What does it feel like to be in shape? I've been a fat fuck since I was a little kid, so I've never felt it...

What does it feel like to be in shape? I've been a fat fuck since I was a little kid, so I've never felt it. I kind of think that if I knew what "healthy" is supposed to feel like, then I would recognize how I feel as "unhealthy," and feel more driven to make a change. But as it stands, I just feel "normal" because this IS my normal. So I know I should be losing weight, and I wish I had the willpower, but I just don't feel "wrong" enough to really put effort into it.

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You about the size of the dude in the pic?


Feels good instead of normal. You are attractive to other people and feel physically and mentally better.

Think about a fence that is about chest height. If you are in shape jumping over it takes you 2 seconds and no effort.

I was in great shape from about 20-30 years old, and it felt great. I had a lot of energy and confidence. When I exerted energy, I sweated a little more, but it didn't smell bad, it was just wet.

Not quite. I'm 5"10' and probably about 260-270. But not a "new" 270, an "always been fat" 270 so I'm in my 30s but my shit is already sagging and I have huge tits.

>What does it feel like to be in shape?
Not being exhausted by the simple thought of walking two miles, stopping only long enough to pay a cashier.

I haven't worked construction in about a year but during that time was probably the best I've felt in a long time. So I walked to the convenience store the in the pouring rain a week or so ago because it's around the corner from my neighborhood and my vehicle is on jackstands while I wait for parts. Halfway there I felt regret. The return trip was like a death march. The next day my legs felt like I'd been caned.

Anyway feeling healthy is hard to explain. I've never been a fatass but I've definitely been, and returned to being, out of shape. Life's more fun when you can shovel and entire driveway in the winter without breaking a sweat. Or hike a trail and enjoy the world around you without drinking your entire water supply for the trip a few hundred yards in. You can do more when you aren't impeded by your own rapid exhaustion, and links have been made between physical fitness and mental fitness so getting in shape is just as important for the mind as it is the body.

Yeah ok. That's not horrible, but as you know it's still pretty bad. The good thing is it won't be as hard to turn it around compared to a 400 pound fucker.
I used to be around 250-290 as a teen to young adult, so I feel ya. It felt normal until I realized I couldn't do shit physically
Like you said you feel normal because it's your norm. It's hard to describe how being in shape feels to someone who's never experienced it
The best I've got for you is going from fat to good shape almost makes you feel superhuman.


How'd you get back in to shape?

I got depressed for a long time and quit eating.
Not healthy at all and I'm not recommending starvation.
However, it was easier to start working out without those extra pounds.
Take it slow at first, a little bit if exercise is better than nothing.
It will get easier to do more as you work out.
Best thing to do is stop drinking soda and eating fast food/candy (if you do)
You'll lose weight just from quitting
Good luck man

It's just general shit dude. When you're overweight you have dumb things like trying to find the right way to sit on the toilet to shit. Your armpits being uncomfortable. Clothing fitting like ass. Out of breath from real little shit. There's other shit that also might come with it like indigestion, poor sleeping, sore joints, bad BO. Think of it as your body reacting to being a way it should never naturally need or could get to

He's not joking about the superhuman thing, just start by thinking how it would feel to sprint, flat-out, FAST, for 30 straight seconds. Imagine that in your head. You might be able to do it now, but you'd be half dead right? Imagine doing it and you're just breathing kinda heavy. It's the little things like that. Jumping fences, etc.

Don't starve yourself tho. What worked for me is intermittent fasting. Try 16:8 at first, where you only eat in an 8 hour window. Then shrink it to 4. SLOWLY. Try to replace sugary foods til you quit sugar, SLOWLY.

Try this stuff too much too fast, you'll get frustrated and quit. Be patient. I went from 240 to 190 this way.

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stop eating so much and you will lose weight. eat more healthy and you will feel better. if you eat shit food then eat less shit food even if you have to eat it just eat less it's not difficult stop lying to yourself

It can only be explained by comparison. In last 2 years I lost 20+ kg, lost even more kg of fat because I also gained some muscle. Comparing myself to that past time I feel light, like, I don't feel the weight of my own body loke I used to. I feel no extertion whatsoever while moving my own body around. Climbing on or under stuff is no longer a consideration. Carrying groceries or shit, jogging, climbing stairs - not a consideration, you just do it, hardly notice it - no hotness, sweat, shortness of breath.
Turns out your body is quite strong when it no longer has to carry so much of its own fat around. Feels good, man.

It’s like not being poor.
It feels good, but the world in general doesn’t really care how you look.
Do it for you

This is a good explanation.

It's like batting practice. You put a bunch of weights on the bat during practice, then when you take them off it feels like you're swinging around a celery stick. Let's say you drop to 180lb. You will be able to walk around carrying NINETY FUCKING POUNDS and feel like you do right now.

Yeah I definitely don't want him to starve himself. That's just what happened to me.

Taking things slowly is the key.
A few moments of working out will make you feel much better than years of obesity.
If you're depressed, working out helps with that as well
If you can quit sugar cold turkey, great. If you cant there is no shame in indulgence once in a while.
Once I realize that sugary shit does nothing but make your efforts to lose weight more difficult, I just quit. It was almost like flipping a switch.

Hope you're still here op. Maybe something one of us said will motivate you

you wake up with energy in the morning, you feel strong and attractive, like you have the power to control your own destiny.

feels good I don't have any of the weight specific problems that you have to deal with

this is a good thread

I'm not sure if he's still here but I know this thread will be clicked by a few curious fat anons if it lives long enough, and I hope they do read something that helps. I have horrible depression, and I lie to myself all the time that it isn't affected by the physical shape I'm in-- it completely is. If I'm exercising and eating right, it is way easier to expend the effort required to not hate my fucking life lmao

yeah tell the buttloving queermasters over at /fit/ that while they're standing in a circle jerk playing ookie cookie, we're motivating actual fat people here on Cred Forums

Wait I just realized. 1/1/2004

The Dark Knight came out in 08.

Heath... Ledger... stole this look?

Tl:Dr if you really are comfortable being fat you won't feel very different after becoming fit.

I was in the same boat as you, I never really got in shape but I did lose weight and become skinny. I enjoyed the compliments and attention I got for a little while, but after that nothing really changed because I have been overweight for so long that I wasn't embarrassed and I accepted my fate as a lard creature. it didn't bother me, so when I had lost all that weight it did feel like a huge achievement but at the same time it didn't make me feel any more comfortable in my skin than I had already been.

You get laid easily, even if you're not traditionally good looking or even a socially awkward fuck like. You can kind of stand around, not talking, and girls see you as intriguing. If you're fat they'll just think you're being weird.

Wow you're smart.

The problem:
>you won't feel very different after becoming fit
>I never really got in shape

Mmmmmkay. Yeah. If you stay a lazy unhealthy fuck, you will continue to feel bad.

Come on dude, don't knock good health advice because you've found an excuse to be whatever weight you want.

>As a person who have gone from thiccman to stickman I can give some comparissons
1. When I was fat i kept searching for shortcuts, taking elevators and making an effort not to walk places etc because I knew they would exhaust me. As of now my mindset is more or less "Elevators (shortcuts) are for lazy people.
2: No smelly sweat. Since sweat is an indicator of health I was one smelly fuck and I did sweat a lot because all the extra fat kept me warm and overheating. When I was underweight (I have been both) I could not go outside in the summer because i was cold 24/7 but my sweat did not smell.
3. CONFIDENCE. Weather you want it or not you will notice how people look at you, people can seek out and see insecurities and see you as an insecure fatty. Knowing you look decent going out into the world will make you notice how other people feel insecure about themselves comparing themselves to you.

>in my 30s
it's all over