She is pretty

she is pretty
she is fun
she has good taste in music
she is emotional and kind
has a troubled past but bears with it
she is bisexual and loves sex

and I can’t have her

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It doesn't feel like it right now, user, but there are millions and millions of her.

Really, you just described at least 7 women I've fucked.

You are like a hermit who finds a shiny stone, has never seen one like it before so he covets it like the fucking ring of power, goes crazy over losing it, only to find out that it's a marble and you can buy them EVERYWHERE

ngl initially this rubbed off as harsh but after contemplating, this dude is fucking right.

dont get too hung up op, there’s plenty of fish out there, sometimes you need to let a fish go just to catch a better one in the process.


I know it sounds harsh or it sounds like a "look at me I have sex" but seriously, all the older guys who tell you there are other fish in the sea are correct.

It's not that this one isn't special. It's that they're all special, in one way or another, and plenty more will be special in a way that makes you fall in love as well.

Better? Lol

I have had alot of fish lately
this is the best one
I havent even had sex with her, I just want someone steady cause fucking around is garbage.
And she is so fucking lovely
but yeah perhaps its pointless...
going up to her later to pick something up, is there anything I can do?

Literally the only thing you can do is be a positive presence in her life and act aloof like you don't care if anything romantic happens with her ever.

That is the ONLY THING I have ever seen make a woman interested in a man in your situation. When a woman knows you want her, it's not fun for her anymore. Period.

Can confirm.

Dated my ex for five years. Broke up. Was sad af for a a few weeks, then went out and had a great time just meeting new girls and hooking up.

X 10

I try to remain as sensitive a person as I can without letting the world eat me alive, but there are some pretty cold truths you need to accept in life, especially as a man. One of them is this:
Best way to get over one woman is to get under another.

then I won’t get her cause I don’t play dumb games like that

how sad this all is, I just want someone to love...

I have a gf but I got pretty close with a colleague, and I could leave my gf right now for her
Last week after a few drinks she started coming in my arms, sitting on my knees and taking my hands. Obviously i couldn't resist and enjoyed her presence, holding her tightly. Other colleagues started asking if we were dating
Next day when I asked her more seriously she told me she forgot everything because she was really drunk, and that she was sorry and felt bad for making me think we had a thing
Fuck me, I may never hold her like that ever again. We're still close etc but I've been feeling like shit for a week now
Let's just hope she'll end up realizing she wants to be with me

aw man user, I feel you

last night thr girl im talking about danced for me for like two hours... laid on my lap, said I was fine...
then she sent me home, said I tell all the girls they are beautiful and hinted that we cant be together... said we would be great friends... ive kissed her a lot and I miss it, and now I am going up there later and I can’t even touch her

Sorry but this analogy is retarded, how the fuck does letting a fish go get you a better fish have you ever even held a rod in your life

But there's always hope, things can still work out

user is just pretending to be a young 20s boohoo

I used to say the same thing, I thought it was somehow noble or endearing to refuse to "play games."

Sorry, hard pill to swallow, but what men call "playing games" women call "dating."

It is a dance, and if you just stand there and refuse to dance, she's gonna find someone who dances. The fantasy of some awkward cutie walking up to you like "this place is lame, dancing sucks, let's go play smash" is just that, a fantasy.

You guys both need to get some guys together and have beers. Go bowling, or watch comedy, do something fun with friends. You're letting this affect you too much, trust me.

Well you see, in the real life side of the metaphor, you can't run a string through one girl's mouth and tie her to a spike in the ground to keep her alive in the water while you find more women to date. You do have to let one go to get a better one. Fucking retard

Was gonna call you a winey bitch, but this dude is right.

So we agree it was a shitty analogy and you shouldn't have made it.

>and I can't have her

First of all, you just don't deserve any woman. The fact that she furiously blips in your radar doesn't automagically make you entitled to her.

>she is pretty
lots of Chads, possibly millionaire, also noticed that. You're doomed

>she is fun
lots of Chads, as above...

>she has good taste in music
translates as: she's unwilling to do chores, laundry, dishes, etc, and she can't even cook.

>she is emotional
that is, she's driven by her constantly changing mood, not by reason and truth

>she is kind
also, maybe she's a full-fledged hypocrite

>has a troubled past but bears with it
that is, not only she rode the cock carousel like there was no tomorrow; she also did drugs, wasted herself on alcohol, and possibly served jail time.
But -hey!- she's "kind".

>she is bisexual and loves sex
that is, she's a seriously wasted slut.
bisexuality is basically "gay in denial" and it always means something is painfully wrong with her.

But -hey!- the porn+fapping addict "can't have her", and doesn't realize that "not having her" is the ultimate blessing.

TL;DR: virgin faggOP craves for a wall-hitting slut

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yeah I know, but wanting a girl who plays smash is retarded.
and dancing is a lot of fun

but whatever, I can play along for a bit but I won’t pretend im not interested

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No, we agree that metaphors work up to a certain point and if you analyze them deeply enough you'll start to find places where they're not perfect comparisons.

We agree that the saying "all the world's a stage, and all the men and women only players" is an accurate and useful saying, but we also agree that if you think about it the world's not flat or raised like a stage, and most people aren't wearing costumes, and the things they say aren't written and rehearsed.

We agree that you're a complete moron.

Comparing the world to a stage makes logical sense though. You don't catch better fish by releasing fish. Even being charitable it's just an idiotic thing to say.

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I'm the guy with the colleague story
Don't worry I have close friends and everything's fine. But yeah it really affects me because she's everything i'm looking for and at the same time I feel like an asshole for not loving my gf the way she loves me

>And she is so fucking lovely
>but yeah perhaps its pointless...
>going up to her later to pick something up, is there anything I can do?
I told mine (1/2 my age [25] I'm not having sex with you, (unless you give yourself to me completely)!
She drugged me, then Did just like I said, gave herself asshole 1st., then to breed. I so fell for her -- --
I'd still like to see her pretty brown eyes again!
Pic related is how she presented....

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>she has a troubled past
You’ve dodged a bullet bro the whole gf with issues thing is fine for a while but comes out later on in a relationship as a problem

>then I won’t get her cause I don’t play dumb games like that

Women respect a man who sticks FIRM to what he believes. But Stand very Firm! They'll sense dowbt as weakness, especially if you show your feels too!

If you don’t release the first fish, and the second fish finds out about it, all of the fish around you swim away, and you should just go try your luck at a different pond. Maybe even a salt water area if you’re feeling like some foreign fish

>last night thr girl im talking about danced for me for like two hours... laid on my lap, said I was fine...

Awe sht. 'Non!
She practiclly giving her self to yoU!

Now you need excuse, do something Much more than she seen/ heard you do for any other woman, OR...
Demand More from her.
"I need to know, ..& .See you are worthy! Before I ever have sex with you, you must Give youself to me, personally, intimately!
Otherwise we would never respect each-other the way I NEED things to be. ( mention honor, fidelity...)

but she sent me home

do I though?
I have a troubled past and I want someone who kind of understands