"It's going to disappear. One day it's like a miracle, it will disappear," Trump said at the White House Thursday as the virus marched across Asia and Europe after US officials said the US should brace for severe disruption to everyday life.

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the only thing dumber than this lying sack of dog shit is his supporters. too proud to admit they got bamboozled by the most obvious conman slob

They would have to know they're bring bamboozled. Being brainwashed isn't something that's generally admittable while in the midst of its effects.

Do you wake up angry about it everyday?

~1100 cases is marching across europe?
There is a disease present, well, a syndrome. Get some help.

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>world's most powerful person clearly lying about pandemic and shutting down doctors that contradict his bullshit
>not being mad about it
boy you lot really are up his ass aren't you?

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Trumps been talking about this for weeks - media ignores and doesn't report on it to instead focus on this week's Muh Russia hoax!

TV fed dipshits buy in and now HurR DuRR TRumP NoT DOinG aNyTHing tO HeLP!

How is it even possible, that both sides are utterly convinced the other is brainwashed? Most people that voted for Trump, were actually voting against Hillary and the left. Most on the right do not consume MSM and search endlessly for news that's not completely biased. The left treats the MSM like a religion. So who is more likely brainwashed, given these facts?

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>I don't know very much about world events
>but I did watch Fox News last night

>So who is more likely brainwashed, given these facts?

one side can get news from just about any news source
one side can only believe news that comes from a specific political viewpoint
>gee, I wonder who is brainwashed

You need to visit America sometime, user.


>>Most on the right do not consume MSM and

>>search endlessly for news

>> that's not completely biased.

How can you actually be this fucking stupid unironically. Do you have to concentrate to maintain your ability to breathe?

The Right eats up anything on fox news like it is the word from god himself, and that shit could litteraly not be more bias. You are fucking trolling right? Please say yes.

I didn't say I support Trump. 3000 deaths out of almost 8 billion people is not something I'm going to spend today worried about.

There's actually an NPC meme that says just that. CNN, MSNBC, NPR and BBC, are not multiple news sources. I have a webm that someone complied, that shows multiple cable and even local news stations, including Fox, saying the exact same talking point, verbatim, over and over and over and over... That is how they brainwash you. I wish I could post it here, but it's 3.01mb and really needs sound to understand.

Fox is also extremely biased. It's for old people to leave on in the background, while they nap.

So, hows it different than CNN?

And now Pence is in control of all the scientific data. this is the guy that’s trying to bring forth Jesus second coming. We’re fucked.

Because it’s a fucking joke and no matter how hard you strain to always say “what about Obama” “what about Clinton” “what about my step dad raping me as I came because I loved it” the truth is the truth. You did love it though.

People that watch CNN, actually believe it and take it to heart. Calling the current MSM "news" is like calling MTV a music channel, or Discovery Channel a learning channel.

>CNN, MSNBC, NPR and BBC, are not multiple news sources.

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not the user you reply to but essentially all news networks' end goal is to generate more views, journalist integrity is long gone at this point. The whole "left/right" leaning of medias is just to pander to different demographic, those spineless assholes don't care about anything but money

did trum,p do coronavirus to reallywow

It's not. They are both corporate media owned and used to push corporate friendly propaganda.

Here, I dumped that news compilation into one of the 30 totally organic BBC threads on /gif/, I'll try t link it, but I don't tend to have much luck with this.


Why are they always crossed out Maybe it's 2 meme arrows.

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Uh, no. Neither is the highest level of integrity, but Fox is clearly meant to make money while propagating a billionaires low integrity politics. Shit, Fox isn’t owned by an American. Traitor.

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I will make this work!

Because one side is brainwashed by white Christians imperialists and the other side is everyone who isnt brainwashed by white Christian imperialists.

Just say whites, please. No need to add flair.

Yes, don’t say anything true at all please

Fuck youre uninformed. That clip youre talking about is a compilation of ALL Sinclair Broadcasting owned stations saying the same thing. Those stations are ALL local stations and are forced to air the scripts given to them by Sinclair, a very right-wing conservative corporation.

Trump in South Carolina two nights ago: "This coronavirus is a Democratic hoax to discredit me".

you cannot make this shit up.

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Rent free in your sick little mind.

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You poor, little white bigger. Crying about being fed his own medicine.

Heres your tissue, snowflake.

Why is Fox for Bloomberg?

this video user?

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CNN is left biased. Fox is right biased. Two sides of the same coin. If people choose ONE specific network to get their news, they're likely uninformed

The one where they quoted something? I dont really remember but one of these compilations they were all quoting something and someone pretended they werent.

we're not fucked. the amount of people affected is so ridiculously small and everyone is blowing it the fuck out of proportion

oh quiet you weakling faggot

No, you are a faggot and the other side is normal people who leave their basement and don’t jerk off to cartoon children. Not the same.

Doesn’t happen in a week, but they can’t retain it. Right now the numbers are relatively low, but it’s popping up unexpectedly. Can be spread by a person for 4 weeks without knowing he has it.

Not for what it is, but for the potential it has to become. You do see that dont cha?

Funny thing is, when the first 50 cases were known, I posted here too for shits n giggles. Everyone replied it wouldn’t leave China.

Yeah about that......

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That one thing is for certain

u guize r dumb. did u know that heat will kill the virus? just turn up the heat.

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Im engaged, have fucked around 35 women by age 25, have a core group of good friends, and watch neither because both are biased. If youre too blind to see that, I feel more sorry for you than I would waiting for you to use the term "larp"'in my response to you. Faggot

A shithole like China is way different than the US. Im not nervous

Lose weight, have sex, stop LARP, Fox News is the problem, you are fag

Im 6 ft 205 lbs. I do not watch fox news, and I speak the truth. Stay sad and go back to your bodypillow nigger communist.

Except you just made that up.

That is specifically the problem. Large corporations own the news media and tell them exactly what to say to us, instead of just reading the news. That particular one, was specifically telling people like you, to not listen to people like me, telling you that the news is fake. Ironic, no?

In my opinion, it’s a great time to buy stocks or into your 401K. I would be all in... let’s see if I’m right...

12:47 PM · Feb 28, 2020

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