Chubby/slampig thread to start the Saturday

Chubby/slampig thread to start the Saturday

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Need to have a big dick for her

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gf's fat tits

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Please more.

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anybody have?

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Any interest in Chrissy?

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YES, please.

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Any cumshot?

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No hc

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More! She's cute!

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keep going

Been looking for this pic for a long time now, thank you user :)

18 year old coworker im messing around with. im way older

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18? Really? She looks 35

horrible tits. go away pls.

white girls age like dogs

i was surprised too when i found out

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imig es/c/95kuRYj

Add an. after imig and before es
Videos of this stuck up milf bitch getting fucked and taking loads to her face. Dumb bitch thinks this was all deleted. Kik me at sunnymanner for more of Patricia. This is a screenshot from one of the videos

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She’s perfect. 10/10

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Any nudes?

Yes. Know her?

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Lots more of her, please

Nah just cute


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Boo socks

Jesus more please

I like her. Not many people do

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Any of her pussy

It's a nice one too

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That body is built for pounding

Every pic in this thread looks like it was taken in 1996.

Keep going

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Wow. What a score. She looks retarded

Got more full nudes

the angry virgin react

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She is pretty cute keep going

Have a feeling she would let you do whatever you want with her

She looks like she would

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Got any of her spreading

smells like sour milk and old pennies

One of my fuckpigs.

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Keep going

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Any of her pussy

My GF.

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Was t to see her ass?

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Nice more

No. She's too self conscious about it.

More tits then?


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Chubby wife

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Any without panties?

More please

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She’s hot

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Keep going

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Any of her tits


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Keep going

Walk in. See this. Wwyd?

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Keep going

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I'm a card-carrying member of the nathalie fan club, or at least my dick is

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Please, sir, I want more.

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Nudes or new material??

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Bitch will probably oink as you bone her

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My slampig

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Nice milf


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she's good

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Does she live in a fuckin Costco?

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Chubby wife.

My kik is finsup54

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ripe melons on a fat retard

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I want both

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Fuck, she has a great body.

One night stand

full frontal nude?


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Need sauce on this one

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This bitch is a sentient foot heel


always happy to see a fan!

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fuck yes give me more

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Mmm, that side/behind view is delitious. Good balance of fat, not too chubby.


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Woo yeh

Someone reposted my girls udders in a hucow thread a few days back. Was nice

Yes please

mooooar ! she ur wife?

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Nice ass. Thong?

damn she looks like she can take some abuse .. keep posting

No, sorry. How’s this?

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I'd hit it, not bad! Any dressed up, or more ass/full body?

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is her name norma? is she from CDMX? answer please

Does her name start with an F by any chance?

Initials? Anybody???

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Any black slampigs out there?

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somebody send some mega links or webms

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More. Ass too?

Damn! More please. I love those big nipped udders!

Sure thing

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Fucking same

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Is her real name Roxanne, or is that a random name that got put haha. This chick looks near identical to my gf's sister and it wouldn't suprise me to find her nudes here.

>Smooth skin/fat
Kill yourself retard

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real name

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Who dat?? Please!! I think I know but want initials.

Always loved big saucer sizes areola like hers. I like smaller nips too, but ones like hers are definitely less common

Any chance of a Mega or Vola dump?
I’d love to have all her folder

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Anybody even have a good guess?

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There's a good one you all may like on

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So she finally is doing porn now eh?

Wouldn't happen to be CG would it?

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Cutie. Please more w face

Hate tats, but damn she's cute as fuck would Mary her


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Pick one

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Asking for it

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Has to pay for all her new cosmetic surgery somehow

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god more of this goddess please, i need her feet

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