Actual CP on bing images

actual CP on bing images

"funny culture" safe search off

jesus fucking christ

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How the hell did you find that user

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Wtf is wrong with bing

jesus fuck thats messed up

what the fuck?

What the fuck

>nice try, fbi

>not today, cia

>fuck no, NAPO

I really don't want to be arrested today

How long has that been there

>not fallin-for-et, police en-force-met

This reeks of honeypot, but the fact a Russian forum hosting cp is the first fucking result on bing is really concerning

Stop being babies. Don't you remember what the internet used to be like before corporations and the government took it over? Complete freedom for everything, even things you don't like. This stuff was all over before. Don't you remember, user?

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just use the incognito mode u retards

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Thats fucked up , just checked and there were entire sets of pictures , gotta be taken down asap

Jesus fucking Christ it's real

reminds me of those old nn sites from my middle school days. still though wtf bing.

take it down asap, i went through 10 pages of each category to check for cp, gotta say its true bros

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What did you typ to find something am I retarded

What hell is up with that? I could be looking up something totally random and then one of the suggested images is something from that weird forum. You'd think something like that would be removed instantly.

It's just nudism. Calm down americans

It’s legit. And it’s really fucked up

Except it's not nudism, it had two kids posing in slutty clothes with "silver-starlets" on the image.
That's fucking CP ya retard

bing traffic on the rise

OP here, found it on instragram meme page that posts really dumb underground shit, i follow them because this kinda shit pops up every now and then

You fucks stole the old internet from us because you couldn't handle complete freedom. Pathetic.

Basically this, people see a crack in the walled garden the internet is today and lose their fucking shit.

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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thanxxxxx :))))))

apparently nudism is the same cp here

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ur all under arrest

Right? I put my VPN on just in case

Wonder how the guy that made the meme found it? Hmmmmmm

see obvious coomer joke

Nudism has nothing to do with children being undressed in provocative ways. This is using children for sexual exploitation.

Everyone looks clothed to me user

Its not CP then


you retards don't know the difference between culture and sex trafficking

Op again, I wonder that too. How the fuck do these things circulate like this and in such small circles?

This is not CP, the same way Scorpions Virgin killer isnt CP.

Considering the kind of clothes and poses, it absolutely would be provocative enough to warrant police involvement. They don't need to be completely nude for the image to be illegal.

and gary gross pics

>FBI fag trying to get us all to use bing

No fucking thanks. Shit-tier search engine

Have any of you retards clicked the link to the website. It's CP alright. Get that shit banned

But it's *funny* culture

they look of age to me

what where the ppl that made that thinking at the time?

How degrading would it feel to be in their shoes not knowing what you were doing because someone told you to undress. Imagine being forced to go through something like this and having no way out or no escape. This is something you need to take into consideration before you just overlook this issue.

how many times are you to reply to yourself and samefag? youre a retard, OP. sage.

It's not just on bing, duckduckgo as well.

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more people need to know about this dipshit

can we report this through them? apparently bing has had this problem in the past so doesn't look like microsoft doesn't give a shit

It's been on google for ever nothing new here.

Look up playboy brooke shields. If it's on google its legal

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holy shit so hot, download before it down guys

>holy shit wtf guys we need to report it and take it down asap

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guess i wait for the sirens now

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CP is based, underage girls are better than fugly old women



This shit ain't alright... CP ain't cool. That stuff should be brought down.

hmm, every single picture is from a site called funny-culture dot com

Fully clothed = not CP. Move along folks

actual CP or 18 models that look 15-16?

inb4 404 and B&

ok it gets worse guys... under nudism on the funny-culture site...


I would say that some of the pictures that came up look defensible, but a decent amount looks pretty messed up. As much as I am for free speech, that stuff shouldn't be in image search results

All girls are 18+, just looked. "Funny culture" is apparently a russian discussion board bigger than Cred Forums

Post title discussing CP
>oh it's bait, hi FBI
Responses feigning horror
>also bait?
Arguments about the distinction between nudism and pornography
>I'm fucking lost, is everything bait or is Cred Forums not full of pedos first thing in the morning

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Not b8, OP is true

>cant greentext

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it's legit as far as I can tell

this isnt fucking bait man i just think more people should know

yupp shits fuuuuccked

lewd, but not new, and not real CP

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what the fuck mods please help how can we stop this who do I report it to

Name one person Who got busted for having photos of clothed lolis.


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why the fuck did I searxh this im sorry

holy cunting christ it's a nipple lord jesus save my blaspheming soul

So I guess funny culture is a CP site.

This needs to be taken down and people need to be arrested.

mods mods mods

>the walled garden the internet is today
Is that why even Duckduckgo seems to be crappy? There was a time when I could rely on that for regular searches and Google when that failed. Now it's both are crappy in their own way.

>microsoft doesn't give a shit
True, Microsoft has included game patches in their OS so that people don't blame Microsoft for crashes. But I think that after Xbox 360's RROD they stopped care.

show tits or gtfo

what the actual fuck how is this up still jesus fucking christ

stole your complete freedom to look at cp? Yeah not a bad thing, idk why you're bitching pedo

This. As much as I'm perfectly okay with never seeing the messed up stuff it filters out, I'm tired of only seeing the same corporate sites no matter what I look up
If anyone knows a search engine that

They arent even naked

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And they are ugly as fuck.

>If anyone knows a search engine that
Qwant is kinda good.

One funny thing I've discovered that when searching for fetish pics of adult women, Pinterest renders many hits.

Say that to judge Chuck McInbreed from Buttfuck, Idaho. "Watching at pictures with intent to collude with carnal knowledge of carnal thoughts".

Yep, that's CP!

bruh why tf did you even check it lmao idiot ... pls a make a video as they arrive and breka down your door and quickly post it lmaooo

Check out the nudist category

Ever heard the term softcore porn? Scantily clad and provocative can still be considered porn even if they've got clothes on. All of you pedos should be more afraid. It's not a safe-zone, it's a grey area

you just shared child porn
that's considered child porn in the US

Nah, I think that is more
>Microsoft shill tryingt to make us use Bing according to the logic "if it can find CP, then it can find anything"

My conspiracy is that OP could be the owner of the CP site and he's trying to promote it in a way that wouldn't draw suspicion

That`s not cp you stupid cunt. Provocative maybe but definitely not cp.

This thread should just be called "welcome to a watch list"

If that was the case then the picture would've been taken down by now.

Damn is there genuinely a way you can report searches

Because holy fuck that’s grim

I'm pretty sure I looked up "how to make a bomb with household items" when I was like 12, so this ain't my first rodeo bucko

that's considered child porn in the US
Cred Forums abides by US law


there were kid tits on the front page bro