Imagine being so brainwashed by (((Them))) that you think you live on a spinning ball flying around a fireball in the...

Imagine being so brainwashed by (((Them))) that you think you live on a spinning ball flying around a fireball in the emptiness of space with 0 evidence

On the other hand, the evidence for a flat earth is derived from many different facets of science and philosophy. The simplest is by relying on ones own senses to discern the true nature of the world around us. The world looks flat, the bottoms of clouds are flat, the movement of the sun; these are all examples of your senses telling you that we do not live on a spherical heliocentric world. This is using what's called an empirical approach, or an approach that relies on information from your senses. Alternatively, when using Descartes' method of Cartesian doubt to skeptically view the world around us, one quickly finds that the notion of a spherical world is the theory which has the burden of proof and not flat earth theory.

Perhaps the best example of flat earth proof is the Bedford Level Experiment. In short, this was an experiment performed many times on a six-mile stretch of water that proved the surface of the water to be flat. It did not conform to the curvature of the earth that round earth proponents teach.

I have yet to see a proper counterargument that does NOT have the following:
1. Fake JEW math
2. Fake CGI images/video
3. Hearsay 'witness' accounts from PAID government employees
4. Talking points from a HASBARAH Troll

Fuck the Jewish (((dominated))) 'scientific' community.

The earth is flat
It's time to WAKE UP

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I have some footage, real footage that could prove you that earth is round.
Do you have an address I can post them to?

Could you elaborate a little more on this please? It seems interesting, but why would people try to cover up the shape of the planet if it were flat?

aw geez just go fuck yourself already

shitty bait mate

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imagine being so braindead that you wet yourself over argument about shit that has no impact whatsoever over your sad excuse of a daily life. who gives a fuck (one way or the other)?

This, why would they lie about it

Oh man this copypasta is the worst of them all.
I'd rather have John (shit was so cash) or Ken-Sama, even some fingerboxes... anything that this tripe.

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go blow yourself

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Dude, I would if I could...

No conspiracy theory can exist without a "them" to fight against.
The whole thing would fall apart.

flat-earth-threads are waste of time. like fingerbox-threads. made by chatbots

Imgur if you got if you have video

The fundamental structure is a great claim requires great evidence. When you post subpar shit and fake shit, then get called out, either show your evidence leading there, and you will be judged on merit, or shut the fuck up abs pull the cock out of your mouth, cause the rest of us are sick of you sperging.

Fingerboxes are godly things!

How about a navy seal sniper?

Are all the planets flat, or just the earth? Is the sun flat? What about meteors?

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the one trained in "gorilla warfare"?

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What navy seal sn

From “Behind The Curve”.
The scene in a new Netflix documentary called “Behind The Curve”, which follows a group of Flat Earthers, a “small but growing contingent of people who firmly believe in a conspiracy to suppress the truth that the Eearth is flat”, is as follows:

Bob Knodel, host of a youtube channel entirely dedicated to the theory and who is one of the team relying on a $20K laser gyroscope to prove the Earth doesn’t actually rotate.
This is that part of the interview.
“What we found is, when we turned on that gyroscope, we found that we were picking up a drift” Knodel explains. “A 15-degree per hour drift… now, obviously we were taken aback by that - wow, that’s kind of a problem”.
He continues: “We obviously were not willing to accept that, and so we started looking for easy to disprove it was actually registering the motion of the earth”

(if your experiment disproves your claim, discard the proof? Hm, not how science works)

“We don’t want to blow this, you know” Knodel then says to another Flat Earther. “When you got $20K in this freaking gyro… if we dumped what we found right now, it would be bad? “It would be bad”
He then says: “What I just told you was confidential”

In flat earther logic, Knodel was of course a shill for "them" after all.

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ok !!! i know. but i never unterstood how they really works.

flat earth actually makes more sense when u think about it

Oho, this should be good!
Go on, user, educate us.

imagine having autism like you do

thats wrong. all the other planets and the sun are flat too.

The difference between science and religion.
If a scientific theory is disproved, it is discarded and a new theory must be found.
If a religious claim is disproved, the proof is discarded and the religion goes on.
Guess what group the flat earthers belong to.

The smoking gun against any globecuck's cut and paste arguments: if the Earth is a globe, why doesn't the water drain off of it?
>inb4 muh gravy tea

Earth is round and expanding

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You said it yourself, albeit mockingly, in the hope nobody would now bring it up.

>still believing the earth is flat

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Buy who is more autistic, those who troll flat earth theory or those who rush to defend reality?

There is merit in this

There are no other planets.

If you stand at the north pole, polaris (the north star that can be seen with the naked eye) is directly overhead. as you move to the equator polaris moves closer and closer to the horizon. when you cross the equator polaris disappears from the night sky.

as you cross the equator the southern cross constellation comes into view. this constellation is not visible from the northern hemisphere.

these 2 facts that you can check for yourself with the naked eye cannot occur if the earth is flat. the only way this can happen is on a globe earth.

Christ user if you really believe that I hope you're not allowed to drive or operate heavy machinery. You really buy it? You really believe we're governed by an invisible magic force that
>is strong enough to hold trillions of tons of water to the Earth's surface
>is also so weak that a tiny gnat is able to overcome it and fly
>ends abruptly, conveniently right at the border of our armosphere and dpace
>doesn't apply to massive stretches of reality, just when there's arbitrary balls of matter to affect
It's bullshit. Simple density explains everything without adding fantasy elements into the mix. Heavier matter sinks and lighter elements rise. That's why the sky is up. You need to ask more questions.

Not if the stars are positioned on the globe surrounding the flat earth. The same result can be achieved.
Debunked, try harder.
Pic related

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Centrifugal force has been expanding the earth since day one. Earth was very pliable early on. This process has slowed since but still continues. Just look at every earthquake, there’s always an expansion gap able to be found.

What stops you seeing the southern cross in London?

So the sun must always be visible in the sky then

It’s the same. The curvature of the globe of stars outside the flat earth.

How is the sun and moon moving on flat earth different than the earth moving? What makes them move?

You didn't answer the question

>attempts at offence + series of assumptions + lack of conclusion
Gosh, you must be one of those edgy 4chin trawls I've heard so much about.

Every company and country that have satellites use orbital calculations to keep them working. In modern times you can even get the data and check up with the millions of people who work with such sciences.

It’s always daylight somewhere. Is it not? Therefore the sun is always shining. Round earth theory needs the sun to be as massive as they make it out to be. Flat earth is more realistic

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Nuuuuuuu - it's a conspiracy, every pilote, private, commercial or military are in on it!
All around the world, everybody are in on it!
Except for a few thousand brave souls who feel in their heart that the world is a dish!
They know the truuuuuth!
Everyone else is in on the conspiracy!

I answered it in other anons reply

But the moon can sometimes be seen during the day.

No you didnt


Yes, but then the sun should be visible in the sky from everywhere on earth at all times

The stars are fixed on the globe surrounding earth. The North Star is north on the globe and can be visible the more north you are. Same for southern cross. The more south you are the less you see the North Star the more you see the souther cross.

No. Not at all. You think the earth is small and the sun is large. It doesn’t work that way when it’s the earth that is large and the moon and sun that are small. Can you see someone’s flashlight outside from a mile away?

By what process is the southern cross occluded?

Light will travel an infinite distance and I see nothing in your model to make the southern cross invisible in London, yet you plainly can't see it.

Did not answer the question

Yes the moon travels slower than the sun by some degrees of magnitude. What’s your point/question about it? How is this response relevant to what I’m saying?

the resounding smack heard worldwide, was my facepalming at this tripe.

Also, first chaptcha = autofail, fuck Gookmoot

Can you see every tall building from where you live? Eventually atmospheric interference will wash everything out. Just like you can’t see the entire ocean when you are under water. The visibility is even worse in water because it’s got much more disturbance in the light being deflected, retracted and scattered.

I don’t live in London. I don’t know what you see in the sky there. Are you saying you can see the souther cross the entire year there?

But how would (((They))) benefit from hiding that the Earth is flat?

It's a troll, in a troll thread. Please, don't waste your energy.

That gif clearly shows how eclipses happen?

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Do you have anything to debate or just nonsense statements like everyone else? I’m debating here and answering questions explaining the science behind it and everyone else is not.

Light travels through our atmosphere almost entirely unhindered. Tall buildings or underwater strawmen do not change this. Your proof is fail and your theory requires refinement if you intend to defend it in a public forum.

Unless you enjoy having your ass handed to you on a polished platter

At the end of the day it don't fuckin matter you obsessing over the wrong shit

No argument so you just call me a troll? Classy move kiddo

They want to keep the land and resources beyond the ice wall for themselves.

But is there anything beyond the icewall? Is the world never ending? Most depictions show an ice wall then a cliff to the abyss of space.

It’s a gif. There are file image size limits here. Clearly the moon is slower than the sun and closer to the earth. Eventually they meet up for the moon to cover the sun. Ever notice how they are almost perfectly the same size for this phenomenon to exist?

Almost entirely? No it doesn’t only a small spectrum of sunlight makes it through earths atmosphere. Why is it dark when it’s cloudy? Water vapor makes up for 94% of the atmosphere. The same reason it’s dark at the bottom of some deep oceans. Water degrades light.

So why can't I see the southern cross in London... on a clear day?

You’re trying to see stars during the day?

>No evidence

MFW I have seen the curvature first hand.

Before you said you could see it. Now your saying you can’t? This is why round eathers can’t debate flat earth theory. You have no working knowledge of elementary science.


Flat earth wins again by scientific debate and not by insults.

Yes, at night you definitely would see a flashlight from a mile away
According to you, the sun is closer than the stars, if we can see the stars, then we would definitely see the sun at all times

Flat Earth is a magnetic monopole. Go recreate a magnetic monopole before science and we can take your ideas more seriously

The south pole, or the ice wall as you call it is in full sinlight 24 hours a day for half the year.
How can that be explained in this model?

Really? How about 10 miles away? Can you go out at night and have someone stand 2 miles away with a flashlight and take a picture of it for proof?

>According to you, the sun is closer than the stars,
Yes the sun is the nearest Star to us. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be true?


If the earth is flat then how thick is it?
Why is it when we dig down (very deep) the heat goes up a LOT?

When the sun is not in your quadrant it is dark out. That’s why you can see the stars. You’re still trying to make a connection that the sun is massive and very far away when in fact it’s very small and very close. The same results ensue. How small do you think earth is? You cannot see light from every single point in space let alone every single point on the planet. Light gets scattered and degrades in the water vapor atmosphere over distance as it does even quicker under water.

But why do the starts spin clockwise in Europe but counterclockwise in Australia?

You can see lights at night across huge distances. Stop being retarded

Who says that? No one. You just did. Flat earth has two sides. Top and bottom. What you call North Pole, South Pole. This still functions correctly.

If you can see the stars, which are further than the sun, and less bright, then you would always be able to see the sun in the sky

Except south is any and all directions from the north pole, or centre.

Precession still exists in flat earth. The offset wobble that creates the seasons. Less sunlight during the winter/ more during summer. Does this answer? If not explain your question more specifically. I can answer more specifically

How high are these distances? You tell me since you are the expert in light physics. How far do you have to before you cannot see light? You provide the actual science of your claim.

Well anyways we will find out in a couple of years when commercial space flight becomes a thing. Stop arguing and go to work

No. No one said that but you. You are creating your own argumentative conclusions to argue with. This is the problem. The magnetic poles act as they do. You’re trying to make it not

Flat earth theory is the ultimate test to see how open minded or closed minded someone is. It's the ultimate redpill when you realise the truth.

If you grow up believing that we live on a ball (that you literally can't escape from), floating in an infinite vacuum among other balls that are millions & billions of lightyears away, then a sense of inferiority and pointlessness is instilled into you. You don't matter, nothing matters. It is like a conditioned off-kilter version schizophrenia that is so normal because everyone experiences it - it is everyone's 'reality'. People don't have any power over their domains anymore because resources have already been claimed and we are 'stuck' inside our cage (ball) - trapped. We are forced to play the game of being (tax) slaves.

Beyond the icewall there are probably more continents, rich with resources and bounty. We can't be controlled if we go there. We aren't allowed to build our own world and our own realities, we are trapped & forced to conform to this distopian hellscape dimension where at this point we are just domesticated apes who aren't on the same wavelengths with eachother. Divided, and conquered.

What is amazing is that if you ever bring up flat earth with people, they will instantly shut the idea down because we are conditioned to "be correct", shun 'distruths'. It's like being in a prison where everybody thinks it's normal, and if you try to say to a prisoner that they are inside a prison, they will say "No we're not." If that isn't a branch of schizophrenia then I don't know what is.

The more you try to disprove flat earth, the closer you get to the truth.

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The entire circle that is the ice wall should be constantly in daylight for 6 months of the year.
All of it, the entire circle, all at the same time

Provide a picture showing where the poles and field lines are in a way that South is pointing toward the ice wall and not perpendicular to the surface of the Earth

So... i have to relly on your senses? What makes you think your senses dont delude you? There is A LOT of evidence about sense ilution but I have to trust yours specifically? What you are saying is that you are the measure of truth. And you are not. Fucking egocentric

Also Eratostenes

It makes no sense to lie about the earth being round. Also stop watching Alex Jones, it's making you more retarded

Yes, I did say it, because it's true. If you were to stand on the north pole, on flat earth model, then any direction you can go are all south

Yes. He’s a paid shill for Israel.

The actual fuck are you saying? I've been to the North Pole on vacation there's no giant wall y'all are crackpots

How would gravity work under flat earth? Why is the sun round? Can you empirically demonstrate its round?

Where's your proof then? Your picture is clearly a painting.

Yes. What’s your question? Do you know that parts of the world the sun doesn’t set for 6 months and doesn’t rise for 6 months? Where are these phenomenons located? You do the research.

Who said they are pointed to the ice wall? You did, not me. What you call north/south is top/bottom. It still works by any other name. You are the one creating the scenario to argue against. Not me

Hahahahaha youre fucking kidding right? the earth is just under 25000 miles around and you prove the nonexistence of a curve with SIX??? Hurr durr gubment conspiwasy paying gubment witnesses 2 gib fals reports

you're a next level retarded fag

That’s a round earth thing. Flat earth doesn’t require that. You are assuming that.

Brace yourselves.

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Does Earth have a magnetic field? If so, add it to the diagrams you've provided of flash earth, otherwise explain how we can measure a magnetic field.

This was answered already. The magnetic field exists on flat earth. What’s the problem?

That's the point in making.
How would the entire ice wall all be in sunlight at once for 6 months straight when the sun is moving in circles above the disc?

So south is directly down beneath the ground, and North is into the sky?

>How would gravity work under flat earth?
It doesn't. Gravity isn't real, it was made up by necessity to explain how water stays put on a spherical object, density is what keeps solid objects on the ground.

>provide the actual science of your claim

But we observe that any direction from the north pole is south in reality with a compass

B-but N-NASA guys!

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Who says all at once? You did. You’re making up your own argument points, no one else ever said that.

When the Arctic ice wall is in dark the tilt of the flat earth is pointed away while the Antarctic ice wall is tilted towards and vise versa. Round earth uses a tilted earth model to explain this as does flat earth. These things are very much the same.

You didn't really answer the questions.
Density doesn't keep us attached, it varies between planets as well. A pencil isn't very dense and yet it falls, actually, it falls at the same speed as an apple, try it, drop them both at the same time. This is some highschool shit, but I'm guessing you never went.

We can verify and experience that it dies happen in reality. The same for the north pole the other 6 months.
This is not possible with a flat earth model

Your saying that density is the reason on why if I throw a ball in the air it will fall because it is more dense than the air around it.

Why does it fall down then? Why can’t it fall upwards or sideways? The air is equally dense around it why does it always fall down? How does the ball know to always move down?

Both the monument/hole experiment and Foucault's pendulum are low-tech and easily reproduced without much more than a grade 12 math and science education. The first demonstrates the curvature of the earth, the second its rotation.

The fact that you rely on youtube cranks making arguments is an artifact of misapplied 'rationalism' rather than any sort of empiricism.

Go perform the experiments yourself.

That makes no sense

I agree with satan

Please reproduce the equation explaining density causing an object to fall without a gravitational term.

I'll wait.

The pencil falls through the air, which it is denser than. Yes good job you are basically literate. Objects falling through air at the same rate is immaterial since air offers very little resistance.

Then draw it out

There's only one ice wall, it's Antarctic
You can't even keep up with your own nonsense

Picture the magnetic field like a donut shape. It travels north to south in a circular fashion around all edges. Put this donut inside the earth disc and there’s you answer. Just a fun fact but the “south” pole is actually a North Pole hence the flow travels towards the north. And the “north” pole is actually a South Pole since the flow travels towards the south. Ask any electrician. Look it up. It’s mislabeled on purpose to keep you uneducated. This is the problem with modern science and schooling. They love to teach you the wrong thing.

Dubs of truth checked

Objects don't move in random directions when you drop them in water, so why would they in the air? What point do you think you're making?

The air above the pencil is equally as dense as the air below it why does it have to move downwards? How does the pencil know to always fall downwards?

Refer to

Yes because gravity exists dumbass. Objects fall downward even in water because gravity.

if there's no gravity and things pulling towards eachother is just mass please explain why all the water/air doesn't mass into a giant ball. if there's no "gravity" then what's holding anything to the flat earth?

The only flat thing is your brain

Why does an apple fall at the same speed as the pencil tho? Pro tip, it's Gravity, fucking illiterate clown.

No responses to this because the first is a millenial old experiment that's exceptionally easy to verify with modern communications and the second is a 19th century one that is, again easily done. Both blast mile-wide holes in a flat earth hypothesis, requires no fancy 'jew math' nor expensive tech.

Yet flat earthers refuse to try them themselves.

I just explained thisDoes your model of round earth use a tilt theory to explain this but we can not?

Atmospheric air pressure is 14.7 lbs per square inch. Do the math

going by their logic the pencil and apple would fall at different rates because the apple would collide with more air, but we're arguing with a flat earther so...

It’s the same as the round earth tilt. So if I don’t make sense than neither does the round earth tilt explanation. Can’t be ok for just one and not the other because it explains something you don’t disagree. Your ignorance towards science doesn’t make it so.

Atmospheric pressure 14.7 lbs per square inch. You do the rest

For what purpose is this important?

What happens if anything is true?
wouldnt it just be a meaningless piece of shit?

How does tilting a disc make the entire rim of the disc be either fully illuminated, or in complete darkness while parts of the inner disc is still illuminated. It's a flat plane, that doesn't make any sense.

Except they would fall at slightly different rates due to air resistance and only have the exact same falling rate in a vacuum. How convenient. Not that it has any relevance at all.

Again. Air is 14.7 lbs per square inch. That is a lot of resistance. So much that things heat up and burn as it travels faster through it. The fuck they teaching kids these days? Only climate change in science class? Fucking doomed man.

No, you.

Pressure is non-directional, pleb. You have magnitude but no vector.

Try again.

Air pressure doesn’t exist according to the flat earthers. Air pressure is the force exerted on a surface by the air above it as GRAVITY (which you say doesn’t exist) pulls it to Earth.

the world functions whether op is right or wrong

Still waiting for a response...

Dear diary today I learned from an American that air is denser than a pencil

no shit
so, if gravity is just mass than that means heavier things would fall to the mass that is earth faster?
mass pulling mass towards eachother right? no gravity

You flat-dumbers shouldn't be saying atmosphere if the earth is flat.

Why do the stars in Europe spin differently than the ones in Australia. Also, so does the toilet water apparently. Are the "Jews" messing with our toilets so the water spins different and like that they can convince us that the world is a globe for no reason at all?

The entire ice wall is Antarctica you dumbass
By your own explanation only half of it is lit at a time, when in reality the entire ice wall needs to be in sunlight at all times for 6 months straight

I explained this already. Here put the earth disc inside. It’s the same as round earth theory. That “north south” movement happens all around that circular form no matter where you are on the disc.

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Density is a scalar and has no direction why does the pencil have to move down? Density is NOT a vector.

I never said that. You did.

Explain Ham Radio?
Checkmate faggot.

They do when the air or water is in motion. They are both not stationary. Air and water always move. Even on the quantum level.


Why would that be the case in the first place? What does the size or weight of an object have to do with anything?

It's not at all the same.
In round earth tilt, Antarctica is a localized area that is pointed towards the sun
In flat earth tilt, it's the circular rim of the entire disc, meaning tilt would make it half in sunlight, half not, and that would only happen if the sun was no longer above the disc, but outside the boundary of the disc meaning the entire earth would be dark

Air pressure lessens the higher up you go and increases the lower you go. This is fact. You’re saying otherwise?

Then how the fuck are we not flying retard? And also the gravity acceleration is an the same on our earth its 10km*s-2

Air pressure acts equally on all objects. If gravity was real than why would the heaviest object fall faster? Makes no sense that way.

Gravity is a force tho, and it has speed, which is a constant.
Air is just gas, air doesn't make us spin around the sun and it doesn't attract masses.

because it prevents us from gaining profound truth and also enables those who rule us to gatekeep that truth for themselves

But remember there is air pressure above pushing down. Air is like a fluid. It move the same but much thinner.

So by that logic, the pressure below the pencil would push it up.

Jesus you flat earthers are dumbfucks.

That's literally the flat earth model
The north pole is the centre of the disc, the South pole is the ice wall making up the outer rim of the disc

How does this happen on a globe? Your answer is the same.

excuse me, how the fuck is the equation for round earth gravity NOT jew science? jesus christ op you dumb nigger

Y'all posting in a troll bread

Still waiting for an attempt to explain the monument/hole experiment and Foucault's pendulum with a flat earth cosmology.

Protip: You can't.

If I dropped a ball off a tall mountain which has lower air pressure why doesn’t it fall faster than if I drop a ball of my rooftop. If the mountaintop air has less resistance why does it fall equally the same when I drop it off the high resistance air on the roof.

No directional? Are you sure it’s not always pushing down on you. Or blowing sideways during movement? Do you even know the fuck you’re talking about?

Do you guys realise that hes just retarded or a troll and this thread is just a bait qnd also he on purpuse doesn't react on tge replise that make his statement false?
Easily we should just laugh at him.

All objects free fall at the same rate regardless of their mass, do to gravity.

I never said that. You did. Why wouldn’t air pressure exists in flat earth? Only those who pretend or troll the theory create these holes in logic. Not once have I stayed that. So when you say “they” then who? The trolls on the internet?

this is the best reply ive ever seen.

You are absolutely retarted all u need to do is get a telescope and look into it the earth the stars the planets the sun are round stop being dumb

Antarctica is not a ring, it's a continent.
A continent that is on a part of the globe that is facing the sun for 6 months of the year.

Well, yeah, of course.

But we're bored and on Cred Forums and this troll bread is still more interesting than the coomer threads...

So gravity exists now?

how does the air not leak out of the flat earth atmosphere if the only thing stopping it is ice walls?

You are so smrt user

Where in my reply did I mentioned density? You did just, now not me. You are making up things to argue against. Air pressure is 14.7 lbs per square inch. True or false?

Science AND philosophy you say? I'm convinced friend, how do I join?

True, for a particular elevation.

False, for the other elevations.

Gravity is a phenomenon that is created by volume and not mass. This is scientific fact. This is how expanding earth explains how the dinosaurs got so big back then when the earth took up less volume as of now it takes up more volume and there is no animal bigger than elephant or whale due to more gravity now.

There is plenty of atmosphere in the dome.

Actually you're false the earth is actually hollow ball and we are living inside the ball.

I’ve never once explained or said the entire ice wall is Antarctica. Not once. Go back and look.

>gravity is created by size not weight

What causes such expansion? Wouldn’t such expansion rip the earth apart unless you are creating new mass?

Is it a flat square?
Is it a flat triangle?
Is it a fat oval?

A flat circle you say?
Not round at all you say?

>a circle not round

The earth is pear shape, on the top it has a nipple

Only the side the earth is tilted towards gets the light for 6 months. It’s the same as round earth theory.

Circles can be flat, spheres can't be flat tho

Air pressure is 14.7 lbs per square inch. Always pushing down on you. Fact.


Both are round. A sphere is simply a circle youngling

so if the earth is flat what would happen if we drill through it? you flat earthers say there's no stars or space right? what's under flat earth

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I will do as if you were in one of your OTHER bait threads, and assume you posted the pic of some nigger and said "when I say slavery you say sorry"
and post the standard reply
you'll just have to transpose the argument from niggers to flatearthers and find the semantic equivalences yourself

it will be as effective as anything else anyway

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Always pushing down on you because gravity not density.

You’re still envisioning a large sun far away as opposed to a small sun a lot closer. The sun stays stationary in its traveling point in the sky as it circles, it does not tilt with the tilt of the disc.

But we do fly though don’t we? Birds? Planes? Balloons?



But it actually doesn’t. There are minute differences in rate recorded. Minute they are but still makes it acting different. Look it up. Why doesn’t the black hole pull you in all at once instead of pulling you in one molecule at a time? Spaghettification.

In 1851, Jean Bernard Léon Foucault showed that the plane of oscillation of a pendulum, like a gyroscope, tends to stay constant regardless of the motion of the pivot, and that this could be used to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth. He suspended a pendulum free to swing in two dimensions (later named the Foucault pendulum) from the dome of the Panthéon in Paris. The length of the cord was 67 m (220 ft). Once the pendulum was set in motion, the plane of swing was observed to precess or rotate 360° clockwise in about 32 hours.[58] This was the first demonstration of the Earth's rotation that didn't depend on celestial observations,[59] and a "pendulum mania" broke out, as Foucault pendulums were displayed in many cities and attracted large crowds.[60][61]

It is just useless to talk to you

You havent explained anything at all, but that is the flat earth model
North pole is the centre of the disc, therefore the outer rim of the disc is Antarctica.
There is literal flat earth maps that show this, some even posted in this thread, by you

How do you explain subatomic particles?

Flat earth, flat Death Star. I believe!

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This is your view of the round earth. Not mine.

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When I was younger I could. It really wasn't all that. It was literally just like sucking on any other personal appendage. Like the same excitement of sucking on your own finger.....

It's a flat plane. It only has one side that we are on, and being flat, it can only face a single direction
You are not good at this

Gravity is the name of the phenomenon that is based on volume and electromagnetic forces. It exists in the sense of how black holes exist or dark matter or dark energy, Big Bang ect.. no proof of it but it’s calculations can be used.

So only half of the South pole is in sunlight at any time?
That is not the reality though

Explain the fact that if you watch a ship travel away from you it disappears from the bottom up.

Don’t you dare say refraction. Water vapor cannot refract light 90 degrees. The reflection angle of WATER (which has a much higher optical density) is closer to 8.

Balloons float, they cannot fly like birds or planes or planes with us in them.

What makes you think it would leak out? How does it not leak out on round earth theory. It’s the same.

Correct. This is why things fall downward because of less pressure up higher. As it travels downward more pressure acts on it in that downward motion. These are just typical fluid dynamics. Have you not studied fluid dynamics in school?

Then you were doing it wrong which astounds me cuz like how do you even suck your own dick wrong?

It's flat. Also we've never gone into space. Remember the Challenger? Fucker hit the dome and blew up. Look up Admiral Bird. More out there than we know.

The entire rim should be in sunlight for 6 months straight.
For 2 completely opposite sides of a disc to be illuminated by a single light source, the entore disc would be illuminated
The entire world does not experience 6 months of daylight then 6 months of night.
You are very bad at this
You are too stupid to even argue stupid points
Find a thread you can do better at, you're not even entertaining

The retarded in this thread is comical.
Both sides.

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You should entirely rim me for six months in the sunlight

No, it's the view you and all flat earth people post
You're really bad at this

Gravity is based by volume not mass. Explain why I would only weigh 9.6 more lbs on Saturn but it’s so massive in size? It’s volume is low. Saturn would float in water.

Not on Saturn. It hasn't got enough water

>a sphere with gravity pulling everything towards the center
hmm, why wouldn't this leak
>a flat disk where everything is pressing down
care to explain what's holding the air to the disk? the air should pour over the disk

for what gains?

Centrifugal force. Why doesn’t it rip apart? Same reasons galaxies don’t fly apart. But earthquakes leave massive cracks and the continents are being ripped apart from each other. At what level do you think it would take to be ripped apart so much that it would just fly apart?

And he loses
Get better before trying this shit again
Some flat threaders are actually clever, and have debate like arguments
You just embarrass yourself

Enjoy you dumb faggot

I never mentioned density. You keep bringing it up. Pressure and volume of air creates a downward force. Are you saying our atmosphere has 0 density?

>therefore the outer rim of the disc is Antarctica
This is you making this statement not me.

Telling people they are embarrassing themselves isn't an argument winning comment. You're just embarrassing yourself worse

The disc of the earth has a tilt. Just like round earth theory is tilted to create the seasons and change in amount of sunlight. This still is the same. Why would that differ? Why would the tilt of round earth theory only be right but the tilt of the disc not be right? Because you said so?

Because shadows change direction on opposite sides of the equator. This can only happen with a curved surface.

A tilted flat plane would fail to explain this.

Who said South Pole? You did, not me. Only one half of the ice rim gets sunlight when in full tilt while the other does not when tilted away. It’s the same thing as round earth theory tilt. It doesn’t only work for you because “you say so”. The phenomenon is the same, just a different model

Because that is the flat earth model
You claim half the ice wall is Antarctica, half is arctic, so what exactly do you think is at the centre of the disc?

Yes because of the change in volume inside that ballon. What’s your point again? I’m not arguing that

Flat earthers watch way too many TV shows and Movies. (((They))) is a rediculous concept to begin with. Imagine living such a strenuous fucking life where you believe over 95% of all other 7+ billion breathing people on this planet are in some kind of ploy to spite you. That there is some kind of "entity" holding back a secret of an "ice wall" and "bountiful territory and resources."

There is no science in flat earth theory. Science is done through NOT trying to prove something true OR false. Its about discovery, not about saying IM RIGHT!!!!

Given the resources of todays earth, the tools, the technology. The flat earthers would rather rock back and forth in their dark basement whilst consuming opiods.

Given that 'Flat Earth' theory has been around in the last 20 years,
Not a SINGLE fucking one of you lot have ever tried to approach this said 'ice wall'?
Not a single photo. Not a single video. Theres been more "bigfoot spotted" videos than a supposed HUGE FUCKING ICE WALL.

I propose something to you guys. Create a huge meet up, go to Equador. BUILD A BOAT. Using YOUR materials, because apparently our "jew science" would be skewing this thought project. Once you build said boat, gather food and cleaning supplies for a multi-month journey. Bring video cameras, and document the entire journey. Make sure one of you is good at cartography.
Go in a straight line, and don't stop. Don't stop until you hit land again, and once you do hit land, find out where you are.
You'll end up on the shores of the Phillipeans. Okay, well. Get the boat through that and continue your journey in a straight line. You'll end up in Kenya. Okay. Well. Follow the shores of africa and sail around it. Keep track of the distance, and calculate where you would be if you could sail straight through africa in the direction you sailed in. Once you reach that destination, continue the line. You will end up in Brazil, and then right back to Equador. Though, that can't possibly be right? Right.

Everything on this planet is alive because of that "fireball in space" and no you fucking disingenuous charlatan philosophy and science don't back it up. Is Russia China and India all in on your flat Earth theory too? They all have space programs. What about Space X? Just a multi-billion dollar ruse to keep everyone fooled? Stop pushing CIA disinformation theories, that's what they want obtusetard.

It's completely different
A flat disc when tilted in relation to a light source has the entire plane at the same angle and direction in relation to the light source.
You are so bad at this
A sphere can have some parts facing the light source and some facing away.
A flat plane cannot

Again you are basing this model on a large sun far away with a round earth theory, when you have a smaller sun up close and a tilt on the disc than only one side can be illuminated at a time.

The Greeks discovered that the earth was round 2000 years ago. I hate kikes as much as the next man but i don't think this ones on them


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There are times when I engage in these troll threads, but today the stupid is ubiquitous and too prolific to keep up.
It hurts. It's so sad to see the plethora of posts indicating a decline the collective intelligence and debate capability of the planet.
Yes, the flat-Earth is posting massively retarded statements and claims.
I'm hoping it's just that you're all having fun.

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You are just changing your idea of the flat earth model to suit whatever you want to say
The ice wall is Antarctica in the flat earth model
If you believe something different, post a map showing what you believe
Keep in mind you have posted maps in this thread showing the ice wall to be Antarctica

>but guise if the sun was smaller and closer and different then I'd be right

Look up Admiral Bird you fuck. It's not a secret you ignoramus.

It’s a disc shape.

That literally makes no fucking sense. So, the sun is REALLY fucking bright, yeah?
Though you say it just suddenly cuts off on that distance. Though, with a telescope we should be able to find the sun, yeah? But nooooo, we can see the light from fucking jupiter easier than an apparent "small, bright, and close" sun. Dog shit smooth brain ideas. Go back to crack cocaine.

Try harder with your bait you massive faggot, low effort.

No, I am not
You are failing to explain how the entire circumference of the disc can be lit up at the same time without the entire disc being lit up

Saturn would float in water if you had a pool big enough. Is my point. It’s size should demonstrate higher gravity pull on my weight but it’s very little because it density is low. Also the water is located in the rings.

Imagine working so hard to troll people that you end up trolling yourselves and going full retard

> I don't know what subduction is.


Why would air pour over on a disc floating in a vacuum with an atmosphere holding it in? Your saying only gravity holds the air in?

>an approach that relies on information from your senses
I used to wonder if anyone else was solipsistic, but then I realised I was the only one.

By stating "look up admiral byrd" you instantly debunk everything said prior.

The core belief of flat earth theory is that there is some illuminati entity controlling all the facts that published, and they do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to keep "flat earth" hidden. Yet? Youtube videos?!?!? Youtube is owned by GOOGLE. This is the front facing internet. Its not even close to hidden or deep. Youtube is so trigger happy to delete even innocent content, yet you cant find that bullshit on google images and youtube. Yet. "((They)) would do anything to keep it hidden!!!!"
Back to the crackpipe.

Thanks for my new favorite copy pasta

Was not me posting the insults. No (you)

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There is't infinite oil. The earth is sliding on a layer of it. If we take too much temperatures will start to rise.

Come to think of it, that would explain "global" warming... I need to go check the oil depth!

>atmosphere holds air in
Kek, imagine being this dumb

fun fact, (((THEY))) are gonna sell Coronavirus antidotes in a few days. Get your money ready if you don't want to die.

Again you are basing your assumptions on a large sun far away with round earth theory. I am explaining how it works with Actual small sun up close on a tilted disc. Change the assumption and you will see how it works.

That’s where the land and oceans are. I’m sure you know this already. And again it’s someone else posting insults. Not me.

Any proof that the sun is closer and smaller than observations

Again. Over and over you are basing this on a large sun far away as opposed to a small sun up close

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Its literally instantly incorrect. Get a golf ball and shine a light at your face across the surface of the golf ball. The light makes the same pattern. Also according to that model the sun would appear to shrink and grow throughout the day. If you need a needlessly complex and complicated model to try and prove yourself right, we can assume its absolutely not the correct model.

Never was such photo labeled as Antarctic ice wall. Never.

Check it out bigfoots dick, it's real because YouTube

That would fit the model yes.

Again what evidence do you have that the sun is closer and smaller than observed

So where is Antarctic? Also how does the northern and southern lights work? Why do we never seen the at the same time?

Again not me making this statement. No (you). I don’t resort to insults. This is the second time I had to explain this

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Regardless of how close or far, big or small. Are you saying that the sun is cone shaped? The flat earth model is so completely flawed. Why can we see light from jupiter, and beyond, but "the sun just darn turn invisible when its night"?? If the earth was flat, we would still be able to see a small close light source.

I’m not saying the entire disc is lit up. You just said that. Not me.

>Bedford Level Experiment
Do you know who stopped believing in the validity of the Bedford Level Experiment? The creator of the Bedford Level Experiment.

So now we're back to being able to see the sun in the sky at all times

Did you see they got bigfoots dick and are extracting semen from it. It's TRUE because YouTube

There are a couple of minor flaws:
Flat Earth has been around probably as long as mankind has been thinking about the nature of the Earth. Way back (pre history?) round Earth answered questions so much better, but there was always the flat Earth contingent somewhere. Pic related goes back a century. I'm not sure what is taught in American schools about Columbus/flat Earth is true - that everyone thought the Earth was flat and set out to prove that wrong (I suspect more he knew of the Viking landings and knew there was *something* just not how far). More likely, people *knew* the land routes to India - they were long, but still better than a voyage impossibly long (would have to carry 100% provisions, no cargo) over ocean.
Photos are invalid. Flat-Earthers claim ALL space-borne photos are fake/CGI. Therefore any such 'evidence' provided by fEs should also be dismissed.

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Subduction exists in this theory. The earth has hardened over billions of years. The growth of expansion in diameter has slowed. Due to this results in continental subduction. You assumed in this explanation that it doesn’t exist. Not me.

A flat-Earth's close-proximity Sun should increase in brightness from invisible at "rise" to its brightest at Noon and back again to invisible at "set". Light intensity varies by the square of the distance from the source. This means the intensity of the light from all celestial objects would continuously vary all day, most radically just before and after transit, and stars should give the impression that the whole sky dims from the zenith to the horizon. We see differently: the Sun remains more or less constant in brightness during the day, with a good accounting (and weather-dependent) for its dimming when near the horizon due to atmospheric opacity. Similarly, star brightness does not diminish until very close to the horizon (and in desert conditions, often not noticeably).

If it were a "close" Sun and Moon passing overhead, there should be an obvious change in the apparent sizes of the objects as they approach, pass overhead, and head off again. This is not what we see. The Sun and Moon stay the same angular size throughout their passes. You can experiment and prove this yourself by taking photos of them during rise, then again five or six hours later when they are near transit, and maybe again as they set, just for added data. Measure their sizes in the photos. My experience bears this out.

An experiment to determine a close Sun's and/or Moon's distance could be done in concert with someone a thousand miles away. Use an astrolabe (you can make a crude-but-good-enough one using a school-grade protractor) to measure the altitude of the Sun (or Moon) simultaneously. You can easily triangulate the height of the object, and your result Should show it's near infinity (you both have close to the same angle, off a bit due to the crudeness of the instruments). But if it were 6,000 miles up, you'd be able to reasonably measure the 10° difference viewing angle, or nearly 30° if they were the 3,000 miles often quoted by flat Earthers, and even 700 miles.

Oil is a hydrocarbon. It is always being being created under the earth. Go look and see how old dried up oil wells have filled up.

underrated post

Oh then you tell me what keeps the air in? Gravity?

I miss user IDs on this site.

Now you see in the image which you have just posted, that the north pole is in the centre of the disc, and the ice wall around the disc is Antarctica?
The Sun is above the disc, but within the circumference of the disc...
How is it possible for the entire ice wall to be in 6 months of daylight based on the model which you have just posted?

You're making the claim. Post the evidence you seem to have.

As apposed to the proof NASA provides? Which is non.

Earths magnetic field, nice try tho

Where’s yours that it’s bigger and far away?

Where is your evidences that proves NASA is wrong? Or did mad mike die with it?

You keep saying that
Nobody else is saying that

You made the claim, prove it

The sun is not in view. Simple. You think the earth is so small that it can’t be far enough away from your point of view?

Yet that is exactly what is shown in the images. There is one 2 posts before yours

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But it’s always sunny somewhere on round earth right?

That's the point retard
If the entire rim is lit up, then the entire disc must be lit up
This obviously does not happen
You aren't even making any points or trolling or arguments.
You just keep saying nothing, then saying that you didn't say anything
Have fun being a retard pretending to be retarded.
I'm finding something else to do

Have you seen how they got sperm from bigfoots detached dick? It's real because YouTube

Does not need to increase in brightness when it decreases in size. Nice google and paste though. Why don’t you try and explain away with your own knowledge

Ya makes it hard when someone jumps in on a convo and they think it’s you.

Speaking of size, did you see how big bigfoots dick is?

Here’s Eric Dubay explaining how southern stars work on the flat earth:

What you’re not seeing in these shitty images is the tilt of the disc and the actual distances of the sun moon spheres. It’s a poor representation. I have other images but are too large to post here

It's all him
He starts the thread on one device, then posts from another
That way he can bump his own thread, samefag like a schizophrenic, and take a screenshot from the first device anytime he wants to prove none of the posts were him

You made the claim the oil is finite and it’s making the earth warm with no proof. It’s a two way street my friend

Here's Peter Caine talking about extracting semen froma frozen bigfoot dick and his plans to make a human bigfoot hybrid. It's real because YouTube

The magnetic field is holding the air down even though it flow from the north to the south miles into outer space? Wanna rethink that answer?

You're an idiot

How the Midnight Sun Works on Flat Earth

Who’s mad mike? Where’s the proof NASA is right? Goes both ways

You really don't want to answer that question do you

Who’s nobody else? Are you sure about that?

You're incorrect, light intensity decreases as the distance increases. Inverse square law is true. Not only would the sun have to change brightness, it would appear to move slowly at sunrise and sunset, and move quickly at solar noon. Have you ever noticed though, that the sun moves 15 degrees in the sky per hour, and I'd ALWAYS the same size, 0.5 degrees?

Mad mike is the flat earthers that killed himself in a homemade rocket trying to prove the flat earth. Also, no you made the claim that nasa is wrong, the sun is actually closer and smaller. Where is your proof of your claim.

You also made the claim it’s not

Spoiler alert: midnight sun can't, and doesn't work on a flat Earth.

Check it out bigfoot is real, they have his dick and are extracting the semen. Its def real because youtube

>Does not need to increase in brightness when it decreases in size.
It does, in order to maintain overall brightness. But I did not state the two were related. Restating, what I said was we observe that the observed brightness of all celestial objects remains fairly constant over the course of its apparition. You correctly concluded that an object changing in angular size would need to change its brightness in order to produce what we see. You then say that is exactly that does not need to happen, and without explanation. I would like to hear it.

>Nice google and paste though.
Not Google. I am the author of that text.
But not this pic, which would be fun tho hear you explain.

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Before mine, right! Not all flat earther agree on the science. Just like climate change and global warming right?

Yet completely ignores how this could occur in the South, which it does

Did you know the flat Earth map requires the earth be a globe in order to be generated? Your own map can't escape the need of the earth to be a globe.

You need a new hobby