Whats up with all the bunnies being secretly murderers

whats up with all the bunnies being secretly murderers

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ot dead yet

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I want everyone to stop drinking and to go to sleep.


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stop drinking yes.
go to sleep. can't

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den et waz four da beeter yew stobbed. ez gud ting at yew wear alzo able two stob mostt peepol nebar kan
ate food n gow slep pink fren
eye dew knot putt sugar onn buttar!!! yew mixx butter wiff oder tings sow knot taste baad jest lik coffee. dot mak fibs bout we, yew scaly ayy lmao.ffake furr stil tickle noze. den gow outt siide n sshed banis knot subbosed bee innside
yee et bed tim four dem

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death can wait
theres glory to be had!!

not drinking today -.-
ill go like poor if do

youre so lightweight

heey waifu threads the otherway
but hi anyway

dont but butter in coffee!!! thats crime against coffeee!!!!!!!!!!! im fluffy bun lmaaooo if something!! not scaly!!!!! im inside bunny !!! i clean after self!!!!!

song wasnt over yet ;-;

A rainbow reflects in the mirrors after rain, cut from the sky.
The karakasa leaps across and jumps in,
A raindrop of reflected azur!
The wind blows, tatara
Tarara parara karaka sarara tatara
Tarara parara karaka sarara tatara
Tatara Kogasa is again, a flying parasol!

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only 0.6 stay stopped, if that makes scene

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i am ~N

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ya that the one


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pfft yew probablee da wun hoo putt buttar inn coffee beecuz yew lik bittar food. yew scaly undar da ffake furr n eye gowin prove et wun dayy. yew jest keep breakin houze n leavin crumbz al obver ffloor!!! yee eye fourgott source : Stargaze
ez et reely dat llow, ez knot gud considerin howw manyy peepol r addictted two drinkin

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that is the best we got :/

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i dont!! you say but buttar in everything!!!!
im not scaly im not!! if i was you would find scales everywhere too!!! not just my fluffy real fluff!!!!!!!!
i dont break houses!! or leave crrumbs everywhere!!!!!!!!!!
thats not part off the song dummy -.-

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yee ifb tink lik dis et beetar den know wun stobbin
dubs ofb buttar n coffee drinkar!!!
eye sayy mixx buttar wiff oder foodz knot jest ate et!!! noww dat eye tak beetar look des knot crumbz dayy scalez!!! yew leavin ffake furr n scalez eberry wear!!! Show less

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ebilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll wujnnn :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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that is why they wanted to get prohibition going.
but did not work.
can you see in 3d with those glasses on?

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i dont drink that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you do!! i saw you do it!!!!!!!
i know you eat buttar straight out off the buttar container!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i seen it i seen it!!!! at late night you go into fridge and rub eye then eat buttar all tired!!!!!!
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat why is there lizard invasion in our house!!!!!!!!!! aa!!! get the anti lizard squad here i dont like scaly lizzzzzzzzzzzzzards!!!!!
not part off song!!!

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glasses look really cute on you just saying

>eat buttar straight out off the buttar container
at 3am looking like the rake monster

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Busser, but do things similar to a server sometimes.
Schedule is really random can be an annoyance.

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alright you guys i think i am going to call it.
i may not be online tell Monday but i will be back.
is now

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yew subbosed bee slepin pink fren
kant stob sumting peepol r addictted two obver knight n tink et gowin work. knot sur et a great mysteryy
et ok bunbun yew kan hab buttar inn yor coffee eye knot laff. eye uze sugar n milk lik reel peepol dew!!! yew fib!!! dat waz yew dreamin bout we n yor ffavorite food buttar!!!! eyell tel dem dar scaly lizard ayy lmao covered inn furr hidin. butt et rite dar inn lyricz yee kogasa cute
yee wen beein kalled et ranndom tims et eny tim ofb dayy wood gett two yew bitt
gnight N ejoy yor wekend den hop et gud sea yew wen sea yew

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yee gow slep

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ebilwinfun ey lik yewwww

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ssee ya

ya it ok tooo ebil
if like eating raw buttar then you do i wont laugh at either
reel peepel dont but sugar into everything!!!!!!!!
eh!!! oki fine -.- youre my favorite and i love you i dreamed about you and your fav hobby off eating buttar you hecking heck!!!!!!!!!
not fake they wont find lizard covered in fluff cause nto excist!!!!!!!! bleh you just reading comments now
glasses make everything super cute x390201302109

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yew stil hab two gow slep ore gowin wake upp sic
eye gowin putt buttar n sugar onn yew soon den lett bread frens patt yew bald ifb keep makin fibs!!! reel peepol uze sugar inn coffee!!! eye knew et!!! yew dream bout buttar, bett yew alsow putt onn yor pizza. yew existt n yew hab ffake furr gowin tak yew bak two da zoo. yee butt knot eberry glassez

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ebillllll winnnnnnn doooo yeww likk me twoooo
ooooooooo goin bed now
ngihtt niht


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dont hecking do that!!! ill hug you if you do that!! while buttary and sugary!!! then we both in sticky situation!!
no i dream abot you!! eating butter!! cause i all time see you do it so i dream about it too!!!!!!! i dont but onn pizza!! i bet you but pineyack on pizzas!!!!! realllll fluffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
those glasses make ebil look confuzled wich is cute

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yee eye lik yew ifb dedant woodant ttalk wiff yew ore tel yew gow slep wen drink two muchh
gnight pink fren hop ffeel beetar wen wake upp n hab reelaxin dayy
smelly fren. lik thoze n da second wun funny
eye gowin dew et n mak yew hug pillow. yew knot hab two fib et ok dat yew dream bout buttar eye know yew lik et a llot. tak dat bak!!! know wun lik piineapple!!! et ffake!!!

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have you seen those before? should i go deeper next time?

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sure ill let you hug me :>
i know you just mean to me cause you like me alot....
i cant believe it took me so long to realise!!!!
why arent you more open about it :>

you should next time find bunny ones!!!!!

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ded sea da second n llast wun. ffirst wun new n lik. yew dot ned two gow 2hu huntin jest four we
eye knot hug yew!!! gow hug moth fren. wut yew talkin bout eye ebil dat wut we dew, yew biig earr furr ball

gnight frens hab gud funn dayy ore knight n restt ifb wekend

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bunnies? okay, sure
look at her go

oh, okay
sleep well

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sleep well ebil
bully ya later

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really floaty feeling in the video!! like shes hair and back thingymajib flies all over theplace!!!

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yeah, i believe that was made in MikuMikuDance, and 3D is difficult, man

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that girl almost holding tighter umbralla than ebil does!!!!
i will be goin now too head kinda hurttes have good day you -.-

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take care

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