New Trap/Femboy thread

New Trap/Femboy thread

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Ewwwwwwww WTF man.

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sauce plox

Don't know sadly. Got them from a previous thread.

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Ok, thanks

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Holy shit I’ve been out of the loop too long. Fem boys are looking better and better these days.

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hewwo :3

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Wish someone would teach you dumb trannies how to wear makeup

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Remember your ass from the last thread. Do you have pictures with cum on you?

all yall niggers are fucking gay lmfao

a little gay is okay

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Gay is gay no matter what

lmfao no, stupid nigger

this guy understands me, he must be an alpha like myself. gay is gay

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Don't lie we all know why you're here

glad you recognize my slutty ass sir, and not with cum but :3

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stfu faggot im here to shitpost you stupid fucking cucks


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ugly ass nigger show your face faggot

Someone should tell China that eating raw faggot brains makes your penis bigger

It's not even funny how obvious it is this is a man in drag.

i really need more trap bondage porn, there's not enough

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a very cute one tho

dem toerings

why you gotta lie to make these twinks feel good about themselves ? dumbass libcuck fucking shemale worshippers

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i actually like that person, i'm not lying

love ballgags and love traps, but it's kinda hard to find pics like these thanks user that's hot

youre all actually gay wtf lmfao

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As long as you accept your homosexuality we're cool

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Hmmm hot wish there was video of you

Happy to help! I do have some femboys that are bandaged. Would that satisfy you too?

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i'm not gay, i like unpassable trannys and cute cds but not men-men

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I’m not

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You’re still fucking some man’s asshole over and over again.

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spoiler alert: you're gay


i'm slightly more into femboys than into actual trannies but i don't know if that belongs here

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Does this tickle your pickle?

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I bet that bass plays real weird..

I meant to say that they are all hot, and wish there was video of each of you

s/he's cute but i'm not a fan of the outfit and the angle


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i enjoy it :3

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More bondage

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butt stuff


i'm not a big fan of the cages but this is nice view_video.php?viewkey=ph5cb661c04013f

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omg yes

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Perfect relationship

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Looking sexy

pornhub link doesn't work

copy into url bar and remove the space?

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lmao i was wondering what was wrong with the link, how stupid, damn this girl is hot

The space did it. You are a very sexy slut. You ache for BBC?

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These are not traps, femboys, or whatever

They're gay niggas, user

Gay niggas.

That is all

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Kik annelieschje

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Dutch? More info or pics?

Dutch, she’s very much a slut for attention and humiliation.

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Does she has her pics online somewhere?

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There’s some on her xhamster nlsissy

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Ones with tiny dicks are my favorite. Like Sue Lightning. This one is hot too.

Oc, Took this photo yesterday

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Fuck, imagine going on a date with that and having to be associated with it for the entire time. I would have gone to the bathroom and snuck out the kitchen’s backdoor

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Sounds so hot

That’s so hot holy crap

hey there

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A sweet femboy is who I really want to snuggle to sleep with, honestly. Tired of girls.

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You mean obvious male in a wig and gaudy makeup? Let's be real, he ain't trapping anyone.


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Would plough
Any contact info?

Masculine legs.

Jake warden

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doesn't even look like a girl

Bretty good

Morning :3

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only bretty?

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Had to see more. I'd pin your legs behind your head for sure. In a romantic way of course.

Getting better by the day.

wheres the one with really wide hips

Post man faces

Hey cuties

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Insta: _desir33__

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Never really been into fishnets, but this one looks pretty hot on you. You've moved on from your hot, chaddy friend yet? Any luck with the ladies other traps?

country ?


Im not sure, i still finger myself thinking of his dick
Not luck at all with transgirl, im doomed to be alone forever, good side is that i will have enough time to play doom and exersise for eternity

Got more in those fishnets? Do you send your friend pics?

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mmmm use me

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Dodson! We got Dodson here!

Those stockings are amazing! :D

Good afternoon everyone ;)

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I will, won't even say thank you afterwards.

Yes, no

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When are you going public again? If so do some risky nudes and post on Twitter :)

Your lacey stuff looks cute on you

Thank you!

I firmly believe that everyone should wear lacey things :D

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Yeah they are nice. They were a present from a guy i had sex with ^^
I need more patterned stockings!

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Oof. Lets do sex stuff plz.

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Good afternoon everyone :3

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>kill it. literally kill it


Moar trap feet

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i popped my hip out for this pic xD

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They look like they could take a beating too ;)


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"I wanna take you in the kitchen, lift up ylur wedding dress someone was probably murdered in" bonus qt pi points if you get the reference. You look so fragile and cute.

Dunno :( Uk is cold and rainy every night rn. But will do

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Hot af

Can’t stop wearing this new set lol

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I wanna be treated like this more than anything. I think about being take away every day and made into a pathetic bimbo cumslut. I’m willing to take any kind of injection, hormone, implant to become the perfect whore

crossdressers like these always make me want to skip these threads instead of posting in them yuck

is this oc?

>going out with a wig that shitty and a sock-stuffed bra
Lil niggas wilin


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>They look like they could take a beating too
not sure i get what u mean o_O

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Can we get some ass pics

They do too
Don't bully the transes

i'm in love, do you have twitter or kik or anything?

Straight boys can have a little salami, as a treat.


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who's this

Hey ^^

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Standing proudly by some obvious sissy out in public is some top tier alpha shit. Dude clearly gives no fucks what anyone thinks, all he knows is he's humiliating this gay bitch and going home to get some bussy. What a chad

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annelieschje aka nlsissy, dumb cumslut from the Netherlands

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I post public stuff on there

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where can i find more of her?

How do u get hips like that?????!!!!


I love being fucked in the ass

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damn you're so hot, post more

She’s on kik (annelieschje) and xhamster (nlsissy) and loves getting messages from strangers


Damn, guess I loose points :(

Someone could pull on them and they wouldn't tear ;)

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Sauce please!

Thanks xx

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holy fuck can i fill you up

Need more and name fuuuck

dont use snapchat, i have a instagram tho but its not public

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I would fuck your ass multiple times a day

Think you can?

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You can come and get naked at my house since you are in uk

Save me white jesus i just sinned all over my keyboard.

Mmmf i wanna kiss lick and leave hickies all over you

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for sure, that ass needs to be filled up
you can have my babies

Calm down c man

Ah, they're not that substantial.

I would drain u of cum.

Attached: 024.jpg (543x1990, 555K)

How’s it public if I’m at ur place? ;)
I wish
Sounds hot, not sure my stomach needs to get any more round tho lol

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oh god yes, I would love to fuck you last after a bunch of guys filled your ass up so I could feel their cum inside of you as lube

kik: 420stacey
Xhamster: 420stacey420
^proper slut

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I love those panties. So hot.

Hit me up on kik thick_dick_master

Good slut my balls need draining


oh it totally does, would make u hotter

Im that good of a trap sadly :'( I don't have a good body for it..
But I can try! ^w^

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Annabelle Lane

Wish I would have seen this pic been taken that ass is a 10

i love it when a guy cums deep inside me.

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I have literally hundreds of pics in them lol def my favourites
I do need to try a gangbang...

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Thicc sissies are pretty rare so I’m proud to represent lol

Attached: 350AF884-3659-4E3B-A2F7-619A12F0F29C.jpg (1280x720, 185K)

It's photoshop dummie.

you already look thick as fuck
it’s so hot that i feel like i need to cum every last drop inside you


I will cum in you and on you

also me

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Bring that fire once again Stacy.

Attached: 968_1000 (1).jpg (1000x750, 120K)

Cumdump is my middle name
No sorry, posted my twitter earlier

Attached: 346759A9-2879-4617-BF4E-1BA713337897.jpg (3088x2320, 1.33M)

Oof. Hot af. I want to see you leak cum from every hole.

My dream is to go out on a date like that tbh

i already came alot to your last vid on pornhub

me again. Wish i had some real girls clothes :/

Attached: C0FA5106-108B-4184-8A7C-CCC281D7D361.jpg (2316x3088, 328K)

White Jesus?? hahahaha

Attached: 40-9.jpg (3000x2000, 1.36M)

you don't need girl clothes, you already look feminine af with that ass

Attached: 1582868275758.jpg (480x640, 187K)

Mutants, the lot of you.

Wish it was on me. Might make another tonight it’s been a while

Attached: 9AED2890-94EF-48C2-826D-252CD0FA639E.jpg (777x720, 132K)

Your so fucking cute. Why arent you in my lap right now. 10/10 would holy matrimony

I get to be Gambit! Called it first.

Fuckin hot as hell right?

Who would go out in public with that?

Fucking humiliating.

Attached: 1581529710332.jpg (1610x2048, 373K)

thank u!! I would still like some tho :P
i wanna be a good girl~

Attached: DF844318-093E-4DCE-98D8-2ACAA460AD33.jpg (2669x2316, 1.43M)

Attached: 1580347441406.jpg (1932x2576, 675K)

do me a favor and make a vid of you fingering your ass, you're by far the hottest sissy ive ever seen and it turns me on


who's this

start being a good girl by giving me that kik

Just get some on like amazon if your scared of going into a store

Best trap ever?

Attached: 119.jpg (1620x2160, 426K)

She’s cute as fuuuck

Face is not there yet



Based Sasha banks


kik is gaym3rtag, do you think im a good girl??

Attached: 9B159054-9CA4-405C-BFD0-DDE22DBA695F.jpg (902x1405, 181K)

Oc. Have insta and Twitter if u want it, have posted a bunch itt

Attached: 789D52F4-D3EE-46A9-9301-7B60E17C2BF4.jpg (3088x2320, 1.48M)

we'll find out on kik, i'll text you rn

Different person but send twitter plz

that mouth looks like the kind of mouth i wanna makeout with

You feel so cute when you're wearing a pair of panties

Attached: cbb (29).jpg (1846x1021, 227K)

Attached: rntKywe_d.jpg (480x440, 34K)

can't message you, says your phone has been off or disconnected for a while

High af at the moment and want to bury my seed deep in the back end of a trap. Why are they so hard to find in Australia


I’m down

Attached: BF486638-9817-4AFC-9703-8B76E0105121.jpg (3088x2317, 962K)

Attached: tumblr_p2tvw3W5PX1sdusaxo1_1280[1].jpg (1100x1920, 398K)


yeah we can makeout while you're riding me

Anyone wanna buy me a cage?

Attached: IMG_20191029_142428.jpg (469x625, 31K)

Hello qt. Would enslave.

Attached: wguaer99e3vz[1].jpg (1334x750, 92K)

holy shit who is this



That would make me feel so feminine lol

Attached: E1EBFC51-1F17-4A5F-B085-15DD3D911EFB.jpg (3088x2320, 1.17M)

tumblr? twitter?

yeah? how about while you're still riding me i can suck on these hot titties


Femenine buttholes

Attached: f6438fab7482284baaed44eee81c87e5.jpg (1200x676, 73K)

dont need a cage if you have you balls removed

Attached: tumblr_p2tw2xA5bA1sdusaxo1_1280[1].jpg (1280x888, 289K)

where can i find more

Psh I can't even afford a cage let alone that :/

Attached: IMG_20191031_161533.jpg (833x625, 43K)

Probably great bjs tho

what is your kik?

there is a mega archive link with vids/pics of this bitch somewhere on Cred Forums archive, you should check

Attached: 1512438859265[1].jpg (2419x1440, 816K)

Attached: 1581703482200m.jpg (768x1024, 63K)

dick pics incoming!
kik: iluvycum

Attached: IMG_20191029_141956.jpg (2976x3968, 426K)

I think I have one that’s a little too big for me, if the shipping costs aren’t massive could send it.

Attached: C158C97C-11DA-4EEC-9835-CF5630C4F3DA.jpg (865x750, 104K)

hmm wouldn't mind that at all! I posted my kik for contact.

Attached: 1582908000419.jpg (1356x661, 134K)

hey Cred Forums

Attached: 83087C03-0813-44FB-99AC-DCD6E18C4D79.jpg (1242x1514, 348K)

hey there

how’s it going?

Attached: F9D08CE0-F6A3-4300-B8CB-FFF02F9D033F.jpg (1242x1603, 372K)

so far so good looking at that ass

NBAbunny, whats her ethnicity?

For me she's perfect
>Slim twink's body
>Cute face with a lovely mouth to kiss
>Nice working cock
>Cute feet perfect for a footjob
>Nice gaping ass

I would fuck her/him day and night until i die

Attached: 54.jpg (1620x2160, 446K)

Hello gorgeous

glad you like it ;)

Attached: 4419D12F-89B6-419B-B38B-7286544BEC82.jpg (1242x1360, 277K)

I knew I recognized that outfit

Attached: 1550550784818.jpg (2212x2944, 1.11M)

oh my god wow!!! that picture is from so long ago I didn’t even remember it. I don’t even have it anymore. where did you get that picture?

Attached: 551C9CDB-0613-46CA-9390-5EF8531465CE.jpg (2230x2796, 640K)