My girlfriend’s little sister sucked my dick, do I tell her?

My girlfriend’s little sister sucked my dick, do I tell her?

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she already knows, she sucked your dick.

or did you mean do you tell your girlfriend?

also who is in the picture?

Meant telling girlfriend. She’s on left, little sister on right

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don't tell gf...and are there options for more blowjobs from the sister?

if so you want to keep that open so you can release in her

I’m not sure, I’d probably want to go farther with the little sis. She’s always been super flirty

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If you tell now then shes gunna break up w you and you lose both opportunities. Just play it safe and keep it going until 1 day down the road lil sis starts blackmails you for her own gain

Not if you want another bj

This is going to get messy but you can't take it back so you might as well keep quiet and get as much out of her as you can before everything blows up

Exactly my thought process

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Who gives better blowjobs? Gf or sister? Who looks better naked?

Gf, her sister is very inexperienced. I might have been her first. She just sort of bobbed her head up and down on it. And I don’t know who looks better naked, sister didn’t have her pants off

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Your damned if you do, and your damned if you dont.

Did she swallow?

This thread and photos have been posted before. Probably trolling but as a guy who has actually had his GFs younger sister suck his cock, it's pretty damned great and if you both keep the secret it can just keep going even after you marry the girlfriend. Just have fun whenever you see eachother

Her first? How old is she? How big is your dick? Was she at least topless and tits vs gfs tits? Where did you cum? Lets hear it all

She did swallow, though she kind of choked when she did

She turned 18 not too long ago. I’m average size, but ya it was her first time I think so she was in over her head, and I think she thought face fucking would be easier than it is

She did have her top off, tits aren’t as big as my gf’s but they were cute

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Your gf is going to find out eventually. I'd say tell her, just be honest. She might get over it if you tell her rather than her finding out

You facefucked a first time 18 y/o? How long after she started giving a noobie bj was it until the face fucking started? How long was the total bj? She still in HS? How much did you cum and did she take it all or get any on her face?

Just about finished HS. It was about two minutes in that she just started letting me face fuck her. Took probably another four minutes after that...came a lot just because it had been a lot of sexual tension, a bit got around her lips but it was almost all in her mouth

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Id like to hear about his first ever blowjob, and his first ever bj with his gf. In detail.

Theres no way that girl was that hot, still in HS and had no bf of her own at some point to suck

She’s always been a good girl. Had one bf but apparently didn’t get that far with him

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I don't blame you, but you should tell your girlfriend so as to be a decent person about it.

I love how cheeky and naughty she looks.

did the little sister make you cum? If yes, then go ahead and tell your gf, but only when she's blowing you to encourage your gf to blow you better. If no, then it doesn't really count. It's like wearing a rubber while cheating...

> you should tell your girlfriend so as to be a decent
Truth is not always the best option if you want to still be with her. Shit happen just don't do it again and treat her well. Plus, how do you know she hasn't banged some rando and not telling you? Just saying

Turns out she’s actually very kinky, despite seeming innocent. I take her out to lunch all the time

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ITT: It’s that easy to screenshot some girl’s insta and get Cred Forums to believe you

Even if it's not the best option to further your goals, upholding a moral code is a good way to avoid being weak and insecure.

Tats at her age I doubt. No 18 year old hottie is soooo good girl that she never kissed a dick before, but also soo kinky and has tats already. Nice role play. Unless he can prove with nudes of his girlfriend

Are there nudes of either?

wait until you fuck her sister then maybe if u think they'd be into it get with both of em.
since we're bragging i fucked my cousin 2 weeks ago. little weird but we've only seen eachother maybe 4 times and damn she is hot and underage

why, was she asleep at the time?

This is probably pasta or a larp...

But little sisters just trying to fuck with older sisters shit. Little sister will drop clues until older sister figures out somethings up.

Honestly your gf is a cutie so if you have long term plans i wouldnt do it again.

Little sisters inexperienced so she just used you to learn. Once she figures out the game she'll definitely out you

I'm severely jealous of you, OP. I never had hot teens sucking my dick when I was a young buck. I was a fucking nerd incel in the 80s, before nerds were semi-cool.

But have fucked some 10/10 grils with daddy issues now that I'm nearing 50.