Feet Thread? Pic is OC

Feet Thread? Pic is OC

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Anyone like these?

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feet without faces are kinda meh.

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I love it when the girl looks kinda contemptuous of your weakness for her feet.

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Pretty_feet_fantasies on IG. Does requests. I think she sell her socks and underwear too if you're into that

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OC btw. Picture I had requested

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Very nice

My wife sleeping on the couch just now

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Someone post cummy feet

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Pictures i promised i would not share

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Girl is same as OP post, I am OP

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More soles plz

Soles is shit tier feet pics

Whatd she do to you lol

Yo user who posted this do you have the full sets? I used to have them all on old pc but lost willing to trade lots of onlyfans feet girl videos for the sets of you have


Sry the 3 I posted were all I had, unfortunately she's an ex

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opinions on her feet

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hides face
wide square feet

that's a dude


show her holes

Nah cropped for her privacy, you just salty you didn't get face

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Requesting soles without the face.

I'll never understand that bullshit. I have a foot fetish not a face fetish. And personally, when I have my face buried in a girls soles, I REALLY don't want that bitch staring at me. Or doing some bullshit you see in some feet pics like pointing at her feet (seriously who the fuck is like yeahhh bitch point downward at your feet hnng)

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na, ur brain is shit tier

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vid of her drinking her own piss is amazing.

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Well said. Half the fun of sucking toes is seeing the faces she makes

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This image is super common on any foot related place on the internet, I wonder if any of these girls know?

if you made an album with every classic/God tier foot pic from Cred Forums over the years, what would have to go in it?

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Wish i was autistic enough to track them down and tell them about it

That one teen girl in black tights doing a split and putting her bare foot up on like a bike rack would have to go in for sure

that pic/any of her pics in the pose, for sure.

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She loves the attention

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nah dude she loves the money. don't get it twisted.

she's a sex worker, sec workers do it for the check, not because they like your disgusting ass drooling over their feet

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Somebody got this? I've never seen it but interested

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Beautiful. Any more pics of toes

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Post cummy feet

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Captchas are ridiculous now ill poat more later

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Do you have her self worship pics?

Please good sir, any bikini/nudes?

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Nah someone posted her instagram a while back that had some bikini pics but she deleted her insta after all the messages from weirdos

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Nice bro wanna kik me and lemme see

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who is she? she has sexy soles

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Her names bailey she did tiktok and then sold feet pics and regretted it and now pretends she never sold them

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well I’m glad she did. Who is the other girl you posted?

Gross fat whale

Idk lol sorry hit that pic on random

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Bailey looks like she’d be fun to tie up and have her soles licked

well done! would love to know the story on this one

I can think of a few other things id like to do to her tied up soles than just lick

Any more of either?

I second that!

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there's this one gif I've never been able to find. It's of some dude recording a chicks feet, and when the camera moves a bit to see her face, she raises her eyebrows and twinkles her toes. I haven't seen that in years but it's hot.

another of her in the pose

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Nah i got baileys twitter tho if you want it drop your kik and ill msg you it



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Drop yours, I need to cum for her

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Can you send to me too please?

kik: jayjayjayzee


He’s not answering but I’ve got sauce. Message @hayesin

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Goddess Bri?

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dump in a vola?


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Ugh, I love her so much..

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she is perfection

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I need to cum for Goddess Bri..

Look at those fucking toes. Incredible.

Post it here?

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my favorite pic of bri to blow my load to

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I wish scrunching was illegal. Girls seem to think it’s sexy. Relaxed toes are so much better.

I hate when they scrunch their feet, ruins sole pics

The front of her toes are the bottom. Hammertoes.

perfect. Look into her eyes and say her name as you empty your balls for goddess

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They looked good until she crammed them in those ugly bitch shoes.

this; though scrunches are nice for videos, since toe wiggles are incredibly hot

.... why not both?

Illegal scrunching

Draining my balls to Bri's mouth right fucking now

She is so fucking average.

Yes 100%

Fuuuuuck Bri is gonna make me cum

Scrunching is a thing women do because they think it makes them look better. They are fucking wrong.

her pretty little mouth deserves it

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Literally every single one of these popular foot sluts are average. I don't get the hype.

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Keep Bri coming I'm fapping furiously

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she demands you keep pumping

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What's the hype about?

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A lot of the allure is the lore. Nothing gets my dick harder than having all of these footsluts full names, social media, and their feet content.

She deserves a fat load


she deserves them daily

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Funny. I just like perfect feet. Like the good old days. There were some sexy amateur teen feet back in the day. Honestly the hundreds/thousands of feet pics I have from 7+ years ago are so much better.

any of her with toe rings?


I don't think so :(
I'm sure she'd take some if someone paid her

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More bailey

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Soles? Why is she so well known here? Are there any actual feet pics of her?

she's well known for her beauty and her sexy feet. She sells feet pics too

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Those shoes should be illegal. In fact it’s ballet flats or bare feet for me. Also no tight shoes so girls toes grow straight and nice. Not bent to shoe shape.

Damn yeah imagine her with a toe ring and anklet

Needs a pedi

Where do i contact her to become a foot slave? Kik?


are you on discord? leave your name and ###. If you're only on kik let me know. I'll add you

this is her right? it's the only one I have like that

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Yeah i think it's her, awesome

You cant just leave her info here? Shes a foot slut right? Im foottbuyer on kik tho

yeah that's her! forgot about that one, there are so many haha

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You have a lot of her? Can you share on Vola/kik/discord?

what's your discord? I'll add


RIP Queen of Cred Forums

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what's her name and where to find her?

Literally nothing exciting about Bri. You guys don’t even buy from her. This whole “group” has obtained just one decent photo from her. Real buyers go shoot your shot.

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Ive venmoed her $5 in hopes she will respond to me

is op still here?

real BRIck squad

I wanted to see op's tits or pussy

>bitch tits
>boi pucci


op is a tranny? well, fuck a duck! that's a fucking shame

BRIck Squad for life.

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opinions on her?

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Stupid brown Instagram bitch. Have some taste and like white women exclusively.

Thanks whoever turned me onto this chick. Posts feet and heels on her stories pretty regularly so she keeps me happy

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sexy brown feet would cover in cum

You have a shoe fetish not a foot fetish. Look at the deformed toes.

I happen to like athletic girls/runners feet but it's just a preference I guess. I have to agree the shoe content is top notch though. Another great post today

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No. Just no.

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