So America it looks like it finally happened to you...

So America it looks like it finally happened to you, someone is walking about California and giving people the COVID-19 virus.

3 People have become cases last night which means more are surely to start coming in soon, and with a population quite high there it is very possible it has spread into other states.

And the worse part is the US Health Service has been turning away people with the virus because they cannot pay or have insurance. Which means the virus is being put back into circulation.

While other nations outside the US are freely treating people and reducing the risks, the US may well became China #2 and become the 2nd hotbed of cases, a petri dish of people with the virus.

So what are you going to do now America?

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Good. Kill off the weak and poor.

It's all bullshit anyway, who cares?

good. spread it.

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Also who's gonna flip your burgers and deal with your bullshit when you call the 24/7 customer service line?

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Someone in a town across from me has the corona virus. I'm not too worried about it though. I'm always inside anyways

Did nobody see him literally get up on a stage- resplendent in his fresh spray tan- and basically say "this shit is serious, take care of yourselves"

Stores in the US have been frantically selling masks, and the majority of them aren't even fit for the purpose to some stores a mask is a mask so Americans are buying poor quality masks that will do nothing.

Crazy shit.

And the US would be the worse place for this to spread, over 80% of Americans are classed as overweight, of that 80% about 33% of them are classed as Obese and higher. So they would have increasingly difficult times recovering from the damage to the lungs from the virus.

And as I said above, people are being turned away because they don't have insurance or can pay for treatment, the US government needs to allow people with the virus to be treated for free to eliminate it.

But the corporate types just see greed and money making from people potentially buying a vaccine that would no doubt be made outside the US.

Crazy shit in the US right now.

What I find perplexing is the fact Trump is literally doing nothing about it, if this gets out of control his re-election bid would be cut short, however if he did make sure people got treated for free he could secure his re-election.

Another bit of crazy, Stephen King wrote about this in 1981 (under his other name of Dean Koontz), if anyone has the book its the Eye of Darkness.

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Go through an Arby’s drive through, pick up a case of beer and carton of cigarettes... turn on fox news and bitch about everything that doesn’t conform to my narrow world view. #MAGA

And here is another page, about it.

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You know more people die of boring common old flu a year than the current death toll of covid right?

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You're spouting utter bullshit, and are probably OP
>people being turned away for being poor
Hospitals treat fucking anyone here for any little thing, a homeless man here got drunk and they made him spend three days in the hospital KNOWING he couldn't pay, i've told hospitals i couldn't pay them and they treated me.
>trump's doing nothing
He'a not a doctor, he set up a "task force" of doctors, it was basically a national address, what are you, a-Oh, it's a "fuck trump"/fuck america whistleblower thread made by the tumblr exodites, isn't it?

The mortality rate is less than 3%. Do this alarmist shit somewhere else

You know that your comparison isn’t in proportion, right?

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You seem dumb and angry. Have you considered posting on Cred Forums instead?

What is he wrong about tho?

Actually as per monthly stats, COVID-19 is on par to exceed 2019's flu deaths.

That's not true, when it comes to this type of situation people with COVID-19 can be hospitalised for up to 1 month. So they have been asking people with it if they can afford it or have proper insurance.

Sure Trump is not a doctor, but he still has the authority to enable tougher restrictions on state to state travel, make it easier for people to get medical help with it. From what you said it is clear you have a jaded view of what the POTUS is and can and can't do. And also you are getting easily angry because you are scared about this getting worse and you want to blame anything else.

I am not here today to listen to people who want to be edgy or a tryhard, I am here to see what Americans would do in a worsening scenario and what could be done.

If you don't like it, then go to your countless tit threads and fap your 1 incher.

Just under 3% at the moment yes. But if it does hit the US in big numbers, do you think the US health service could cope, and could the infrastructure be able to reproduce temporary hospitals to deal with rising cases, because the last thing you want is COVID-19 carriers being in a hospital that helps everyone else who doesn't.

What he wrote.

You do realize Pence is about as far from a “task force of doctors” as is humanly possible, right?

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Except, not.

For people curious this is a youtube channel that keeps figures up to date, from reliable sources such as the WHO, countries' own health offices etc.

South Korea is about to explode, since yesterday close to 1000 new cases, and because COVID-19 has a 2 week incubation period more and more people are starting to show symptoms.

And how did it spread so quick, because 1 guy walked into a church knowing he had it and purposely spread it, and those people went on their everyday lives for 2 weeks and started to spread it also.

That is how easy it is to pass on.

And as said in my first post, someone in California has been walking about with it, and 3 people shown signs today which means with the 2 week incubation more will become cases over the next 48 hours. And those people could have been travelling in the US from state to state.

This is why there should have been tougher restrictions in place, not just for the US but other nations too, look what happened to Italy.

Sounds like you are angry like I said, if you can't deal with criticism you need to sit in your corner in a fetal position

I should have posted this in a few hours time when PST users would have been awake.

Seems East Coast are angry people.

After all the bullshit he did, yes. It doesn't mean shit, because actions speak louder than words. The shithead politicized this from the onset, then hamstrung all efforts to combat it, all for the economy. He's still lambasting the Democrats for the fucking coronavirus.

A large portion of the population is fucked, thanks to the gladhander in chief.

>the US Health Service has been turning away people with the virus because they cannot pay or have insurance.
More infected = More money for the hospitals

The virus is a hoax made up by the jews. Its main purpouse is to plant the seed of fear into god fearing Americans minds so they dont go out to vote for Donald God Trump.

No one but Trump and his little brainwashed retard squad though it wouldnt.

People gonna start dating and hes going to screech about it being a democrat hoax.

You clearly don't understand how it works in USA. If you come into the Emergency dept, we don't make you pay first before you are seen. No one is denied treatment over every made to pay on the spot. It is the choice of the patient whether they wish to stay or not. We can't force anyone to do anything. Idiot.


Yea. Get into a car crash and fall unconscious. You'll wake up to a 150, 000 dollar bill.

Yea. Get into a car crash and go unconscious. You'll wake up with a 150, 000 dollar bill.

So we leave you to die, are you this brain dead? I'm not saying that it will be cheap, but that is how it works here. It's not a great system, but referring back to the point, we treat everyone no matter if they can pay.

Also to this point. The N95 masks that people are purchasing are the correct style of mask (There are many) but this fear that we are running out is silly fearmongering. Tie a cloth around your face if you can't find a mask and are worried, because both are efficient at this point.

Actually, the cloth won't help as much. The majority of people are going to use fabrics that will only filter larger droplets.

Dean Koontz and Stephen King are not the same person.

That said, Koontz was a visionary - back in the 70's he predicted the invention of fucking machines in the novel Demon Seed (the original, not the recent revision of it).

Predicted, or inspired?

Won't help as much > nothing at all. If you aren't correctly fitted for N95 masks, they won't protect you efficiently either. I work as a Respiratory Therapist during H1/N1, Swine Flu, and West Nile. Also those masks aren't meant for long periods of wear, they become soaked with moisture quite quickly.

>Won't help as much > nothing at all
>both are efficient at this point
I can't say it's efficient if it isn't stopping the primary vector of COVID-19. It won't help as much; it's not efficient.

Good point.

Essentially a computer becomes self-conscious, gets obsessed with the wife of the scientist in charge and wants to have a kid. It takes over the household robot, seals her in the house, and the robot makes a phallus that it proceeds to fuck her with - repeatedly.

Hell, it's like where realdolls are going, without the silicone skin.

I understand your point. My meaning was that if not properly fitted for these masks diminishes the effectiveness of them. Let's just hope that people will cover their mouths and wash their hands. Make all public places have hand sanitization stations.