How is a girlfriend going to make my life better in any way?

How is a girlfriend going to make my life better in any way?

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It really won't. In my experience they just occupy a lot of your time. Which for a while can make you forget about whatever is eating at you but it never lasts for long.

Maybe she has a brother who you can get with, you faggot.

Give me a real reason.

Enjoy your life being as lonely as this thread.

I have friends.

sex whenever you want is pretty much the only benefit of having a girlfriend and even that can get boring fast

Only when to procreate mr simp

So long term there's no real benefit?

The benefit is a deep and meaningful relationship with someone. You could say "I have friends" but friends don't create the same sense of togetherness that a partner would. Unless you experience it first hand you won't under the feeling, but finding someone that that actually happens with is tough so in most cases having a girlfriend doesn't really come with any benefits except sex but when you find someone who you really click with that's when the deeper emotional satisfaction comes in

>Just find a good girl, bro.

Fuck off.

You will temporarily become less of a faggot, until she dumps your stupid ass. Then you will resume your normal faggotry.

It's not about finding a "good girl" it's about finding someone who you can mesh with

Isn't dating just paying for shit until the girl get's bored and starts fucking your friends? Or get's you in trouble with the law.

It will, for a while.

Just like people think being rich will make them happy

It sure will, for a while..then the thrill dies

just like anything

What an incel mindset

I didn't ask for name calling. That's just the truth.

It's not the truth...if that's your experience im sorry you've been stuck with toxic women...that's really rough bro

They're just stupid cunts man I wouldn't take it personally.

>i heard women cheat so that means relationships don't work and girlfriends are pointless
Christ, imagine being so emotionally dead inside that you ignore the reality that this entire species continues in first world countries mostly due to family units of paired couples.
The divorce rate might be getting higher, but it's still less than half. I.E. a majority of the tome your worldview is statistically incorrect.
Humans evolved to seek intimate companionship. It makes you happier because your brain is designed to release pleasing chemicals when you achieve this.
If this does not happen for you then the only two explanations are either the relationship is bad or you have a diagnosable mental health issue. Get a therapist if your this deep in the nihilism


It's the truth mate. I don't know anyone my age (25) where the relationship lasted longer than 2 years or the girl wasn't a cheater.

Love is a grand thing. But it won't solve your problems.
It's a delicious luxury to share your life with someone with whom you're in love and who loves you back. It's a spice to everything - but it's not a solution. If you're depressed, a girlfriend won't cure it. If your leg is broken, it'll take time to heal, a girlfriend won't magically make it well. You will have to make a better life for yourself - after which you can choose to be alone or not.
Best of luck, user.

Pic unrelated

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>Why don't you have a girlfriend user? spices are great.

Who are you quoting?

Because I don't believe you.

I'm also 25 and I know people my age in perfectly healthy relationships.
Personal experience is a bubble that's more representative of the small local area you're in and people you know than it is of reality.
It is the "truth" that everyone you know is a cheating skank. That truth doesn't extend beyond your little bubble. Seriously think about how most common families start and compare that to your worldview. Do you honestly think that more than half the population are raised by single parents? Do you genuinely believe functional relationships are uncommon? The number of people who are doing just fine is staggering.

>Do you honestly think that more than half the population are raised by single parents?

At least 40%.

Since it's obviously your first time on the merry-go-round, the answer is "no". Its an audition. You have to find a girl who will tolerate your idiocy, and this is harder than you think. She is auditioning you, too. So, when you find a willing participant, you take her out a few times and try not to be retarded, and if you somehow manage that astounding feat, she might let you fiddle with her pussy. Repeat, repeat, maybe even fuck her. During this time, you might even enjoy her company. You might become friends. But it probably won't get that far, and she might meet one of your friends who is not retarded, and like him better. Then she'll fuck him, and you'll realize how retarded you are, and everyone will laugh at you, and you'll be without a girlfriend for a long time, because she'll tell everyone how stupid you are.

>They aren't worthless cunts I swear.

I know, I've read the thread. You pretend to want a conversation about this topic - but you won't.
Your mind is made up.
This is okay, you don't have to do anything you don't want to, just accept that other people may make some different choices in life, and that they will be content about it.
Also, I don't think you read my post at all, mainly because you only want to say "no" - regardless of what anonymous will share with you. Also, you can do your greentext things in which you strawman an argument.
You don't actually need anyone else in your discussion, just greentext your preconceptions and then snark it at random.
You live your life the way you wish to live it, if you wish to be a lonely mysogynist, bitter and hateful, you can do that - you choose your world view after all.

Pic unrelated maybe...

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Nice trips.
But "at least 40%"
Yeah, congrats. I was right and you admit it. 60% is better odds than 40. You're letting a minority (a large one, but still) of cases dictate your worldview.
Sorry. You're just objectively wrong. Humans evolved as social animals that seek mating pairs for a reason.
Saying relationships don't work as a blanket statement may as well be fucking science denial at this point considering how important relationships have been to societal growth over time.

You can't discuss with OP - he's had a bad experience and he's letting it dictate the rest of his life. For him, all females are the same individual.
And all men are poor suckers. Himself included. There's no conversation possible.

If women are good for anything other than sex I haven't seen it yet.

Kek. I thought you were about fifteen. Don't even bother, girls will smell the failure all over you like unwashed balls. Find a boyfriend who is as stupid as you are and come out of the closet.

Some are, some aren't. But being a worthless cunt yourself, thats all you'll get.

Fucking wish I was gay.

Man I hate to be an armchair psychologist considering I have no formal education in the field.
But that statement REEKS of mommy issues holy fuck.
Granted, considering your attitude your mom might not have been good for anything other than sex. If she was a decent mother you might have had a good role model to give you a more productive and healthy worldview

So what women just have things handed to them and men have to work for things?

Lying on their back with a shitty personality?

And you never will.
Your mind is made up.
As I said, as you'd know had you read my post.


Yes, you're keen to listen to those who share your preconceptions.
Anyone who express a different opinion you either ridicule, misquote or ignore.

Okay well explain to me how to grow as a person.

You are, you just don't know it yet. My buddy didn't come out til he was thirty. He got worse and worse girls until he got gross and drunk and lonely. Then a semi-homeless guy he was hanging with started coming to his place to drink, and never left. They've been together for about sixteen years, and act like guys, one sleeps on the couch til this day. They just give each other blowjobs and argue a lot.

this is the only correct answer

How do I know if I love someone?

If you're a piece of shit, yes. If you aren't a piece of shit, she'll be a decent person who has a job.

Don't worry about it, you're probably incapable.

Companionship is hardwired into our code, regardless of length. Also, having someone at your side you know would prioritize you over themselves is a gift of security you can't compare. Financial security, physical comfort (not sex), reliability in difficult situations, support through your difficult mental times of loss or struggle, finding a purpose by becoming someone's protector and supporter, watching the person you love grow as a human with ups and downs, adapting yourself as you grow to coexist with another who develops along side you, knowing the person you're fucking wants to fuck you for eternity, assurance that if you strangle your enemy to death you have a second pair of hands to bury the body, looking across the couch and laughing when you make eye contact for absolutely no fucking reason other than you're batshit inside and only the other knows it.

You haven't experienced true partnership until it unloads on you like a fucking dump truck. If you act like a thick headed Cred Forumstard you're whole life, you'll never realize the glory of melding yourself with another.

It's a decision. You will have to put every opinion in a box outside your home. Don't worry, they WILL be back - in fact, should you ever succeed in discarding one opinion, a fresh one will occur, whether you want it or not.

Opinions are sneaky things, they attach themselves to you like a burr and pretend they are you. Hence the anger and fear when your opinions are challenged - it's the fear of death to consider a deeply held opinoin no longer viable.
It's uphill, it's hard and it takes a lot of humility.
Best of luck, user.

im only a year older than you. had a few relationships over the 2 year mark and one around 5 years. dated from my age to 50 yrs old, they all eventually become a burden. i feel you user

Talk to your doctor and find a psychiatrist. Idiots on Cred Forums aren't going to help you. Seek better relationships, not just with women, but better friends too. Increase the quality of person you hang out with. Don't assume the worst in everyone until you know them personally.
Don't use your personal experience to make broad judgements about all of fucking humanity. There's almost 8 billion people on this rock, and you're personally talked to less than 0.01% of em. Your personal experience means nothing.
Learn to empathize with others, and stop giving yourself unearned pity.

ever seen the divorce rates in the US?

Ever read the thread?
Also checked

trips of truth. relationships are a waste unless you want kids

I always liked older women better.
And adults more than people my own age.

i see threads like this almost daily and the same responses are always there

"Relationships are a waste unless you're a normal human being" ~ You

me too. the older women tend to be more straightforward and usually are less drama, as long as youre younger and semi-mature. otherwise they'll just see you as a talking dildo

>Idiots on Cred Forums aren't going to help you...
Thanks a bundle, user, what am I? Chopped liver?
This is not unusual, we're attracted to what we construe as maturity and protection. We may be safer with someone mature, as they've more experience and often (but no guarantees) a kinder demeanor.


I've seen it. I added to that statistic. I dated a few times after divorce, six months here, six months there. But your scores get lower as you get older. The first ones were fun. The last ones, not so much. Then I gave up because I got sick of fucking ugly women.

You see only what you want to see.
Everything else you discard.

Point being the divorce rate argument already happened. Keep up.

"My view is the only right one, and I haven't gotten jaded by enough awful women yet." - You

Why the fuck ask a question neutrally when you already have a complete bias to argue one side? You're either a really bad troll or a desperate loner who's ready to kill himself within the next 6 months because his ego is so big the world will never compare.

no, i read all of it and weed out what doesnt make sense logistically.

Jeez user, your bitterness is almost painful to watch. But as previously mentioned in this thread, you choose who you wanna be. If you want to be bitter and alone, fair enough. You do you.

Nah you're trying to help and that's great
I just mean neither of us are actually gonna succeed, and Cred Forums isn't generally the best community for actually helping people. I dunno why I'm still trying either.

Thats not true. I know a guy who got divorced and started banging his sons ex girl. Now he's 75 and she's 55, and they've been together almost thirty years. No kids.

Small towns are Hell.
Cities are Hell.

Where am I supposed to find peace? My own mind is Hell.

Ive been with well over 25 women in varying capacities. Either theyre overbearing, deceitful, complicated, boring, etc. Sure the honeymoon phase is nice, they're pretty, theyre sweet for a while, then it starts with little changes, and eventually they want to meld you into their ideal version of "the perfect man" lemme know when your longterm happy marriage works out. Ive seen even the happiest marriages end in an ugly divorce. Ask yourself (if you're under 35), how many of your friends had both parents together, and how many still do today?

This is a returning thread, user.
It's an example of the burning frustration eating away at the hearts of many anonymous - the majority being socially inept, lonely, ostracised and unhappy.
Rather than daring to talk to real people, they vent their bitterness on Cred Forums amongst what they perceive to be likeminded individuals.
Misery likes company after all.

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gee. i wonder what miraculously low percent of a percent that demographic is

You're right. I haven't become jaded from enough awful women yet. I'm sorry, but your bad luck isn't a universal law. I don't have a girlfriend right now, but I've met plenty of women who are wonderful people, and I'm still friends with my ex with whom I separated amicably with.
You're the one making broad generalizations and locking in a single worldview. I don't doubt you've experienced everything you said.
I'm telling you that your experience isn't universal

Only faggots in this thread

A gf depends on the girl will motivate you to do better in life make better decisions, if its a real one she wanta to help make money kevin gates gf i believe made from 1 mill 3 mill when he was in jail

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Zero. But hope springs eternal in people with sanity and charm.

I think perhaps we suffer from basic decency?
Perhaps we're not addressing the OP, but all those who lurk, who are on the fence?
You poor soul.
The world is the world, you can't change it - the only thing you can change is how you perceive it. You must practice to focus on the things you like, and be brave in addressing other people.
And most importantly, cut yourself some slack - socialising is learning by doing. You're going to fail a lot, but everytime you get up, you are stronger and better.
The very best of luck, user. You can do it.

7 feet under the ground is where u rlly find ur peace

He can't see over his own very small horizon, user. Also, he's unreachable, because he doesn't want to be reached, he wants to be affirmed in his bitterness.

I see you haven't read the thread.

It won't and anyone saying otherwise is a liar.

No not rly was a couple stupid answer had to give my opinion,

Only bcus u fk male butts dont mean a girl cant make me happy

You. I like you.

I like you too, user.
No homo.

Checked. Sans homo. This thread is dead. Moving on.

This, I think, concludes another thread of this kind.
We learn that OP was bitter becasue of his experience with one woman - that he's unwilling to change his mind because it's easier to condemn half the worlds population than to change his own outlook.
Some people will agree with his simple world view.
Others lurk on the fence.
And yet others know that life is big, our personal experiences small and that there's always something new to be learned.

thats pretty gay user
pump it and dump it, thats all they're good for

ive been in a couple of relationships but i enjoy being single way more than with a female. they r just so fucking booooring

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Thus spake Eternal Virginity.
And when such an entity speaks, all must listen.

Fuck off with your Mandela effect. The thinker has a firm closed fist upon which he's resting his chin.

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weak man stays with one cumrag, glory is in the many
spread your seed, user, stop being a feminine fag

>in a relationship

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It won’t. Shell grow to resent your small dick and low iq. Then leave you.

I'm not in a relationship, I never said I was.
I have a few behind me, and no need of another ahead.
But you however, expose yourself quite clearly.
You don't think you do - but that sad, angry, virginal frustration, turned into sub-par trolling is giving you away.

im thishow on earth is my comment
>sad, angry, virginal frustration
i said i enjoy being alone more than with a partner. ur retarded. seriously kys

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She would only compliment your lifestyle. Good lifestyle with nice gf; better lifestyle almost perfect.
Bad lifestyle with nice gf, still shitty lifestyle.

>reeeeee reeeee

oh i see. ur 12

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Ever heard of the Black Tom explosion in new York?

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>I best use the "you're 12" stinger, as I have no leg to stand on

>Top ten examples of memory being iffy.

Yeah, just memory being a little bit iffy... nothing weird here.

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>Twenty more examples of misremembering.
You really should read up on how memory works.

I did, And it doesn't work like you pretend it does.

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Well said ! Start by being the best version of yourself, and then maybe you will find your other half to be complete

So, rather than memory being a reconstruction upon recall - you advocate the notion that we skip between dimensions?

If you have depression, you'll still be miserable but now you have someone to play with your pp. Just make it clear that you don't want to meet any parents because you'll fail miserably at impressing them. Ideally, find an orphan raised in the foster system.

Dubs of the guy above say no

Truth Is Stranger than Fiction, But It Is Because Fiction Is Obliged to Stick to Possibilities; Truth Isn’t.

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Bravo, you managed to spout complete nonsense in the hope it conveyed some sort of profundity.

youre not in a relationship and youre a huge fag, sucks to be you
but you should be glad, suffering can only make you stronger unless ofcourse you just kys

>assumption, erronious conclusion + blind attempt at offence
Gosh, you must be one of those edgy 4chin trolls I've heard about.