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I haven't nutted in 35 days

Fongered my nieces shower in whitechapel

got my wifes friend passed out drunk, put her to bed and undressed her and took pics... regret not fucking her

I have sex in the missionary position for the soul purpose of procreation


>playing with friend
>war games
>bang bang
>i got you
>no you didnt
>yes i did
>that kind of stuff
>just finished watching some vietnam doc
>ask friend if he wants to play vietnam
>says sure
>he doesnt want to be vietnamese
>i play as charlie
>he plays as the trees
>bang bang

It's a secret

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Been stealthing hook ups and busting inside drunk girls raw. Breeding is my new fetish and not all girls let me raw dog but I still do anyway.

pic related. Shot ropes inside BBW

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I get myself off thnking about being a young willing fuck pig

There’s no universal way to get someone to want to have sex with you but for me part of what helps is brutal honesty. Especially for fwb, nobody likes playing games so like why? I wanna bang one out with you. I probably will most of when we’re together. But I also love watching these things you like watching and if you don’t feel like fucking just lmk and it’s nbd. I enjoy your company either way and I’m open to a relationship but I don’t understand that selfish shit. Like if you get a boyfriend or if I get a girlfriend like yeah it sucks if that keeps us from fucking but it is what it is. And if it turns into that, awesome.

Found out a female friend stole my boxers to wear

>Shot ropes inside BBW
How did you know she wasnt already preggers?

I get off sharing pics and videos of my buddy's stuck up bitch milf ex. Dumb bitch thinks this was all deleted and would be beyond ashamed and embarrassed if anyone saw her naked, sucking and fucking and taking loads to her face

Co-worker has the sexiest hairy armpits. In summer she wears sleeveless dresses.

Daily she leans over my cubicle wall to say good morning, and I see them in all their glory.

For the last three months I've had to start each day by jacking off in the toilets before I can concentrate on work again.

Best summer ever!

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I cum in my knickers draw. Cute as fuck my mum walking round with my cum on her pussy

Oops I mean my mum's knickers drawer

Don't care still nutted

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Some girls have a fetish for getting bred

it's how it started. Girl I was with before would beg for creampies which lead to the breeding fetish.

I've been chatting up a girl at work for the last week or so, and we're going out this weekend. She thinks I'm really into her, but in reality I've never fucked an Asian girl before, and I'm hankering to stick my sausage in some sushi.

I'm wondering if she'll taste like saki.

Deep down, my only wish in life is to have a 10/10 Loving Older Sister whom I somehow make my GF and eventual wife.

Watched too much porn.
Now I can't get hard with out it.

Can get hard with gf but I lose my hard on as soon as I'm in here.

Feels bad man


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I want to fuck my gf's sister, she's so hot, but we are in a 6 years relationship fk

I'm a cumless sissy maid to my fiancee and don't get sex, french kisses, or most forms of pleasure.

I'm bossed around all day and she's no longer nice to me. Just a 24/7 servant and it get worse when she cucks me.

We're looking for a bull into that and that may get kinda possessive and one day move-in and not let me even kiss her and make me just a cleaning servant who gets nothing physical.

We're totally normal and geeky together in public even if a few friends and relatives know.


i wanna be raped
i wanna be gangbanged
i wanna do porn

M or f

Have you considered suicide or are you riding this nightmare to the bitter end

GF has agreed to be tied up, gagged and blindfolded tonight - going to take lots of pictures / vids without her to share with my fellow degenerates here.

imig es/c/95kuRYj

Add an. after imig and before es
Videos of this stuck up milf bitch getting fucked and taking loads to her face. Dumb bitch thinks this was all deleted. Kik me at sunnymanner for more of Patricia. This is a screenshot from one of the videos

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Just stop. You are obsessed.

Post now

Based and same

Ok. Sorry. I'll remove it.

We're both happy. I was never good as a man/lover and she always wanted a 24/7 servant that she's not obligated to act nice to.

You've been going on about her for years user.

now I need to know what it is

I'm trying to stop

I love jerking it to my daughters socks when smelling them

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Me an my gf make porn

What did she even do to you?

Any photos of her?

I won't show her face user. Sorry. But I can describe her if you want

Basically molested my toddler cousin when I was

She's just a cunt

I had sex with my former best friend's mom after running into her at a local corner store. I ended up hating her son so that was a big win for me.

Gonna need your kik hero user

Wife was underaged when we met and first started fucking


Just messaged you from Herbert

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Please do

I went through a stage of doing this after my last relationship. Having to get an AIDS test done spoiled the fun though. Raw dogging strangers at an nsa hook up was great though

Believe it when I see it.

My gf cheated on me about a month ago. I only found out when her and her friend were drunk, gf's friend let it slip. Gf doesn`t know that I know she cheated

This world is better off without you

She has light blue eyes. A cute little nose. A wide smile. Blonde thin long hair and is pretty tall for her age

Yeah I feel like that’s just the logical end. Let’s say you’re a person of similar age and proximity to me whose company I enjoy that I have known my entire life. Plan B exists so I don’t see a reason for us not to start fucking and honestly I think as much as I disagree with them we absolutely need incest taboos because ultimately I would be a complete waste of a human life if I had moved in with my half sister even a year ago. Like yeah we still have some shit between us that were ignoring but now I have ambitions and I have my shit together as a person. If we started fucking as teenagers though? I’m done. we’d be thirty year old welfare queens living with our dad/your mom and on our fifth incest baby because I don’t wrap my shit and I see no reason why a retard baby or two would change that. Dad would probably want to kill himself because we’d get five minutes into flirting before we bail on the family dinner to go fuck for as long as I can fuel my rager with boner pills and amphetamines.

there is this great thing called photoshop... it lets u blur the face... u should try it sometime..

post vids of her getting smashed by bull. atleast make content you faggot

I don't want to share any private photos. What's the point of a blurred face anyway?

I just want to be a young sissy cock whore, just need to be used by a big hairy daddy and his fiends.

After giving birth, my wife´s looks went down the drain: her titis are saggy and she got fat; also she lost all her sex drive. Once every two months, however, she tries to fuck, but i´m disgustged at the mere tought. I cannot help but look ath every other woman alive with lust, but, for some reason, i cánt get an erection anymore. So i dont want to fuck my wife but i cant fuck anyone else. Still, i think about sex all the time...

I have always been straight and been with plenty of hot girls but secretly I would love to suck a nice cock

I masterbated to legos

That's weird. Even after the second child my wife was the most beautiful woman in my eyes. Did she have a c-section or not?

I share pictures and videos of my wife with my buddies . My wife has massive 36G titties and I couldn’t help but share them with my buddies.

Can I be your buddie?

Gameplan? If you remain levelheaded there’s so much you can accomplish

This. My wif used to be the 110lb blonde with DDs , now she’s 150-160 with Gs.... I still love her and think she’s sexy AF. Idgaf about some stretch marks or a saggin titty. That woman brought life to my two kids and she still rides my dick like a porn star. Get of your high horse.... you’re probably a fat piece of shit yourself.

I absolutley love a mouthful/faceful of hot spunk, used to hook up with other guys when I was at uni just for spunk. Married with kids now, and I still have a hankering to suck cocks like a champ


Best as when they spunked on my cock and balls and I used it as lube to wank myself off. Fuck I love cum

I'm 40 years old and I never had sex

I want that

She had, but ím not sure that was an important factor.. It´s just that she decided to turn into a mother full time, quit her job, didin care for herself anymore, she always look like shit, she can´t talk about anything but our daughter, she refuses to stop breast feeding her after three years, does not care about me one bit, etc... In fact, sometimes i think i absoluteley despise her, and deeply regret marryng her, but at the same time i love my daughter more than anything else in the world. I´d love to fuck other people, but as i said, somehow i´ve become an impotent wimp, so i just jerk off to porn...

My uncle used to fi ger me and eat me and meke me blow him when i was a child and a teen, lasted for years and i made a lot of sex mistakes in my stupid pree teen phase cus of that, he was a drunk and ended up hanging himself in his room in front of mine... mesed up shit

Try couples therapy. You come off as super shitty in this post, but I understand where you're coming from. Sex and physical attraction is an important part of relationships. Your needs are valid.

I don't think you should ever feel "disgusted" by the thought of your wife though. That's what you need to work through. Physically, she's not what she used to be, but this woman went through some pretty crazy trauma to bring you a child. You need to learn to appreciate that on some level.

Your wife's sex drive is an issue you guys should address too. Some of it is probably hormonal. Some of it may be that she doesn't feel validated by you anymore. Just a random tip, but exercise is good for sex drive. If she loves you, which I'm sure she does, she should be willing to buy into a plan to get your sex life back on track. I cannot stress enough that this "plan" is NOT, "you need to exercise and lose weight." It has to start with both of you agreeing to work together to find solutions.

I once roleplayed as a woman in a text sexchat on omegle.


Most based post I ever read online

I love messing with (particularly married or Pakistani) guys by lying about them getting me pregnant. I've received everything from bribes to death threats.

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Dude, just stop looking at porn. Thats what's making you limp. Takes 1 - 3months for your head and dick to forgot porn.

Then fuck other girls. Your wife doesnt fuck you so it's totally fine to fuck other people.

>be normal straight dude
>meet up for beers with guy I met off /fit/ just for a friendship
>he pays for meal and refuses to let me pay
>I'm like ok cool
>we go to a bar after for more beers and he eventually leans over and kisses me after talking for 2 hours
>I was a virgin at the time and I'm not going to lie it felt good but it was so gay and I realized in that moment he thought it was a date
>2 years go by and I'm living with him as his "girlfriend"
>he had been making me take hormones and I just rolled with whatever he wanted because his affection felt nice
>wake up one cold March day in 2018 and he's gone, all his stuff gone
>get a text later that day saying at the end of the next month the lease is up and I'm not on it and he's moved to start a "new project"
>been stuck living as a female ever since

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I always loved swallowing it all

Had a good friend that was really conservative. She wanted to start dating a frat guy but was afraid he wouldn't like her because she was a virgin. She wanted to seem experienced so she asked if I would fool around with her and teach her what to do. She said she wanted to lose it to someone she trusted, so we fucked a few times

same, but I'm also f

That's because you always hated her deep down

My wife likes to put on my daughters bra and parties and pretend to be her when we fuck. It turns me on so much. It makes me cum like crazy.

Get an escort. Not telling would just protect her feelings and then you'd be satisfied and not resent your marriage. Its It's the best solution for both of you.

That's not true. You're not married and you don't have children.

Love the taste it leaves in my mouth, and slight stain on my chin.

It´s more complicated than that, but i konw i come off as a jerk...When we decided it was time to have kids, it turned out i was infertile, and i was ok with that, shit happens, you know? But she wanted a kid no matter what so she put in in a position of " either we get pregnant via a sperm donor and in vitrio shit or my life wont be coplete". I love my wife dearly and i could not refuse. My biggest fear was that once the baby was born i would get thrown of the picture, wich is exactly what happened in every sense of the expression. However, i undestardn what you are saying and i appreciate your concern and well meaning advice. Might do that, thank you...

Im male and let my brother and his friend top me for over 4 years until our stepmom came in our room and cought me and my brother banging. I was 11/12 when i started, they were 2 years older than me. Always thought it was just a random dumb thing to do as kids but now im 24 and addicted to dicks.

That's our plan when she finds someone she likes. She'll probably be masked but it's a hot idea.

I've had more trans girl partners than women
Best sex I've had has been with a trans girl.
No homo men and traps are disgusting
I will settle down with a female.
And no I'm not (in the closet)

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And where are the daughters?

post more of wife she's fine af

> Best sex I've had is with sum dick. I love dick
> No homo! I hate dicks!

You're more likely to be the guy on the bottom left

Your wife needs to know that you're feeling these feelings. You should workshop the most "diplomatic" way to tell her, but she needs to know. It's not that she got fat and saggy. It's that you feel neglected. Like your wants and needs are always in second or third place. She loves you and doesn't want you to feel that way.

Best of luck man!

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Trans "girl" lol. Just admit that you're a homosexual, it's ok to live you're truth.

I saw some chink fucking a banana at Walmart.

The facebook friends you stole these photos from need a less weird pose for photos.

For the last 3 years I have been obsessed with having my wife find out I want her to cuckold me

Nope. We don’t have Facebook.

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Trans is just a libtard's way of calling someone a faggot.

I fuck my best friend who is in a long term secret lesbian relationship. She wants me to be her gfs first dick and to knock them both up.

Thanks, man...Best of luck to you, too....

Pic related

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Your facebook friends are probably great parents. It's gross that you slandered them with your weird fetish story.

I've been fucking my cousins wife of a slam pig

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I'm not Asian, I just have dark hair and squint hard when I'm in the middle of a passionate moment.

story on the 1st time

post more

Get down to the fucking truth of it and stop watching porn every day, coomer.

i fantasize about fucking my daughter and sometimes can't keep my hands off of her. i grab and smack her ass, press her against the wall and press myself into her from behind until she pushes me off.

she hasn't told her mom yet or anyone else as far as i know,

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Sup buddy !

My favorite video I've made

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I share pictures of my fiancee with random guys online to hear their fantasies about her and talk about how much they'd like to rape her.

With our daughter

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I do this with my teenage daughter

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does this make ur wife a whore like ur daughter or ur daughter a whore like her mother.. kek

Fuck. I’ve done this with my daughter. It really turns me on.

thats fucking brutal my man, consider changing for the better?

Not even the same hair anymore. Every pic has a different resolution. You are not even trying


I give my latina wife's fb name out for bulls to try and chat her up

Why should that be brutal?

keep going user. What outfits of your daughter's does she wear the mostM

my girl

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lol women change their hair.

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The first time i sucked a cock it was this older guy. He was a bear. 53 6'5 280 8 inches of GIRTHY uncut cock. Only thing was it stank. It smelled so bad but so fucking good. He called me dick washer. It wasnt cheesy just uncut musk. He spent half the time rubbing his ripe cock on my nose and beard. Meanwhile theres just a puddle of precum in my pants. He wouldnt let me jerk off. Just smell and lick his cock until he came. Thats how i became addicted to old fat guys with smelly uncut cocks

Used daughters clothes for a Halloween costume. So hot.

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about those pics kek

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lol xd rofl but not the resolution randomly

If true please kys.

not buying it..

bought it.. fuck how r u not fucking her... or stealing her nude pics

once in college my ex-turned-fuck buddy booty called me drunk and i went and picked her up. we started making out, then fucking, and she passed out. i finished fucking her, then came back 6 more times throughout the night fucking her pussy and ass however i wanted.


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fuckin disgusting end yourself

anything can happen on this fucked up Earth, even if this was made up

Sole* (and please do not procreate)

dubs confirm that u took pics and will be posting that shit


Apologize to her for having such a shitbird of a father.

I wnna fuck the dogsnot shit out my cousin...and really wnna pursue it HELP ME Cred Forumsros

10/10 feet
would not pull out

So... you’re 12

playing with fire like crazy lol, these desert niggers will kill you sooner or later

so you fucked with men, there are no trans women you fuckin tool

This scenario is what separates the men from the boys. You’re obviously a boy.

mmmmm she has lots of sexy shoes too

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Be me. 100% straight. Not even remotely interested in sexual contact of any kind with guys. But if I could do autofellatio, I would.

i wish man i was an idiot this was like 2007 =(

I only like sex stuff with females. Sometimes I'm afraid to admit that to the faggots here.

everyone says that until there struggle buddy is pounding away at them doggy

I mean we tug ourselves with our hands and nobody thinks that's gay. What's wrong with sucking your own dick? If that's gay then call me Elton John and leave me to my own personal suck fest.

What's a struggle buddy? And my butt is only for pooping.

> put my dick on my big sister's lips while she was asleep on the couch
> my heart was beating out of my chest, was so terrifying but I was totally in the YOLO zone
> I guess I thought she would slurp me in and start sucking me in her sleep, but she didnt really react at all
> after about 3 terrifying seconds i thought I was gonna cum so i ninjad to the bathroom, but was able to contain myself, so stuck into the family room to maybe see if I could touch her boob
> when I went back into the family room she shuffled awake and was like "oh, I felt alseep here? well I'm going to bed. night night* and gave me a hug and left for her room
> have constantly replayed scenarios in my head about how she could have had sex with me that night, one of my go-to fap fantasies

Yeah but I’m not watching gay porn while doing it.


i have a mask fetish and i'm pretty sure my friends know
pic related

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You are in the top 01% of trannies with that body tho
post more and do you have a blog

I was raped by my aunt as a teen.

How was it

This is the createst example of the beta bitch male species

I miss warped tour because I miss the crowdsurfing teenage girls. I'd mosh a bit, make my way up to the front, and just wait. I'm not too tall, but I'm sturdy as hell. Girls never knew, I got to touch young butts while seeing bands my age play. I even brought my gf a few years and she would always surf. good times.

Attached: 0BCB151F-DEAF-4104-98A7-13CD9A052854.jpg (1024x803, 101K)

It was my first sexual experience so I had no idea what was going on. I was extremely drunk and literally blew upon entry. She got it back up after and I lasted longer the second time as far as I can remember.

I used to steal my older sisters panties and jerkoff into them and fill them with cum until they were rock hard. After I would was them and place them back into my sisters panty drawer. I would also secretly take picture of my sister changing, showering, walking around half naked, or bending her fat ass and pussy in her tiny panties. I would use the thought of her tight pussy lips wrapping around my cock to fuel my meat beating sessions. Sometimes I would find her used, dirty panties and lick them clean. I almost fucked my sisters tight little ass one day when she bent over and out her ass right on my dick. It made me so horny I almost covered her mouth and raped her

Technically speaking, sticking your little finger in her still wouldn't be fucking her. You got your verbs mixed up

I often check out young dudes in the locker room

fingered anyone.. any regrets.. did ur girl get finger blasted.

Pic of her feet?

I got an erection while strip searching teenage boys.

I think I can get her drunk

i sometimes jerk off...

I never fingered anyone.
Not really any regrets.
I don’t think so.

i hope your wife appreciates you user

I feel the exact same way

Search "Funny Culture" on bing with safe search off

craziest shit u saw .. craziest shit u done there

Maybe this isn't sexual to you faggots but I get rock fucking solid when I watch gore. Necrophilia turns me on.

backwards greentext test

Fuck you.

What is it? Seepy?

Save your grog. She’d jump on anything that’ll get her off. I’m surprised I didn’t get an std

I took my friend's girlfriend to see the da Vinci code I'm the afternoon. It was an empty theater and she ended up blowing. Sometimes I still get hard when I see Tom Hanks.


Craziest shit I saw was probably some chick getting gangbanged.

Craziest shit I done was fucking in the open.

Only works if they're already attracted to you and have casual sex on the regular.

I wanna be kidnapped and converted into a bimbo cumslut

If you say you’ll give them a million dollars that’ll probably work.

Yes please

I can't wait for a day when you'll realize what a pathetic piece of shit you are and you gonna kill yourself.

Attached: 1582831869837.png (575x175, 135K)

anyone actually uses condoms or is it get 1 std for every 2 girls who get fuck.. youngest girl u saw get fucked.

Apparently I'm really attractive, all my friends think I get laid regularly but I haven't had sex since my gf left me a year ago.

Doubtful there were many condoms. I didn’t have one.

Youngest girl was maybe 13.

>Craziest shit I saw was probably some chick getting gangbanged.
Oh I wish I was her.

Is wearing 2 condoms safer than wearing 1?

so did you see her up close?
was she doing it only with one guy?
how old her guy/guys could have been?
in what position she was fucking?

my peepee is so HUGE!!

pic rel8

Attached: black-girls.jpg (907x905, 228K)

do anyone stop by to catch ur fuck show when u do it out in the open..

did anyone kick back and watch that 13 get fuck or was she the gangbang girl..

does ur gf give u a free pass to fuck anyone there.. did u give ur gf a free pass...

how fucken crazy does it get.. amount of sex and drugs

stop watching for a week and you should be harder than ever
You coombrian

When my ex would get pass out drunk I would use all of her holes however I wanted and she never knew

I was pretty close. She was doing it with I believe 4 or 5 guys. They were probably like 16. It was doggystyle.

quads know best

I can't properly fuck my girlfriend and I think, I worry too much about it.
We found each other later in life, and we're both so happy now that we have someone.
Sex is tricky for both of us. Our only real way to cum for each other is through oral, though we try everything else.

I have trouble moving past the fact that I was a virgin until I met her, and my only major sexual experience in life came after the point when my body was unable to maintain an erection for long enough to finish the job.

Yeah there were several people that watched.

As for the 13 year old, yeah there were people watching but she was not the gangbang girl. The gangbang girl was more developed, so I assumed she was older.

She kind of did but all of these events happened before I started dating her. I wasn’t actually as wild when she was there.

There honestly isn’t that much sex. Mostly just a lot of weed, beer, and groping.

>>I was a virgin at the time and I'm not going to lie it felt good but it was so gay and I realized in that moment he thought it was a date
years go by and I'm living with him as his "girlfriend"
>>he had been making me take hormones and I just rolled with whatever he wanted because his affection felt nice
>>wake up one cold March day in 2018 and he's gone, all his stuff gone
>>get a text later that day saying at the end of the next month the lease is up and I'm not on it and he's moved to start a "new project"
>>been stuck living as a female ever since

get some zinc sulfate

cool. were they wearing a condom?
was it the the only 13yo girl you've seen getting rammed, how about 14yo's ?
how old was youngest girl giving bj or exposing her cunt?
what was the youngest guy you've seen that got to fuck a girl?

No its less safe

the 2x4 classic red brick I suppose

Attached: LEGO-ROOM.jpg (1200x900, 230K)

I came out as a faggot about 6 years ago.
before that i was a normal "man" and had my my fair share of girlfriends, but then i dated this guy and after breaking up with him i became such a whore craving cock, i still like woman but i prefer men company i also started crossdressing, i dont know sucking a dick its better to me than licking a pussy and i love dressing up as a woman it makes me feel cute and helps my selfsteem, i cant explain it but i feel safe in the arms of a man i feel loved and feel like im worth something, nothing like that happened when i was with girls, i just cant imagine myself as a "male" again im well aware that i'll never be a real "woman" and to be honest i like having my little penis because i can pee standing up easly witout making a mess, im just a little crossdressing faggot who loves to suck big, fat, juicy veiny cocks and shove them up my ass until they relase their big hot loads either on my mouth or ass, it just makes me happy uwu

Attached: 2015-11-30 15.04.22 (2).jpg (976x1552, 56K)

I'm 47 and virgin as well. But once, when 17, at a party, I managed to kiss a girl.

i wonder how many loads that 13 took ... i bet people took pics and vids..

cunt punch

I'm kissless 40 year old virgin.
It's not a contest though.

First time I had sex was with my cousin I was 7 and he was 8

he made me suck him off, and sucked my little 10cm dong as well

Well we were doing that on every occasion until my 18th birthday. Fun begun in middle school when he made me swallow his cum.

now i have a gf which i love and would never want to hurt but i sometimes miss having gay sex... :/

my gf is an escort and sometimes I want to hear reviews from guys who have paid her or give someone the money to pay her and have them tell me about it after

>10cm cock

I don’t think they were wearing a condom.

Honestly there probably were more young girls getting fucked but I didn’t see anymore. There was at least 5,000 people there if not more.

Not sure. Could have younger than 13 I guess. Most people there were drunk considering it hella easy to sneak in alcohol.

Young guy was a around 13 as well I guess.

this anons dubs get it..

Met up with my pastor's daughter when we were both in college and hooked up. She ending up pulling me into the bathroom and asked me to piss on her. I was taken aback but I figured why not, I'm not the one getting pissed on. Plus I actually had to go pretty bad.

>M or F
>expecting anyone on Cred Forums is a female

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Is that what she considers to be holy water?

Marriage is the death of love, there is no passion after children
You made a mistake user, the best love is never pursued

r u saying younger girls than 13 being fucked.. need to ask.. does any of that bother u... do people even care at all there.. u know.. like if an older man started groping a couple of young ones and start to fuck her... wold people be cool with thatr.. would u?

This isn't Cred Forums or Cred Forums or Cred Forums
There are femanons on Cred Forums but they don't advertise it unless it's relevant to the discussion
Cred Forums has the greatest female to male ratio

I have modified my large plush cheetah so I can hump her and I am not single my gf is asexual Im not.

The only true reason to have sex is to procreate. Good job user.

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Gf of four years cheated on me.
Now I've fucked her sister (with husband and two kids) and her best friend (she's had a crush on me for 10 years).
Planning on revealing it for her.

and the best reason to fuck is to fuck for fucken sakes cause fucken feels nice and when u fuck... make sure u get FUCKED...

I have no idea if there were girls younger than 13 I guess I meant that it could have been possible. If an older man did that, yeah I’m sure people would care. I would. I also never said I was doing shit like cheering on any fucking or anything.

before u do.. post pics of all of them.. i wanna see what im working with.. kek

My first blowjob was from my cousin and I blew my load in her mouth

I have a legitimate question: Would you resort to suicide or murder when you have a “bull” in your relationship? What’s stopping you from killing the both of them in their sleep? I never understood that lifestyle. I’d butcher them before I let them cuck me. Maybe you should do the same user. Free yourself from those restraints.

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how u convince her to give ya a bj.. did u kiss her after

sorry for asking so much but these kind of "stories" make immeasurably horny

>I don’t think they were wearing a condom.
if you were so close why you didn't join in?
were you able to see her cunt after they all finished? how did it look?
was the girl at least cute?
>Young guy was a around 13 as well I guess.
i wonder if his "gf" was also same age or younger, and also if he went raw in her?

at what age you've started going there?
how old were you when you also got to fuck there? how old was the girl?
what what the youngest you've fucked?

We were young and having a sleep over at our grand parents house and we would always play truth or dare and do kind of sexual things with it. That night I told her I would go down on her if she would do it to me. I didn’t kiss her

now I'm 19cm so yeah

Oh I completely understand.

Eh I wasn’t really interested in joining in just because I didn’t really feel like it.

I didn’t see her cunt.

Yeah she was cute. She had a great body.

Idk that.

I first went there at 14. The last time I went I was 20.

I was also 14 when I started fucking there. That girl was probably about the same age.

Youngest I fucked was I’d say her.

did u go down on long it took u to fuck her

oh, i'm sorry
have you ever showed it to girl when you were younger?
how did coed PE went, have you ever got a boner during class?
at what age your dick was like 15cm?
at what age have you start cumming?

Yeah I went down on her first but I had no idea what I was doing. After that Is when she started sucking me off. We never had sex though

Haha good one. Seemed pretty unholy to me. That's what made it fun though. To anybody looking to be fathers in here, don't repress your daughter's or subject them to uptight religious standards. They will become degenerate whores just to spite you. And I'll be waiting for their slutty spite.

I go to a Presbyterian church so no one is uptight there.

saddest thing ive ever read, why u no go prostitute?

>Youngest I fucked was I’d say her.
could you actually at last some time?
being 14 i assume you were fucking raw, am i right?
did you came inside? what did she do afterwards? did you fuck more than once?
was she (i want to believe) a virgin?
was she at least (let's say) "satisfied"?

were u nervous at 14 to fuck out in the open like thsat... how was the 14 girl... hot.. cute.. fit.. did u ever get a crowd watchin u fuck a girl.. do u think its easy to fuck em young at those events.

Nah I wasn’t really nervous. She was pretty hot. This was in Phoenix in July (everyone there must’ve been crazy) so she was wearing booty shorts and a crop top.

Not really a big crowd. Maybe the heat makes sex drives higher lol.

whats the normal ages for those events

I probably lasted 10-15 minutes.

Yeah we fucked raw.

She told me to cum in her mouth so I did. And she did swallow by the way.

We kinda hung out for a while. We didn’t fuck again though.

Didn’t seem like she was a virgin. She didn’t bleed or anything.

I guess so. I honestly don’t really know for sure.

Mine was Catholic, which is a breeding ground for sluts

Eh there were a lot of teens there since it was kinda a punk rock thing. Let’s just say that the majority of the people were under 30.

pretty underwhelming tbqh

what year was this

This was a long time ago. 1998 I believe.

Maybe so but that’s what happened.

biggest age difference u saw being fucked.. anyone u saw taking pics vids..

My girlfriend told me she was 19, she isn't, still with her though

how long u fucked her before she told u the truth

Biggest age difference was probably like 20 and 14.

Not many people taking pictures or videos. Due to smartphones not being in existence yet, you couldn’t hide behind your phone when taking pictures.

She told me before. She's still legal where I am from, just you know, was bit of a shocker

spill the beans

Paid this tranny whore to destroy my holes with her 11 inch monster

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During the time when I had flood damage in my apartment, I was staying with my brother. I found out he was sexually abusing his daughter... I never told a soul.

>She's still legal where I am from
In what feminist dystopian hellhole 19 is not legal???

all girls are legal..why do u think she lied to u and do u feel any different when fucken her now

Think you missed it. She told me she was 19. She was younger

and u didnt take advantage of it.. why the fuck not..

oh yeah.. howd u find out.. i hope he made her cum..


She told me why she lied, because she wanted an older guy, but was scared her actual age would push me away

Doesn't this stand as a defence in court?
If she lies about her age without being forced to lie then I see no wrong doing on your part.

Won't stand up in court

I've got a coworker like that. Her and I haven't gotten real close and we've got a lot of chemistry. She's a little older than me (not much) but she's definitely a 9.5/10.

I want to fuck her pretty bad.

Too bad she's married and loyal to her husband (or else she's an an amazing liar).

Side note: yesterday she was wearing a dress. As soon as she walked into the sun it was 100% see through. She seeemed genuinely horrified.

That was my fapping material for the evening.

nice... gotta love a girl that knows what she wants.. what she look like

I didn't I was 20 at the time, and literally too dumb to act.

I woke up to piss one night. I went down the hall and I heard something way across the house. Like super light. So I was curious because it was 1am or so. When I get closer I knew someone was fucking, peaked in, and saw my niece getting fucked by my brother...

I’m a Traditionalist Candidiate Of The Catholic Church.

But I have a problem with sexual desire.

I’ve almost conquered my problems with masturbation, As I haven’t done it for the past month or so.

But it’s so hard.

So many attractive women, with so many attractive features, but I’m bound in chains to try to keep my virginity.

None of them seem interested in me, it’s like a guarantee that I’ll maintain my virginity but it makes my masturbation problem harder to fight.

And then I have issues with love, I’ve loved the same girl for so long, I’ve been developing the feelings for another over the past two years, and I might for a third, and while none of them are exactly rude to me (they’re actually some the only females near my age that don’t see me as a pile of shit) none of them ever seem to have or show any interest in me.

To add poison to the deep bleeding wound, the girl I’ve loved for so long has since about a year ago started claiming she’s a lesbian.

I’ve been trying to trust God that he’ll fix it all, but I don’t know.

I can’t tell anyone, because if I were to reveal what I struggle with, they’ll see me as weak and the whole persona I have as the strongly religious/moral guy will be shattered.

God, if you’re reading this.

I’m sorry.

I’ve failed you.

I’ve failed everyone.

go on.. did u watched.. how old was she.. how old ur brother... how long do u think its been going on


Same but i want to fuck my gf's cousin!

Haha I did for a few minutes. But I started to be overwhelmed and I felt like vomiting. When I went back to bed, I jerked off until my dick was raw.

She was around 7 and my brother was 28

why should I? it's not that your life actually changes when losing virginity.

fuckin kek

A 14 year old talked me into fucking her when I was 19. I can barely remember it because I was really intoxicated. I apologized years later and she basically told me she forgot about it because it was so long ago.


Ew what the fuck. Why didn't you call the police?

was ur brother going at it hard.. was he being gentle.. what position... do u think he still fucks her

Just didnt...
He was going pretty hard to be honest, not gentle. He was standing and she was on her back on the bed... I think he still does

I'm addicted to trading pictures of my wife with my friends.

Man. That poor girl. And you know this but don't do anything?

I didnt. I do not claim to be a good person...

was that the only time u saw them fuck.. and sounds like hes been fucking her for some time
how old is she now..

100% believe it had been happening a while when i saw. She is 9 now, and I heard and then saw one other time, similar situation. I unfortunately never watched all of it, just a few minutes, before I chickened out and went back to jerk off.

story on the heard..

Wow, that's a convoluted look at life. Who hurt you user?

This was in her room and I got back from the gym and it was just her and him. Came inside, and literally heard the bed squeaking in her room haha. I imagine he had her bent over it....

>thinking love is real
>not wanting children
Cringe but unironically

could u hear them moan.. was she moaning.. what did u do.. was this in the afternoon after school for her.. kek

and when her dad saw u at home.. could he look u in the eye

I think, it's god that failed you. Don't hide your feelings, be honest with yourself and try to live in the 21st century, user.

Haha he literally acted normal. Never acted weird at all. Yeah this was around 3 probably, so right after school.

>I got back from the gym and it was just her and him
r u sayhing she fucks other guys.. kek
does her dad know..

Fun fact: priests will always fall for an ugly woman, possibly married. Because they mentally reject any woman better than 4/10 as "temptation".

The self-proclaimed lesbian would have done the same (or worse) if you didn't enter the Seminar.

[spoiler] Are you by chance a FSSPX seminarian?

Fucked my coworkers sister a few times only to make them angry. Still banging her when shes over for vacation. Work with both of her brothers. My wife doesnt know.