meanwhile my gf always wants to do things with me and can't stand being alone. Funny how varied people are huh? Just chiming in to say that generalized advice only works to an extent, you could've easily been one of the girls like my gf, and objected wholly to the above advice.

To OP, that is something a lot of people don't realize. Also, lots of women have rape fantasies. That improved my life because the rape sex is great.

Dubs of truth

My advice to OP and others is that people are complicated, even when they seem simple. For example, as much as i hate trump, not everyone who supports trump, supports trump. Let that sentence sink in for a bit. Don't paint people into neat little boxes because they're often much more than that, i see this especially on Cred Forums.

Here here. Furthermore, the whole idea of a nuclear family is only a recent invention, due in part to our massive population growth and retarded traditions. Ever hear the phrase "it takes a village to raise a child"? That's because children were raised by the whole village.

A group of women will sync up their ovulation cycle with one of the women. We don't know how this happens, and we don't know how all women's bodies chose the same "alpha female" to sync to, but this is fact. Ask any woman: when they get a new job either their time of month with change, or the other womens' there will change. The reason for this is so that all the women in the village can get pregnant at the same time, thus all the children will be the same age and can be breastfed by all the young mothers in the village. Evolutionarily speaking, there wasn't the same kind of social hierarchy within our ancestors as you might see today, and the women would have sex with pretty much every yet decent-looking guy in the group because then he wouldn't know which child is his and so would have to provide for all the children by default. Note that the shape of our cockheads is a scoop: the ridge or helmet part is ment to pull out other men's sperm. Your dick is shaped like it is because your ancestors had a lot of sloppy seconds.

strictly speaking, monogamy is not natural and is only a relatively recent thing. Humans have been around for over 200,000 years and we only started farming and settling down about 12,000 years ago. For the vast majority of human history, your tribe was your family, and everybody fucked everybody else. That's not to say that monogamy isn't a good thing and we should ignore it altogether, nor is it to say that all women are whores because that's bullshit (if anything it would imply that men are more likely to cheat), but facts is facts.

Just be the truest form of yourself user. Nobody likes surprises after they get to know you

Lemme also add another thing about women most anons here don't seem to be aware of: women can be just as horny and degenerate as men.

People ruin everything.

You haven’t a clue about the nature of reality.

My rule was that when I met a girl I was interested in I HAD to at least try to get her number or some way of contacting her, then after that I had like 2 weeks to make some kind of move or forget about it.

Cured my betaness pretty fast.

See I believe that last sentence, and that's why I defended your earlier post. I think you're attempting to be unbiased, and that's hard to find.

And for women reading this, don’t think you can change a person after a major life event eg; marriage, children, homeownership. People don’t change, they are who they were and will still be. Don’t stay in a relationship with the misconception of “he will change” keeping you in it. He will not. Either be 100% happy or leave.

Yes because people being mad means that something is more true or less true, this is easily defeated by the fact that you can make false statements that piss people off. Idiotic.

>this is a lot healthier than attitude to have
>than just assuming women are sluts

>the sodium chloride

This is false but true in how people wrongly think about society as a whole. We as individuals are made up of trillions of little organisms working together to create a single entity. Everyone of those systems are important. All reality is a fractal, the entire mass of people are also trillions of organisms working together for a single cause, survival. Your pint of view has been altered by watching too much 6 o’clock news.

This is so false it's laughable.
Modern science came from whites outside of war. Math and physics from Newton/Leibnitz, then Euler and Gauss, biology from Pasteur and Darwin, chemistry from Lavosier, electromagnetism from Maxwell, the industrial revolution from Watts, etc.

There are countless other examples, like flight from the Wrights, no war involved. If you want to go older, geometry from Euclid/Pythagoras, no war there, philosophy from Socrates/Plato/Aristoteles, also no war.

Go be a fag somewhere else, whites are the single most driving force for enlightment and technological advancement.

What if I told you you're both right, you're just making different points about the nature of existence?

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Got a few for you.
1. Theres a thing called bias and cognitive dissonance and another called opinions.
If you ask a question like that here, youre going to get a lot of fucked up answers.

2. There has been for the last half decade or more this idea especially among people of Cred Forums brand that if something is "harsh" and "hard to accept" it must be true.
Its an easy argument to accept: this thing according to my perception appears to be true, it would be uncomfortable, and everyone says im wrong. Therefore im actually onto something that no one else is smart or strong enough to accept. Im smarter than everyone.

3. Hard to accept truths is a matter if opinion and perception. Heres a fact that people generally would not find hard to accept but will cause mad rees on Cred Forums just as an example:
womens brains develop faster and they have a much higher potential for better educational outcomes than boys do. Also while boys are specialised in their skills and intelligence. As in you can have a male good at math. Thatll be about it. A woman just as good at math will also have social intelligence emotional intelligence possibly even a mechanical aptitude.

Watch the rage now.

I'm not that other guy.

Interesting. How old are you?

Sugar is bad for your health

You are a fucking retarded kunt

Because that state of “woke” isn’t actually woke. Humans have a very long way to go, if ever, to evolve consciously. We are still living in a traditional/modern state of mentality. When we should be in a post modern state of consciousness in this day and age. We are behind badly. Enlightenment can not be achieved under the conditions of government, money, religion and materialism being the only focus through ones life. We were created by nature and should live with it peacefully.

Yeah, I've started to make some playbook rules like these, too. But god knows I've fucked up with a few real quality women.

Prove me wrong you pathetic, lonely dumbass.

You like incest and fucking animals you aren't intelligent you are just a freak

> being able to take care of yourself
> gf likes spending time with me
how are these points contradicting?

Haha, what the fuck? Where the fuck is that coming from?

The fact you are a pedofilic pseudointellectual bisexual faggot

The reason why the world is in this state is because of several groups of micro organisms not working together under a common cause. It’s been cut up separated and treated unimportant. Only those who wish to keep it that way will instill that mindset to those who are feeling the fallout of those said actions. Don’t take the fake reality so seriously and it will not have a serious effect on your life. It’s the state of mind that creates your inner-being and outcome of reality. Those who know this also know how to control it and be free from it. The real purpose of life and reality is not the one we are “experiencing” on a daily basis

Wrong on all accounts, but whatever. If you can't offer a counterpoint then fuck off.

Those quads

Are your initial SBK?

Well for starters
>women sync up
This is a myth. This doesnt actually happen.
>no one knows how
Because its a myth, and if it wasnt, it would.be chemosignals. We can smell each other's moods and hormones and even genetic data. That would do it.

And finally
>all children would be the same age
This in your entire post sounds more like you ranting and making shit up than any of the rest of your post.
How do you figure?
Women ovulate once a month. No month is a sure bet of pregnancy (for most women even fucking daily still carries less than 50% chance of pregnancy each month), miscarriages happen, babies are born months earlier, months later, not every woman will be sexually active at all times"
No the children wouldnt be the same age. That would get way out of sync very quickly.

Do you have friends user? What makes those people be interesting to you? Do that. Aft in the way that the girls you attract march your behavior. For example, if you want a chick to play smash bros with, go to gaming conventions and local gaming clubs, don't be ashamed of your hobbies, own them and talk about them as if its what you actually want in life (and if you don't, consider changing your hobbies). See the thing is when you do that, you don't have to TRY to be honest or confident, you just are. And then those who are interested, are attracted, much like you would be attracted to someone you find interesting and like to have conversations with.

So that's personality, the other part of it is physical, which can be so varied because women like a variety of things, some like fat dudes, some like short dudes, some like fit dudes. You can try to play the average and go with that, try to eliminate negative traits that you can live without or that degrade your life such as not showering. You can identify these through empathy, aka you yourself would probably avoid someone who smells bad and attach negative things to them without even knowing them.

I could be bullshitting, but this is how i landed a polygamous qt vidya gf who i can talk to for hours about dbz and other nerdy shit. She's better than me at videogames and I've never beat her in smash. She is also degenerate as fuck because i fostered her fantasies openly and introduced mine confidently. And i wouldn't trade her for the world.

First name Shawna?

Follow him to your reckoning bugs

This is actually real solid advice.
Now, if you can tell us how to get out of the prisonlike comfort-zone, that would be nice, lol.

Women do sync up. Happens to my wife, my sister, and to the handful of women I know closely enough to talk about it. If women are close and they talk frequently, it happens. Not a myth, faggot. We don't know the exact process that makes this happen, but yes, it's obviously a pheromone thing.

It's a much surer bet that numbers of women would give birth at roughly the same time (and thus still be producing milk to nurse all the children) if A.) The women ovulate on the very same cycle and B.) EVERYONE IN THE TRIBE IS FUCKING ALL THE TIME. At any given time withing a tribe there would be groups of women who got pregnant at the same time. This is obvious, and you're dumb. Put down your fucking Bible and read a journal.

I agree with you but Socrates, Plato and Aristotele were all veterans or had at least done mandatory military service to gain citizenship.

Simple. Look at what the world has become in a shorter period than the time we've been alive. We have computers and technology, but have been hunterers for longer periods of time. Why then is our society the way it is? And the answer is simple, sometimes not everything is a product of evolutionary biology. Otherwise we would all be outside more because that is our "natural" state. Is it not natural to be what the majority of humans are nowadays, yet we are. Explain.

Not everyone is going to like you. You can literally be the perfect human and a bunch of people will fucking hate you for that, even.
Accept that you're just always a stupid fucking faggot to someone and you can learn to focus on people that love you and are relevant to your life.

Life sucks. For everyone. Weve been talking about this in philosophy for thousands of years, buddhism is fucking based on it, it pervades all literature in all cultures.
Being ok with that and ready to rise to the challenges makes the awesome parts of being alive much, much better.
Then, ironically, its not all bad.

Youre a fucking terrible piece of shit sometimes. Youre stupid sometimes, youre wrong sometimes. Just like everyone else. Its ok, youre human. Accepting this will help you love and forgive yourself and constantly be better, and frees you from anger and grudges against others. Its a load off. In my opinion this is the most important truth that too few people understand.

If that's true, it just makes women look even worse. Because if that's true, they should have no trouble getting whatever they want; rights, jobs, power etc. But they don't. They're still whining about a wage gap. Lol this is bitter truth alright, if you're female.

I like you both, let's kiss

Please provide sources, I'm interested in that and have no reason to believe the above paragraphs until then.

>put down your bible and read a journal.
Thats just it, there is no scientific literature at all on this that has found it to be true. And "well i heard it true and ive seen it happen" is the worst argument or form of evidence you can use. If youre here telling me to read journals then you should know that.

You are most likely your biggest problem.

Quads of ultimate truth and unlimited power

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this is the gimest grim reality: EVERYTHING you do to your self. once accepted LIFE becomes easy and beautiful

Holy fuck, the quads keep signaling winners

I think we just started a religion

>no response

Unless men are bigger, stronger, more violent, and have spent thousands of years suppressing them.
And check the numbers. We stopped doing that. Now women are very quickly overcoming men in stem and university enrollment.
Also theres other reasons theyll have different jobs. Back to the math brained male. Hell be an accountant. Because thats about all hell have and he wont likely be very social or agreeable. A woman just as good at this form of thinking wont be socially retarded and have other forms of intelligent, so instead of being a boring lame ass bean counter shes more likely to be a nurse or doctor.

Even Jordan peterson talks a lot about this, dude.
There are experts from many fields whove been sounding alarms for a decade now that in 50 years we could have a serious employment problem among men because all the shit ass factory jobs will be automated and obsolete, and women will be too far ahead.
Theres a lot of talk of needs for educational reform so males dont fall so far behind in educational years because girls are taking off ahead far too quickly.

I've had close to this setup, but for the life of me I cannot date polyamorous chicks. Feels too cucked, man. I've read books on the issue, and some of them have made good sense of why polyamory works better. But I cannot get over how cucked it feels. No offense, you could tell me you're totally happy with her and not insecure, my response would be "wait til she loses interest in you because she finds someone who fills your role but better."

We're humans dude. Our technology has usurped nature as the main governing factor in how we live our lives. Monkeys live in trees, not because nature "drives them to", but because they can't fucking build houses. Our population has expanded to such a point that it's overwhelmed many of our natural instincts. Once we started agrarian societies are population expanded such that there were much fewer opportunities for the "natural way" to govern how we fuck and have kids. Greed became so prominent that men took women as their own and largely stopped the communal fucking. I'm not saying this is bad or that we need to return to it or any such bullshit, but humanity's success has all but stopped evolution from making any serious changes to our genome, so those base instincts and evolutionary traits (like the splooge scooping cockheads) are still there. Once the local populations of village passed into the hundreds or thousands, the whole "village to raise a child" thing because unfeasible. That's why it's gone.

Only a fool ignores what he's experienced.

Also there is more to life than appealing to women, I'm not saying you've all got it wrong but hear me out. You want something you don't have, but you have no guarantee if that will actually make you happy. It could just as easily make you miserable, or in the case of abusive relationships, depressed and trapped. A more reliable method is to find out what makes you happy, chase that, then find a woman along the way maybe. Now you have both, and a much more reliable method in doing so because you should now be fulfilled even without the woman.

I dont think it goes that deep. Everybody cheats.

Your level of happiness is a direct representation of the difference between your expectations and reality.

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the retarded science fiction writers

Weaponized Autists United

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Basically, if you're not currently happy, or feel as if there is something missing, you think long term, if this the fulfilled life you want to live? Most people would say no. I would say yes. Because I seeked happiness and fulfillment. If you need a solid way to do this if you don't know where to start, look up mindfulness and meditation. It is backed up by science, and it forces you to think about yourself. I hope the best for you user, in fact I'm training to be a life coach to help many others like you through an online platform, I hope I helped.

Or at least thinks about it.

Because I'm too lazy to research right now, I will assume you are correct about the science and then argue from the position of someone who agrees with you there, but still has contentions lol.

I genuinely don't believe it will ever come to that, that the difference in cognitive abilities will ever really affect society that much. And I also doubt that if men are so specialized, women are simply able to be exactly as good in their field and more socially competent with zero drawbacks. That rings unlikely. More likely the specialization and social retardation is what keeps us more focused and reliable, while women are more prone to distraction and emotional issues.

If not, if I'm totally wrong and the trade off is simply "men stronger, women smarter", that is really disappointing but I still don't think the difference could be enough to change things drastically.

Fuck yeah bro, focusing on making my expectations realistic has changed my life. I credit the book Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye, guy sounds like kind of a fag through his writing but he presents buddhist principals in a palatable way.

Disagree because I've never cheated, nor would i ever, so logically if i exist, so must others like me. Now if you said the majority cheats, that would be accurate. But not everyone.

I would say the one thing you're missing is socialization. There are less women in stem fields because they are socialized against it. Society tells them they should go into nursing instead of programming, because "its not a womans job"

Hey bro, I'm not Abraham or Hubbard. I'm not saying that men do this and women do that, I'm just saying that our ancestors did things differently. And frankly it makes sense: men fall in love much quicker than women do Because it makes sense for them to fuck around and spread their seed as far as they can. But because women have to invest a lot of Physical resources and time raising children they need to be very discerning with who they mate with. Therefore women take longer to fall in love and are much more concerned with finding a healthy virule mate. I've been with my wife for 10 years and I've never thought about cheating on her, at least not seriously. And I can guarantee you she's never cheated on me (mainly because she wouldn't have the time but whatever). It's just the fact that humans evolved fucking around. That's not necessarily A bad thing, nor good thing it's just a thing.

I have cheated once. I used to be a "I'll never cheat, and if my gf cheats it's over immediately" guy. But statistics and experience have worn me down. Plus someone asked me "what is a girl made a drunken mistake and tearfully confessed to you?" and I said I'm not sure, that sounds like she regrets it and maybe she'd never do it again. And this person said to me "what incentive are you giving a girlfriend to be honest to you about small mistakes like that, if you tell girls your rule is cheat once and we're done?" Made me think.

Based and can confirm. 5 years in the gym off and on 3 more years after totally dedicated. Lifting for women/seeking sex isn't the goal. The goal is to strengthen mind and body. It allowed me to attract my wife to me rather than having to chase her down. I should also say having a woman mentally lower herself down off her pedestal to pursue you changes your entire relationship dynamic for a long while if not permanently.

"When you look good you feel good" and when you feel good about who you are women key into that shit because they have high emotional sensitivity. Your "vibe," fuckin hate that word, that they pick up on will be significantly improved and because you'll have more opportunity to approach women/more women approaching you there is a significantly reduced likelihood of you coming across as a desperate incel.

Truly, high school gym class and my ex breaking up with me for a thinner guy is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Blacks are not people. They are too stupid and too emotionally volatile to properly assimilate in civilized cultures. They need to be quarantined in Africa for the good of the rest of the world.

A drunken mistake is completely different from cheating while sober, I've been around enough drunken people to know that they don't make the brightest decisions, lol. It is for this reason that my gf and I are not allowed to get drunk if we are not with each other.

Listen, just because you were a certain way before and are different now doesn't mean ill follow suit, but lets compare our values. If you had said she apologized tearfully because she made a mistake and cheated while sober, o find that to be a dealbreaker. Because
1. There is absolutely no reason to cheat on me, i already give the freedom, excitement, etc etc that cheating provides, there should be no reason for her to do so
2. Even getting close to the acf of cheating shows she completely destroys the bounds of everything we established. Trust, honesty, integrity, respect. I wouldn't shit on my mom's face, i wouldn't even dream of it. That is comparable to cheating. Unless you are in a relationship that you cannot get out of, cheating is not acceptable.

So user, are we actually alike? Or are we just similar in experience? I'm curious, but know that my opinion would not change, because it has a strong foundation.

For a moment, commiserate with me though. Isn't it a fucking shit-horrible situation, right here at the start?

I was in good shape when I was in my early 20s, sex was easy and I was fairly happy with myself and comfortable. Bad depression between 25 and now. I'm currently 28 and a little overweight, 6'5" 230lb. I know it won't take me very long to get back in shape, but I'm sitting here thinking about my motivation. It is really hard to tell myself I'm doing it for me, because I'm kinda okay with being like this. If I stayed in this "dad bod" shape forever, personally I would not care. EXCEPT I like sex and relationships, and skinny girls. And I don't give a fuck about money, so my only recourse is getting fit again.

Can we just agree for a moment... fuck.

But every other social media site is full of lgbtq supporting leftist jew loving scum, but on the other hand yeah youre right everyone here is a degenerate

Oh okay i agree with you then, i thoufht you were saying that because of our past nature that this is how women and men sgill operate and are driven today. That i disagree with, and you've pointed it out beautifully, except for how and why "technology usurped nature." my guess is that the result of the curiosity and intelligence of what we naturally have (civilized society) satisfied far more of our needs and wd got comfortable with the new lifestyle, and sort of went off on a tangent in the fruits of our labor which came from our intelligence.

We are very close to the same, I think the only thing separating us is that I am starting to believe that cheating is practically an inevitability which is making me more inclined to treat it like other negative yet inevitable behavior, like lying: Punish it by degree, based on the context. There are lies that are unforgivable, and lies that are understandable and forgivable.

I don't want to give up what could be a really amazing relationship because of one stupid event, I would end it if I think that she doen't understand the magnitude of her error or if I think the behavior will continue. Her coming and confessing to me has done wonders already to make me believe that she doesn't want to do it again. But if it happens twice, it's over, because obviously the first time didn't teach her to avoid the situation/behavior that tempts her to cheat.

I'm going to need to see your sources.

That really does blow. I was a pudgy kid my whole childhood so I got disgusted with myself when i look in the mirror after skipping the gym (when I was off and on in the first 5 years). Now I'm to the point where people that don't know me occasionally assume I'm juicing and I'll never go back. My test is off the chart, I smash the wife like a wild man all the time, physically I feel like I'm 19 still.

I feel bad that you like your dad bod and don't want to change but older single men attract younger and prettier women much easier when they come across as health conscious and well put together so it its like you are a lost cause just get your ass in the fucking gym and stop making excuses.

Pick up a good pre workout that shit is incredible.

Blah blah blah. You're all so god damn self-righteous.

You: I know the real truth! You're all sheeple! Blah blah blah! Wanna know how I know??? *Fancy word*! *Fancy word*! *Mention old person that said something that I will take out of context*! I'm not attacking your intelligence to cover up my own insecurities!!! *Racial slur and or mental illness insult*!

See the thing is I'm not really worried about her finding someone better because I am already the best for her, and that is clear. But let's say for the sake of argument that she does, i still wouldn't feel threatened by it because not only is there still no reason for us to leave each other, but also that love can be shared. If i can share love for family and friends and pets and children, why can't me or her share love as well? In fact, i find it has a exponential effect, the amount of love is amplified with more people, like more cheerleaders for your team.

Nor is my lifestyle that of a cuck, it's more of a swinger type thing, she often brings other girls for me to train (i have a bdsm dynamic with her).

Anyway, i never said this is the ideal thing for everyone, its just ideal for me, more power to you if you prefer monogamy, i don't think we should be at odds for such a difference but if you are curious I'm always down to have a conversation about it.

hair is genetic, no amount of conditioner will fix it.

how fast your face goes shit is half genetic, half if you work outside in the sun. no amount of creams is going to fix a bad skin complexion. and at a certain age not even covering stuff up works.

>But statistics and experience have worn me down

Holy shit, fucking this. I truly didn't think I had it in me to cheat. But when it started happening, everything just moved so fast.

Later, upon thinking about it, I realized it was actually a situation I've been in countless times, but usually things just broke the right way. i.e. the woman's friends were around, my friends were around, etc. It only happened once but it could have happened dozens of times.

The thing that still truly bums me out is that while I was having drunk sex with this woman, my brain would default to the sexual things I do to get my girlfriend off. I was using the same playbook but on a different woman. That really makes me sad. Anyway, I told my girlfriend about it and we're generally cool now. But I haven't completely quit drinking, which I feel like I should do.

Imagine your body being unable to deal with the sun, topkek.

I guess it depends how aware you felt when you were cheating and not so much after the fact, we all do stupid shit while drunk.


I will not allow this to disappear into the nether he said "everybody are monkey lizards lol"

It got deleted so fast that means ((((((they)))))) saw it

nah this is redpill bullshit. People just like to fuck and get fucked. There's evolutionary stuff involved of course, but women aren't thinking about genetics and a father when they take the pill every day at the same time. Men aren't thinking about sowing their seed when they put on a condom or pull out and cum on her stomach.

We're not monkeys anymore. Casual sex isn't about breeding. It's about a woman being charmed by cute and funny things a guy said at Starbucks. It's about a guy being curious about a 43 year old woman he met at the bar because he grew up on MILF porn.

Accepting you're always going to be a virgin and not letting it bother you does genuinely make you happier.

Yeah. I mean, I knew it was wrong and I even made cursory attempts to stop it while it was happening. But I definitely wasn't in my right mind.

Relationships only cause problems.

I would say that you answered yourself, you want the skinny chicks, sex, and relationships. Then you also think that your current weight prevents you from that (which isn't true, its less likely sure, but there is likely a deeper reason why you feel your weight prevents you from getting girls). So we can talk about that, or you can also get fit and live the lifestyle you want. You have the motivation already. But its not that simple because you have a wall of depression preventing you from said motivation. So, what have you done to combat your depression? Because once you figure that out (preferably with the help of a professional), the rest falls into place.

So then knowing that, what do you think caused it to happen? What were your feelings and thoughts in the moment?

If thats the case then im curious what your story is that led you to cheat.

I appreciate the advice, but I really meant "for a moment."

I'm working on the depression, insurance is weird so therapy is difficult but I am working on it. I am exercising more every week, eating better every week. I just wanted to share that human moment of "god it sucks that it doesn't feel like I'm doing this for me and I know I'll be happier when I get there but fucking cocks I hate this"

Well, what I meant when I said "technology has usurped nature" is that we are not strictly held accountable for our actions or the whims of the weather. People who get sick back in the day would have to rely on their bodies to heal them. The week would die from any serious injury. Nowadays, doesn't matter how weak and feeble you are, you can be saved by medicine. before civilization came around, if you were weak and susceptible to cold or heat you would die. Now we have air conditioning in automobiles so physical and mental prowess are no longer necessary to live a long life and raise children. The weak and stupid breed in massive numbers, and this has never before been true. but it is happening today simply because our technology has reached a point where (at least large numbers of the human population) do not have to worry about famine or disease or injury. This is why we essentially have not evolved in the last 10 or so thousand years: the strong do not have more kids than the weak. mind you, evolution has never been about being the strongest or the smartest or the fastest oh, it has been about being the most adapted to your environment. It just so happens that throughout most of human history, those (humans) who are strong, smart, and fast were the most suited to survive. This is no longer the case.

I disagree. In fact, I'll segway this into my own hard truth.

Successful people attract successful people and this is probably the biggest explanation for the growing wealth gap. Especially in a society where both partners in a relationship usually work now. Finding a smart and reliable person to share your life with is basically playing on easy mode.

At the extreme end, you have doctors who marry lawyers. A couple like this is basically free from any and all financial worry. But it works at lower levels too. You have auto mechanics who marry nurses and bam. You have a six figure household. Easy. Even if one spouse chooses not to work, reliability and intelligence is a huge factor. Going to work an excelling is so much easier if you know you have a smart and reliable person managing the household.

just because you havent found out about it, doesnt mean she didnt cheat on you

Fuck, I needed to hear that

Because i don't take care of myself. Shs cooks, i do chores around the house more than she does but i have a part time job and she has a full time job. She pays for me a lot more than i do for her. We do everything together. This is not independence.

Honestly, I always have liked talking to girls (even while in a relationship). It's just a fun rush. Meeting new people is cool and I'm better at talking to women than I am men.

But what made me do it this time? She came on to me in all the right ways. I'm not trying to blame her. It's my relationship that I put in jeopardy so it's 100% my responsibility. But before I could even process it, she was digging her nails into my waist and playfully biting at my chest and neck. And I was off to the races.

Tattoos are degenerate.

It was very early in the relationship and I wasn't really 100% sure about her yet. That stage where a scumbag of a man might try to claim it's not cheating yet, but we were quite clearly dating.

An ex contacted me and we got talking as friends, she got me to come over to hang out late one night. Even driving there I was like "this feels kinda like she's trying to fuck me."

The ex was the freakiest chick I'd ever been with, LOVED sex, and she'd gained very nice curves since we dated. She had on leggings and no bra. It was a total ploy and I fell for it. First it was "okay we'll just make out for old times sake" then she was getting handsy then we fucked, it was the slipperiest slope ever lol.

Felt bad about it, still do, but there really are few things hotter than sex you know you shouldn't be having.

thank you kindly

Not that guy, it can also be the opposite, just becausr you trigger or make someone butthurt, does not mean you are right. This is a pdoduct of Cred Forums culture (trolling) that makes no sense logically.


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And I will add on to my own post by saying I think it's harder for a man to resist cheating than a woman. Women get sex whenever they want it, and people make them feel attractive all the time. Sex rarely falls into a man's lap, and when a woman makes him feel attractive by pursuing him instead of the other way around, it is a fucking rush and a half.

No excuses, just explanations.

Fuckin A+

This is literally a parody/sketch project elsewhere

If you're fat and want lose weight, cut out carbs and sugar. Try it for a week, just meat, veggies and water. You will lose 15 pounds a week. I did it, and it changed my life.

I get what you're saying.

Men are horny as hell. Women are too of course, but it's not the same. So just by that nature, men are both seeking sexual validation more aggressively, and are less likely to get it.

The grass is brown on both sides of course. I can imagine that if you're a woman, it's really shitty getting unwanted sexual validation, e.g. compliments on your appearance in what is supposed to be a professional setting. That kinda shit.

I have a theory that the majority of trolling is not GENUINELY left v right or right v left or whatever the case may be, I do not think trolls largely are super invested in the beliefs they seem to have. I think trolling comes from the understanding that irrefutable knowledge is pretty difficult to attain, and the satisfaction you get when you see people who ARE invested in their beliefs getting super mad. Makes you feel superior for being smart enough not to have a dog in the race.

Emotional/mental life cannot be completely improved. You will always crave, miss, be depressed, be confused, feel uncertainty

It's true: Some people will feel "the blues" more than others (women for example are way less prone to that because many reasons) but everyone will feel the grim/bitter side of emotional life.

If you feel the need to hide anything about yourself from your spouse, you chose wrong.

within the woke circles, you can follow a pareto distributio of 20% genuine believers and 80% people who only do it for social currency

Really, you may not just be the type of person she wants, that does not mean you are worthless. I already friendzoned a super hot stacey who came out of nowhere and asked me out. I thought she was joking because I was a fat long haired boy at that time, really she wasn't my type at all. She was still hot and I fapped regularly to her, but I could never have seen myself be with her

Nope you're wrong it's 35% non-believers, 40% stuck in the matrix and 25% people who use percentages to try to make a point.

I have a female friend who is a >40yrs old, 3-4/10

She's very supportive and dilligent, she knows almost all of my secrets and she liked a lot when I used to fuck her; the sad thing is that she's a little overdue by now and not attractive.

Maybe she's the wife material God served to me.


Is a wrong way to deal with a pretender. The right way is to cut him completely, without keeping any sort of contact.

There's some truth to this, but I think it can go one layer deeper too.

Of course irrefutable truth is hard to find. But you can still construct a probabilistic, working model of the universe and make decisions based on that. If you're hungry and want to go to McDonalds, you don't irrefutably know that it won't have burnt down by the time you get there, but you can make assumptions based on history an evidence.

You could say that politics/economics is all chaos, and throw your hands up and feel superior. But we have a ton of data and literature to work from. So from the point of view of a partisan like myself, seeing a troll feel superior by staying on the sidelines just feels like laziness.

Truth, preach it.


Tits or GTFO

Never break the rules you faggots.

What are you after in a relationship: friendship, or sex? If you just want sex, why settle down? Just fuck teenagers for the rest of your life. If you want friendship, does it matter if your friends are ugly?
My wife is objectively a 5/10, maybe a 6 on a good day. But to me she's the most beautiful thing on the planet. You need to decide what your priorities are. There's no right or wrong answer to it, but you need to be honest with yourself.

Wrong. Consciousness is the prima matter. School yourself before trying to school others, your opinions on the subject are irrelevant.
Good day.

I heard a comparison recently that I think is perfect. A woman tried to use this to argue it's the just as bad for them, but I take issue with that.

She said it's like two farmers, one has a field full of bad crops and the other has an empty field.

I say, that's flawed because in that metaphor "bad crops" are completely useless. In reality, while they're sorting through "bad crops" they're having sex. Say what you want about how dreadful it is to go on a bad date or break up with a disappointing guy, you're having sex.

I can say from my dry spells, it makes a difference. I've been depressed and sexless, and I've been depressed while getting laid. Getting laid invariably makes it easier, sorry. It does.

Correct user. We can only control ourselves.

When people don't trust the gov't.

The government resorts to facism to rebrand itself and gain new recruits.

Your dity in life,the duty of all life is to die by eating the dead.

You're touching a subject here, and it's about uncertainties.

Giving up the unmaterialized chances in the world for stability and certainty with a sub-par woman ... Or giving up the stability and support that a sub-par woman gives for having uncertain chances with average or above average women.

Though choices. Thank you for taking your time for giving me your previous answer.

Oh, so you weren't sure you cared about her. I don't consider this cheating, yes technically it can be but i don't live my life on technicalities and painting situations like these with black and white broad strokes are harmful. In facr if the roles were reversed i wouldn't consider the girl that did that to me to be cheating either because you don't automatically control someone just because you're in a relationship with them. See to me cheating is when you do it to someone you care deeply about, have established boundaries, and that the act of it would make you physically sick.

See in your situation I would just tell my gf that i want to fuck my ex. Sounds to me like the problem in your current relationship was the sex. granted, not many girls can handle this, but i argue those that can't are those i shouldn't be in a relationship with.

Curious, are we still similar in values, user?

the forgotten prophet

Ah, there is the rub.

You work hard all day for a dollar. You know a day of hard work will earn you a dollar. The total cost of living per day for this life is one dollar.

Do you relax in the comfort of that routine, or do you gamble your dollar?

Except she actually had reason to identify as a femanon, retard.

This is true even for me as a gay guy
People don't like weakness, especially not weak men

no pain no gain dude, not just physically, you showed a perfect example of mental pain

Good question, but I'd not either spend the whole dollar nor gamble the whole dollar.

Source on that?

I think we date different women. I take comfort in exclusivity and date girls who seek it as well, so usually from the moment I let her call me her boyfriend there is a strong implication if not verbal confirmation of exclusivity.

I also believe, and this right here is purely based on intuition, that there is never balance in a ployamorous relationship and they're a very bad idea. I think one person is always more inclined to wish they could just be monogamous and avoid all the drama, whether they can consciously face it or not.

Like me :3

Absolute bullshit. Anyone who is not happier with children in their life is a bad parent. This statement is just a bullshit excuse to be a selfish prick.

sucks that your family feels that way about you or that you think they feel that way about that. Doesn't matter, the point is, you should find those that do care about you, but to do so, means you often have to improve yourself.

I get you man but it’s not wholly true. Women are in general shit at highly practical endeavours.

Found the alcoholic dad

Yep say what you want about STEM fields, I still get a call on my walkie whenever any female at work needs to lift anything or fix anything or affix anything onto anything else or really just do anything

No. My initials are Fuck You.

I mean, it's also important to remember that for every time a woman has sex with a man, a man is also having sex. So the imbalance isn't as crazy as an empty field vs. a full field.

I think the imbalance has more to do with the fact that men want it (sex and sexual validation) more. Even if you're an exceptionally handsome man, it's rare for a woman to independently validate you sexually. It's very hard for men to get the validation that women get all the time. And yes, if I woman wants to have sex, it's probably pretty easy for her to go out and make that happen. But seeking random sex is generally less desirable for women, and sadly, probably a little dangerous too.

So you end up with the imbalance where on a given day, 95% of young men are ready, willing, and looking for sex and validation. But because of different desires and societal/safety concerns, maybe on a given day, only 30% of women are looking for the same. And that's the imbalance.

All this to say that the metaphor probably needs to be extended to truly work. Like, maybe women can harvest a lot of corn but they don't really like corn unless it comes with a whole bunch of other stuff. Men love corn and are constantly counting the days since they had even a few kernals of it.

Then go live in Africa and tell me how long it is till you wanna come back.


do you find comfort in that statistically true but nevertheless pain- and wrongful fact?
You still can and should act about it. One can prevent it by preemptively talking about stuff like that.

Exactly why i stay away from having both

Gonna need some source on that claim, incel

You know what normally I don't reply to traps because while I have nothing against them as people I think that acceptance culture has us ignoring a lot of actual mental illness, but this is a good thread and I'm feeling nice today so I'd like to say that while I personally think ignoring/encouraging gender dysphoria in young children is a bad thing, if you are an adult and you feel like a woman it's not really your fault and I hope you find happiness. Fuck it, if you're cute and interested I'll talk dirty to you.

I think that either way you edit the metaphor, either way you look at the situation, it is objectively a shittier experience on the male side of the dating pool. Women get to have sex at exactly the rate they desire, and during times in my life where that was true for me, I was far happier.

I have never heard anything to make me believe otherwise.

There's no point in taking a spouse you don't love and trust truly. For me, it's very much and "all or nothing" thing. Either I find love or I don't. Don't settle.

Who ruined Africa? Who continues to rape Alkebulan?

The thing is, the more you invest yourself in the idea of not being cheated on, the more it sucks and hurts when you do get cheated on. So it is a massive gamble to care. user is just tired of the heartbreak. Leave him alone with your naivete

Sure, you can choose, but you can also lose. Is the one you have now worth it? If so, why change it? Seek happiness, seek fulfillment.

Also i think the analogy is flawed, where is that from? because I think if you absolutely need to use that dollar to live, then there is no choice. By gambling that dollar, you can't live. A more accurate one would be that living comfortably costs a dollar a day, and that you could suffer for one day to invest in something that results in more dollars.

You're sort of right.

Being depressed and having sex is better that being depressed and not having sex at all.

what do you say to the polygamous who have tried monogamy and suffer? Would seem it's of their own choice, no? I don't understand why you have that belief, you should elaborate on why you think one is person is always geared towards monogamy.

I agree, I think the implication is that gambling your dollar means you either sink or swim-- you either get that better girl or you don't. You either win your gamble or you're broke and hungry for a day.

Yes, and that is literally my entire argument for women having it easier lmao

seems that when you lose in that situation, you don't just lose for a day, you lose for your whole life and probably spend it seeking out that girl you lost. Opportunity cost seems not worth it, imo.

Like I said, it is entirely based on intuition. Every poly couple/group I have ever met had issues, and that's just anecdotal evidence, but I hear the same thing from a lot of people. And the intuition part is that I just get the feeling that human nature doesn't allow for it to be successful. Usually, one or two people in the group are purely benefiting, while others deal with jealousy and insecurity. The idea that your girlfriend can find a new boyfriend, and you can be happy watching her face light up when he texts her, knowing she's enjoying fucking him more because of that new relationship energy... that's just not how people work. Anybody saying they like that feeling is in denial.

>it is objectively a shittier experience on the male side of the dating pool. Women get to have sex at exactly the rate they desire

Disagree with both of these. There are concerns women have about dating that men can't even fathom. I don't think it makes one experience better or worse, they're just different.

And I also disagree that women have sex at the rate they desire. Because I've been in two relationships where this explicitly wasn't the case. In case 1, I was very young and the woman I was dating was molested as a child. b/c of that, she had a very unhealthy relationship with sex. But she put out for me because she felt pressured to. She (thank god) eventually went to therapy where she discovered that she never felt in control of her body. Her body "belonged" to her molester, and then as a young adult, it "belonged" to me. The best thing for her in that time period was to learn to have sex on her own terms. That invariably would have meant having less sex than I wanted. That's a good example of the dynamics of sex in society being really shitty for a woman. And it's not all that uncommon sadly.

The second relationship is a less heartbreaking story. It's the relationship I'm in today. I've had a really horny last couple of months for whatever reason. GF and I have a healthy sex and because she's a champ, she's adapted reasonably well to me getting frisky with higher frequency. But as the months have worn on, I can tell she's less into it. Instead of pursuing sex less often, I just kind of steamrolled over the idea that she was going to find it pleasurable (since she wanted it less often than I did) and our fuck sessions have kind of devolved into 20 minutes of jackhammering. So she was putting out more than she wanted to, and now it was shittier sex. We talked about it last week and I'm gonna make some changes. So all is good.

The possibility that you will be unhappy for the rest of your life because of leaving one woman is quite low. More likely, you'll settle for someone who's pretty damn cool but you'll always have this niggling feeling of missing the first wife.

Not incredibly high stakes, if you look at it that way. Especially if you sit back and fantasize about the kind of woman you might land if you work out a bunch lol

i disagree, I think finding an attractive girl is true, but finding one who is both attractive or has the right personality for you is incredibly rare. I've dated a lot of women, in the number of hundreds, none of them were like my gf. However, there are a fuck ton of people out there, so hundreds doesn't even scratch the surface.

Hope you are enjoying the modern civilization white people built.

I said tits of GTFO, woman.

Okay, I'm starting to get the notion that you're actually just kind of whipped. First off, a sexually abused woman is no basis for whether or not women in general get sex at the rate they want. Totally dismissing that.

And your other example is literally proving my point. She gets to fuck exactly as much as she wants, and you just have to "make some changes" lol. I'm sorry dude I'm not gonna get all weird and make fun of you, but I don't wanna be like you at all and I wouldn't recommend it.

The Kybalion, the Kabbalah, Emeralds of Thot. Many others.

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Cut your faggotry out, you're better than that, user.

>in the hundreds
Hm. Yeah. Gonna call you out on that. Not impossible by any stretch, but you've dated HUNDREDS of women and come out of it with the notion that acceptable women are so rare you might never find one again?

You're just scared. Not saying "leave your wife faggot" lol just totally disagree with your stance.

>sexually abused woman
Lots of women have been sexually abused. Probably because of the prevailing attitudes that our society has about sex.

You're calling me whipped, but you're here on a Saturday morning simping about not getting sex. All I'm doing is trying to understand the dynamic from everyone's POV.

I don't care if you believe me or not, you have to ask yourself why you don't. I also didn't say nor mean "acceptable," I mean the best, as in, I don't want any others, and the others I have dated, do not compare, at all. There is a huge difference between acceptable and perfect (or at least close to it)

not even a woman, you desperate fuck.

what are those? I'm curious, but don't know where to start, basically, which is why I asked for a source. but you've basically thrown calculus at me while I only know basic arithmetic.



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I think that in trying to understand the dynamic, you have allowed women to make you believe that it is worse for them than it actually is. If you are legit implying that we factor sexual abuse into how often women get to fuck vs men, I say that is ridiculous.

"Women can't have sex whenever they want because it's dangerous!" Carry some pepper spray and tell friends where you're going, use judgment to stay out of obviously dangerous situations and you can feel free to fuck whoever you want, and the majority of women do just that. I know only too many women who FLAUNT the fact that they can get it whenever they want it. Men who say the same and can back it up? A few really really rich ones.

Addendum, simping is overvaluing women. I'm overvaluing pussy, it is very very different

Humanity will die here on earth. We may land on Mars, but nothing major will come of it. We will never colonize another star system because the distances to them are way beyond our technological capabilities.

Yo how come nobody ever wants to talk to me on the train like do I have a ugly dick or sumthin'?

It's your ugly face, user.

I'm sorry to tell you.

I am gonna stop here, because you know what, I have to accept the possibility that there is a level I haven't experienced. Maybe one day I'll meet a chick who makes me go "oh fuck user was right." Not gonna hold my breath lol, but logically this is where the dispute ends I think

How dare you, lookit this mug

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Climate changes are not caused by human being. Prove me wrong

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you don't have to be at odds with me, it's possible what you find to be amazing is not what I found to be amazing, it's possible you are less picky than I am with females. We are different people, I am simply saying that I found a rare one, so I believe that to be true. You haven't, so you don't. From all this arises the question, is it worth it to chase that? For me, since I have found that, I say, fuck yes, holy shit yes

it's totally possible we reach the technological advancement to colonize other planets. Look at the rate of technological progress over the years, it's near exponential.

it's also possible we hit a wall or regress. But no one can say for sure, so what you said is flawed.

Then it seems we were making the same point all along and we didn't know it. Is it worth giving up what you have to look for something more? Yes, IF you don't feel 100% happy with what you have.

Save 10% of every paycheck to invest.

Pay cash for small purchases or do without

Realize the difference between NEED and Want in relationships, purchases and life choices.

You can stick your dick in crazy, so long as you don't make it a habit

Women don't mentally mature before 24-26ish, so don't make long range plans with a girl under that threshold, you court heartbreak.

If you've been freind-zoned, the odds are you'll never leave it, so refuse to play: leave and improve yourself for someone who deserves to have you.

No one is happy all the time, regardless of looks, wealth or circumstance.

Things are never as bad as you think, that's just your self doubt talking, adapt: overcome.

Women play at hobbies(vidyah gaem), don't expect her to understand yours.

When you have kids, your friends without kids will slowly or quickly fade away.

The woman who cheats on her man with you is likely to repeat.

Its ok to not know what you want to do with the rest of your life. Goals shift, priorities refocus.

Life is simply the path ahead, and sometimes moving forward means you leave things, or people behind.

This is disqualified from the thread because of the "but it would be better if we accepted it" part. Accepting this would make nothing better. The effort to try to prove you wrong, to expand our reach into space, has resulted in all kinds of technological advancements in areas completely unrelated to space.
It's bitter truths, not bitter probably-but-we'll-never-knows

I love everything on this list except I hate the first one, which means I should probably do it huh :|

Bad people don't always get their comeuppance. Some serial killers never get caught. Hell isn't real. Some people die horrible winners. Trump might.

Save as much money as possible while you live with your parents

If a girl even starts to mess around, fuck her off

Your mates dont matter, when they have kids they will disappear

Your work place doesnt value you

There is no big rewards without risk

If different breeds of dogs can have different characteristics, why cant humans?

Liberals and black people are a cancer to the world.

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30 fag here

Pretty accurate!

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>Life is simply the path ahead, and sometimes moving forward means you leave things, or people behind.

fuuuuuuuck that hurts man

I drank too much last night and couldnt get it hard

I actually agree with him. Most people are pussies. Be assertive. You acting confident makes most people believe you since people are like sheep. Looking to a stronger figure than themselves. Dont let anybody be the "authority" just treat everyone as equal(bosses,cops etc.) Or lesser. Dont be a dick but dont be a pushover pussy

the african population sadly
white try to save africa but the original citizens destroy themselves (see zimbabwe)

A woman is not a path to happiness. They are shitty selfish creatures who thrive on compliments.

Only as long as you let it.

>If a girl even starts to mess around, fuck her off
THIS. Stop allowing your weakness concerning getting fucked make you accept being treated like shit. If a girl does that. Kill them. No I'm only joking, but seriously kick them to the curb. FOREVER. Never take them back. Make them feel like you might, just to dash their hopes on the floor all you want, but NEVER GO BACK.

This advice will always be ignored for its crassness, and because it requires boldness and effort. But it's true. Like it or not, look who's president. Not saying "be like Trump" because he's a turd sandwich but the reason he got there is the super confident, assertive way he acts, plain and simple.

I have to agree with dubs

mainstream propaganda. you think fruit is bad for your health?

>no I'm only joking
I laughed. It's rare to see someone scale back their vitriol on Cred Forums lol

>asks for harsh truths
>upset when he gets it

Learn how to keep your woman in check if my chick cheats she’s gone and she knows that plus she has morales and would rather stick to her values now honestly I can see why people are calling you an incel

Yeaaaaah I think that the "you can stick your dick in crazy just don't make it a habit" guy is just a gamblin' man. I've done it a few times, I made it out okay mostly but one of them did try to lie to all my friends and turn them against me. I see where it could be dangerous. Just check your condoms for pinholes and keep an eye on your wallet, play safe kids

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>If different breeds of dogs can have different characteristics, why cant humans?

>Liberals and black people are a cancer to the world.

These two kinda conflict no?

No my friend. Climate is changing because thats how it is, how it was before human was on earth and will be long after humans will be long gone. The reason for that is that earths magnetic field is constantly changing. Earths polarity is changing and that polarity is responsible for literally every shit that is going on on our planet. On top of that earths ortbit is constantly changing and that is also connected to earths magnetic field.

Well I guess you solved it then and the ever-raging debate can end now

What is wrong with incels it’s disturbing

Deep down we're still a lot more monkey than we want to admit we are

That's not so far off. But unacceptable for most to even think about, naturally

"We're barely out of the jungle on this planet, folks."

Because most women are not the type to whore themselves out when they have a mate they are truly content with you don’t have to be an alpha to be a perfect match and that’s something incels will never understand coming from someone in a 8 year relationship with no job and medical issues and she’s never cheated nor threatened to leave me

The only thing I see wrong here is women and mechanics.

This guy thinks that pussy is his for real

>womens brains develop faster
Only during adolescence and "faster" does not necessarily mean "better"

She works 5 mins away and she comes straight home and to work everyday and hangs out with my family all day when she’s not at work nice try incel the only person who fucks my girl is me

A cuck fantasy would be "enjoying" the reality. But if women didn't do it, there would be no such thing as cuckoldry to begin with.
There is a reason why religions have so many rules regarding how woman should behave, it's almost like they do this shit unless the law of the land threatens them.

Oh and btw nerd she put a tracker on my phone and hers because she’s more worried I’d cheat than vice versa cuck get Kek’d on

A large majority of people are in denial of their own mortality. If only they knew how small, stupid and insignificant everything they have ever known and cared about is.

>I mean throughout history white people ruined everything.
No, whites didn't ruin anything, we just killed/enslaved your monkey ancestors to set in place societies capable of advancing humanity.

>Technological advancements came from wars started exclusively by whitey
>"wars mean they ruin everything >:("
You're thinking too small user. If whites played nice, and never went to war for things like resources, the world would be hundreds if not thousands of years less advanced than they are now. Every modern convenience and advancement we have today is because white people saw some niggers with spices and fertile land and decided "Hey fuck them I want that". The whole of humanity has greatly benefited from that. They haven't ruined anything.