Have you ever banged someones gf or wife?

Have you ever banged someones gf or wife?

Or have you let someone bang your gf or wife?

Used to share my ex gf with my best friend. He lost his virginity to her lol.

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I fucked several wives and taken women, but not with the boyfriend's knowledge or consent. Homewrecker for sure.

lost my virginity to my friends wife

Nice, does he know?

I fucked a dudes girlfriend with his permission once. I've fucked a lot of dudes girlfriends without their permission. I take what I want when I want it

larping as a dickhead. maximum cringe.

yes, he was always joking around about showing me her tits at first, kept escalating and was a fantastic time

Nice. Was it a one time thing? How is the atmosphere when you meet her?

only happened the one time, they ended up pregnant again about a month after it happened (yes it is theirs not mine) so that killed any further pursuits

Atmosphere is/was fine. I don't live local and they're both good friends so nothing awkward about it imo

Had a seven year affair with a married woman, she ended up divorcing him to be with me but I stayed with my wife. Too much financial impact to divorce.
She was amazing in bed, very uninhibited. Still have photos and videos that I Fap to.

Nice, was she hot?

I've always thought so, little rbf, but petite frame and she was still breastfeeding at the time so her tits were very nice and full. Also didn't have any natural births, so plenty tight still (& I'm bigger than her husband)

Where did you come?

Post em

belly/chest...I'll be honest I came pretty quick

Some pics have been posted

Where was your friend at this time?

Fucked my ex friends wife. Pretty sure I could call her up and smash whenever I fucking want. Something he cant do with his own wife.

He votes for Trump.

Post em

I let my girlfriend fuck other guys pretty often. Ex boyfriends, new guys she meets at the strip club, or tinder.

Although recently I set her and my friend up and they really hit it off, he spends the night at our place fairly often and they fuck A LOT.

I used to share my wife with technicians coming to repair any shit, its amazing how creepy people can be

I was working at whataburger during the time and this chick i use to mess with on the night shift finally let a nigga smash;So one night on our shift say was like.."shut up before i beat you up " i said "schedule the time and place finally we link up and when when did her room was dirty as hell i mean that bitch room was filthy but she was looking and had a fat ass so i did care after smoking a blunt she climbed on top of a nigga and bend her over a noticed a facetime ring that read "bae" with a ring a hearts i was aww mannnnn..so i hit that ass twice as hard

>Used to share my ex gf with my best friend.

Erm, congrats on being a cuck? I'm not sure why you would be proud of that . . .

downstairs playing video games

Why? Pregnant sex is the best.


I would have loved to while she was preggo, but she wasn't up for it (very self conscious which is why i'm surprised it happened in the first place)

Yeah me and my wife have a bull that sleeps over sometimes on weekends. We all just share the same bed since it’s custom made lol I love waking up to seeing her getting her cheeks clapped from behind and stink up the room with her pussy and ass smell

Sounds very fun lol lucky man

Yes. Slept with a married woman (one of my professors) while in college and another married woman some years later. The professor's husband knew we were together but the other woman's husband would have unironically killed me had he known I was banging his wife.

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That's all you're getting today.

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yes if they have a bf it makes the sex a lot better

I used to trade my motorcycle for my friend's wife for the weekend. Did it probably 15 or 20 times. Everyone was cool with it and no problems at all. Sadly she got killed in a car wreck by a drunk driver.