'3 '8

'3 '8

SRCH \////////

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What is this?

A Cipher or something.

I was kind of bored, anyways


This one needs something?

How weird, I've been playing Skyrim as a Khajiit recently.




sweety can you not?
could you be less of an autist an try to express your self clearly this time?

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Autism is not real.


Why do I feel I have seen this b4...

How young?



Hey, I've seen this post before a few months back. It was different though and led me to a YouTube video called 'March of the Wooden Soldiers' which was very creepy. Don't think we managed to solve it though

This was it last time

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It eventually led to this video:
youtube.com / watch?v=3gHF0D2J3Cw

cringe. saged

Says the most autistic sounding user in the thread