Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

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Non amerifag here.

I swear to fucking god all of you in your shitty country need to vote for this man. Spending tax dollars on saving lives through healthcare, and education (both are fundamental human rights and somehow America STILL fucked those up) rather than more corporate bullshit and an army thats never going to get used becuase A. It's already one of the greatest in the world and B. Who in their right mind fucks with AMERICA? All of Europe and all the other western countries have made free healthcare and a less shitty (not perfect) education system work so pick up the fucking pace America and stop trying to pretend that free healthcare is an affront to your humanity. It's fucking not, WE'VE ALL MADE IT WORK.

You stubborn cunts.

Also metric > imperial


You're right but metric is still bullshit.

Shut up already

>metric > imperial
If the metric system is so great, why are 14mm sockets made to fit 3/8" drive ratchets?

Our next President

>Lemme tell you how to live

Ok poorfag. Eat some macao

>metric > imperial

Kek that this was the most controvertial statement of the entire paragraph

He's right about the rest, Bernie 2020.

Yeah because the way you live now sucks balls. Plain and simple. You're America, arguably one of the greatest nations on earth and yet living there is an absolute nightmare

Also I earn six digits, yes even when converted to Yee Haw bucks or whatever you guys use

Yang BEATS Bernie by tons, why force people into outdated wageslavery with FJG when all the jobs will be automated anyways, why not give everyone 1k a month with UBI and allow them to work from wherever and start their own shit in cheaper places and revitalize the local economies.

Bernie is still trying to solve the problems of 50 years ago, he's a good guy but the world has evolved and changed and he's not up to date.

Too soon. That’s why. Total automation is up there with flying cars.

Yang is not in the race anymore and UBI is a trojan horse. Its in place of your current benefits. If you're a single parent who needs gov programs UBI can either replace that or you can fuck off. MLK's vision for a UBI was not in place of a social program. Yang also has shit opinions on things like M4A. He's a nice guy but he really only has one policy worth discussing and even that one is bastardized.

It's just all of you could be living so much better in basically king of the west that is America, but as it is now America is a bad place to live in.

It just makes me sad seeing such wasted potential when you all deserve so much more

America is fucking huge just move. Its not that hard. Keep seething thirdie

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>non amerifag here

Can you read?

Listen to this retard .

>if the city you live has been plagued by what ever it is you think goes on you can move its not that hard .

Wtf are you even from

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Yang had some great fucking ideas and will be a major player in politics in the future

But UBI right now isn't a complete necessity compared to single payer universal healthcare. Plus Yang's UBI had no rent control or other safety nets to prevent landlords from just colluding to collectively raise the rent. Think in the "free market" these landlords would reduce rent to compete with each other? Look at ISPs. Similar prices, similar speeds and service when they could compete better but why do that when they could all collectively fuck over customers? ISPs in America are complete dog shit

Not only that but like said its a trojan horse. You'll get UBI but it'll be in place of other benefits like social security. UBI is a great concept when done right but as of now, especially Yang's version, it's a shitty band aid covering up bigger systemic issues in this country

Commie Chinese spy


well thanks for at least outing yourself as a fucking retard who knows absolutely nothing before we got into a waste of time discussion

fuck off now mouth breather

>muh 1000 thousand dollars

Learn a trade you lazy kike post a pic of your wrist faggot I bet your ass has never welded a head stud bolt

New Zealand. I live in the capital. It's great here. Don't have to worry about medical bills for one. Education system is a whole other can of worms though. Not perfect, but damn straight it's better than America


Lmao this is same country that lets it citizen join isis and then come back ? Fuck of kike until you can load a rifle dont tell us how live jew. Probly anotjer sand nigger or a refugees from some slum in africa enjoy your boats of corana virus.
Refugees welcomed. Peace

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Keep seething, rightie.

>New Zealand. I live in the capital. It's great here. Don't have to worry about medical bills for one
Me neither. I live in the U.S. and have a real job with excellent health benefits.

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You are American and live off welfare.
You have no idea how poor democtratic socialism made us. We were the richests countries in the 70's and now about 10% of our people can't afford to heat their home, cars cost a ton of money and sometime we have to quit our jobs because it cost so much to go to work than we would make more by living of gibs.

It failed every time it was tried and the lite version just fall slower.

but you literally nowhere to go if you are jobless like me. Free healthcare for everyone shoud be a basic thing. Free water, food and clothes too. And a small room for free if you can't afford a house or an apartment. We're living in the fucked up world.

Get a job, faggot.

Oh, get a job? Just get a job? Why don't I strap on my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon and fire off into job land, where jobs grow on jobbies?!

>Free healthcare
>Free food
>Free clothes
>a small room for free
You do realize someone has to pay for all this "free" stuff, right?

P.S. Water is free worldwide

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government should pay for this

Yeah that's called filling out an application

>government should pay for this
The government doesn't sell anything or make any money. Where does the money come from that the government is supposed to use?

well then I don't need no government if they don't give a shit about people like me and only care about rich old faggots.

Not once did you take personal responsibility for your current situation. You blame the government and rich old faggots instead of getting off your lazy ass and getting a job. You are the lower form of shit. Stop fucking mooching off the working class.

To be honest, Bloomberg would be better

fuck off jobfag

>Yee Haw bux

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>fuck off jobfag
IHuh, I was right. You are a piece of shit.

i wanna be a cat in the good family, playing all the time, sleeping, chilling, eating and be loved by everyone without some stupid responsibilities

We know you lazy fuck

Getting a job is pretty easy, just develop a network and talk to people. I have 3 jobs currently which I acquired through networking. Just filling out applications will get you no where.

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ى ليكي بيرنيي سانديرس، سينچي هي يس ا سوچياليست. إند سوچياليسم يس عوود فور تهي پيواپلي!

A hero of our time

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I'm 30 and I never had a job, didn't finished the school, I have no education, no skills, no friends, nothing. I was an alcoholic for a past 10 years drinking everyday. Where the hell and how am I supposed to get a job?

اذهب يمارس الجنس مع إلهك اليهودي

You have no idea what either socialism or democratic socialism entail.

PROTIP: it's not "I dunno, give stuff to poor people"

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Why, Mr. Sanderson?
Why? Why do you persist?

DNC is a corrupt piece of shit, I think its all a conspiracy by the rich to make us poor fags fight each other instead of the real enemy, Billionaires.

>healthcare, and education (both are fundamental human rights
A lot of American's don't agree with this.

>I was an alcoholic for a past 10 years
>I'm 30 and I never had a job
Amazing how you can put so much effort into finding money to drink everyday but not to go to work.

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don't feed the trolls-

Because we overspend now. You know what will cure that? Some gray-haired retard that wants to spend more. Brilliant!

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Thanks Elon

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Bern 2020

Boy, you sure proved me wrong.

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you sound like an expert on the subject. please, enlighten us

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Socialism is about rights for *workers*. Socialists don't want handouts to be relevant, they want anyone who's able to work to have the opportunity to work - not the opportunity to start a series of tests and chellenges where they compete against other people to maybe work.

After the oil crisis in the 70s, right-wing leaders exploited the crisis to shut down government-supported industry such as the coal mines in the UK, assuring workers that they'd get generous unemployment benefits instead. Socialists campaigned against this move, hence the "jobs not dole" and "coal not dole" slogans.

If you actually go to Sanders' website and read his social security policies, they focus entirely on the elderly. His take on unemployment, under "Jobs for All", is to "Enact a federal jobs guarantee, to ensure that everyone is guaranteed a stable job that pays a living wage." This is the antithesis of handouts.

We get it, you're 12. Don't you have homework to be doing?

Uh no sweetie, socialism is about the state owning all the employers.

Doing basic research will only hurt you if you're wrong. You don't want to be wrong, do you?

Literally anyone but Trump. See y'all at the polls.