Cred Forums edition

Cred Forums edition

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Make traps not gay.

Drop the gas on all kikes, lgbt, mudslimes, niggers and this faggot!

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then a giant bbc wipes all u cumskinz out

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When I say NIGGER - you go to work on cotton fields, or I will shoot you dead.

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Make it so I'm god forever.

But user, they're already not gay.

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Nuke the Chinese

Women are now fully property. Rape and sexual harassment are no longer wrong in any culture. Women are no longer allowed to wear anything other than what keeps them warm. Hot days they're fully nude.

Purification of all that is unclean, all must be purged in fire, every good person goes into a murder frenzy against all Sinners and degenerates, objectively immoral people ect ect

hard reset the universe. this one is broken

delet Cred Forums

are the same thing

theyre not, dummy

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Grant humanity wisdom.

What that entails I leave up to you, user.

Since we're all God, it's basically the Q continuum, so first we'll have a war and destroy half the universe, which will be fun. Once our side wins we'll Thanos all the fags and commies, whites will enter a new era of space travel and I'll guide them. And I'll keep fucking my Asian, mortal, girlfriend, but I won't mate her.

transport all minorities and ((())) to their own personal copy of this solar system with no information of what had just occurred. to them white ppl just disappeared. See how it goes.

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>selectively kill 99.99% of population
>only most useful people (about 800k) remain as my slaves

It would be relaxing to not exist for 24 hours.

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make the sun disappear then start playing sunn O))) from literally everywhere

>You are God for 24 hours
I am God indefinitely. Now there is nothing.