Girls you want to see BLACKED & BRED

Girls you want to see BLACKED & BRED

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Kristal Voyd

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The ass on that white girl fuckk

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Deserving of bbc?

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These are the best threads on Cred Forums hands down. Who else agrees?

Think shes ever taken a black cock?

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Literally! Nothing else competes!

Even better when my girl has naturally thicc thighs and a pawg ass so I struggle so much with my 5.6incher plus I'm really thin.. watching her squirt and shake on a giant cock would be insane.

A Black Man wouldn't have such problems... ;)

Can someone gib sauce on OP pic please

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OP here, I might be able to find her in a second, she's from the UK and does Findom.

Forgot pic

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Only one in her friends group who hasnt been with bbc yet. Is it time b?

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damn shawty


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It's hot.

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Thank you OP, I'll wait for name. Shes a hot semen demon.

Fuck she needs it

more if you got em


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lol her head is tiny

would look great gagging on bbc imo

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Fuck yea

She needs superior black dick

absolutely, she’s basically begging for it in that outfit

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Think she can handle one?

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Fuck imagine catching her getting fucked by a bbc

She cheated on her bf with a black guy

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Good on her.

Good tits and good feet.

Chantellefae on Instagram:))

Her head is tiny but that ass is huge

what a sexy lil minx

her throat squeezing around his cock being held in place by him until he decides to let her move

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Superior how?

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for sure

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I‘d probably cum within seconds while watching
Would love to be her slave

Scroll through her and dump your favourite pic;)

Fuck I wanna fuck her so badly.

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shes good

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Black dicks are just better.

Same man, would be heaveb. She should get into Interracial porn.

have a recent fantasy: sister has her friends over and she ends up been gang banged, gf and i can hear it. i send gf out t get something from the lounge room she reluctantly goes, as she walks passed my sisters bedroom the door opens and a guy brings her into the room for her turn.

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yeah...but why?

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Ohhh i thought you meant some super huge bbc like Dredd or Mandingo as oppsed to just regualr bbc lol

Anyone else enjoying her?

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Why would you support this bestiality. Sex with a black man would be like fucking a dog.

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Thanks alot OP, you're a cool dude. Have a good weekend.

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No problem, cum buckets to the whore and if you're into findom and financial domination, drop her a message, she's a real dominant bitch.

Had my gf blacked recently. Would not recommend

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Same larping shit, been trying to fuck her for years, always backs out.

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What happened?

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more and age?


Cried the whole time. He was too big for her

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You are literally talking shit

Actually wish I could fuck her brains out like a man and make her squirt on my cock instead of her being with some wannabe cuck like you.

u got discord?

Would love to watch her held down and forced to take BBC

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Love to see her in tears

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Kik is buttstyff

she looks like a uk chav lol

Molly Ni’Shuilleabhain needs to be bred hard

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Oh my god... i want her to take on a group of blacks

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My wife

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be great to see her broken

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Would love to see her jeans pulled down and her ass demolished by a group of blacks

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Fuck yeah

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Fuck imagine that ass getting filled up with African cum

She would love being rough butt fucked over and over

Good god. More!!


That's gonna be one real fat bitch in 5 years. Look at her ankels. Jesus Mary and Joseph...

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She'd probably like a Black kid inside her too

reminder that these threads are made by falseflagging Cred Forumstards

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your mother


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More legs

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Looks crazy but so much fun too

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Hahahahaha! Nice.

Hnngg what a body

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my aunt

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need to be bred

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Seeing them fucked by a lesser human than me won't arouse nore will it make me feel bad. It will be much more heart burning to me if she was fucked by someone who is born intelligent with a sense of humor like a strong alpha white guy.

Biggest crush I had in high school, she was a total slut now she’s a model. Models for lots of black guys, guarantee she gives it to them every shoot.

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Fuck yeah. She’d be so good on top

BBC deserves only our best girls

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holy shit


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please dont stop

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of course

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I want her impaled by a thick black rod

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op's mom

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how tall is she?

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one of them has been

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My gf

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Need waaayyyy more of 5



called it

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she is so hot

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Leaving this here.

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Beautiful! i'm proud of her

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pretty sure she only fucks with bbc now

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want to see a black bull force his bbc deep in lefts ass while he chokes her before breedin her

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Aly would look great being broken in a as a blacked breeder

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I like

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nice, the more whites sluts become black owned the better it is...

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what did he make her do?

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name and age?

Awesome! I bet it was sooooooo hot for her too.

you like the idea of innocent little Aly being taken and used by bbc?

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Why do you all enjoy black penises anyway?

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Reminds me of an ex so yeah

Fuck. More

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I want the blonde bitch pulverized by BBC

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she loves white cock, how should we get her to upgrade? shes a social worker too

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Dude. No. Stop.

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How would they break Aly in to her life?

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Some con hotel gangbang
So hot. Less on?

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can you guess which one of these girls has been blacked?

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Drug her and take her to a nearby ghetto

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wwyd to her?

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3? But probably 1
Nice tit fuck

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it's one of the three in the middle... i'd say the 4th one?

3 is correct


how would you like to see her submit and be broken in by bbc?

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same way Aly gets it Forcibly and when they least expect it

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Probably on the beach while her friend watches

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More pics?

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Jerking. Any with less clothes?

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Would you watch?

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thinking of her being black bred is so hot, what's her full name?

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sorry got no pics with less on
she gonna enjoy being black bred?

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how can she take it?

Attached: 87234.jpg (1080x1350, 206K)

ofcourse she does findom..
i hate this fucking world


sisters ready to be bred, choked, stretched, filled, gagged, humiliated and black owned

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Of course she will

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Those look like faggots. I hope you don't expect BBC from them, otherwise you are a retard. You dont even have standards.

New thread?

What is she 80 lbs?
What if in order to see it the black dude bullied you?

New thread