Who is your favorite pornstar Cred Forums? for me it's madison ivy

who is your favorite pornstar Cred Forums? for me it's madison ivy

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Faye Reagan

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The Queen. Sasha Grey

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You're under 18, clearly


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Red Fox

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Keisha grey but I think she quit. Her mom has a YouTube channel for whatever that's worth.

Your mom

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I miss her, she was my teen fap

her tits are dying

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she was great back then but now she's got all that stupid luxury vibe and style so no more boners from me. My favs for today fap are karma rx and alexis fawx

Her brother has one too, where he does pottery. Poor kid.

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80's: Ginger Lynn
90's: Tifanny Minx
00's: IDK
10's: Aletta Ocean
Current: Aubrey Kate

Im an old fag and I really enjoy faggot porn now. Thanks Cred Forums

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Real queen of Cred Forums porn mun

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Alli Rae

Forgot pic

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yes I want to suck her cock so bad

Tori black. First porn star I saw that could have been a mainstream model but became a whore instead.

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She just did a scene for Mofos like a week ago, its probly still listed as recent. It's a lesbo scene iirc

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Her tits are disgusting now

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Fucking Riley Reid all day any day. This slut will do anything does not give a fuck and is a total sheer utter dirty filthy cunt. In other words she is the type you would take home to meet mommy and daddy and have a nice cup of tea and some McVities hob nobs with.

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What is faggot porn? Like actual dudes fucking each other, or like traps (which arent gay)??

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I'm not sure what hob nobs are, but I want some.

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This slut

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used to be Emily Grey but then she got fake tits.

Annette Schwarz

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Lily Thai. I guess I'm old.

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Prove it.

They just a biscuit user which are nice with a cup of tea.

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These two

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I wish piper would come back


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Hob nobs will change your life

What happened to her?


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Ugly fucking midget who only appeals to pedos

Veronica Rodriguez is definitely mine

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Hope she got buried in a shallow grave

2nd this. She still around?

Her bf killed her son so she took time off and just never returned to porn.

Rose monroe

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Bf was black right?

coke wrecked here good.

For me it was Minka and Serena Lee.

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Lacy Lennon

Taylor Rain

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Phoenix marie

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like 15 years ago i was in love with her! she almost exclusively did anal.


I think she came back a couple years ago. But she got fake tits which I hate.. and she just isn't the same.

Skylar Valentine

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just fuck a man already faggot

the one and only

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I wish she would have done more hardcore.

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this is her now

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Brianna Frost

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they all look good in pictures tbh

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She is 4'8"

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Megan Marx

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Phoenix Marie = Melissa Marie Hutchison
Taylor Rain = Nicole Marie Sabene Price
Lacy Lennon = Jamie Lyn Bennett
Minka = Unhee Apteka

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Definitely Jill Kassidy

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She's a real estate agent now if anybody is looking for property.

Megan Marx = Samantha Colt Schuler
Yhivi = Kailey E. Mesquita

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Ryan Conner.
She looks kinda like my neighbor

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wtf is up with her feet user?

Melody Marks and Haley Reed have been my favorites as of late

My Nigga

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Bitch makes 20 year old em cum as hard as she made 14 year old me

I think she is starting to really let herself go. She was in such excellent shape.

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Veronica Rodriguez = Jessica Carolina Aljona
Piper Perri = Julienne Leda Frederico
Lily Thai = Mariza Haley
Annette Schwarz = Annette Carmen Schoenlaub

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This is the correct answer

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someone rated her on a real estate site, giving her 5 stars with comment "anal queen"

Riley Reid = Ashley Nicole Matthew

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Have loved her since my teens years but love her even more now that she's gone blonde and become crazy filthy

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Still two dudes fucking each other.

used to be top tier but now with those kfc bucket shape tits it's not worth watching.

these are all pigs and you have shit tier taste

>>My face when I check every single one of these threads I see, and not once has anyone ever posted my ultimate pornstar who has tons of material - and I'll never tell you fags who she is because I don't want you fucking her up.

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God yes

logfaqs.com/topic.php?id=75311470 yikes

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Didn't siri get a breast reduction? In the words of jonah hill, that's like slapping God in the face.

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Fuck yeah, I'll second that motion all day.


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thats not lily thai, bro

I don't think I can pick a favorite, but I've definitely blown the most loads to Tori.

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Don't be so proud that you're the only one with nudes of your ugly mother.

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Nice to see a fellow bröther here

Oh dear

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Too bad her nigger fiance would beat her.

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Short lived but top tier scenes imo

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Isn't that just part of the contract though

That is Tera Patrick, you absolute mongoloid

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which numbers?

Melisa Mendini

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I think this counts

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based and checked

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Violet starr

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How the fuck am I this far down in the thread and there’s no Jenna Haze.

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now she has a youtube game channel

Gianna Dior

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Mandy Dee

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Because she's a snaggle tooth'd dummy. I'll admit she gives good head though.

I mean... have you really looked at her. She is a real life 5/10. Boxy hips and shoulders that are usually signs of large breasts and ass, with neither. Elongated alien face. Like wtf? You baiting for people to make fun of her?

I'm proud to say that I saw her pre porn when she was posting faceless pics on reddit. She's really hot and had a lot of potential but she's not a very good performer. Everything seems lazy and fake.

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Natasha Nice

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Natalie Mars

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Gabbie and Skylar are the top two right now in terms of overall beauty. But they're both a little checked out.

why does she have trash can nipples

So? What's your point???

The point lies in the pencil (penis) my friend

Conny Carter

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Go to Pornpics.com you will see a lot of hotter and beautiful face and body than that 2 disgusting whore

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gangnam style

Definitely was August Ames. Not sure now

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dubs checked and really nice taste bro

Stella Coxx for me

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Holly hendrix

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Dubs of truth she's really hot

name of this slampig ?

this girl is disgusting so


Prettiest girl in school becomes whore.
Isnt that wonderful?

disgusting lol

August Ames :( tears from the tip of my penis.

Gabbi is full of trash tatoos and looks really stupid. skylar have a shemale head.

a man of true culture, georgie is god tier

good critique. your suggested girl looks an orc mutt so good on ya

Besides the fact you are a huge nigger faggot.?

Best out there isn't even a porn whore really. Just a cam whore... Sarah Fessler by far.

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Her and her bff Casey

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Seconded. And congrats on the sex number.

Ron Jeremy!! He's a man, such a man.

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Xev Bellringer and Mandy Flores

Shione Cooper

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