Do you guys never get worried posting the faces of girls you know?

do you guys never get worried posting the faces of girls you know?
What if you got caught?

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or doxed.
Anyways, this could be a creepshot/voyhowever it's spelled/hidden cam thread

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I used to
I think it's only a matter of time now
I've whored her out enough and sent more anons than I can keep track of unedited lewds
I honestly don't know we haven't talked in 6 years now

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A few years ago I posted a picture of a girl I knew on here. I normally change the file name but totally forgot, and I didn't take long before someone posted her fb account and anons started to message her about the thread. Not only that but anons start to post all her pics on here and she made a status on fb about how she was gonna hunt down the person who posted her and get them fucked up.
Luckily I always post girls but make up how I know them like "My cousins gf" etc so she never actually found out, in fact she did a fb friend's purge and I never got deleted, so she didn't even suspect me.
She was getting pms of Cred Forumstards for weeks before they gave up.

Been posting for years, only semi-recognized once. I don't show full face but if anyone knew her it would be easy to tell from her features.

Probably because most of our friends wouldn't be on Cred Forums...

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I forgot to add she posted all the messages she'd get off Cred Forumstards on FB and she had at least 3 more tribute threads made about her on Cred Forums which she found out about, and there was a fb mob out to get whoever started sharing her pictures, I mean it was a pretty big deal in the town I'm from, everyone knew about it as she was known by everyone. But like I said I was never caught and I'm still friends with her on fb today, saving her pics as they come out

I have an emergency switch connected to a wireless microbomb stuck in a crucial position within my cranium. If I were to be found out for posting the face of a girl I know, I would press this switch wherever I may be, blowing up a vital part of my brain and killing me instantly and painlessly. A device in my heart will serve as a dead man's switch, which would tell my workstation where I keep all my image files to turn on and format every single hard drive I have, deleting any traces in the process. No girl will ever have proof that I was the one posting her IG pictures. I win.

So I'm not worried, why would I? You should only worry if you're an unprepared newfag, unlike me.

shes my absolute favorite. if u actually op... thank u.

I got recognised from posting in a cock rate thread.
I posted a pic, hindsight I included too much background and my own body.
I got a message on fb like 10 minutes later from a girl from my dnd group, screenshot my post and was all "is this you?"
Shes smart so I figured just own up to it, I wasnt too embarrassed.
"Yeah that's me lol XD" then I think to ask "why were you looking at a Cred Forums cock rate thread?" She really didn't seem the type to know this site.
"I was looking for big cocks, like yours"
I'm fucking in there then. Exchange some pics, get some head, pee in her mouth once. Lose contact awhile later.
She obviously never doxxd me or anything, but I'm pretty sure she showed my dickpic to her gay half brother or who ever the hell he was that she always hung out with.

Meh. I’ve been posting a couple chicks here for >10 years. One maybe got recognized once, though the other definitely was recognized once.

One for recognized on another site, and the guy contacted me. Luckily he’s been cool about it. Turns out he’s since met the other one. NBD. luckily both chicks are kind of ugly and I don’t think anyone bothers here.

Posted some girls that been recognized by name , but just that. Kinda hot when they got recognized tbh

I mostly post if images. They are available to everyone so I don't care if someone knows the chick

Know her?

Not at all this is my Latina wife I want get exposed

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bullshit.. if thats true post her nudes

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I recognize those feet

I used to post a girl's hidden cam video. I started with not showing her face, then I continued with showing stills with her face, and in the end I was posting her Facebook pics with her name and asking to spread the pics. Once in a crazy night I shared her with a dude and she got uploaded to xvideos. Her video reached like 800k views before getting taken down and I got caught. She deleted me from everything and i got paranoid. Nothing happened but I stopped sharing her. She was cute as hell.

dubs confirmed that u should do it again

Her videos are still on the internet. Can't share them here bc a particular reason lol
It wasn't a really good video but she's cute as hell so you know what happens with a cute girl

She's mostly posted on sites where you have to pay to see her tho.

Then link it if it’s still on the internet wtf m8

Posted my girlfriend and her friends on her for years. I almost got caught by my girlfriend because I posted a nude with her school ID and an user sent her a dm on IG. I was able to convince her it was just a bot lol.

Another time I posted a pic of two of my friends from prom and they found out and saw the cock tribute. One of them actually didn’t care but my gf found out so it’s been a bumpy lately

Maybe the people who recognise her wants to see her as a whore

No, the people who recognise her wants more

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I recorded my gf's super curvy bestie with a hidden cam. But she has such a particular body and face, she is instantly recognisable and she is a slut and has fucked many guys. She has this crazy hips to waist body ratio and she has a big C nearly D tit on her right side and a small atrophied torpedo B tit on her left side. I buated so many nuts to it and I still do. I'd really like to share it but if it get's recognized, it is the end of my life

My gf got recognized on here not long ago being posted by who knows and I seen pics i had no idea about, i just joined in posting them around here and cumming buckets. If you come to b to fap you have came to a picture of my girlfriend's butthole

sooooo about those pics...

Search the image

Honestly, that's pretty fucking cool. My worst case scenario is to cut my throat using a rusty knife.

> normally change the file name but totally forgot, and I didn't take long before someone posted her fb account and anons started to message her about the thread.

Wtf, niggas can do that?

>I have an emergency switch connected to a wireless microbomb stuck in a crucial position within my cranium.
excellent pasta thx

pick one

Why do I have to post nudes to be belived

because of tits.. everyone cept u seems to know that.. its TITS OR GTFO

Damn, I want to see this. Screen cap and crop out the face if you’re scared. Love severely asymmetric tits

When she found out she said she would nearly cum in her pants at work to the thought of thousands of people cumming to her bent over asshole. Now she sells panties and creams on a dildo everyday, most of the time she does it behind my back and I don't realize shes on her phone sexting until I touch her pussy and her thong is soaked. Usually lick her asshole until she squirts

Some day i hope someone notices and knows my ex i post. No dox but enjoys her nudes because they have always wanted to know what she looked like nude.

Posted my ex a few times and nobody has ever recognized. I'm pretty shocked I haven't seen my other ex posted on here too. She's definitely sent nudes to probably a dozen or so people. Surprised to never see anybody share her.

wtf user.. small world.. i would also like to enjoy ur exs nudes.. post em

What’s her FB

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Oh man.. those Lewds where you can’t see her face... rip user the innanet police are on their way.

I've posted shower pics of my sister in law many times, I always blur face and other features that might give her away tho. If she ever found out she would raise hell with the entire world almost immediately. I wonder how much more upset she'd be if she knew of all the gallons of cum I've spilled for her.

do you keep some tribs?

She is already posted in several threads on b,s, and hc.

Another thing that gets me off is how bad other guys have wanted or want her. Shit, for the longest time I wanted her too. The only thing tho is that she was still stuck with her ex/fuck buddy and that guy was so smug because he knew he could have her whenever he wanted while the rest of us couldn't. Nowadays I know I'll still never have her, but at least I know what she looks like naked (it's even better than I ever expected) and that's good enough for me.

How would she know it's you if she's such a slut?

bro you down to trade on kik? I know a girl who's got the same shit. rldude66

is what I told them the other day but the very retarded just said
>nothing will happen because I don't have friends and family visiting Cred Forums XDxdDxD


"I" consecutive on each line triggered me.

I posted a girl I knew on a tribute thread and someone knew her. Scared the shit out of me for like a day then I realized there's no possible way she could know it was me. We've had conversations since then and she's never even brought it up.

Nah, I honestly couldn’t give a shit. It’s kinda funny knowing she’s a whore in person, and is a whore being shared online now.

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Why would that stop you from posting now?

still waiting on that pic user


Keep posting


dubs confirm it gets me off too.. post nudes now.. or underwear pics .. just post MOAR

Saw someone post this pic one time, went to high school with this girl but still waiting for the day to see someone I actually know well

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what was she like in hs and was this somewthing u thought she would do..

she loves it

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She was super quiet and reserved actually. So I was super surprised to see this pic on here

how can anyone have a hot daughter and doesnt try to touch her...

was that the only one

The image quality will be very poor but hope you can get the idea from the picture. Gimme a few minutes I'll be uploading

I know the girl with the nipple clamps that keeps getting posted. But am not OP so dont ask for more. Surprised no one has recogjised her yet

We can literally see my bathroom

Deepest apologies m'lord. Next time I'll start the third sentence with 'Then'.

Here's with a bra

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Here's em free

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Fucking vile.

0/10 would rather fuck a man.

The only girl I have nudes of is of Louise, I've heard she already knows that her nudes were leaked and I'm not the one that posted them first time, I actually discovered her nudes here so I'm not worried

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I worry about it all the time, i usually blur out her face but some people have the unblured and theres an xhamster of her too which makes me nervous

I wish someone would recognize her, too scared to giver her a thread but

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Post my gf a lot, but only really recognized a few times by people who barely knew her. Most of the people we know really don't use Cred Forums or are decent enough to not dox, so I don't worry too much. Also she doesn't really have social media so that helps

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Lets see those pics!!!

Mobile user and not on an unlimited data plan..not a rich fag

Post some more of her you have saved

Nice double dubs, also moar

damn I have a couple handfull of pictures if her saved!

It's a turn-on, not worried at all. I post my apartment manager all over the place, since she keeps her numbers up by offering "special tours" she already is in the slut headspace and has too many guys who have her "reminder" pics to figure out who leaked them anyways. I know I'm not even the only one, as I saw for a day, before it got taken down, an online review with her naked on the apartment.

Fuck you then >:[


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and ur not posting her pic now cause???

I posted some hidden cam stuff before then someone randomly guessed her name. Even though he kept guessing it really made me rethink my life. It’s stupid to post OC here.

forgot pic

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Someone messaged her on Facebook

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"Super curvy" oh, you meant fucking obese?

go back to the sea whale

fucken nice user

A cousin I fap to her DDD tits. Anyone know her?

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My wife hasn’t caught me yet!

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beautiful fucken lips
imma need nudes just to be sure if i know her or not .. kek

This is a white woman now. Impregnate her crakka boy

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how old is she and dat ass ... nice and thicc

mid 20s i think, never bothered figuring it out, instagram is vikingqueenpl, she works for Tucson's university villa

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gotta luv whores who know there whores.. respect

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If you're ever in the neighborhood, ask for a tour, you wont regret it

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I dont have nudes of my cousin. Hoping someone else does.

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any vids of her in action


She's a whore like all girls who cares. They probably like it too.

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I don't share her nudes and try to edit out her face, but it still makes me nervous and excited at the same time

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dubs confirmed... shes a whore... fucken nice.. moar

Had a thread of myself when someone said a name very close to mine. I was young and retarded back then and it definitely bugged me out from doing that shit in the future thankfully.

never posted face...accidentally posted a partial face of my ex (gf at the time) once but luckily no one knew..i also make up names and locations for them just in case.
someone did recognize an ex i posted a year ago...that bitch i didnt care about posting face.. some guy guessed the city and her initial but never said anyhting else

still waiting to see someone i know...not to do anything...i just wanna see a lewd pic of a girl i that i didnt take!

What about creepshots? One guy got recently caught in Madrid after being secretly investigated for months

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I NEVER post girls i know on Cred Forums but the FIRST time i did it, it backfired hard, so i'll never do it again.

Back in highschool (senior year we were both 18) I saw an xray thread and a girl i had the biggest crush on had JUST posted a picture in a sorta transparent white shirt minutes before I opened Cred Forums. I posted it and minutes later people reverse image searched it or something and found her socials. She got a ton of dms and posted on her story that some creep posted her online. I was one of the only people to like her photo since it was really recent so she messaged me and told me to stop so i'm assuming she thought it was me. I played stupid responding things like "hmm?" "what??" but her boyfriend messaged me too and said "hey buddy" and thats when I just ghosted and stopped responding. The next day at school she looked at me all day like I was a serial killer. Thankfully after graduating I never saw her again to this day. Yup, never posting a girl I know irl again LMAO

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wait a thread of pics of yourself or of your ex? im confused.

Myself, unfortunately

You guys are pussies. Why does it matter if you post someone you know? I genuinely dont get what youre afraid of.

If you post lets say voyeur pics and you are the oc, you can go to prision, the same if you are the one who posted nudes of your gf and they trace it to you. There is a difference between being a pussie and being a moron. Usually "Tough" guys like you end up with a niggers cock inside their asses

(Laughs in 103 degree fever and racking cough)

When the fuck did this become a thing?
Is this in America?

how u end up in jail... murder ...
how u end in jail... assault
how u end up in jail... i posted pics of my girl online... kek


Had an ex that I exposed for years. Sweet kind teacher who I pressured into letting me take a shitload of nudes and hc pics. Exposed her on here, Tumblr, and imagefap. She eventually got recognized and doxxed a few years ago and has been trying to get her pics off of the net ever since. Never heard anything from her about it though. I assume that she's trying to keep it as quiet as possible so that it doesn't ruin her career.

care to share on here user

I'm not saying I don't think it's stupid but it's true. I heard more than 2 cases of dudes going to prison for upskirting or placing hidden cams for obviously recording someone naked. Those news where in places like UK (they have new laws about it now), Bolivia or US (about taking creeps of leggings and bikinis, it's another story and I'm pretty sure nothing can happen you everywhere).

About posting naked pics of someone that gaved it to you without the purpose of being shared, I heard news about it in places like Argentina and Denmark.

Not since I just said that she was my ex and that I exposed her. I usually submitted her to others to have her exposed, so at this point, I still have deniability, if she ever decides to come after me.

Holy shit. Show her nudes. She's hot


More of the whore with BBC if u have them or any cumshots

based retared phonefag

She knows she gets posted, but has accepted she is a slut and nothing she can do about it.

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umm care to post pics just to relive the glory days?

I was thinking someone might recognize her one day, but nothing

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looks nice and slender... let's see her first nude posting, if you will. thanks!

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some guy said her name once when i posted her made me scared a bit lol

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mmmm. very nicely done.
thin thighs, nice hips, slender body.
perfect little fuck bunny!
wife/gf ? or just a FWB...

Anyone recognize Jaarul

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Just a slut

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she got nothing to be ashamed of.. fucken nice body

She knows what she's good for

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MOAR and any of her being fucked

Theres a few vids of her getting fucked. Don't think they're still up. Just 1

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where r the vids.. link

Where is she located?
I'd like to rent her for the weekend...

From CA, but in FL now.

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dubs confirm that she can take a dick with that nice ass of hers

She likes it rough

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had a friend find cock tributes of her online. was really hot knowing she had seen them. she will never know it was me

I need more

Do you have the tribs?

Fuck. I'm in CA now.
Wanted a new piece of fuckmeat to hang out here at the ranch while we wait out the covid19 crisis.
she's just what I wanted. guess I'll have to keep looking.

moar.. keep em cumming

Never posted my GF’s face, but she got recognized by a family member who kept asking me about Cred Forums afterwards

i posted some non nudes of an ex in a FB thread while posting faceless nudes in a shouldnt share thread...same background etc...luckily no one noticed
shes a cop now so really hope they dont resurface

didnt mean to reply to

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those jellyfish tattoos on her hipbones were a dead giveaway.


fucken nice ass

welp.. guess we know who faps to her pics.. kek

Ha I’ve seen the girl your talking about, but that’s not my girl. Tattoos were a give away though.

Hah yeah it was oddly hot afterwards because He had the pics on his phone. Makes family get together a bit weird.

Does anyone have the onlyfans leak mega link?

Yeah, I figured that you might know which woman I was talking about...

That's the problem with wanting to have a unique appearance. Anyone who recognizes those tats will know who she is, and taking the time to blur everything out of focus is a mood killer.

yeah gotta make sure you blur those tats..

yeah right...she hated me anough when we broke up, now shes a cop and has power...those nudes stay in a hidden folder now

such a hot little piece of ass.

dubs confirm i will never see those nudes.. why u broke up ...

was she too fucken wild in bed

what she look like

what’s the point of posting her if I blur the tats? I mean no one wants to fap to those pics. Also doesn’t give me the same thrill when she’s posted. It’s fucked up.

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she wasnt wild in all
very boring and vanilla to be honest. i brought her out her shell a little in the time we dated so her next bf has alot to thank me for!
broke up coz she just wasnt for me..she was hot and younger than me but once that novelty wore off..
i dunno...typical basic white girl..used to be a volleyball player so had a great ass

thats true...depends if the tats are that pretty sure none of my friends or my gfs/exes friends even know about this site let alone come here so i dont think any of my girls would get recognized..but its not worth the risk
ive shown friends nudes of her anyway

More ?

She’s sexy got any more ? Any nudes ?

Friend of mine posted his wife.
She divorced and pressed charges.
He lost everything home and savings,and went to jail for over a year. His life is fucked
His life was destroyed

fake and gay

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Seek help

Any UK girls people are sharing??

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I always black out eyes and tattoos as well as make a screenshot of it, resize it, change the filename, and then delete that copy from my computer. By the time i'm done fucking with it, it's unlikely anyone would find them or me much less recognize the girl. Plus, i'm the only one from my area in my age that comes here anymore because all of my friends moved on. Also, most of the time, the nudes I post are at least 6-10 years old, likely sent to more than one guy, and the girl likely knows very little about 4chin

this is the way to be safe
same here...doubt my friends know about this webshite, never tats visible, fake name and location

its funny tho as ive seen my ex posted in every state thread over the years...shes not even from the US

Never show face or much of background, Im careful with filenames etc.

But the thing Id love is to actually see pics of a girl I know. Or maybe even some new pics of my exs. Damn.

thre pics of exes...or old pics of your current gf..

Exactly. Not gonna happen I think.
But to see some hot girls I know irl would be a WIN too.

I caught someone once.. lived in a small town in iowa.. dumbass posted half nudes and nudes of a very popular bartender.. i said "hey I know this woman" and the next thing i know all the pics were deleted

told the bartender someone in town has nudes of her and is posting them online

dunno what she did after that

u a faggot ass nigga

Yeah, I usually don't even give a location. At best I say east or west coast, and i'm nowhere near an ocean. No one has ever gotten remotely close to a name. The girl I post most is an ex of mine and she was super religious. Only had close religious friends, the kind that wouldn't even know anything about this place beyond the rare mention on their news channels. I'm never terribly worried about it. I also stay clear of specific threads like "recognize" and "wwyd" unless they're pics pulled from facebook (which I don't even have anymore).

Aaaay, Rutgers slut


happened tio me...finally!! i think
been waiting years for that to happen, finally got sent some tits that apparently belong to an old friend...can never really tell tho, faceless tit shot...they wwere also...pretty old...her tits have grown alot since then
but still hoping to see older now tho so the chances are getting slimmer by the day..theres only a few girls i know (through work) that are 18-25 that look slutty enough to send nudes to bfs etc...heres hoping the bf is a kik/Cred Forums lurker

post tits so i can see if i know her

she aktualy wan da big nigger dik
whiteboi dik is 2 smal

how u end up in jail...i didnt pay the reparations i owe as a white man to the African-Americans for the centuries of slavery and oppression my race subjected them to

no srry

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Any of her pussy

I'm Swedish so nobody ever recognizes anyway.

Learn how to save a file faggot

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I got caught once. Posted a picture of a girl I knew and Cred Forumsros saw a sorority paddle with her letters. Unfortunately for her she's in a pretty small sorority. Cred Forums went to work and found her profile on everything and spread her name. Eventually some white knight told her people have her pictures. Then started contacting all the guys she knew eventually getting to me asking me to give some exclusives. I probably would've if he didn't fuck everything up. Eventually told the girl I had a virus on my computer. (A scan did flag something but it was just a crack for somethin, I showed her and she didn't know the difference.) I never got and nude again :/

Not at all. In fact, I started a cult following for her.

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Story time
Posting my 10/10 skinny latina gf for awhile and nothing major, then one day I'm posting and someone uploads a new picture of her I've never seen and her face is covered in cum, so I couldn't confirm. Then another new pic and it's taken by someone and she is bent over in a thong. Then another picture of her with a dick in her mouth, a few more assorted new never seen pictures of my girlfriend ranging from a cock in her butt (never liked anal) to deep throating. There's a lot most to the story if anyone is interested

TFW your post hit me in the feels.. F for respect

Pics please?

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yeah and then she thanked u by fucking u all night long over the weekend right... do u want a treat for being a good boy... yes u do.. yes u do...

she making her parents proud.. kek


need moar of this thicc goth slut

I'll finish the story then post pics if anyone wants

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Sure thing. Please continue the story!

They know they sent it to 37 other men the same day.

Hell yeah. Please continue

Pictures you post and anything you post is saved in the b archives including your isp forever and everrrrrrr

Okay so these pictures i have never seen of my 19y/o latina gf absolutely plastered in cum, taking a big dick in her butt, deep throating. I asked for sauce on pics of course, feeling like I'm gonna have a heartattack or shoot the biggest load i ever have someone gives me a vid link. I follow. I will link to stuff and the collage when i can but it took me to a video of my gf giving some guy a handjob in her car then spitting cum in to her hand, lubing up a dildo with this guy's cum and fucking her pussy with it. All filmed from the passenger seat of her car. All of this is entirely unknown to me as I'm posting some of her nudes and this stuff surfaces. There were a few basically cum fetish vids from her she was doing that I didn't know about. The biggest turn on for me was she wore some gray leggings in one of the videos and I remember her coming home with her entire ass and crotch sopping wet, she had said she spilled a water in the car but i found that video of her masturbating with this guy's cum. The day she came home with her crotch wet it was literally soaked in some guys cum and her grool and I remember rubbing her clit over her soaked pants and thong, little did I know I was running some guys cum into her clit, she was noticably more wet from fingering than usual so I can tell she absolutely loved having this guys cum rubbed into her little mexican pussy.
I have one more story about her then I'll post some pics and links if i have any interest

There are several guys on here trying to find the girls... many girls were found

Go on please! That's crazy af.

I posted my cheating ex years back. Her brother found them, she called cops, they called and asked and I denied. Nothing happened. She deserved it. Dumb bitch.


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Which ones?

Literally wouldnt care, her finding out how much I post her on /b would be interesting tho

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Hot af

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Damn. Any more story?

And pics pls

na sorry was posting to see if any1 know hers lol

Mostly the reason why I post her

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Nice bro, know her?

Ever post nudes?

Sauce on this girl? Never seen much more of her than this and a couple of other photos

Nope, only have her IG stuff, haven't been in contact with her for like 2 years now

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Anyone know

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nah just a fan

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i puked in my mouth little, wtf is this monstrosity..hope they shot and burned it

look man, I'm a chubby chaser, I actually like girls like that, but don't kid yourself with "super curvy", that's fat

Risky! The only tits I got are mine. Those stay near and dear. But these don't bother me.

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have any allisons and arielles in there?

I want wins. Only girl I've recognized

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It's just a super long long story but it is hard to tell without cumming tbh
So basically I ended up finding a secret sex life my gf had with a blog and hundreds of pics. She's a fit latina teen and basically obsessed with cum. I had 8 months of blog posts and pictures to go through, i even found out when we were on vacation in Florida she let a delivery guy cum on her ass. What was odd to me was there was a ton of spot roast pictures in my own apartment with a guy I have never seen and a dildo on the mirror. Like full 45 minute fuck videos of this guy smacking around and fucking my 19 year old girlfriend at the time. None of the posts we're very mild, she would talk about cutting little slits in her yoga pants so when she would bend over at work her full on pussy and asshole would be exposed......... My shy young girlfriend. Needles to say i was pretty shocked. So I didn't say anything at first because I was cumming buckets to seeing my young mexican gf getting her asshole fucked and having cum blasted down her throat. I still to this day never mentioned anything and occasionally a post will come. I went as deep even to find out this chick loved cum so much she would post about driving around jacking this guy off then just driving around smearing his cum all over her pussy and her mouth and lips. Fee pics of that. The hottest thing you will ever see is a giant collage of your girlfriend playing with cum. That's the basic story. It goes way deeper and I'll continue. Out of all that my own girlfriend gave me a fetish for chicks using cum as lube and general cum play. She did everything from swallow a huge load to sucking a dick clean from an anal cream pie. It seems unbelievable but that's my story on how I was dating an egirl and didn't know. I mean I saw a lot of stuff along the way like yoga pants covered in sticky stuff. Coming home from the gym with a soaked crotch. I just didn't expect this entire thing.

noice Care to share?

Any Jennifer’s?

not on that disk, might have on another but dont recall any arielles at least. Have an Ali, might be short for allison (A.C.)

Now we sure need pix!

nah, am not going to out them. Just enjoy finding them, sorry.


Just curious if you had my girl lol but good man

Cool. Would have been exciting if mine was in there, but good that’s she’s not I guess.

The other one I’ve exposed is named Erin.

What’s the software you’re using here?

We need to see the facials!

I posted my wife once or twice in a trib thread and this guy claiming to be an old co-worker saw and started reposting her a lot in trib threads. He posted her first name and initials but never went further than that. Through the whole thing another person who knew her saw and we ended up chatting on discord, was kind of hot, guess he knew her in college or something and told me a story about her getting caught at a party blowing a guy and then finishing him in front of a group. Checked the story against some other people we knew and turned out to be true. Was insanely hot to find out but the whole thing was a little too close to home.

i havnt been looking that intensively lately, mostly the overposted ones. it often takes a lot of time, but that makes the reward of finding them that much sweeter.

it is a custom one i made to easy my searches



That's hot

Ya....glad the guy stopped reposting a lot. Got a little stressful even if it was kinda hot.

Also found out the guy regularly faps to her pics

Nice. Are you using facial recognition software at all or is it just you find what you come across (no pun intended).

Mine’s pretty over-posted.

Told me he has a fap folder of her saved from her fb

So is mine lol

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Would love to see all of them!

Let’s see them!

Always wanted to talk to someone else whi knows her though...

It's this girl

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any Lauras?

Doesn’t ring a bell. Hard for her to be recognized without her face though

Any other way to contact you? I guarantee you have the girl I'm looking for

Post her

Nah, not that I want to reveal here.

Fuck them I want to see moar

Anyway to see more collages?

Why would you be introuble for reposting sluts that send their pics to everyone?

I’m not the guy with the collages. I’d love to see what he has too

>initials: eh

Exposed my ex for a while here. Someone found her fb through a file name and sent her nudes to her dad. Fucked up situation.
Pic related

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Well either way this is her

all her pics got BLACKED

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Yeah i think so, or was it lauren.. sorry, am no longer at my pc

Like a big collage or something?

Not yet, if i see someone that is posted a lot in the threads i visit i might check what info was posted

I posted a bunch of girls I knew from social media and eventually one was recognized by another user that hangs out there. The white knight cuck ratted and and told the girls and they all started freaking out. It got traced back to me because some pics were true OC that only I had. I had to nuke my account there and my alts too. Nothing happened IRL but my online persona died that day.

Sorry cant post rn, am not at pc anymore

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More like all the individual collages haha but whatever you got

Nice. Mine’s old and ugly, so she doesn’t attract that much attention even if she is overposted, and while I occasionally post her face I almost never post information, and certainly not enough to identify her

Recognised a couple times. Once by a HS friend and once by a tinder match

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Too bad, any way to see more?

True but the other pics she has pretty recognizable hair and tats

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