When do you think they will build the Trump Memorial to our new god-king?

when do you think they will build the Trump Memorial to our new god-king?

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Hope they make it peach colour. They could also go with a similar theme as his wall, unfinished, over budget, in the wrong place, etc.

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funny how the greatest presidents have all been republicans...

Straight after he builds the wall.

... and the mexicans will pay for it too...

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>when do you think they will build the Trump Memorial to our new god-king?

They will stand about as long as the Saddam Hussein monuments stood, and be just as beloved.

when trump wins 2020 we are renaming it the Right House not the White House.

Probably after the civil way he incites, just like good ole honest Abe.

Usually you don't build memorials for people who are alive

so, after the red states win?

hopfully soon. 1 wouldnt even do him justice

we've built them already in the form of memes on the innernets.

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trump is the perfect metaphor for the collapse of a civilization

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When Mexico pays for it.

I don't like Trump. The man's a fucking vain moron dictator with zero ethics who flaunts his treasonous criminality and Senate "get out of jail free card". Id never vote for him on principal. But I do agree with some if not most of his policies. But to answer your question, More than likely yeah.

trump is a fucking retard and so are you. kill yourself and save the human race some oxygen faggot

No,there to busy building nigger god king memorials.

kek how are the democrats going to win another civil war with their gun controls

shortly after he cancels the 2020 election and declares himself king

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They already did. It’s called the failed Trump wall.

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Just build a giant MAGA hat to infuriate the libs.

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probably the same time they build Mt Trumpmore

Or to get dumb white niggers beaten so they can cry and play victim

The man who singelhandely accidentally everything?

This will be his legacy.

>blows into Mexico
So he didn't put it a bit in on US territory?! That's penny pinching!

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Whenever theres room in the Kremlin

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Out of curiosity, did the beaners ticket him for littering?