Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you

Feels thread. Please keep pics sfw. Thank you

I'll try to stay on super duper late to make up for me having a job, friends. I'm really sorry for not making threads as often anymore.

How are you all doing today, my friends?

Come get what's bothering you off your chest

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Same pic. Same "please keep pics sfw" as last time. Are you my dude that had that thread a few days ago?
Either way, glad to have you my dude.
Need someone making feels threads nowadays.


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I am! I'm not a bot or anything if you're wondering. I manually type out every OP. I just like doing it the same all the time! :)

How are you, friend? Has anything been on your mind?

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Nah nothing on my mind. Just same shit different day.
Another day of existence.
Mainly getting drunk, watching anime and posting in this thread.

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Sounds like a comfy night~ Any plans for the weekend? What are you watching? :)

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My high school girlfriend left me when I was 19. I'm 25 now and I still think about her everyday. I dated several girls before her and I've dated many after her but nothing has filled her place. Everyone told me I'd get over her in time but it's been 6 and a half years now and I'm still not remotely over anything. She still has me blocked on all social media. I don't even think I'd get in touch with her if I could. She believed in me and I still haven't done anything with my life. I don't want her to see me until I have. But something tells me she won't want to even then. I know she's been with other guys since me and it's very likely that at least one of them has been able to give her a better life. It does make me feel some comfort to think she's happy though. I miss the old baww threads of Cred Forums. I have a huge baww folder on my computer but it's currently fucked until I can afford to replace some parts so I'm phone posting.

Hanging in there I guess, how are you OP?


Just finished up BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense and Darwin's Game. Both are pretty good. Would recommend.

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I understand that shit my dude. I had my first gf at 19 and she dumped me not quite a year later. She never expressed her dissatisfaction with the relationship and would never give me a proper excuse for why she broke up with me. I thought we were happy and having a great time till the sudden dumping.
I also lost my feels folder recently when I ended up forgetting to backup shit before re-installing windows.
Lost my 120+ hour Monster Hunter World save and my 40+ hour Sekiro save :'(


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I'm sorry to hear that you've been struggling with getting over her, friend. I know it's a cliche and I know you've lost hope but I truly believe that time does heal a broken heart. It took me 8 years to get over my friend who I talk to daily. They never liked me back but I always liked them. I'm glad to be lucky enough to still talk to them and I'm sorry you can't say the same, but maybe use that as a reason to help you get over her?

She doesn't want you in her life so much that she went out of her way to block you on everything, friend. That's not something that people destined for each other do. That's not what true love or soul mates are. Why should you be hung up on someone who doesn't even want to LET you give he the time of day. That's extremely unfair on you, friend.

I'm doing fine! How are you, friend? Anything on your mind?

Ah I haven't heard of any of them haha

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I still haven't even finished sekiro. I'm at the endgame where all I have left to do is the owl memory and the last boss fight. Admittedly though I like the exploration more than the bosses in fromsoft games. Shit happens with girls though. Sometimes people will be unhappy for a long time and just keep it all pent up before doing something seemingly drastic. Girls have done it to me and I've done it to them. I was with that girl for years though. I can't say it was a surprise because we got into the habit of breaking up yearly and then getting back together and then me turning into an asshole again and repeating the process before eventually she left for good. She was right to leave. I didn't know what I was doing. But the only thing keeping me from killing myself is knowing that someday I will know what I'm doing. It keeps me going. Even if it's just a fantasy.

I don't know. I might be retarded but I see it the other way around. If she didn't care she wouldn't go so far out of her way to make sure we couldn't talk to each other. She's even made new accounts in the past years and remember to block me on them as well. I can still see what she's up to though by googling her though. She's apparently done enough to have articles written about her. I don't even feel like I need her to talk to me again though. I would just like to do something in my life where I know she would hear about it and be proud. Even if she wouldn't say so.

She was the one though. There's no two ways in my mind about that. She came from a slightly rough family. I just hope she's doing good now. I'm too drunk to be making these posts.

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5/5 alright you Cred Forumsastards. I really should sleep. That was my last drink and I'm tired as fuck.
I'll leave ya with this one. Have a nice night everyone and maybe I'll see you in another feels thread in the future.

And as usual. The fucking captcha on this god damn website has gone to complete shit. Idk why but for some reason as the night progresses, I have to do more and more fucking terrible captcha image searching. It seems like the AI doesn't want to accept that what is in the pic is actually in the pic. Constantly getting "please try again". Had to do fucking 30+ god damn image matching things for this post for fucks sake.
Honestly might stop posting because of this bullshit.

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Maybe ask a close friend of hers about her? Not in "hey what's she up to is she with anyone" but just ask how she is. Nothing more~ Preferably someone who maybe you've been talking to at least semi-frequently so it's not out of the blue or anything.

She's very pretty, friend. Please don't overdo it with the alcohol

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I ask about her frequently to friends who aren't blocked from her accounts. I don't get much input besides she's doing fine. Which is all I need. I'm working on myself and when I'm finally in a good place then I'll be ready to worry about what she currently thinks of me.

That's a great way of thinking about it, friend! But make your goal about yourself, friend. Don't make it about impressing or seeing her again.

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I'm depressed because I can't figure out a smart way to make money. I work hard and get nowhere in life, I want to work smarter not harder. Nobody ever taught me any skills and I'm struggling to figure something out on my own. I can't handle this shit job much longer. I want to do something I can be proud of

Why not earn a small degree, something that'd take 6-24 months, and find a job elsewhere? Or maybe acquire a license and work through there. Not ever trade is hard work and not all hard work pays well~

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Not really interested in a degree or a license. That seems like the same job with better pay. I want to learn something myself and make a living from it. Maybe programming or something, idk. I would be happy just working for a state park and being in nature. I just need something that doesn't feel like an endless grind. I don't know where to start. Maybe I'll just end up getting a license and doing electrical work or something, idk

/#F!Jl11HaiL!OZ9_f_mMplTgh880I7XRig /#F!x01nkKCJ!wfxEGTfzdh4mXwoeZfLfHg

Those are 2 mega links~ The first is for a ton of programming e-books and the second is for a bunch of arduino e-book! :)

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Thanks Isabelle

> puts on Avril 14th
> :,(

It's ok everyone... I like feeling this way.

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