Prove to me the Corona Virus isn't God's retribution on humanity for allowing people like Trump to be in power!

Prove to me the Corona Virus isn't God's retribution on humanity for allowing people like Trump to be in power!

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It's retribution for trying to impose the democratic party on us, which is why it originated in a communist country.

It’s not lethal enough.
It’s a half assed flu blown out of proportion by media

God doesn't exist

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isnt lethal but its gonna cost you quite amount when you go get tested and more to get cared if you're infected with one

Kek. Op mega-fag

Or you can just ride it out at home. Like we've done with every other pandemic. The old and the very young and the sickly will die, and we'll march on.

Who the fuck goes to the doctor for the flu? They're just gonna say "Well you'll have to ride it out. Take tylenol for the symptoms, have someone who can check on you, and go to an emergency room if you become super dehydrated."

You presume to know the mind of the Almighty?

It broke out in China and the US is less fucked than Europe for example, because Trump acted quickly by stopping entering from China by January 31. He's also given the problem a high priority. Once again, Europe is failing miserably in comparison.

Because there is no god. But if there were, you'd be correct.

God isn’t real

Easy, god doesn't exist. Coronavirus was engineered by the chinese as a population control measure that got released to help suppress the hong kong riots.

Ever notice how quiet shit got regarding the riots after coronavirus got out? Real fucking quiet.

You are not god

Punishment for homosexual tolerance.

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More like god expressing his hatred for commies and overpopulated hive mind shitholes.
The thing began in China, and it's mainly affected and killed Chinese people

>He's also given the problem a high priority
Why? I thought he said it was a "hoax".

God doesn’t exist and it was man who created it. Just like every strain of flu virus was created and released to sell medicine and flu shots.
Get woke

More like God's retribution against China for flooding the world with garbage goods

don't feed the trolls-

That's funny, it didn't appear until Bernie started leading the candidate field.

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it literally is


Did this shithead bragged about Coronavirus didtnt touched the US ?


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because the rest of the world cant stop laughing about you.
You talk too much, just STFU

How do we prove a negative like that? Prove it is.

Because God personally selected Trump to be president you libtard

>because the rest of the world
Protip: We don't fucking care about you or the rest of the world. Cry more douchebag

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The virus would have started in the USA, you dumbass.

Not where I live. Only been 6 or 7 cases in my country so far. All full recovery.

>It's divine retribution on chinks, because they have no soul

Even if he's not an actual entity, not following his teachings, has the same affect on humanity. That's why it's so believable to so many. If you follow his teachings, you are loyal and faithful to one woman and raise loyal and moral children. You help your community and not be greedy, lustful, gluttonous, prideful, envious or angry... You are then a good person that will live a happy life. This is true, with or without a God. When you follow a path of sin, your life goes wrong in so many ways, and we know exactly (((who))) endlessly tries to lead us down that path.

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All those poor puppies!!! And they hacked one of my Emails once!

Bull fucking shit. If you didn’t care about the rest of the world why is so much American tax money devoted to it? Why are you trying to steal so many other countries oil and starting wars to steal oil? Maybe you Mr. basement dweller doesn’t care about the rest of the world but 90% of America does and your government 100% does.

The 99% has zero control over the military-industrial complex of the US. Both parties of our government serve it, so it doesn't matter who we vote for. Our media is a salesman for global activity and always get enough to trust that it's fine. Blaming and certainly being angry at rank and file US citizens, is pointless.

no he didn't. they announced on jan 31st that they will start quarantining people from wuhan who return after feb 2nd, and that people who traveled to china should self-monitor symptoms. European countries had already canceled flights 2 days before.

it broke out on the same block as a chinese weapons grade chemical plant.
china fucked up hard and couldnt cover their asses.

>We don't fucking care about you or the rest of the world.

You just sign a treaty with the taliban you moron.
You comment everything that happens in europe or china.
Stop fooling yourslef you are obsessed by what happens in the rest of the world.

Like i said STFU

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>combining that grammar with that image

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You seem angry, have the best Miku song to improve your day!

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i fucking happy to rape your ugly simplistic language

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Trump just lost the war with the Taliban. Peace with honor, as Nixon would call it.

Greatest leader ever.

How rude!

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>disease uses AcE receptors in type 2 alveolar tissue to enter the cell
>asian people have more type 2 alveolar tissue
>this kills the chink and leaves daddy trump with a cough
Its literally an anti china plague

>Who the fuck goes to the doctor for the flu?
Basically this. On another topic, I get the vaccine and still get it every year. Not sure why I bother with the vaccine when it doesn't ever work since it's just "throwing shit at a wall and hoping it sticks" the vaccine.

I want to know more, please cite your source.

prove that it isnt Trump's wrath to china for not obeying tariffs.

because it started in china, who didn't even elect trump, you fucking simpleton, how you can even begin to connect the two is fucking beyond me, like holy shit I feel bad for you

Democracy, or flawed democracy like we have in the united states is actually just a coverup for who's actually in power. Trump is a puppet and the real people in power are not held accountable as a result. It is the perfect scapegoat.

Know how I know? There is no full transparency.

Welp first you have to prove there is a god. Then we can work on step 2.

go read the bible
when God wants to punish a people, she ain't that subtle.

Hopefully trump gets the virus