Any helpful Cred Forumsro out there got a link to the full Aspen and Milo facialabuse scene...

Any helpful Cred Forumsro out there got a link to the full Aspen and Milo facialabuse scene? It's become my white whale and no luck in /r/.

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I haven't found this one in a while which is a shame since the blue haired one reminds me of an ex. The sexxxtons or mayli scenes are my typical ones for a quick cum though.

Mayli is a guaranteed cum, especially when they talk about her prom.

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I like it when they have her do 10 "from the tip to the balls" and she takes the dick out of her mouth at like number 6, then they make her start all over again. And when she gets soaked by the fat camera guy at the end.

It was on yespornplease along with the Mayli vid but the sits been down for days sadly

This is why I need it!

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Who's the best stud on facialabuse?

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OP still here?

I am. Been searching myself as well.

No luck. Its episode 212 though, but can't find a pack.

Bootleg. He looks rough in the latest vids. Like he's dying or something.
Karleigh Rogers is my go to for a quick one. Love both of yours though

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I'll probably be able to find it over the weekend but can't right now. You got kik?

I do. I'm perfectquiet2. Thank you.

Appreciate the help bro, been struggling with this one.

Why? She's weird looking af, but that's true of most women on that site. I can't even fap to 90% of the scenes, but the good scenes are god tier.

I always enjoyed the scenes with the fat dude with no nuts, red or something. Seems rougher than the others.

Nikki from the early days is also a good one. Slut cried and sucks her thumb. Plus they clean the cum off her face in a motel toilet.

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I suppose because of how upset she gets. Plus she seems like a wreck in general

I knew a girl who used to have a membership to this site, honestly I thought it was more weird that she was paying for it than that she was into that kind of thing.

Would love to know a girl into watching this stuff

There's a few out there.

I like it when the girls seem at least vaguely sane tbh, like they made a calculated decision to do the roughest porn they could.

it took me literally 5 seconds to find a seeding torrent

I get that.