Are you aroused by Islamic women?

Are you aroused by Islamic women?

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ninjas are scary

Fuck yes sandniggers can be sexy as hell.
Rescue her from her oppressive culture, she's overly grateful for nearly everything you take for granted.
Finally unleashed sex drive is on point.

My fantasy is to meet a qt 3.14 in some shithole country and bring her home as the perfect appreciative wife

they started to have feminsim in there you better hurry up , on the other side they still have fitesh for bule eye blonde guys


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way to waste such beautiful dubs

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Have you ever considered becoming muslim? They are the superior reactionaries, after all.

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I don't think that sandniggers are SOO attractive. BUT some can be. Fuck those isis sluts

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Mental ilness scare me, user.
I avoid all overly religious people.
Remember, these groups tend to kill each other over what kind of bloody incense to use, or how to drink your tea and when. Nope nope nope.

Pic related.

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you pic is so fake old

here :
look what the west did to their women
saudi arabia riyadh

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Walking carpets don't arous me

Sure, Mohammad, religion of peace and tolerance, sure sure.

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>they started to have feminism in there

it's 70% feminism

if you raise your hand on a wife/woman you will pay her SR50000 "about $13327.23"
+ jail time

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>this is not about the religion
it's about the fuckn sand niggers arab
just like the jews that eat kids and drank their blood it's not the religion faults

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By the thought of them dying yes.

I am straight white male and I been thinking about converting to Islam. Admiring the women is how it started? Everything else about just feels right for me and I not sure why I feel like this?

Redpill me on the Hijab.

Is it an innocent symbol of religious faith, like the yarmulke or the silver cross? Or is it genuinely an ancient garment drudged up by radical Islamists & theocratic fascists used to oppress women?

Yeah I want fuck them and end their lives. Basically I’ve decided to just be this way.

Ted Bundy is my hero now.

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No. Middle Eastern women are hairy as fuck. Disgusting.

Hair removal.

i have been with a lot of girls
westerns girls are hairy some times

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Forcibly if need be.

It is about the religion.
All religion.
Religious people will fucking kill each other over who has the best invisible superman in the sky. They will also kill those who doesn't believe in said superman.
We see the wonderful result of religion every day, in every corner of the world.
At best they suck money out of people, at worst they kill everybody not agreeing with them.

So yeah, it's very much about the religion.

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Kinda, but not as much as nuns.
Would love to find some pics of a woman wearing only a khimar though.

non Islamic science says there is more than 2 genders so...

This feels like it's such a beta thing to do though and becoming more common with younger men these days since they are turning into such cucks so they need travel to another country to find a mate. They feel so insecure just thinking about being with a beautiful strong western women and not able to handle one so they find something that's pretty much a stray dog who only gives them companionship because they are saved and given a better life but dont actually care for who they are or even love them. What you have done achieve is nothing no one else can't do if they are desperate enough and fail at actually winning a decent women. The same goes for those who go for Asian girls. You think having someone who cooks and cleans justifies how good you have it but you don't because you the connection isn't real as you just have a human robot because you will never be man enough to build a proper companionship and everyone can see this.

Persian women are superior to arabs.

Not really

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Yes, there are many idiots in the world, some of them are religious, some of them aren't.
Right now you are being an idiot, and you're also being religious.

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my advice
if you are a white western man go for a Russian & Ukrainian Muslim girls for marriage they don't mix with the sand saudis/arab people

I'm not out shopping, user.
You meet who you meet, you fall in love with whoemver it is you fall in love with.
Could be the girl/guy next door, could be someone from faraway places. Where life may take you.

There's a difference between a strong Western woman and Feminist fucking trash. Most Western women fall into the later category.

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Islam/muslim is not and has never been an ethnicity. It's strictly a religious signifier. You either like arab chicks or like the mystery of the robe.

they share %56 of their DNA with them

they smell hard on average

white Muslims =/= sand arab and poo Muslims

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Moar? They are fucking perfect

That's what I mean. You can't even handle the odds and easily intimidated by a women and of course you accept you can't tame a western women as easily as some gook. You're lazy and desperate and need someone to provide all the things your mum did for you. It's a obvious type of man that falls into this catagory and you're one off them.

religious idiocy = religious idiocy

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Come back from Malaysia and all the young women wear the hijab ... plus skin tight clothes and push up bras.

also chechen girl are white as fuck

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I work in a med school full of such.
They're alright... Not bad at all.

>religious people with high IQ =/= religious people with low IQ

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The religious are always idiots.
At best they're delusional, at worst deeply stupid.

Hijab can be sexy. They others are trash though.

you don't know that
it's all in the heart

see the pic related
>Russian & Ukrainian reject the saudis that come asking for marriage all the times lol they don't want to mix with the low IQ arab

some times they get lucky but most of the times they get the big NO

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The religious will tell me that a supernatural being told them what to tell me, that I may follow said beings dictate.
I must do this or suffer the pain of eternal torture.
If a god exist, I trust such a creature will tell me what it wants for me - no middleman required.

Since that hasn't happened, I remain critical of those who profess to know "The Truth".

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we have this too
>if i cannot get you no one will

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Ahktually you're proving how stupid and ignorant you are for making such a retarded assumption

I hooked up with a Muslim chick in Kuala Lumpur. It was a huge turn on to see her in traditional dress before fucking.

people do crazy thing for love

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>Believe in invisible skyman
>invisble skyman never talk directly
>Must believe or else eternal torture

Yeah, and I'm the idiot.

Or maybe I prefer to fuck middle eastern girls because they arouse me way more than self entitled western feminist cunts? You're retarded and your argument proves you're a cuck

Yes, yes you are.

Some people are horrible and some aren't. You're a homosex and your argument proves you like scat-munching

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Suit yourself, just don't be disappointed if people dont' take your seriously.
Islam is shit.

You are truly ignorant if you think all religious people believe the same way you laid out in your retarded argument. You sir are truly the problem with the world. You're so blind to how wrong you are. Please kys

Some people are niggers are some aren't. You're a faggot and your argument proves you like white niggers tongue licking your anus

Not being superstitious puts me ahead of you, it seems.
Clearly this has escaped you.
Pic related, it's religious people killing religious people.

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it's just shitty people

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Sarcasm is completely wasted on you.
Your stupidity allows you to press onwards like a buldozer made from 100% retardism.

How can you be so fucking dumb? You really don't understand how wrong you are. You're arguing your extreme is better than the other extreme. Again, you are the problem with this world, just as much as Mohammad beheading people in the sand dunes. Go. Fucking. Die.

Okay cuck

>Go. Fucking. Die.
Ah, there he is, the proponent of Islam.
The true face of religion.
As I said, not being superstitious, I'm at least a step ahead of you.

Hell, I married one. Young muslima from Indonesia, best mut I ever had, obedient and always ready for a snug

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>Oh no, I have no argument, better just insult him

The Burka is the single greatest piece of clothing female humans could ever wear

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Never thought of it that way but it’s on the nose, not going to lie.

God forbid a woman helps with cleaning and cooking instead of just sucks up money sitting around getting fat

>hit puberty long before 9/11
>never develop sandnigger fetish
zoomers dont even know theyve been conditioned.

No, just like how im not aroused by trash bags.

But you're not. You're a faggot nigger on /b in a thread on Islam. You're in exactly the same place I am, only I'm a good one or two standard deviations above you on the IQ scale.

Arguing why your cuck opinion is baseless isn't worth my time. Fucking nigger.

Same fagging this hard. Your argument is bullshit. Men are looking elsewhere because they don't want the mental nutjobs that fill the US.

Rawan from egypt.. Beautiful girl

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Completely rational reactions to being called out as mentally limited, hateful and stupidly jumping to conclusions.
Typical for the religious idiots to turn to simple, shrill attempts at namecalling when faced with criticism.


Girlfriend is Persian. Honestly she's not much different than a white girl, though her texting style is pretty annoying.

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And merely pointing out that I'm calling you what you are, not defending your retarded theories with reason... pretty typical retard behavior

Ass pics please

I see, so according to you, I'm a black gentleman who's also homosexual? And this is based on your dissatisfaction with me not rolling over and praising Allah?
Also, what theories am I to defend?

What starwars faction is this?

The Explosive Republic