New Mexico thread

New Mexico thread

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ABQ here

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Nice. Gonna be there next wrekend.
Any tips for good eating?

Pretty much have whatever you're looking for. For good New Mexican, I would say Sadie's is one of the best.


No problem

Frontier is a classic.

Dude late night cinnamon rolls are the best

I'm a smothered burrito boy.

What happened to the last one?

The most important question:
Red or green?


Definitely a cinnamon roll, and breakfast burrito kinda guy
Definitely red for burritos, green for everything else
Not sure, I didn't see one, so I made one


I second Sadie's, especially the one on Academy

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Post nm girls you k ow even nonnude

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Mm yes

Is the guy who posted this one around? Got anymore?

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