Found nudes on my girls phone that she’s not sent to me. What do?

Found nudes on my girls phone that she’s not sent to me. What do?

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Send them to her from your ohone.

I’m not convinced that’s going to work

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Do you know when they were taken?

Because if you don’t, then it seems pretty possible that the pics may be from before y’all started dating.

Also, it could be a picture she took intending to send it to you but didn’t because who knows why; maybe someone called, maybe y’all started fighting, who knows?

Point being, there’s a lot of things that could explain this pretty easily, and it keep that in mind before you out yourself and tell her you snooped through her phone (if that’s not a thing you do) and found these pics.

U made a fake fb with my ex name and pics to then i added her friends and sent nudes lol

Mr. Rational here lol
I'm just here for the nudes

Maybe she just likes to take photos of herself when masturbating. Nothing wrong with that

They’ve been taken in the last couple of weeks, we’ve been together 2 years, no fights, etc.

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damn ur gettin cucked son

Femanon. I would take pics of myself to be ready later on when my bf asks for nudes but I'm not in the mood yet want to service him anyways at the time he wants it. I don't know how you guys work but your gf, your property. You know her better

Lol, it’s Cred Forums there’s literally nudes everywhere. Not that exciting.

And I just think this dude is going to fuck up his relationship because the first thing he thought when he saw nudes he didn’t recognize was that his girlfriend is fucking other people. And who knows? Maybe? But the pic itself is really shit evidence for that; like, my man, every woman you will ever date (unless you’re like 18 or 19 or something) will have sent other guys nudes and fucked other guys. It’s not a big deal.

IMO, you should ask yourself why the first thing you thought was that she must be cheating because that seems like a confidence things. (Unsolicited advice, a lot of dating success is really just being confident.)

I had the same revolution.

Turned out she was flirting with exs and friends and had cheated on me several times.

Didn't bother me tho turned me on, I just wanked over what she was saying to them and send g them.

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stop RPing on Cred Forums you fucking loser

Yeahhhh, this makes sense.

Like, OP, do you really expect your girl is going to drop her panties and send you nudes whenever you want.

I’d accept Femanons explanation because it seems reasonable, but, if you want to check without potentially embarrassing yourself by seeming insecure and paranoid (1) see if the nudes you’ve received correspond to the days they were taken (if they don’t, then Femanon did you a solid and just solved this fucking mystery).

Think she’s basically just texting a guy she used to see before we were together, all communication with him has been deleted off her phone in the last few weeks

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obviously send them to her and stay cool by saying something like love your nudes and post here

Yep, you're getting cucked.

Nothing you can do fam. She'll leave you when she's satisfied she can cause the most hurt to you and ruin your life.

No sympathy, this is what you get for trusting foids.

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I mean, that’s also possible.

It’s also possible she blocked him because that’s also a thing?

IMO, if you feel like she’s cheating (and seem to almost expect or want her to be cheating), then you should probably just say some shit like, “Hey, I was going through your pics because I was looking for (insert bullshit pic or nude that you couldn’t find and might have lost somehow) and saw some new pics. Are those for me, or are the pics for some other dude?” If you play it off like it’s not an earth shattering discovery, then maybe you’ll be able to get her to say what’s what; if not, you’ll at the very least get the chance to try and see if her story holds up to a little probing.

This. Figure out the John and make him start paying your bills (by means of physical violence) to turn this situation from cuck to pimp.

Additional possibility, and this one is obvious—if you have pics that seem like they are part of the same set. Then she just took a bunch and only sent the ones she liked.