How often do you think about suicide?

How often do you think about suicide?

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Every day. I would probably kill myself today if my life insurance didnt have a 2 year suicide clause.

I think about it obsessively everyday.

Only when I see this thread and hope you do it.

Why the fuck

April 2nd is the big day

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I don't really think about suicide, but I keep saying I want to die, multiple times every day.

A lot. Why? Most people are stupid. School doesn't teach you how to make a good life for yourself; school teaches you how to be a worker drone (shut up and follow orders). It doesn't matter how hard you work, you'll never be anything in life. You have to work smart, not hard, and you mostly have to figure out how to do that on your own, since most people are dumb. In my country, medical care is way too expensive. If I get sick, I'll be dead or bankrupt. I don't relate to most people my age or people in general. I've spent years watching my favorites movies, playing my favorite games, watching my favorite shows over and over, and it's getting old. Is that all life is about? Money is freedom and freedom is happiness, but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to make enough money, and never had anyone to teach me. All I was taught is work hard and you'll be successful, and it was a lie. My best friend died two years ago and I've been depressed since. I just live for the sake of living at this point

Oh. Serious? Why April 2nd?

oh 100%

Why were you able to relate to your best friend?
What sort of things can't you relate to with most people?

Eh, gotta pick a date. A lot of suicides are impulse actions, I want mine to be well thought through and planned. April 2nd the day after my ex's birthday, feels appropriate somehow

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death is fucking scary op, i don’t know you but goddamnit i know that you have a life worth living, even if shit seems down and out right now.

i wish you the fucking best man.

Whenever something comes up that reminds me I'm old and sick. But won't happen as long as I can take care of myself. When the other choice becomes a wheelchair in a nursing home, then g'bye.

>Why were you able to relate to your best friend?
We related about the fact that we both didn't relate to anyone, and that we both liked to drink alone (together) and watch TV or play video games
>What sort of things can't you relate to with most people?
Most people are extroverts, and like to hang out with multiple people at a time and always be around people. If I'm around more than one other person I get anxious and feel like I have to compete with them to say anything. I'd rather just be alone. That, and most people have a lighthearted sense of humor and worldview, I have an edgy and dark humor and worldview. Most people just see me as annoying when I try to be funny, and I see them as annoying when they try to be funny most times. The bottle is my best friend now

>you have a life worth living
>hope you do it.
Mixed messages

What's your illness?

A lot of people fit that description.
It's simply easier to identify extroverts because they're the loud ones, they're the ones that are often out and about.
So many people out there with dark humor who are introverts, it's just hard to find them.
If you met someone who was similar to your dead friend, would you put in effort to keep seeing them and to develop your friendship?

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>If you met someone who was similar to your dead friend, would you put in effort to keep seeing them and to develop your friendship?
Yes, if they wanted me to

In the beginning stages of a friendship you often don't know if they do.
Surely you know that the chances of another compatible best friend existing are no less than 100%. It's only a matter of finding them.
And to do that you unfortunately need to wade through the sea of shit people.
Is that worth it for you?
How did you meet your dead friend?

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xanny help it so not that much.

>How did you meet your dead friend?
I had a job at a warehouse and he was an older guy that asked me if I could get him some weed since I was a younger guy and everyone my age at the time smoked. Then we started hanging out at his house a lot

Multiple times a day my life is shit, my job is shit everything sucks more and more and I live in legit constant pain because I can't afford to remove the wisdom teeth that are impacted and breaking apart against my other teeth.

>What's your illness?
Irregular heartbeat, HepC (cured) but liver already 80% gone, kidneys failing, COPD, diabetes. Don't know which one will get me first.
On the positive side, I come from families that tend to live into their late 90s. Most of this was brought on by too many drugs and parties from the mid-70s thru late 80s.

They have payment plans you know. Could you afford $50 a month?


I've lost my passion for life. My body hurts and I'm just tired of trying. I want to sleep and never wake up again.

i dont, i may be a lazy fuck but i have no intention of running away.

Before being put on axit, seroquel, lexotan all the dang time almost every day.

Now, not so often more like once every few months. Mainly because I'm too spaced out to care about being depressed.