My niece

My niece

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fckn fggt gods dubs!

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Nice tiddies

ever fucked her?

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she is a fckn slut and im her uncle, what do you think? ;)

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you nut in her too?

I think if that were my niece I'd treat her like a whore and a Princess at the same time

Nah, i dont like cripples. Her face war good enough.

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Got any more?

Are you really fucking her? How did it start?

It started when she was younger.. she always slept on my couch bcs her Mother (My 30 yr older Sister) was working and she always slept naked... We are almost the same age and i was always turned on by her.

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Fuck I'd mount that pussy and dump endless cum into her . You lucky bastard.

How did you end up fucking the first time?

Dump it all! Wanna see more

Got any with your dick in her? Or cum over her pussy?

Megadump all u got of this slut!

Funny story, i shoved her panties beside wanking my dick while she was asleep... She woke up and knew what i was doing... Well i was fucking shocked but she said its okay and she is turned on by this... Then we started fucking slowly... at the end we both was confused but turned on at the same time so we continued everytime she slept at my room or we was at the bath togheter... xD

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I am lucky, thank you!

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She sure is rockin that snapcat filter for all its worth. She looks laminated

shes already inbred

Gurl you snapchat edit that ugly ass face all you want. Dont let them hate on you. Wit tits like that you can be as ugly as you want.

niece or not .. u need to hit that shit.