Ask a drunk user anything

Ask a drunk user anything.

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why do you drink and how much?

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What's the best drink you ever had?

ah, a fellow user with class!

Because I'm depressed, I'm at half a bottle of vodka right now, used to be much worse, used to down a couple of handles every week.
Jim beam fire or Sailor Jerry. Worst is gin, god awful shit.

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You're a pussy for not drinking scotch. Vodka is water. At least drink whiskey or scotch so you can hide your alcoholism as super high class drinking and taste-testing.

thats not how you deal with depression, if you continue to drink you will develop various health problems that will only make your situation worse. alcohol will downregulate GABA receptors and cause dependence. find a healthy escape like exercise it releases cannabinoids like anandamide and a stimulant called phenethylamine

Someone took an intro health class at community college once...

Keep drinking, bro. Feels good until it doesnt anymore. But life is worthless anyway.

Nah, bottom shelf vodka for me, ai ain't trying to impress nobody.
Dude I been drinking heavily for years and have a bad heart and nothing to live for, I don't give a fuck lmao. Go life affirm somewhere else loser.

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I like you so much. I wish I could grab a shot or 12 with you.

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>Keep drinking, bro. Feels good until it doesnt anymore. But life is worthless anyway.
Based and black pilled

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would like to get drunk with you one day, nice pics btw

Where you at? I'm in louisiana.

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based Nazi drunk user

would you fuck this cat?

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Ye, probabanal only

I'm going to bed goodnight anons.

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hows the parents? they good?

sweet dreams user

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well, on the other side of the world more or less, oh well, thanks for the holiday spot

Isn't homestuck banned faggot?